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Misty Eyed

Acworth, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Acworth, Georgia, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
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"Interview with Atlanta-Based Alt-Rock Band Misty Eyed"

Learn more about Misty Eyed in the following All Access interview:
Thanks for your time! What is on tap for the rest of your day?
We actually just had practice and we’re answering your questions before we head home for the night!
Since we are now at the back-end of 2018, how has this year treated this band? What is one musical goal that you have had for this year? How close are you to reaching it?
The main goal we had for this year was releasing Eurydice, so we’ve been able to reach it! But this year has been a rollercoaster, we’ve been lucky enough to have show after show get added to our schedule, with the shows getting bigger and more exciting for us.
Can you recall the moment when you thought you could be in this group together? Was it hard to think of a name that you could agree on?
The guys have all gone through different projects together so they were pretty solidified with wanting to work together. And yes, we actually spent months trying to think of a name.
How do you think your hometowns have influenced the sound and how you all carry yourselves in this group?
Some of us came from places that really made us have to work a little harder and overcome the dangers of our environment. So now we understand just how hard we have to work for anything in life, especially the music industry.
How has your various musical backgrounds helped shape the sound of this band?
With each of us coming from such different musical backgrounds, we all come together with opposite directions and we find a way to compromise and mix it up.
Let’s talk about your newest single “Attila.” What was the inspiration for it? How do you think it prepares listeners for your upcoming EP, “Eurydice”?
Musically, Wes wanted something fast and aggressive and lyrically, Megan wanted to take that aggression and turn it into a positive and empowering message for women. It prepares listeners because most of our songs are meant to be hard hitting musically and empowering and thought provoking lyrically.
What was it like putting together your EP? Did anything surprise you about the overall process? How do you plan on celebrating the release of the EP?
It was definitely a learning experience since this has been our first major release. What surprised us the most was just how much legwork went into, not only the recording process, but the promotional process. We’re having a release show on November 21, at Sidelines in Kennesaw!
Where do you think you are all happiest- in the studio recording new music, on stage performing or elsewhere?
Definitely performing on stage and being able to show everyone what we’ve created.
Do you have touring plans scheduled for the rest of this fall and into winter?
We’re actually just playing some shows in our hometown and heading to Nashville. We’re planning most of the traveling for 2019.
Do you find that all of social media and keeping up with your fans has gotten so overwhelming? Or do you rely heavily on others to take care of that for the band? Which platform would you say that you enjoy engaging with the most?
It can get overwhelming, but we know Megan really enjoys connecting with people via social media so she likes to take care of most of it. We think Facebook is the most enjoyable platform.
We are currently living through a very trying and politically charged time right now so I am curious to know how you all think being musicians and in this band still gives you the most joy in life today? Do you find that your music is an escape to all the current events?
We get joy from being able to express what we’re going through and we find it very cathartic. And it definitely can be an escape, but we also want to use it as a therapeutic outlet.
What musicians would you love to work with in the future? What artists have really been inspiring this group and your music since day 1?
We would love to work with someone like Breaking Benjamin or Nothing More. We’ve been inspired by a wide variety, from Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Iron Maiden, to bands like Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, etc.
What do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people continue to take away from your songs?
We mostly want to inspire people to chase their dreams and get them to sing along and know they aren’t alone and that there is hope for whatever they’re going through.
Would you like to share anything else about your music or the history of this band to our readers?
We joke around and we love messing around, and doing what we love in the meantime. - Leah Brungardt

"Misty Eyed Brings Warrior Energy to New Single 'Attlia'"

Even though I’m just sitting and typing this review out, my heart is beating rapidly and my eyes are wide with excitement. It’s the kind of reaction only good music or a very large coffee can provide me. In this case, the warrior dynamism of Misty Eyed's latest single, “Attila” has me feeling some kind of invincible. It’s the kind of track that will make you feel unleashed upon the world as if you’re somebody’s worst nightmare.

If you’re not familiar with the band, Misty Eyed is a multi-talented 4-piece rock group hailing from north Atlanta. If you had to, you could classify their music as hard rock, but what these skilled musicians are really known for is their ability to blend a wide variety of sounds from across the rock spectrum. When chatting with frontwoman Megan Burke, she hinted that listeners can definitely expect more of their signature sonic experimentation on their upcoming album Eurydice. However, “Attila” seems to recall the heavier sound of Misty Eyed’s debut EP, In Lou Of.... The heavy rock flavor mixed with Burke’s melodic voice certainly brings to mind groups like Flyleaf and Lacuna Coil, but their sonic versatility makes Misty Eyed’s sound all their own.

“Attila” is the kind of song that can captivate a rock fan with the very first listen. It opens with drummer Zach Nall laying down a tremendous drum beat that instantly gets one’s adrenaline pumping. Next comes the triumphant, crunchy guitar riff that embodies the conquering spirit of the song’s namesake. This all paves the way for Burke’s remarkable voice, which delivers lyrics that convey a clear message: “You don’t want to mess with us”. Powerful layered gang vocals compliment Burke’s leads, and add to the raw vigor of the music. The warrior concept that provides the inspiration for this track, paired with the formidable musical skill and commanding tone of the song is both impressive and satisfying.

“Attila” is available now on Spotify, and also be sure to check out the song’s music video on YouTube. Keep an eye out for Misty Eyed’s upcoming full-length album, Eurydice, which will be released on November 9th, 2018. - Jeff Martineck

"Off The Record With Misty Eyed"

OTR: How would you describe your band’s sound?

Misty Eyed: It’s a blend of different styles of rock and metal with a touch of otherworldly flavors thrown in.

OTR: Attila is a heavy guitar driven song, what was the inspiration for the long intro?

Misty Eyed: We thought about it as a march. We wanted it to build with each instrument coming in, and lead into something greater. We did it this way to create suspense and make the drop that much bigger.

OTR: As a band, what do you feel is lacking in Music today? What do you hope for as a band?

Misty Eyed: Music today is lacking diversity and originality, we feel most popular music is copy and paste. As a band, we hope to leave behind timeless music; for people to look back and understand our period of time. We want it to be heard and to help inspire others.

OTR: Your EP ‘Eurydice’ comes out in a few short weeks, how do you choose what songs to put on it that best represent you?

Misty Eyed: We wrote songs to describe our journey. These five songs represent a different part of each of our lives.

OTR: What are some of your favorite tracks on the EP?

Misty Eyed: We love them all equally, each more than the last.

OTR: What other artists or bands do you draw inspiration from or look up to?

Misty Eyed: Honestly, we have such a wide variety of bands we pull from between the four of us. We’ve drawn from bands like Alterbridge, Volbeat, Twenty One Pilots, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, etc.

OTR: What is the writing process for any given song? Is it a lyric, a chord or a string of notes that starts that process?

Misty Eyed: We start from any of those. Inspiration can come from anywhere, whether we start from a line we’ve come up with or a random chord progression on the piano.

OTR: Is the ‘ROCK’ sound a dying one and why is it so important now more than ever?

Misty Eyed: We’ve found that music comes in waves. It’ll die out, but make it’s way back around in time. Rock is rebellious and about not caring what other people think, and we think that with the way things are today, we need people to stand up now more than ever and do what needs to be done, regardless of what may be popular.

OTR: Lastly, what can fans of yours or new listeners expect when they see you live?

Misty Eyed: They can expect to see a better show each time they see us, and it’s only gonna continue to get bigger. - Off The Record

"Misty Eyed Release New Sinlge 'Attila'"

Atlanta, GA bred hard rock band Misty Eyed grants their listeners a brand new single, titled "Attila," which serves as the lead single off their upcoming November EP. Out now, the four pieces establishes their sound and spirit through their invigorating guitar riffs and powerhouse lyrics. WIth "Attila," fans get a fresh preview of their forthcoming EP, with lead vocalist Megan Burke delivering rock-ribbed vocals. About the single, the band states:

"Wes & Meg co-wrote Attila. Wes wrote the music to challenge himself musically. Meg wrote the lyrics as a triumphant girl power song. "You think you can walk all over me but i don't see that happening; we're warriors." Is a favorite lyric. There's irony in the title."

Hailing from north metro Atlanta, Megan Burke, John Eck, Wes Powell & Zach Nall are Misty Eyed. This four-piece is anything but an ordinary hard rock group; mixing sounds and vibrations as opposed to sticking to the confines of one genre is what they do best. From the haunting melodies of their EP favorite 'Freakshow' to the forthcoming triumphant single 'Attila', these four don't shy away from experimenting. With only 4 released songs, they've not yet failed to impress. In 2018 alone, they've opened for the likes of Hollywood Undead, Trapt, and even secured a slot at the Blue Ridge Rock Fest which boasted headliners Lamb of God and Motionless in White. Their upcoming EP, out Nov 9, is a testament to their creative experimentation, offering listeners a variety of flavors of rock. Misty Eyed's brand new single "Attila" is out on all digital platforms NOW. - BBW News Desk


In Lou Of.., EP (2017)

Attila, single (2018)

Eurydice, EP (2018)



There is a saying, ‘..always more than what meets the eye’, and at the very north-end of Metro Atlanta, you’d never expect what’s hidden in the depths of a small town called Acworth. Take a closer look & you’ll find an Alternative Metal band driven by sovereign effeminate vocals. But it’s all about perspective.  A group of 5 friends and strangers, all with southern roots, together found their way to the world of rock & metal. John Eck, Wes Powell & Josh Nunez are writing strapping riffs that require you to forsake your most valued senses, accompanied by commanding melodic stories from frontwoman Megan Burke. These stories, written about the reflections of their pasts, the foresight of the future, and the struggles of staying present, make you feel. They aim to strip you of your grasp and require you to think. In a world of false ideas and hidden agendas, what is the truth? What creates the reality you see, hear and feel? Is it all just your imagination? Step out of your comfort zone and challenge your mentality. You’ve been viewing the world through your eyes, but there is always so much more. This is their perspective & they invite yours; this is Misty Eyed.