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San Antonio, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

San Antonio, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop Soul




"Texas Rapper Mr. Composition Signs with BreakIt! + Free M​.​I​.​L​.​F EP Download(2011)"

"Mr. Compositioncontacted us a while ago about his new EP entitled M.I.L.F (Making Ill Lyrics Forever) and probably assumed we weren’t interested but that was far from the case.

He a refreshing young lyricist with a lot to say." - Lanaé Mc'Levans (

"Mr. Composition - Expendable"

"A dope beat and tight flow mixed with something worthwhile to say, Mr. Composition leads out his new album with a solid video that you can check out below." - Stewart Jarvis (


"Last year’s release, Running Red Lights Through Life, was one of my favorite local albums of 2013. It laid bare the rapper’s growth from a curious and earnest wordsmith to a master of his craft, gifted at melding personal narrative with commentary on universal concerns." - James Courtney (SA Current)

"Music @ San Antonio"

"It's the catchiest undead love affair since Thriller." - Wes White ( UK

"Editors Pick"

"Those who hit play on Pandora’s Jukebox, however, don’t have to worry about any negative consequences… except, perhaps, a budding addiction to the music of San Antonio-born rhymesayer Mr.Composition." - Richard (

"Mr. Composition Tells A Terrifying Tale On “Pandora’s Jukebox”"

We’re not too sure about some of the monikers chosen by the talented artists lacing “Pandora’s Jukebox,” but we can definitely vouch for their pen game. - BEWARE(UPROXX-The Smoking Section)


Mr. Composition, one of the San Antonio hip-hop community’s best and brightest, has had a pretty sweet year so far. He released one of the best local albums of the year (as of yet) in May’s Graffiti the Mind. He put out a poignant and well-executed video for one of the album’s best, most thought-provoking tracks “Expendables.” And now, album standout “Pandora’s Jukebox” has gotten the claymation treatment. - James Courtney (SA Current)


"Graffiti The Mind"(2014) , "Running Red Lights...Through Life..."(2013), "Genius Conflicted"(2012) "M.I.L.F.(Making.ILL.Lyrics.Forever)[2011], "Mind Universe"(2010), "Cool,Mello,Smooth Mixtape"(2009).



The prolific emcee Kevin Prince, better known as Mr. Composition, is a San Antonio native with a sharp wit, an open mind, and an uncanny creative drive. He has shared the stage with some of Hip-Hop heavy weights such as Murs, Masta Killa, Dead Prez,Qwel & Maker, BLU, Abstract Rude, Blueprint,and Devin the Dude just to name a few.

Since elementary school he was always writing. At the time it was little horror books, because R.L. Stine was the shit. He would use little post-it notes and cardboard and make stories for my classmates. Then from that, in fifth grade, He did his first little rap. It was really corny and kind of like a battle, him against this popular kid at my elementary. So, of course the popular kid won because he was popular. But from there, in sixth grade, Kevin saw 8 Mile and started writing more poetry-based rap things and filling up little notebooks. With that, He started getting attention from the little girls so at that point he figured I could just rap to get the girls. And then it all went...

When he was in 8th grade Kevin moved from SA to Maryland for the first time. And he was away from all my friends and family and it was a new everything for him. He had never been out of Texas. So him & his sister were really homesick and his stepdad, who was in the Air Force, was very strict. Him & his sister never really did anything, just stayed at home on base. He knew people at his school there who were involved in music, so from conversations with his sister he used raps as a way to express his anger and resentment about being in Maryland. It was more putting words together and not having a valid or cohesive point. But from there he learned to use rap as a way to get stuff off his chest.

Fast forward to after high school, He went through not knowing what to do and a few career options. He started putting more life events in raps. He was with this girl for 4 years and they ended up having a stillborn child together and events like that really triggered a lot of his writing. Then when he started releasing it, people were telling him they could really relate. People want music that speaks to them about real stuff. And thats really when he started thinking of [rapping] as a career or a calling and really focusing himself.

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