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Kansas City, Kansas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

Kansas City, Kansas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Hip Hop New Age




"SoSo Def/ Virgin Demo Deal Contest 4.28.06"

Friday 4/28/06 At the Marriot Hotel in down town Kansas City Mo. there was an underground Hip Hop showcase. The ballroom doors opened at 6pm and while the show started at eight it went well into the late evening ending at 1am.
There were twelve acts selected from thousands to compete for a demo deal for SoSo Def Records. These acts were to sell 100 tickets at $20 each and gaurentee all purchasers to attend. These figures were kept track via ticket stub numbers assigned to each artist/group. The winner would then go on to New York to record a three song demo that would be submitted to Virgin record execs. If this demo passed it would be forwarded to Jermaine Dupri himself that would have finall say so.
To sum up the event "It went Down last night! The event was real cool. A bunch of local cats was in the hotel just rockin' Out. There was no hating or muggin. Big Baby did his thing, Hobo Tone did his thing, and the two cats from kansas, Mr. Chazs & Ryme from Bowgaurd spit rapid fire on em." The whole show was hype- TLR
- HipHopKC.Com

"Street Heat Magazine Interview 11.14.08"

Friday, November 14, 2008


Mr. Chazs of Bowgaurd Entertainment. Producer/ Engineer/ Beatmaster/ Hip Hop Artist/ Etc… I've been doing music professionally for almost 10 years.


Bowgaurd Entertainment was a conscept created by my brother and an associate while incarcerated. It was passed on to me and I took it to the streets. It started as an outlet for underground artists to gain knowledge and prepare for the industry but it became so much more. The company worked with several label across the US, managed a clothing line, and gained notice from Major Label A&R's in the industry. Now we are an established Indie Label in Kansas.


You can check me out on the web at myspace.com/streetmarinemusic. From there you can view pics of shows/parties, veiw updates on reviews and interviews on my blogs, and keep track of shows and events Im involved in. Also from there you can purchase singles from past albums or snatch the albums themselves.


The family was living in Junction City when my brother was sentenced to prison on my 11th birthday. After that I picked up his rhyme book and learned the trade. My dad was already incarcerated so I used Hip Hop to deal with my enviroment and not having a male role model around. Me being that young, it took me awhile to be able to put things into the perspective I needed to catch a listener. Once I did, it was jus getting it to the people.


It was getting over the formallities of rhyming about personal matters in my life. Before all that, I was a shy kid so talking bout the detrimental situations didn't always come easy. I think you connect more with fans internally if you show flaws and humanity about yourself in your lyrics. A lot of artists now-a-days put themselves out there like they're Iron Man or Kingpin or sumptin. Actin like they billionaire superheros and supervillains throwing money around. I stay down to Earth with both feet on the dirt.


Never. I feel that there are extreme leaps and bounds ahead in the Hip Hop game. More than just the streets. Coming from a college town. 75% of my fan base in Kansas are pro-dominately white americans between ages 17-41. My myspace reflects that. It's also due to the fact that I get no support from black folks out here because I'm from here. I gotta be from Atlanta, Texas, or Louisiana to get the support of most balck fans out here. Don't get me wrong! I get respect. It's tough in Kansas, but I like that. It keeps me motivated.


Like a Hip Hop Mogul. I wake up and check my voicemails, emails, text messages. I look thru my planners and see the weeks scheduled agendas then I cue up the studio and work on music. When Im not in the lab I attend meetings with my boss or I work at my other job doing culinary work. I jus turned 25 this year so I've gotten passed having to hustle. That don't mean if the gas price go up again I wont get on my grind though. Music for me is a 24 hour job. I manage artists and engineer for the studio so its an all day thing taking calls, booking shows, studio time, photo shoots, and everything in between. It would have to be an act of God to keep me away from music for more than 24 hours.


Grinders' Ambition is the title, took 2 years to get together. It was released October 10th. I speak about issues in my life. All the touring downfalls and successes. Situation concerning my hood and my state. I got the Mid-West on the album. Artists like Lil Flip recording Artist Chaucey Clyde, Full Clip Artist Nelson EL, Rida Life Artist Pac TheReal, and Bowgaurd Affiliates.


Outside of Bowgaurd Entertainment I've featured for Springfield, Missouri crunk artist King Klown, Wisconsin rapper Jermaine, Kansas hip hop artists' ProteJ "Hybrid Project" and lyricist Ryme "LostChild", Ohio political artist Pac TheReal "Rida Life", Tennesse country rapper Duce-K "Country Life", and Kansas City hip hop group Full Clip "Loose Cannons".


This is my 3rd solo album but this is the 14th album/project I have produced since 1999. Im also in the middle of my next album that will celebrate my 10th year in the biz. It's gonna be very gritty. I'm keeping details under the cuff till we get the first single out. I also got a DVD movie in the works with the extent of my career.


There's talent marinating under the surface out here. It just gotta be tapped. What Storm and Infamous ENT got goin on in the STL is a vein keeping Hip Hop alive out there. That's actually how I got my startin the Lou years ago. I was young, trynna get my feet wet and Storm put me on. We got cats trynna do similar thangs but the love for the music and the ambition lacks all round. Not with the artists but with the promoters that put on the events round here. The fans don't take us serious cause we don't take each other serious. If we can't do that then how the rest of the Hip Hop world gonna recognize us. Them boys from florida have the right idea. Unity. Niggaz is making a killin! Everybody in the Mid West wanna be the next up, the ALPHA-DOG. But aint no one trynna lead the pack. It's sad.


Let me send a shout out to my big bro, Bowgaurd Entertainment and Affiliates, and all Hip Hop artist out there Grindin. Stay focused, stay real, and stay grittin. Holla.

- MZ. Jae of Infamous Entertainment

"Crib Pulp Issue 6 - 10.4.08"

thacrib.com Presents

Crib Pulp Issue 6 - October 2008

Mr. Chazs' Grinders' Ambition:

Album Review

From 'Unsigned Hype' to 'Ambition (Legend in my

Own Streets)' Mr. Chazs has proved that he has

made his name in Hip/Hop a permanent stay.

Mr. Chazs hails from Manhattan KS, and

represents Mid-West with all his heart. A

main-stay in Manhattan since 1999, Mr. Chazs

puts in soul into each track recorded with his

Label 'Bowgaurd Ent". On October 10th 2008

Mr. Chazs releases his Junior Solo Album and

11th Produced album, 'Grinders Ambition'.

With such singles as 'Deep in Them Guts',

"Ghetto Passion ft. Ms. Tyana K", "Whored Up",

and 'No Politik'n' Mr. Chazs has put out a solidly

packed album. With some lyrical comparisons

to Jay-z, Mr. Chazs has a future in the


My personal favorite on the album is 'Ambition',

closely followed by 'City Behind Me', which are

songs proving his love for where he resides

and how the area is a big influence and a

backer of his dream. Don't forget to pick up

your copy of Mr. Chazs' 'Grinders Ambition' On October 10th!

'Grinder's Ambition' will be available for $7.99 in many

area stores including Hastings and CD Tradpost, from

Wichita to KC and Great Bend to Emporia on the 10th

of October. Also if you are in the Manhattan area, Sisters

Of Sound will also be carrying the album.

Mr. Chazs will be having his CD Release Party on Friday

October 10th from 8PM to 2AM @ Kites in Aggieville.

Tha Crib will be attendance! See the flyer below!

Review by:

Caleb "C-Harv" Harvey

- Caleb "C-Harv" Harvey

"Emporia State University:Q & A with Manhattan hip hop artist Mr. Chazs 9.11.08"

ESU Interview
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Category: News and Politics

Q & A with Manhattan hip hop artist Mr. Chazs
Eric Sonnakolb (Thursday, September 11)

Courtesy of Mr. Chazs
Manhattan-based hip hop artist Mr. Chazs will be performing on Wednesday at Desperado's with Topeka rapper Anthemous.

How did you first get into hip hop?

It was 1995 when I picked up my brothers rhyme book for the first time only days after he was sent to prison. My dad had already been incarcerated so at the time I didn't have a male role model around.

My mom worked two jobs to keep my sisters and my self off the street of Junction City so being the youngest I had to learn from their mistakes. After helping me deal with the drawbacks of my environment, I took it on as a profession.

What sets you apart from other artists?

My ambition. They say the ambitious have no friends. But they also inspire others with the same drive in them. In my craft I do not fabricate events that I rhyme about. All the content are things that I have seen or experienced myself. Much like a story teller rather than a person who can just match words.

I bring something that a lot of industry artist lack. Heart and passion for the music they create. Music that is real and energetic. Anybody can rap. My six year old niece can rap, but that doesn't mean I should put her on a track and call her a genius.

How long have you been rapping?

I started seriously rapping a little under 10 years ago. Growing up, I was always writing short stories, poetry, rnb, and hip hop songs. It wasn't until 1999 that I took the game seriously and began my campaign. It went from freestylin videos with friends in school to recording in my cousins basement studio.

Then from cassette tapes to having my cd and single played on (Manhattan radio station) The Wild Cat 91.9. Doing commercials for local TV adds then on to contests. Since then I have produced 11 albums including two solo albums and my junior project "Grinders' Ambition" set to release October 10th.

Who are some of your musical influences?

My family. Everybody in my family have some investments in music. My brother was my biggest influence. It's because of him I do music at all. He was and still is one of the best lyricist I have ever heard. Reading and listening to his old rhymes pushed me to become the artist I am to day. I always strive to get to the level that he is on and in that he has become my biggest fan. I know most artist say something along the lines of 'Tupac & Biggie were my biggest inspiration,' but even though I listened to their music, I deterred myself from mimicking them.

Do you still live in Manhattan?

Yes I do. I just bought a house which I operate the company studio out of. There's not many rapper round here but the ones that are got skills so I encourage others not to take The 'Hat for a little simple town.

I think it is one of the hardest places to establish a career do to the fact that it's a college town that has a rapid turnover student rate. The moment you get a great buzz going then it's graduation time, you know. I've managed to stay above the slump curve by touring each summer. Nothing big though.

Tell me a bit about Bowgaurd Entertainment..

My brother and a long time associate created the Bowgaurd concept while still in prison. In 1998, this was passed down to me and was transformed into a great movement out of Manhattan. We had music circulating in the Midwest, down south and towards the west coast. Some started to ride coattails and eventually many disbanded due to lack of work ethic.

Now Bowgaurd manages a handful of bright artist that push their own product. We also dab in food service, clothing, music promotion. We hope to spread into film and radio within the next couple of years. For now if any artist need beats or a recording studio they can call Bowgaurd Studios at 785-341-7845. We even do album artwork, final mixdown, and have distribution capabilities. We also sponsor good hourly rates, block scheduling, and demo deals.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

I hope to build an understanding about the underground movement in Kansas. It pains me to see venues not supporting us and how they constantly try to undermine us and rip us off. But it's not just the venues fault. The fans rather pay to see some one who is already a millionaire lipsync to a couple hit songs they have.

The show might have five opening acts but all in all they go to see the headliner perform for 20 minutes. They pay $75 for a ticket, and for most of them, drive to Kansas City to see the show. In the same breath they will not go to a place in their own town and pay $5 to see five great artist perform for 20 minutes a piece. Also its up to the artist to stop the negative reputation that we give ourselves. Don't blaze up in the club, shootings, and fights. It's gotta stop if we are to survive out here.

Mr. Chazs will be performing on Wednesday at 9 p.m. at Desperados, 802 Graham with Topeka rapper Anthemous. He will also be performing at the Manhattan music festival Aggiefest on Friday and Saturday.

To listen to four tracks by the artist, check out his MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/streetmarinemusic.

- Eric Sonnakolb (Thursday, September 11)


The Compilation Vol. 1 (2001)
Bumpin Uglies (2002)
Over 24 Bars Demo (2003)
Da Essence (Unreleased)
Where We Mob EP (2005) SOLO
Singles: Common Denominator & Private Dancer
The Inside Lookin Out (2006) SOLO
Singles: Lets Toast, Thizzle My Nizzle, & Unsigned Hype
Grinders' Ambition (2008)
Several Singles In Rotation For
Grinder's Ambition (Summer Of 08)
Singles: Deep In Them Guts, Ghetto Passion, & Whore'd Up



In the Hip Hop Community, few artists have established a firm grip on the underground scene as Mr. Chazs from Bowgaurd Entertainment. Originating from Manhattan, KS, Mr. Chazs has worked with such well-known artists as Nelson El from Kansas City, and Lil’ Flip recording artist Chauncey Clyde. Utilizing his networking skills, he has gained praise and respect from entrepreneurs like Storm, CEO of Infamous Entertainment out of St. Louis, and Nock, CEO of RushStreet Records Midwest and South. After taking second place in the 2006 Virgin Records/So So Def artist showcase, it was A&R; Rep Chad Mills that said “I look forward to seeing Mr. Chazs and Bowgaurd taking their place in the Hip Hop Game.”
With the success of an intense Campaign, Mr. Chazs is set to orchestrate the “Grind Harder Tour” in the summer 08, which is phase three of his 06 Tour “Grind”, and 07 Tour “ Grind Hard”. Unlike previous tours, this will mainly focus on the release of singles from his up-and-coming project “A Grinders Ambition”. This highly anticipated release; which is the follow-up to his Sophomore Album “The Inside Looking Out”, has already been given top promotional status with it’s unveiling on KKFM 90.1 Show Me Mix Show with Ms. Shay. The radio interview held on March 17, 2007 gave listeners inside access to Mr. Chazs and the inner mechanics behind his break-through album in stores now.
To further the Bowgaurd movement, Mr. Chazs has become the company’s top producer and beat maker. With this, he has been able to produce albums like R&B; singer Ms. Tyana-K’s debut album “They Just Don’t Know,” and songs for Hip Hop artist L.A.S.T. Also he has done work for independent artists like white rapper Duce-K’s debut album “Country Life”, and beats for Pac “The Real”, and solo female rapper Melena. This only leaves to say that his fresh sound is becoming more popular as he progresses.
Mr. Chazs’ goal has forever been to establish a foothold in the music industry. To facilitate this visionary aspect, the company, has taken steps in new directions as well as revitalize previous avenues to meet consumer demand. Among these new tactics is the regional artist showcases held quarterly, which assist in the exposure of new talent. Being re-vamped is the Bowgaurd Elite clothing line which will go far beyond white T’s and hooded sweatshirts. Seeing that vendor negotiations are still in its infancy, it may not be fully open to the market until summer of 2008.
With all the persecution, criticism, and assault, Mr. Chazs, in the end has gained respect from the same nay sayers. So there is no surprise that the movement has only grown since Bowgaurd’s founding in 2000. He has acquired resources that ensure he does not rise to the top only to fade quickly. There are few who have met this achievement. That is why Bowgaurd Entertainment has and always will show longevity among one hit wonders. It was Corbin Grimes, president of CIG Music, who said it best by saying “Bowgaurd brings a promise of unique and versatile content to any project before them.”

Bowgaurd Entertainment…………