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Maryville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Maryville, TN
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Blues


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"Mojo Flow Siblings Make Good on Dad's Gift of Musical Talent"

There’s something to be said about kids being a chip off the old block, but when the block is a musical force of nature, those are some talented chips indeed.

Jenna McClelland, a 2009 graduate of Maryville High School, and her younger brother, Michael (a junior at MHS), are carrying on the tradition of their famous father, Billy Earl McClelland. As two members of the five-piece band Mojo Flow — which performs Friday night at Smoky Mountain Brewery in Maryville — they’ve tapped into their dad’s self-titled genre of “blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll” to give fans both familiarity and a taste of originality.

“We want people to feel something, because the songs we play have to make us feel something,” Jenna McClelland told The Daily Times this week. “Ultimately, we want to be provoking emotion with our audiences. As far as the genre is concerned, it’s sort of a blend of indie-pop and soul, but what I’ve written — and I feel like I’ve met so many people for different but certain reasons — are about people. And having said that, I feel like a lot of other people can relate to it.”

Billy Earl McClelland is a name that may not have gotten constant airplay, but his songs sure did. As a Nashville session guitarist, he worked with artists like Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt and Brenda Lee; as a songwriter, he wrote cuts for Waylon Jennings, Jerry Jeff Walker and Delbert McClinton. After moving to Memphis, he immersed himself in the blues, producing Big Bill Morganfield’s first album and working with both Bo Diddley and Albert Collins.

“The main thing for me was being this little kid in bars, watching my dad play,” McClelland said. “He played a lot on Beale Street when we lived in Memphis. It’s funny, because I think a lot of people think there’s a stamp that comes with being a musician’s kid, but for me, it was just life. It was just the way it was.”

McClelland got into singing during her junior year in high school, when she auditioned for an orchestra concert and was subsequently urged to join the Maryville Singers. She pursued musical theater and acting in college, but after obtaining her fine arts degree, she came back to Blount County.

“I realized quickly I didn’t want to be a starving actor, so I stuck around here, and it turns out my little brother had a project band,” she said.
Michael McClelland, who’s been playing guitar for four years now, invited his sister to sing with the guys; she was quickly asked to join, and when that project fell apart, the McClelland siblings and keyboardist David Nagle, a Maryville High junior who’s been playing since he was 8, launched Mojo Flow. Andy Beckmann and Wes Whaley, veterans of the local pop-punk outfit So to Speak, were added to the lineup, and Mojo Flow’s first official gig was on the Roy’s Stage during the 2013 Foothills Fall Festival.

“It was very clear that something good was in the making,” she said. “In our first band, we were so stuck just doing sweet, slower music, because we were limited without a drummer. And then of course hearing Andy with us one time, we were all like, ‘Oh, wow — this has really opened up a lot of opportunities!’ We started adding classic rock, Southern rock, blues, some jazz ... we cater to a lot of different ears, so we’ve picked up some followers fairly quickly.”
Newcomers to a Mojo Flow show get an eclectic mix of covers — Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker,” Little Feat’s “Spanish Moon” and “Fat Man in the Bathtub,” Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House,” among others — as well as a growing repertoire of originals. And because such attention to detail is paid to the covers, fans don’t feel the need to go to the bar or the bathroom when McClelland announces that the next song is one the band wrote.

“A lot of people that attend our first show are very surprised, because they can look at us and tell we’re a younger band, but the sound we produce is not,” she said. “We make sure to bring our own sound, our own mojo, to each cover, because you never want to hear a song you’ve heard a thousand times done in the worst way, so we make sure to add our own twist. And I feel like once they decide they like our covers, they’re tuned in enough to sit there and continue to listen to our originals as well.” - The Daily Times

"The Band Mojo:Flow Prepares their First Album, "Collide""

When Violettes and Co. attended the Knoxville Blue Plate Special recently, we were surprised by a local treat, the band Mojo:Flow. The songwriting Lead Singer Jenna McClelland, with her Bohemian Style, is impresssive. We loved her songs.

1. Violettes: Tell us about your band Mojo:Flow. Who are the other members and what kind of music do you perform. Did you write most of it? What is your favorite song so far?

Jenna McClelland: Mojo:Flow had its two year birthday in September! We kicked off in September of 2013, and have yet to take any breathers. The band consists of me, Jenna McClelland, on lead vocals; my younger brother, Michael McClelland, on lead guitar, lead vocals, and harmonica from time to time; Andrew Brown on bass guitar; and Andy Beckmann on drums.

I’ve been singing since I could speak, Michael has played since he was 13, Andrew Brown has played guitar for many years- bass for about 7 years, Andy has played drums for about 13 years.

I guess you could call us “blues, soul, and rock n’ roll”… We don’t have a set genre, for we take pride in the fact that we can cater to a room full of different ears. At one of our shows, you’ll hear everything from our original music, to Aretha Franklin, to John Mayer. We are all over the board, and are certainly going to tickle your fancy, no matter what musical genre interests you most.

As far as our original music goes, we have ten songs finished that have actually been recorded on an album with Wade Allen in the Radiation Room in Auburn, Alabama. We recorded our album in June, and we look forward to its release Winter 2016. Look out for our album entitled, “Collide.”

I’d say some of our favorite songs to perform would be “Spanish Moon,” which is a great song for the guys to get showcased on their individual talent, “Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room,” “Your Love,” “Fat Man in the Bathtub,” “The Joker,” “Let Her Cry…” The list goes on and on, there’s so many that we thoroughly enjoy!

2. Violettes: So you grew up with high level songwriting in your home. When did you write your first song? What age did you first start playing an instrument - a guitar?

Jenna McCleland: I didn’t FINISH my first song until late 2013… “Australia” was my first original. My father said it best when I’d try to write lyrics that wound up being flat or without any depth whatsoever… or even when I wanted to sing a cover song such as “Cry to Me” by Solomon Burke (a well-known song from Dirty Dancing), he would say “You can’t do that, you haven’t been hurt bad enough.” I relate back to this statement a lot when I write. Writing music (or poetry, or anything of the sort) is a lot like seeing a therapist. If that pen isn’t honest with that piece of paper… if the client is not honest with the therapist and doesn’t dish out exactly what they are feeling, there will be no healing. You have to just be honest with yourself, unleash your emotions, then tailor them to fit your melody.

My brother and I have helped one another a lot in this arena. He is a fabulous musician… Give him a guitar lick, and he can run with it for days, and he has been playing since he was about 13. He has helped me elaborate upon multiple melodies in my songs, and has an incredible song of his own on our album as well, called “Tuesday.”

He and I have been able to really lean on one another since the loss of our father in October of 2013, and since the true take off of our band. Michael is a blessing, a fantastic brother, and incredible bandmate.

3. Violettes: Do you have any hobbies besides music? Or is it your full time hobby and profession?

Jenna McCleland: I, like many musicians, have a full-time day job. I work as the merchandise coordinator for Altar’d State, a faith-based womens’ and home décor boutique. I love my job and it coordinates perfectly for my needs as a working musician.

Michael is finishing up his senior year at Maryville High School, while also balancing a part time job and his music career.

Andrew is finishing up his master’s degree, and he works as a counselor for Camelot Care based out of Morristown, TN.

Andy works for McGhee-Tyson airport, while mostly managing his very successful business—a lawn care company, DnA Lawn Care.

We all somehow seem to manage coming off as “normal people” while we work towards our dream of being full time working musicians… it will come.

4. Violettes: Do you have a degree in music? What are you doing to pursue your music? Do you have plans, or are you working hard to see where it gets you? You must have some connections from your father to help you along?

Mojo:Flow Family
Jenna McClelland: I am 24; I graduated college with my BFA in Performing Arts in May of 2013. How do I foresee myself making this music thing happen? Writing, writing, and more writing; phone calls; mailing out press kits; slowly making my way out of town for shows… It’s certainly a process. Progress is SO evident from where we were this time last year to looking at the group we are today. It’s truly like night and day. Whereas last year we would have 2-3 shows a month, we are now looking at between 9-13. The blessings just keep on coming, and it is unbelievable. The more this picks up, the hungrier we get. Mind you, fame and fortune are not the ultimate goals. We just want to shake people’s souls and make them feel something. If we can make a living doing it, great. But there truly is no better feeling that seeing a familiar look in someone’s eye as they listen to my song… Followed by a round of applause and being asked for a business card so they can keep up with us. Absolutely, no greater feeling.

If you search my father, Billy Earl McClelland, on Wikipedia, you’ll see that there definitely are connections out there. Since his passing, I have had the opportunity to connect with many musicians who continue to push my brother and I forward. (You guys have no idea how grateful we are for you!) They won’t stop. They will always be there for us and that in itself is the biggest blessing.

5. Violettes: You mentioned going to a songwriting Festival? Which one of these has been your favorite to attend and why?

Jenna McClelland: We will be going back for round two this year at the Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival in the Gulf Shores, AL/Perdido Key, FL area at the Flora-Bama the first weekend of November. We got hooked up with the convention last year and were blown away at the caliber of songwriters that were there. We particularly enjoyed performances by Larry Cordle, Jerry Salley, Carl Jackson, Matthew Warren, Kyle Wilson… and friends Rock Killough, Sonny Throckmorton, and Larry T. Wilson. This is a blessing and an honor to be a part of this wonderful festival… Especially knowing how many times my father participated and played at the famous Flora-Bama.

We have not attended many of these festivals, but this is our year to do so. I have since participated and won Open Chord Stage and Brew House’s first “Songwriter Slam” in Knoxville, TN. These type of events are something any songwriter should attend… It’s a great place to get constructive criticism and network with other performers and bands!

6. Violettes: Do you have any fun "gig stories"?

Jenna McClelland: I’d say the best gig stories have been involving Smoky Mountain Brewery in Maryville… A place we consider our home! The service has never been anything below stellar, the staff treats us with appreciation and respect, and it’s a main influence in Mojo:Flow’s take off. We got our start there in the spring of 2014 because a band had a last minute cancellation. Jeff Jopling was called, but couldn’t make it himself, so he gave us a call. Problem was, half of our band couldn’t make it on such late notice! So we were able to call in Daniel Allen and Jamie Gregg of the Aaron Tracy Band to help us out. It was a great show, and we have worked for the Copper Cellar Corporation ever since.

One of the most invigorating things in the world is getting a show last minute, without a doubt. There’s nothing like throwing our stuff in the trailer and scooting down the road to save the day! - Becky Chaffee


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