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Myah Evans

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Folk Soul




"The Weekly Special - Myah Evans"

Indianapolis native, Myah Evans began playing guitar at the age of 14. Today, the singer/songwriter is turning heads with her soulful lyrics and haunting voice. - PBS

"Five bands and artists to watch in 2015"

MYAH EVANS manifests folk brilliance

I would imagine the average Midwestern teenager is occupied right now preparing for a new semester of school.

Not Myah Evans. The 18-year-old singer-songwriter is busy preparing EP releases and plotting cross-country tours.

During the last few years, Evans quietly amassed a large audience of devoted Indiana music fans for her fragile folk creations. In 2015, she seeks to make that audience national.

I vividly remember the first time I saw Evans perform two years ago at a festival show featuring local talent. Prior to her performance, I'd seen her backstage sitting alone in a corner of the room, gently strumming an acoustic guitar. Judging from her youthful look I'd assumed she was the kid sister of one of the evening's performers. But a few minutes later, Evans took the stage and captivated the audience with an introspective set of original compositions. It was a remarkable performance. It's rare to see a young artist so fully developed as a writer and performer. But creating music has always come naturally for Evans.

"I used to sit in the car while my mom was shopping," Evans says. "I'd pull out a cell phone and record myself singing songs that I'd heard on the radio. I'd play the recordings back to myself and listen. That's how I taught myself to sing."

While Evans' debut Familiar Things is filled with original compositions, cover songs remain an important part of her repertoire. Evans' YouTube channel is filled with unique interpretations of popular hip-hop singles like Chance The Rapper's "Cocoa Butter Kisses" and Drake's "Girls Love Beyonce." But Evans is a folkie at heart.

"I say I'm an indie-folk singer songwriter, because folk music is acoustic and the songs have a deeper meaning behind them, a message the artist is trying to put across to the public," Evans says. And what's her message? "I guess I just want to make people think harder, and reflect on their life."

It seems Evans has been doing much reflection on her own life, especially on the steps she can take to further her career. One such recent step was relocating to Bloomington. She cites the college town's revolving student population as a major reason for the move.

"People go there from all over the country. I also like the energy. It's Bloomington, so I think things are going to bloom for me there."

Evans' immediate plans for 2015 focus on completing her next release "I am coming out with a new EP. It's called Y. We're releasing a music video for the song 'Flow This Way' and we're planning to push that really hard."

As I wrapped up my interview with Evans, who attended Indianapolis' School of Metaphysics for a time, I asked how she felt about being picked as one of NUVO's artists to watch in 2015. Did she think the designation would help further her career? Her answer was in tune with the metaphysical studies she references frequently in interviews.

"It feels amazing. I feel like since more people are thinking about it now it will manifest."

— Kyle Long - Nuvo

"Myah Evans Plans Tour, New Album"

Myah Evans is new in town.

She just moved to Bloomington at the end of the summer from her Indianapolis, her hometown.

However, with a new EP due for release on Christmas and the plans for her first full-length album in the works, she doesn’t intend to be a stranger for long.

Her new EP, a five-song album titled “Y,” became available for pre-order on Bandcamp Nov. 28.

Evans said she chose the name because, “‘Why?’ is an important question to ask yourself if you want to move forward.”

With a musical education that launched from tinkering with a piano, Evans started to dabble in music at an early age. Then at age 14, she started composing songs on a loaned guitar, according to her website.

She still plays the guitar today and she said she hopes new album will show how much she has grown.

The release of the new EP will also mark the second anniversary of her first release, the four-song demo “Familiar Things,” which released Christmas 2012.

In those two years, she has been busy spreading her name across the country. She re-released “Familiar Things,” Oct. 1, 2013, adding four more songs to the album.

Evans refers to her music as folk music, and she said she chose that style because of its ease of 

“It created an independence for me because I wouldn’t have to be dependent on anybody to play guitar for me or anybody to write for me or anybody to do anything,” she said. “I could just pick up the guitar and have at it and just kind of do my own thing.”

She also said she gets her inspiration from a long list of artists.

“I kind of have a broad influence and I try to display that through my music by being as versatile as possible,” she said.

She cited Josiah Leming, Wiz Khalifa, Alison Krauss and The Weeknd as just a few of the musicians that inspire her.

Both of her albums have been released under a label of her own making, N.O.M.E. Records.

The letters stand for Night Owls Myah Evans, but she said she wants it to mean more.

“Know yourself, know who you’re becoming, and know what you want to cause,” Evans said. “I’m trying to ask myself that regularly so I can just kind of remain in touch with my goals.”

Evans spent the fall on her “Get Familiar” tour where she traveled to Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Colorado. On tour, she played everywhere, ranging from local coffee shops to the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance.

She said it was a cool experience but that it was also very up and down.

In the next few months, Evans said she will be releasing a lot of visuals to accompany the songs from her new EP.

She also said she would like to begin work on her first full-length album soon.

“We also just started brainstorming for a tour on the East Coast coming June and July time, and there’s also talks of college tours,” said her Public Relations Manager Michael Babcock. - Indiana Daily Student

"Metaphysical Music"

The study of metaphysics seeks to understand the nature of reality beyond our sense-based conception of the immediate physical world. I've interviewed 18-year-old singer-songwriter Myah Evans twice, and on both occasions, Evans has emphasized her time studying at Indianapolis' School of Metaphysics as a major influence on her artistic development.

"Metaphysics is about everything beyond the physical, which music definitely is. It's helped me to make my mind stronger," Evans says.

I'm not at all surprised by her assertion. The first time I saw Evans perform, there was a certain wisdom and gravity in her work that transcended her youthful appearance.

I remember that occasion well. It was a little over a year ago, and I was booked to DJ between acts at a local music festival. I was hanging out backstage and I noticed a very young-looking person sitting alone in a corner of the room, gently strumming an acoustic guitar. I assumed it was the kid sister of one of the evening's performers. I was quickly proved wrong, because a few minutes later this young person took the stage and captivated the audience with an introspective set of original compositions. - Nuvo magazine

"Barefly Myah Evans"

Barfly: Myah Evans - Nuvo

"Wake Up already"

Myah Evans Interview
So who is Myah Evans? I'm an 18 year old pisces, mixed black/white, & grew up a single child to a single mother. Im also female, which people often mistake at first. But most importantly I'm an aspiring singer/songwriter. Ive asked someone i know well to explain me in 3 words and they said this: quiet, introspective, & creative. This is true for the most part. How would you like to be remembered? Remember Michael Jackson? Or Bob Marley? I'd like to be remembered like that. I'd like people to remember me as Myah Evans, the wise, inspirational, diverse, musical legend from the unsuspected town of Indianapolis, IN. What do you want people to get out of your music I'd like people to find some meaning that pertains to them or something/someone relevant in there lives, within my music. With this personal meaning, people will form relations with the music, and that's what will make it memorable and long lasting. I want the music to spark emotions in the listener. I want to inspire them to express those emotions however they know best, whether it's through writing music as well or literally going and telling someone how they feel and etc... I've listened to a few tracks and they seem to have a lot of emotion, what inspires you to write about what you write about? All my music is written based off life events which cause real emotions. I find it easier to write when I'm sad, mad and depressed because then music is like an escape, like an outlet. I have this quote tattooed on my arm, "Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes, and curl my back to lonliness." (Maya Angelou). I have that tattoo to remind me I'm not alone. Even when I feel in complete solitude I can grab my guitar and start writing knowing that one day someone will hear these words and be able to relate to what I'm feeling right now, at the songs moment of conception. So a lot of my old music is sorta sad. But I'm learning to stay positive and in doing that my emotions become more positively effected which creates a more positive vibe within my music. What's your favorite song on your latest project and why? My favorite song off the "Familiar Things - Demo" would have to be "Quest Song". All the other songs came out good but I wrote and recorded all them in single nights. I wrote Quest Song at a sushi restaurant after having a deep, emotional discussion with my best friend. Then a few days later I created the guitar melody. Then a few days later I put them together. So I like it cause I feel the most emotion from it, it took awhile to finalize, and I didn't even really understand the complete meaning of it till after I released it. Any projects/videos etc. we should look forward too? Look forward to the #BrittleBonesVideo ! As soon as I hit 500 followers on Twitter it'll be released so spread the word! And as far as projects, I have an album currently in the works. I also have a side project, a Mixtape, that I'm slowly but surely putting together. I have no idea when the album or mixtape will be released at this current time. But stay tuned for the releases of a upcoming singles! links to your sounds and social networks And a website will be coming soon. Explain a little to us what A.M.O is, what are you guys about? @AMOThings aka. A Million Other Things started as a local management group which brings out the best in creative individuals. There are 3 main artists affiliated with it, Me, @EJAAZtheSPAZZ and @HUMANIII. We have @tyjuanonthebeat as our main producer, @directedbyJace as our main director/photographer, @CiahAmor as our P.R. and @JeffofAMOThings as our main manager. We are young & We are creative. We're all trying to make a living out of what we know best, art. Last words? Thank you for this opportunity! And I hope everyone who reads this feels a little closer to me and my music. Contact... @directedbyJace for collaborations @JeffofAMOThings for booking @CiahAmor for publicity and media - 317wakeup

"Myah Evans"


"The Local Scene"

Being from Indiana and trying to find local Indiana artists to listen to is hard—trust me, I know. When you think Indiana, our music scene isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Residents of Indiana typically have a steady rotation of country music—I understand that this is a huge generalization of the community as a whole and that it misclassifies a large number of people, so, please excuse my hyperbole—which doesn’t leave room for much else. I thought to myself, “why don’t I, a resident of Indiana, run a feature on local artists that people may not know about?” I decided to do just that. The Local Scene will be a semi-weekly feature that showcases local artists of all genres that I think you will enjoy. Without further ado, here’s our third edition of The Local Scene featuring: Myah Evans.

Indianapolis native Myah Evans is an extraordinary talent. For being so young—I understand that youth is not a measure of talent, but it is worth noting—Myah has an antique understanding of music in the best of ways at only 18-years-old. The singer/songwriter claims influences ranging from Josiah Leming to Imogen Heap to Michael Jackson and their impact can be heard all throughout her music. Placing a label on her sound is hard, because frankly there isn’t one. Her cadence is laced with traces of acoustic, folk, and “indie” to name a few. I was put on to Myah after my roommate retweeted her cover of Chance The Rapper’s ‘Cocoa Butter Kisses’ and I’m glad he did. Check out Myah’s Familiar Things and her cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Woods’ below and pick up her project Familiar Things (Deluxe Edition) today on iTunes. - Wack People meet

"Open Mic Minute"

Audio Click Link - WZPL Radio

"We Recommend"

Myah Evans is an Indianapolis musician with a sound distinctly sweet, haunting, and uniquely her own. Her first project, a four-track demo entitled “Familiar Things” which is downloadable at Evans’ website, was released Christmas Day, 2012 and includes the track we’re recommending here, Everyone’s Rosie Red.

Writing songs since the age of 14, Evans wrote and recorded the demo on the same guitar she loaned from a friend when learning to play. - Minor House

"Up & Coming LGBT Music"

Up & Coming LGBT Music: Myah Evans
As always, we have some great LGBT music for you here on All Things Lesbian.

This time it comes from Myah Evans, the YouTube sensation who is only 18 years of age!

Starting off covering popular songs on YouTube, Myah began gaining many views, and great feedback. She then set out to write and produce her debut EP, “Familiar Things,” which was released on Christmas Day 2012. Through the release of the EP, Myah has captured the ears of many with her soulful voice and impactful lyrics. She has had the opportunity to take those songs on the road to perform in not only Indianapolis, but also in Chicago, and she has opened for American Idol's Josiah Leming.
One official music video has been produced, being her song, “Brittle Bones,” which is featured on “Familiar Things.” Attached below is her EP, her “Brittle Bones” music video, and Myah performing her original song, “Quest Song” live. Check her links out, and let us know what you think.
Watch Myah's first official video right here! - http://allthingslesbeau.blogspot


Familiar Things Deluxe 10/2014

Y Coming Spring/Summer 2015



“Know yourself. Know who you’re becoming. Know what you want to cause.” – M.E.

Myah Evans is a Bloomington based, indie, experimental, folk artist with a message and movement. Born in Indianapolis, IN. Evans has always had a distinct love for music. Her musical education began with the piano, which she began tinkering with at a very early age. By 14, Myah was composing full songs with an acoustic guitar loaned to her by a friend, (the Yamaha she still plays to this day, Marley). 

Her first project, a 4-track demo entitled "Familiar Things," was released on Christmas 2012 (December 25th). The album was entirely written, recorded, and produced by Myah on her iPad using Garage Band. It quickly drew the attention of popular artists in the Indy music scene. After this release, she began performing places in the Indianapolis area at venues such as, the Athenaeum, the Irvington Theatre, the Arts Garden, the CONRAD, and many more. With the release of “Familiar Things (Deluxe Edition)”, which gave the listeners 6 more songs, Evans and her team decided it was time to spread further than their hometown.

“Don’t be mistaken. Being independent is difficult. The first tour, #GETFAMILIARTOUR, was sleeping in the van, crashing places, thanks to those who were kind enough to let us, and not knowing if we were going to make it to the next city. But it was fun, and an amazing learning experience. We met a lot of great people. When we got back in November, I was glad to begin working on a new project of better quality to prove the growth. I’ve also been working on building my live performance in general. Soon I hope to present a more experimental aspect. Meaning, play with the idea of adding more instruments, or designating certain concepts of sound to this song or that. I’m also working to gain better equipment, such as electric guitars, loop pedals and other musical gadgets. I’m excited to see where it all takes my creative energies.” – Myah Evans 

Fresh off her first Nationwide Tour, (which began in September 2014) Evans has encountered many great opportunities that can be proved by her appearances on multimedia fronts such as 90.1 f.m, WFYI radio, IDSNews, NUVO Indy’s cover story “Five Artists and Bands to Watch in 2015”, and public television performance on “the Weekly Special”, of WTIU.

Evans recently released her first single #FlowThisWay off her upcoming EP (entitled “Y’). Soon after the single’s release on all digital retailers and free streaming networks, she progressed with a Short Film featuring the song. The film was shot and @directedbyJace (the same director who filmed her first official music video, “Brittle Bones”, in 2013).

Myah plans to tour again following the release of, “Y” (which will be sometime spring ‘15). Her aim is to get back out on the road this summer (2015)

As a self-taught musician and guitarist, Myah has devoted her life to creating emotionally charged lyrics and melodies. Her dream is to develop a lifelong career in music that will help her to inspire other young artists and entrepreneurs. Although this talented experimental, indie, folk singer-songwriter has come a long way from where she started, Myah feels that she still has much more to prove. August 15th 2015 Myah released "Y" a five track acoustic EP to display her growth while working on a new full production album. Stay tuned!

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