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Moe Carter

Somerset, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Somerset, NJ | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"Interview: Moe Carter Talks About His New EP "Amethyst" and the Hip-Hop Scene in Hickory, NC"

Moe Carter is a talented rap artist and label executive on the rise, based in Hickory, NC, who we connected with for an exclusive interview to discuss his new EP “Amethyst”, as well as the standout single “Sourbunga”, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Moe, be sure to stream and share “Amethyst” and check out our review. Lastly, be sure to connect with Moe on his social media to stay up to date on what’s next.

Congratulations on the release of your "Amethyst" EP. Tell us about the development of the project in regards to how long it took to create, who handled the production, etc.

Thank you so much! After five long months of recording, mixing, and mastering, I am happy to bring you my new EP with the help of my engineer Ryan Canavaugh of Audio Lab Productions (North Carolina), my main producer Lilac Locoup in New Jersey, also with help from producers I discovered on YouTube such as Franky M, Benihana, and Gum$. I lost some loved ones and a job in the process unfortunately.

What does the EP title "Amethyst" signify?

“Amethyst” signifies me making my mark in music history as well as staying cool, calm, and collected between a rock and a hard place. Europeans and Greeks wore it in battle to protect their selves from danger, they even made drinking vessels out of it for ceremonies to protect them from intoxication. That's how my album resonates with the title it protects, heals, and provides valuable information for people today who tend to study suffer through everyday struggles. I'm just hoping the masses can take my hard work and learn a thing or two from it as well as brighten their day. Last but not least it represents the month my baby girl, Lyric was conceived as it is a February gemstone as well.

Can we expect a visual for the track "Sourbunga" which we recently featured on the site?

Yes I actually have a director's cut version for “Sourbunga” on YouTube at the moment; it's on my channel (MoeofSGMG). I will also be putting out visuals for a couple of the songs from the album really soon; trust me it's going to be lit! My camp and I are going over it as we speak. We are trying to display motion picture material and not the typical janky videos that you would get from an up-and-comer. Stay tuned; it's going to be epic.

When someone listens to "Sourbunga" or the EP for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

When people are listening to “Amethyst” I want them to step into that world with an open mind. Leave all your judgement, your guilt, pain, trials and tribulations at the door and truly enjoy the lyrics of every song as I spill my brain to you guys about real life situations. I hope someday to change a life and save a life with the jewels that I supply in my songs . Also, I would like people to accept the fact that Swede Genius Money Group (my label) is here to stay as a household name to give you quality music and genuine thoughts you can't get from most artists, especially mainstream.

Tell us about the rap scene where you are located now. Are the locals supportive of homegrown talent?

The rap scene where I'm located in Hickory, North Carolina is very dull. The locals don't support whatsoever; you have to have a big name to make someone pay attention to you out here. Unsigned artists rarely get any love and when they do, it's usually a shout out via social media to make their page look good and not the artist. People are very selfish and their taste in music is also very low quality and redundant. We never have shows or festivals or any standout talent. Most artists around here bite off off Atlanta rappers’ style and slang because it's the trend instead of being their self; it's lame to me. You got to go to Charlotte and Durham or Greensboro for a good scene in rap around these parts. - Carlton Boyd

"EP Review: "Amethyst" by Moe Carter"

"Amethyst" is the new EP release from North Carolina based rap artist Moe Carter. Featuring seven tracks, it’s an epic introduction for new listeners and provides excellent insight into this artist's world.

Moe's lyrical ability is visible on top of the groovy and sleek instrumental on the track ‘Kult’ and is a great opener to the EP. Next is ‘Bludini’, a stand-out track with it’s beat and fascinating rhythm scheme. ‘Sourbunga’ captures the listener's attention from the beginning of the track and highlights Moe's flow with a catchy hook and beat. ‘Gotta Blow’ has a vibe reminiscent of the early Eminem days of The Marshall Mathers LP, but Moe adds his own twist to the track with greatness. ‘Dap Rap’ finds Moe spitting his words to an upbeat, fast instrumental. Moe gets real on ‘Neighborhood' and doesn’t find him diluting his past, present and future. It brings more character with his authentic take on the refreshing track and is an excellent offering to the collection of songs. ‘Woof’ closes out the EP with a bang and is an epic ending to the project. It completes the story and provides a glimpse into Moe’s character, vulnerable traits and his artistic life.

"Amethyst" is a complete masterpiece with true meaning behind it. Moe rhymes about relatable topics like struggles and strength, to discussing sex and politics, and showcases his effortless abilities on the mic. Throughout the seven tracks, his influences like Jay-Z and Earl Sweatshirt are evident, but he created a collection of songs that is authentically "Moe Carter".

In an era where music may seem to be messy, some genres forgotten or pushed back to let others rise, Moe’s ambition to bring the hip-hop genre back is proven throughout "Amethyst". There’s tough moments, complicated feelings and self-reflection throughout the EP, but that's Moe's truth; non-compromising and ruthless.

From the beginning to the end of the EP, Moe's progression as an artist is shown immediately. Once the first beat drop, his development continues to shine. And from this body of work, it’s safe to say that Moe has a lot of potential and will be turning heads in his direction very soon. "Amethyst", is only the start for Moe Carter; jump on the bandwagon now. - Danielle Holian

"Artist to Watch Q&A: Moe Carter"

As a fellow radio host on Platinum Radio, I'm constantly in search of great music to play on my show. I had no idea who Moe Carter was when one day my fiance was playing his song, "Neighborhood" from SoundCloud and I was like, 'Who's that?'. He told me & I was locked in. I asked if he could reach out to him and one thing led to another and he's now in our network of indie artists. *happy dance*

With an interview on Platinum Radio Online & a live interview with fellow host, Bruce Anderson during the Platinum Midday Grind, I felt it only right if I get in on the action & interview him, myself, because I'm interested in how he got started musically due to his lyrical ability being so eclectically impeccable.

However, in today's world there's not many indie artists that have completely free schedules so I simply sent him a list of interview prep questions to get the ball in motion & you can expect a live interview with me & this artist on my show, Rise and Shine with Rae in the upcoming weeks. Check out his Q&A below & be sure to follow Moe Carter on Twitter & Instagram. Also, check out his official website & sign up for his mailing list to remain updated on all things Moe Carter.


Question: What's your name & email address?
Answer: Moe Carter.

Q: What is your genre of choice?
A: Hip-Hop/rap

Q: What prompted you to want to do music? And how long have you been singing/songwriting/recording?
A: Simply it's just where my heart is at, CM big stars that I looked up to do it made me want to emulate that my own way. I have been song writing for over 15 years and I have been recording for roughly 3 years.

Q: How old were you when you wrote your first song? Do you still remember the title?
A: My first written and recorded song was named Off My Block featuring a local friend of mine that took place in another friend's uncle's basement. Ever since that my pen has been steady in motion.

Q: What’s your top 3 inspirations for your music?
A: I like the fashion it is one of the pillars that holds the artist together, appearance is everything. Flow is almost everything to me it's what gives me the urge to pickup the pen and write ASAP, wordplay makes up a huge percentage of my songs. And "recycled originality" which in my explanation is by studying the greats that give me drive, do it my way and pay the homage when I do it to the fullest

Q: What are some of the musical greats that inspire your music?
A: Biggie, The Lox, G-Unit, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Jay Z, It is way too many Greats to name maybe I'll write a short book about this topic one day.

Q: What would you tell younger generations pursuing music as a career?
A: Learn and invest in your career most importantly this music is your life in your hands. And don't chase the bag right away that takes some time until perfect your craft and follow the dream all facts.

Q: If someone needed to contact you for a performance, how can someone book you?
A: My Email Is or simply just dm me on Instagram at sgmg_mc. I also can be found at my personal site which is

Q: What do you feel makes you different from other artists?
A: My mindset in an artistic way; I got a knack for adapting to beats and mood patterns. My songs are a little off-beat but eye-catching, I give off diversity that you rarely see in the rap game these days.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate The Underground Artistry?
A: 10

And that concludes the Artist to Watch Q&A; but, stay tuned, because in the upcoming weeks, you'll be able to listen to so much more during the audio for the live interview. So hit that follow button to the side & be sure to follow Moe Carter on all his social platforms, as well as SoundCloud. You can enjoy Sour Bunga & Neighborhood, two of the singles from Moe Carter, via SoundCloud. - Rachel Marie

"Wu World Review"

One-third of the Swede Genius Music Group, Moe Carter is currently signed to SGMG Inc. The New Jersey rapper started to make a name for himself as a teenager in Franklin Park, NJ freestyling any and everywhere he could. From his halls of his high school to the streets of his neighborhood, he slayed his competitors time and time again. As he got older, his game spread to local bars and ciphers. Now he’s got almost half a million plays on Soundcloud and a couple of EPs on the way.
Come May 2018 Moe Carter will drop an EP, Amethyst. It will fall in line with his previous work. With a similar style to that of Earl Sweatshirt and Jay-Z, Moe comes with a variety of topics in his rhymes. He spits about everything from politics to sex to struggles and wisdom. If he’s living it, he’s rhyming about it. It’s that personal touch intertwined with his intuition and versatility that has gotten him this far. That includes being featured on Prince Hakeem’s “Famous Radio Live” in Hampton, Virginia as well as recording the single “Dolla Dreams with a fellow Carolinian artist on the spot after the interview.
Moe Carter’s music speaks for itself though. Whether it’s “Coma,” a song about an arousing euphoric experience or the grimier “Word on the Street.” Of that song, Moe notes, “This song is about the streets you love like one of your bipolar relatives. Like you’d give them the world but at the same time keeping your back on the wall and never turning around.” Those two are older tracks that have led Moe to play a ways away from New Jersey in Virginia.
Those are just the beginning as Moe has released the singles “Neighborhood” and "Sourbunga" ahead of his May 2018 release of Amethyst. It’s sure to be inspiring tracks for those who are about creating their own vibe. After the May release, Moe plans on releasing another project at the end of the year in December entitled Dr. Satin.
Not only did Moe Carter come up admiring Jay-Z’s sound but also his work ethic. He wants to expand himself not only as a artist but as a businessman within the industry as well. A true hustler, Moe Carter is well on his way to being a prominent figure in not only the hip-hop community but the music industry as a whole. With a pair of EPs dropping in the 2018 calendar year as well as shows to be announced, the world needs to keep an eye on Moe Carter. - gunshapedstatemag


Amethyst (August 2018)
Dr. Satin (October 2019)



Moe Carter --a New Jersey/North Carolina artist-- has everything it takes to transcend the industry. With flows second to none, his lyrical ingenuity showcases his ability to hang with the best of the best. He started out freestyling in Franklin Park, New Jersey & went on to perform at local bars & cyphers. With performances, albums, and interviews under his belt, Along with features on Platinum Radio and interviews on Platinum Radio Online & The Underground Artistry, Moe Carter is an artist working hard to make a name for himself in the world of hip-hop that has forgotten what hip-hop is supposed to be.

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