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Oakville, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Oakville, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo R&B Singer/Songwriter




"Creator’s Lounge: Artist Pick"

Issue: December 2013
Page 16.

*Please note that the review is in Japanese*

The article summarizes my biography (from official web site)
and is translated into Japanese. - TORJA

"Torja Report"

Issue: September 2013 page 50.

Highlighted the Matsuri Festival on July 28.

*The article is in Japanese*


Miray’s performance attracted over 400 - TORJA

"Interview with Miray"


Tell us about yourself and your music.

I’m a singer and I write songs that combine Motown and synthpop. I call it “MOPOP.” I enjoy fusing different styles and instruments into my music because I feel that reflects who I am, as I come from a mixed background and grew up in a completely different culture (Japan).

Tell us about your EP, ‘Fade In’.

‘Fade In‘ captures the essence of the good old Motown soul…but with a twist! The songs are easygoing and somewhat nostalgic with very catchy melody lines. In one of the songs, “Future Boy” I’m actually singing the chorus line in Japanese. If you can manage to sing along to it, you will officially be the coolest person in the room. The track got some 80s boogie vibe and I should warn you, that the song will most definitely prevent you from sitting/standing still. While working on the tracks my producer, Marc Rogers and I emphasized on using real trumpets and violins to stay true to the roots. The result in my opinion is breathtaking.

Who are your main influences?

Since my parents are both jazz musicians, I grew up mostly listening to Jazz like Dianne Reeves and Carmen McCrae. But aside from that I’m inspired by all of the Motown legends like Stevie Wonder, The Whispers, Earth Wind and Fire, as well as Prince, Mariah Carey, The Noisettes, and some Jpop artists like Tommy February and other random stuff.

Career wise, where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I see myself hopefully finishing an album with a label and touring internationally…I really want to travel but when I do I want to do it with a purpose, and that of course involve music.

Do you have upcoming gigs or shows?

I’m working on it! Hopefully very soon…it’s not easy doing everything as an independent solo artist. I’ll be actually in Japan in March. It would be awesome if I could perform there.

Fill in the Blanks! Have fun with it!

1. Without music, I would be the most boring person in the world. I would totally avoid her if I were you.
2. Music is my first, my last, my everything.
3. Music makes me high. Naturally.
4. I write the songs because I wish to inspire others the same way I get inspired.
5. Support my music because when you do, I promise that I will never disappoint you.

*Buy the digital album seen on miray.bandcamp.com or mirayholic.com. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts.* - In the NORTH

"A Soulful Sunday with Miray"

Last Sunday was more than a high-school reunion. In retrospect I took away more appreciation for artists, especially those dedicated to their craft despite the difficult reality of an artist’s lifestyle. I learned too that law students need to look at their lives in perspective, and understand that every profession has seemingly insurmountable challenges: to each their own.

I am interviewing Olivia “Miray” Klugh, an old friend from high school I had not seen since we both graduated. “You need to be young to do this,” says Miray, as she takes a short break from getting the stage and floor set up for the performance. She tells me this is the advice she heard, back as she was an intern in New York, beginning work in her chosen field of computer art and graphic design. She was already beginning her career in graphic design, but turned her attention to music – people who heard samples of her songwriting urged her to take on that arduous challenge that is the music industry.Growing up in a musical family, Olivia was always interested in the art of making music. In high school, she was part of the orchestra, but also took up the drum kit. Through her undergraduate years at Sheridan College and York University, she also sang for the Gospel choir and was part of a band called Soul Collective. As a performer, though, she did not feel that same satisfaction as she did in the creation of music – and in 2011, she styled herself as Miray, singer and songwriter from my hometown of Oakville, Ontario.

To create – to merge new vibes with the old school, along with Japanese pop – became her passion. She describes her music as “Mopop” or “Synthpop,” and since 2011 has been performing her own songs in preference over covers. Her stage name, Miray, speaks of her Japanese heritage and an “evolution from Olivia – the casual, the past – to the present.”

And last Sunday was one more night for Miray to take another step in achieving her goals. This time, she was on the stage with three other very talented and aspiring women for a soulful Sunday night. The temperature outside had dropped, just enough to verge on a wintry night – but the stage was set, and the four ladies were ready to go, on a slow night at Clinton’s Tavern in Koreatown.

The night’s lineup consisted of four very talented young women – Sarah Jordan, Oyane, Miray, and Lilly Mason. Each came with a different life story, but a common philosophy brought them together: to work hard for your goals, as no one else will put in the effort for you to succeed in your stead, and that it is up to you to be persistent in the faith in yourself. That with this in mind, you will be satisfied that you had given your all, wherever you end up.

I think it’s important for us, law students, to consider that philosophy. In many ways in our future profession, we are expected to fit a typical mould. Deviations in character are scrutinized, and many feel penalized to openly opine in a non-conventional way. We as a student body create ideal goals and markers of success that are highly artificial (how many OCI’s did you get?).

We need to think critically about the purpose of our time at law school – the beauty is in the process of learning and the dreams that we develop under the tutelage of experienced mentors. We need to understand that achievement is done internally, through our well being and self-development, and not simply through the tangibles we achieve in the physical world. - Marie Park

"CHCH Morning Live"

The Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival kicks off today, and the city will be alive with some great jazz and blues performers. There are six stages placed along Lakeshore Rd from Navy St to Allan St. To give you a little taste of what to expect we welcome Miray on Live Music Friday. - CHCH


Still working on that hot first release.



For Miray, music has always been a family affair. Growing up listening to her Jazz pianist mother and acclaimed Detroit native Jazz/Motown guitarist father, Miray developed a strong interest in music from a young age. I would have music for breakfast, lunch and dinner, laughs Miray.

Miray draws inspiration from genres including Jazz (Dianne Reeves, Molly Johnson) Motown soul (Whispers, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire) and old school R&B as well as vintage synthpop and jpop yet her greatest musical influence continues to be her parents.

As for Miray’s music, like her multicultural background it is quite difficult to label her songs into a single category. Her style fuses elements of 70s and 80s motown and synthpop, cleverly calling her songs as Mopop. Miray’s creative approach in songwriting reflects the interesting environment she was raised in, for her artistic expression combines the beauty and subtle nuance of the east, with the bold excitement of the west. Although Mirays upbringing has certainly been unique, her idea of sense of belonging has always been a challenging theme throughout her life. In her music, Miray wishes to share her experience in both English and Japaneseand her global mindset in the hope that she will connect with a wide range of audiences around the world, while representing herself as an artist without borders.

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