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Mosart Records INC.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Norfolk, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop




"- CROWD REVIEW FOR - Rainbows after Rain QUE - OCT 21, 2013"

“In my personal opinion, the rapping lyrics derived from the vocals were phenomenal to encounter, further fulfilled with
innovative qualities. In addition, the flow of the melody was somewhat new and different to encounter, with a subtle element
of jazz denoted from the instrumental underlay. This song obtained many futuristic qualities, of which I believe to be
appealing among a wide range of music listeners.”

“Perfection, beauty, heartfelt, wondrous, wonderful, beautiful, lovely, tunefully melodic, dingy, rough, fast-paced, intriguing,
soul captivating, thought-provoking, well-shaped, organized, structured, controlled, unbelievably inspiring, special, creative,
original, talented, professional, gorgeous, real, empowering, enriching, fruitful, inspired, positively entertaining, amusing, fun,
tasteful, special and just greatly appealing. I love tempo of the speed. The vocals really capture the essence of what I desire
in a tune like this. The lyrics bring in creativity and wonder as the instrumentals bring character and style to the song. The
group performance really touched my heart and soul as it captivated my mind and body. It painted beautiful images in my
mind and had bopping my head to the music. This is definitely a talent that hasn't gone to waste. The lyrics, the vocals, the
instrumentals, the melody, the overall performance, it all just won my heart 's favor and I would love to see more of this

“This song is very emotional, and rather tense. The song starts out with this distorted guitar that switches between 2 chords
the entire song. As boring as this sounds on paper, it really isnt because of the other instruments/noises that accompany it.
This simple 2 chord riff acts as the backbone of the song, and plays throughout the whole thing except for a brief little guitar
interlude. The song has a lot of little sounds added to it, that gives it this kind of dissonant and echo/heavy reverb feel to it.
There is a thick and heavy bass loop that pounds throughout the song, and really gives this song a lot of its feeling. Its
unsettling, especially when it cuts out during that interlude part I mentioned. There happens to be another guitar that seems
to play a key higher, and it alternates with the other guitar that plays the 2 chords throughout the song. What really makes
this song so cool is the amount of emotion that pours out of it, despite being such a simple in theory song. Its very well
layered, and produced, that despite being somewhat repetitive, it has just enough to make the song not only enjoyable to
listen to but makes it a fresh experience as well. Im not really a huge fan, However I love his ambient creepy style kind of
music. I admit it is a rather obscure song.

“Loved the party sound. Sound made feel happy. Think the video would be a great idea for this song overall. The melody was
accurate. The melody did good on the musical end. The verses were soulful. The jazzy ballot is lovely. The freedom was guilty.
The song was good .”

“Song has a great beat. You can eliminate the profanity. This song could be a hit. I would listen to it in my car and I can see it
being on the radio and playing in clubs. You can bop you head to this song. Good Lyrics.” - Reverbnation & SoundOut

"The A3C Hip-Hop Festival Takes Over Atlanta On Oct 8th!" hosted something similar to a cypher right across from the merchandise table where people could rap a few bars. After all, it is a hip-hop festival. One artist who goes by the name Que signed to Mosart Records Inc. got on the mic and immediately attracted a large crowd. - tucmagatl


Still working on that hot first release.



(Mosart Records) is an independent records label founded by Marcus Jacque Powell (born August 4th 1991 Flint MI) or better known as Qué pronounced quay Is An American rapper, song writer, and producer

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