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Chandler, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Chandler, Arizona, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Nile Ross - The Lotus Effect [New Mixtape]"

Nile Ross has been working hard as of late. Last October, he shared Sweet Victory, his most accomplished work yet, which found him collaborating with producer Andre Sweet across the project. Now, he's followed up the tape with The Lotus Effect, an ambitious, 22-track effort that finds him reunited with Andre Sweet, as well as a host of other collaborators, while also handling a chunk of the production himself. As a rapper who began as an HNHH Heatseeker, he's certainly come a long way. - Trevor Smith

"Listen to Nile Ross' new track "Night & Day"."

Nile Ross first appeared on the site as a Heatseeker, but has since grown a considerable following outside of HNHH. Of course, we're always down to support the rapper, who returns today with "Night & Day". Teaming with his frequent collaborator, Andre Sweet (who produced multiple songs on his October-released mixtape, Sweet Victory), Ross gives us a heavy trunk banger, greeting some buzzing sub-bass with a nimble flow.

If you missed out on his last project make sure to stream and download it here. He's sure to make an even bigger impact in 2016, so make sure to stay tuned into what he's got up next. - Trevor Smith

"Nile Ross drops his new mixtape "Year Of Th3 V.""

Former HNHH Heatseeker, Nile Ross, continues to the come-up grind with the release of a new mixtape, Year Of Th3 V. Featuring the previously-released title track, along with 12 new ones, the tape has the VAV rapper teaming up with his crew mates Brian Taylor & Montie on most of the songs. This powerful VAV team seems to be growing, and they're definitely a squad to keep your eyes on this year.

Year Of Th3 V follows up NIle Ross' last tape, Xie-Xie, which was released back in December. Check out that, along with some of Nile's other previous tapes, right here. - Rose Lilah

"NIle Ross drops off his new tape, "Xie-Xie.""

It's now been over a year since former Heatseeker Nile Ross gave us his excellent tape Easier Said Than Done, and now he ends the drought with a new project. Entitled Xie-Xie (which means "thank you" in Chinese), the new tape comes with Chinese subtitles for each of its tracks.

Montie, Brian Taylor and Dubby make up the only guests on the project, and production comes from Mr. Temmtation, Jae Monee, Chemist, DreamDrumKool, Beat By Levi, Andre $weet and Ross himself, who produces almost a third of the 15-track offering.

If you like what you hear, be sure to hit Nile Ross with a follow on Twitter. - Patrick Lyons

"Download Nile Ross' new EP, "Sweet Victory"."

Nile Ross, once a Heatseeker, has grown a lot with the site. Today he returns to follow up his Year Of Th3 V mixtape with an extended play that's entirely produced by himself and Andre Sweet.

With the exception of one feature from Weezle Tha Misfit, Sweet Victory is handled solo by Nile Ross, and once again proves he's an artist to watch. - Rose Lilah

"Nile Ross - Toast"

Nile Ross is a 20 year old rapper hailing from Chandler, Arizona with two formulas leading him on the road to success. They are, Never give up, and Dare to be great. Well there is something about Nile Ross' track "Toast" that has me keeping this track on repeat for the twelfth time now. Maybe it's his consistent flow, or the meaning behind the verses he spits. Whatever it's got me hooked. Grab the download below and enjoy! - TheDean

"Nile Ross - "Longest Voicemail" - Official Video"

From the depths of Arizona 21 year old newcomer, Nile Ross burst on the scene with a spectacular visual for his new track "Longest Voicemail". I don't know much about this young kat but I know he's spittin' straight fire on this piece. Check him out below and tell us what think. - Ritch Blackman

"“Dreams & Nightmares” – Nile Ross"

“Dreams & Nightmares” is more than just your average reflection video. No, Nile Ross proves he can do so much more than that. Along with the accompanying visuals, Ross raps softly over a piano laden beat, as well as going hard over a drop that is bound to make you lean towards the edge of your seat. - Marc

"Nile Ross – Dreams & Nightmares (Official Music Video)"

Very much impressed by Nile Ross‘ latest official music video to his hit single “Dreams & Nightmares.” If you read Hype Hits on the reg your well aware of my obsession with anything that has any sort of piano present, so the beat is what initially captured my attention. What kept me listening how ever is definitely Nile’s smooth, true to life lyricism present from beginning to end. The hard hitting beat change ups throughout add that lil’ somethin’ extra that takes this track from good to great. I’ll definitely be on the look out for more Niles Ross in the future, check out “Dreams & Nightmares” below. - Hypehits

"VIDEO: Nile Ross - Nile Ross "Longest Voicemail" [HeatSeekers Video Edition]"

Nile Ross is the winner of this week’s Heatseeker’s Video Edition, with his conceptual video for “Longest Voicemail”. - ADMIN

"NEW VIDEO: Nile Ross “Dreams & Nightmares” Posted by LG | Published July 4, 2013 at 4:00 pm"

Wow. Great visual from Nile Ross. He’s speaking about some internal struggles, and then all of a sudden, he turns ALL the way up. It’s such a good song, that I downloaded it. I don’t usually do that.

Editor’s Note: We appreciate the love for the blog in your submission. We appreciate your professionalism even more. Keep it up, and get yourself in our Top Posts. We’ll be waiting. - LG

"Nile Ross – Dreams & Nightmares (Official Music Video) - See more at:"

Nile Ross drops his “Dreams & Nightmares” video, This song is important to Nile because it completely tells where he is right now in his career and how no one can tell him anything different anymore about who he is. Also it shows how close he is with the VAV Crew and how your friendship is what keeps you grounded in this industry. - DJ Kurious Mind

"Exclusive Interview with Nile Ross"

Not even two weeks after his first performance, Nile Ross has captured the attention of nationwide hip hop fans and also interviewers. With a solid experience in creating poetry, Nile is committed in transforming the hip hop culture with his presence. In this interview Nile Ross reveals how the title of his soon to be released mixtape: Now You Know is linked to his talent, which began coming out of its shell during his High School years. On February 11, 2011 that untold story of this talented new singer will be entirely exposed for the competitive world of hip hop. Nile Ross is a New Jersey native and currently lives in Arizona. Now, let's see what he's got!

Nile is prepared and keeps reaching more fans every day!

1. As soon as I heard your song One For The Money I immediately noticed that you have a remarkable potential; considering that I am a huge hip hop fan. Needless to say, your talent is a broad and I truly hope that you go really far in your ventures. How did you build a connection between poetry (during earlier years) and songwriting? Also, how did this practice made you transition into embracing the love for performing?

Thank you. Well ever since I could hold a pencil I've always been writing or drawing. Creativity just runs in the family. My mom is an art director and my dad was an actor at one time. I remember in elementary school we would have projects on poetry and at the end of the week we would have to write one. At the end of the project whoevers poem the class felt was the best was entered in a chance to be in a children's poetry book. So, at the end of the week I read mine and everybody loved it. I didnt really think much about it, I just wrote what was on my mind with ease. However the class, especially my teacher really took a liking to it. I was chosen to put my poem in the book. My poem didn't get a chance into the book because I had to write a whole bunch of information about myself and I was too lazy to want to do it. But I didn't really start honing in on my poetry skills until about 9th grade in high school. When I started making songs truly was around August of 2010. I just started messing with beats and decided to make a rap about it.Thats how it all started.

2. While growing up in New Jersey, were you surrounded by friends or relatives that were involved in poetry, or perhaps were musicians? Also, what did you use as a base or foundation for the message that you wanted to transmit or express in your writing?

I don't think I knew anyone who was a musician or was doing poetry growing up in New Jersey. In my music I always leave a message. What I always want to come across my listeners is the fact that I'm real and keep things honest in a positive way. And I base that off of my own experiences and obstacles that Ive gone through strongly.

Nile reflects his commitment on his new mixtape.

3. As we anticipate your mixtape Now You Know in February 11th, what can we expect from Nile Ross?

You're going to expect so much! I know I already have past songs I've done off my computer. But this mixtape is nothing like any of those songs, quality, and lyric wise. I've upgraded to a studio now. The sound and effects are going to awesome. The mixtape is for all the people who don't know I have a broad talent with lyrics. During High School I definitly wasn't someone to be known for that because I kept my poetry on low key. I want people to know how serious I am with my music. I'm going to be dedicating everything I have for this music.Thats why its called Now You Know My point will come across with this tape. You won't be disappointed.

4.Tell us about your past performances. Where have you been able to integrate your abilities on stage or in front of a crowd and how do you describe the vibe and the dynamic that exists between you and the audience?

On January 28th of 2011. I had my first performance with rap. It was awesome. It was with my friend Chuck who was featured in my One For The Money single. We totally moved the crowd and they loved us. I felt the energy of the crowd and fed off of that as I got more hyped into it. I realized early that if you pour your heart into your song in front of the audience the crowd will feel every single word you say and just have total connection with you. I was so comfortable on stage. I loved it.

5. There's always someone that we feel has been an influence in our aspirations. Who, among other rappers that oftenly make headlines for their great progress have you classified as a role model?

My biggest role model is Drake. He's had a huge influence on me when it comes to music. I feel I can relate to him more than any other rapper. He shows me that you can do anything you put your heart and mind to. No matter where your brought up from. He's not that kind of rapper that just raps about non sense, he talks about real things going on in his life and his struggles. I really want to be viewed and respected like that. Where he is at right now,at his age, I want to be there at that age or younger and do it even bigger.That's my goal. And I know I'll get there.

Connect now with Nile Ross!
Listen to his music! - Melissa Dilan


Nile Ross’ Easier Said Than Done is the new 18-track mixtape, which features guest appearances by Euroz, Kiddo, Sharaya Renee, and more.

The tape is about Nile’s journey to make his standout mark amongst many great up and coming artist with a passion and mission for listeners to be inspired and motivated to chase their own dreams within their lives.

Production courtesy of Alex Lustig, Jae Monee, Chemist, Levi among others. - allunsigned

"Artist Interview – Nile Ross"

Nile Ross is a Hip-Hop performer from Arizona. Even though he’s currently really busy putting the finishing touches to his latest mixtape, he kindly agreed to complete an interview with Essential Pop. Discover the current urban artists that Nile is inspired by, what his career highlights have been to date and how he creates lyrics whilst eating his breakfast.

Nile Ross
Q: If you could use a tagline of less than 20 words to describe your music and who you are what would it be?
Take every opportunity to the fullest
Q: What is your musical background?
I listen to almost anything. It all depends on my mood. But I favor Hip- Hop and R&B music the most.

Q: How was 2010 for you?
2010 was really a change for me, so much happened to me that year in a good way. Thats when I really started to hone in on my rapping abilities.
Q: Who inspires you musically?
Drake inspires me musically. I relate to him the most out of the all the other artists.

Nile Ross
Q: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate or gig with?
Id love to one day collaborate with Drake. I know one day I will.
Q: What songs are on your ipod at the moment?
Too many lol
Q: What is your creative process for creating a track?
I like to eat a bag of frosted flakes and drink milk while writing my lyrics.
Q: What’s more important, melody or lyrics?
That’s a good questions. most artist careers are based off of the sound of the song they make. But for me its lyrics. I can make any okay sounding song sound good with my words in it.

Nile Ross
Q: Where are you based?
Im originally from New Jersey. I moved here to Arizona 6 years ago, so this is where I’m based.
Q: What’s it like being where you’re from?
Hot. I almost feel like living in Arizona gives me a bad name just because of all the ridiculous events that have happend here.
Q: What are you currently working on?
Im currently finishing up on my first mixtape called Now You Know. Which will be dropping February 11th 2011. Its really gonna show my talent and turn some heads.
Q: What’s been the highlight of your career to date?
Definitely my first performance i had on january 28th 2011. I performed one of my songs at a talent show and placed in 4th in it. It was a political choice the judges made. It didn’t bother me though, the feeling of being on stage in front of so many people was exhilarating! I moved the whole crowd everyone loved it.
Q: What are you hoping to achieve in 2011?
So much! Building my foundation and raise my name. Performing at clubs, parties, anywhere! Making more mixtapes and making money from my music.
Q: Do you have any gigs or shows that you’d like to tell us about?
Yes I performed at the Chandler Center for the arts on January 28th 2011. My first performance, and it was surely a bookmark of my life.
Q: What do you do to relax?
I sleep.
Q: Is there anything else you’d like to let our readers know about?
I want people to know that I have the talent, work ethic, drive and ambition to make it to the top. My music wont disappoint. Also download my mixtape when it drops! Now You Know!

Editor’s Note: Nile Ross has the drive and determination to forge a successful musical career for himself. Make sure you check out his latest mix tapes and tracks.

If you’d like to learn more about or contact Nile Ross, just follow this links below:

twitter link:
facebook link:
web page link:
reverbnation link: - Essential Pop

"Nile Ross: Dreams & Nightmares"

Today, rap has grown to be one of the most popular, if not the most, genres in America. Artists like Kanye and Drake are constantly topping the charts with their rhymes, and so many more great names follow after them. With his honest and optimistic message, Nile Ross is one artist who can easily follow in the footsteps of rap and hip hop legends.

Nile Ross has already established a presence in the music world, opening for big names like Rick Ross and Talib Kweli. His latest video, “Dreams & Nightmares” proves that Nile Ross is one artist we should all keep an eye out for. Before sharing this video, lets get a better feel for this rap artist and what he’s all about through 8th Stage’s brief interview with him.

When did you start pursuing music?

-I’ve been writing poetry since I was 14 years old but I started recording and pursuing music seriously in early 2011. I released my first ever Mixtape February 11th 2011 called “Now You Know”

Who are some key influences on your music?

-Oh man there’s so many influences now. But my Key influences that have affected me greatly with my music first off I would have to say Kanye West. When I really started writing and connected my poetry therapeutically was after Kanye West’s “808 & Heartbrake” album. I was 16 at the time and was going through a really bad break up. And his album helped me move on forward so much and inspired me to start writing truly from my heart. After that album I’ve been writing ever since about how I feel. Whether it’s in my journal or in music; I’ve learned to grow writing down my experiences.

Also another artist I want to add is Drake. It was funny cause I didn’t really like him on his show “Degrassi” which made me not want to give his music a listen at all until a friend showed me his now classic track “Over”. Pretty much after that I instantly became a fan. He’s a key influence to me because of the person he is and how grounded he still is after all of his success. I look up to him as a role model completely. He always has a positive but very human message in his music and I relate to that same message within my music as well.

Why is music your passion?

- Music is my passion because it’s helped me get through my day to day life and has continued to do that. Right now I feel me making music is a mission I have made along with the same intensity I have passion for. I know I have the voice and message to point our youth to the write direction. I want all my fans and future fans that listen to my music to take everything to heart and use that same passion I give with music into their own lives. I don’t want people to just bump my music just because; I want people to take a peice of a “winners” mentality that I have of my own back in their lives. That is why I created “Victory After Victory” also called “VAV”. Pretty much meaning that no matter what happens every moment, every obstacle, and every struggle can be an opprutunity to win over and better yourself as a person. Its not about the money and the glory. Its the little wins you have in your life that build up to make you who you are today.

What have you done to “make it” as an artist?

-I’ve done so much for myself and by myself as an artist to get me where I am right now but surely not enough yet and it’ll probably never be enough for me because I want to be legendary before I’m gone. There’s always room to grow but my work ethic is what drives me more and more. I’ve done shows all over Arizona and even in a couple other states. Constant music I have continued to produce all over the internet and quality videos online. I have been establishing my music and videos to be the best quality there is. If you want to be up there with the greats, you have to have everything together as an artist.

Have you performed live? Where at? What is your favorite part about performing live?

-I have done almost a dozen shows since I started pursuing music in 2011. My most recent show was opening up for Rick Ross at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix back in February of this year; 2013. I’ve opened shows for even more great artist such as Talib Kweli and Slick Rick at the Tempe Clubhouse. Not to mention I’ve held my own shows at local venues as well. Performing is something I want to always improve at.

Performing is so important to me because at the end of the day in this generation that’s where I will create most of my revenue, and first impression is everything. I feel so free while I’m on stage and I always give it my all. I love the fact that I have the power to demand full attention from the crowd without even saying anything. My presence and energy on stage has continued to turn heads. I can’t wait till I make my first tour schedule and travel around the world performing live.

Can you tell 8th Stage more about “Dreams & Nightmares”? What was your inspiration for this song?

-”Dreams & Nightmares” is such a powerful song to me because Its my most recent track I have released and my lyrics is very relevant to how I have felt lately as an artist, and the obstacles I have been facing and wanted to express. Pretty much the message in the song is that I’ve come a long way and have had my doubts about myself pursuing music; from old highschool peers saying I’m not “black” or I “act white”, to promoters telling me I’ll never make it. All of those hurdles I have faced I’ve finally leaped over and learned to love my self for who I truly am, and finally appreciating that I’m a total bad ass with music and my talent and growth has yet to reach its pinnacle. And almost in an arrogant but humble sense that there’s nothin you could tell me now that is gonna stop me from reaching my dream. Also the song with the video along with it shows the big picture of my “Victory After Victory” message that I want all inspiring youth to understand and join the movement towards.

Nile Ross’s drive, optimism, and confidence in himself and his music is something that sets him apart from other artists I have encountered, and that is SUCH an important thing for an artist to have. His strong self-identity and acceptance will make him unstoppable on his journey to reach his goals. - KRISTIE DANIELS


Nile Ross has got listeners “f***in’ with The Crew” today as he releases another quick spittin progressive track. Leader of the “Victory After Victory” Crew, he has got me getting down to the hook on this one that he self produced. The dread-lock champion has been building quite the fan base with the abundance of shows he’s been opening in Arizona and the amount of music he’s been putting out. With 4 mixtapes released already and now “The Crew” it is apparent that the V.A.V. Crew may have something genuine going for them as their music has now started to make its way West. Fingers crossed that San Diego can step up its underground hip-hop scene so we can see more energetic stage presences like Nile Ross come through the city. - Marcus Buffamante

"HNHH Premiere. Check out the latest from Nile Ross, "Get Out My Way.""

he last we heard from former Heatseeker Nile Ross was the Brian Taylor collaboration "Just Me," which was released towards the end of July. Now he returns with a new track entitled "Get Out My Way" that was produced by Mr. Temmtation.

Rpping mostly in a double time cadence over Temmtation's hard knocking, piano-led beat, Ross slows down for a hook that demands "Get up out my way." He sounds hungry as ever, using a higher pitch to deliver those faster verses, and then getting down into the low register to sound more menacing on the hook. - Patrick Lyons

"Nile Ross links up with Brian Taylor for "Just Me.""

Former Heatseeker Nile Ross is currently prepping his new tape, Xie-Xie, for release later this year, and today he's decided to drop off a track from it. "Just Me" (somewhat ironically) features another rapper, Brian Taylor, who's also a Heatseeker alumnus.

Taylor spits the first verse over Chemist's piano laden production, getting almost 90 seconds to rock a string of impeccable rhymes. The baton is handed to Ross for the remainder of the song, who reminds us that he's "not a rapper," but instead, "a visionary." After kicking a verse of his own, Ross gives us a small glimpse of his singing voice, providing a nice outro to "Just Me." - Patrick Lyons

"Nile Ross hops on a remix to TeeFlii & 2 Chainz' "24 Hours.""

We've been keeping our eye on former Heatseeker Nile Ross, as the rapper continues to grow as an artist and impress us each leak. After posting "Picasso" to a good reception back in April, Nile hit us up today with a new remix of TeeFlii and 2 Chainz's "24 Hours."

This song should hold fans over as Nile completes a new 8-track EP Xie-Xie (which means 'thank you' in Mandarin). Following the EP, Nile is intending to release his self-produced album.

You can catch Nile live in Arizona where he's been booking shows, including an opening set for the upcoming Kevin Gates and Chevy Woods show on July 23rd. - Rose Lilah


The Lotus Effect {22}
Lotus Intro
Lotus Effect (Prod. By Andre Sweet & 2AM)
Coming From The Mud (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
Word Of Mouth (Prod. By Nile Ross)
On The Road (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Night & Day Full Moon (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
West Side Girl (Prod. By Jelan Abrams)
Run The Town (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Love Detox (Prod. By Jelan Abrams & Andre Sweet)
23 (Prod. By Drupes)
Spite (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
PB & J (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Christanie's Interlude
Moments (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
24 (Prod. By Drupes)
For My $et (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Or Against Me (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Arizona Format
All Night Long (Prod. By Nile Ross)
5:41 AM (Prod. By Jelan Abrams)
Journey (Prod. By Chrome Plated)
Blossom (Prod. By Nile Ross & Andre Sweet)

Sweet Victory {8}
FNE$ (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Ross (Prod. By Nile Ross & Andre Sweet)
Timeline (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
I Love Mondays (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Every Season Feat. Weezle Tha Misfit (Prod. By Nile Ross & Andre Sweet)
Wings (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
I'm Yours (Prod. By Nile Ross & Andre Sweet)
Young (Prod. By Nile Ross & Andre Sweet)

Year Of Th3 V {13}
Year Of Th3 V (Prod. By Dougy)
Slayers (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Feel That Way (Prod. By Jordeaux)
Do It For The Team (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Nile Ross (Interlude)
Rollin (Prod. By Andre $weet)
This Girl (Prod. By Jelan Abrams)
No Recess (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Montie (Interlude)
On Me (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Burn (Prod. By Nile Ross)
Brian Taylor (Interlude)
Celebration (Prod. By Mr Temmtation)

Xie-Xie (2014) {15}
Thank You
Get Out My Way 
Never Coming Back  
Factz Ft. Montie 
The Crew
Just Me Ft. Brian Taylor
Moving Waters 
This Dream
Lane Ft. Dubby 
Me, Myself & I 
Right Now 
2:12 A.M
The Outro

Easier Said Than Done (2013) {18}
Easier Said Than Done
Holding On
Til’ The Death
Got Love
Longest Voicemail
Can’t Lose
July 4th
Too Real
Stubborn Ambition
Do It Like This
The Ventilation
Make Daddy Proud
Lost Sleep Found Dreams

Extended Play (Sep. 2011) {7}
My Perspective
Do You Want Me
Red Tiger
As I Am

Expedient Means (May 2011) {12}
Expedient Means
When Im On Top
Baby Babey
Hit The Pedal
Ride Out
Take You Down
This Is Me

Now You Know (Feb. 2011) {12}
Get Big
Finish Line
One For Money
You’re So Good With It
Poppin Bottles
Don’t Stop
Rhythm Of Life
Ernie’s Jam
Now You Know

Other Songs {34}



MoonLight (Feb.)
Take It Back (April)
July 4th (July)
On Me (Sep.)

Dark Knight (March)
Dreams & Nightmares (June)
Longest Voicemail (Nov.)
Road To Victory Episode 1 (Dec)


Toast (March)
Rich (July)
Road To Victory Episode 2 (Aug.)
The Outro (December)


2:12 A.M (July)



Nile Ross

Artists Name: Nile Ross
Artists Age: 24
Artists Location: Chandler, AZ

     Hip-Hop artist and producer, Nile Ross brings a fresh, new face to the scene with his progressive lyrics, riveting effects, and an enormous presence as an artistNile Ross' message focuses on realizing that the obstacles in one's life can provide them with the opportunity to overcome them and ultimately grow into a better person. Nile's music engages his listeners by connecting with them lyrically and transporting them on a virtual journey showing them the satisfaction and true happiness one gets from hard work and dedication and ultimately reaching their goals.The young artist has proven himself a leader through the development and creation of the "Victory After Victory" movement, his own distinct musical brand and the vehicle that delivers the positive messages in his songs. Nile Ross is an innovative and unique Hip-hop artist who continues his determination to grow each and every day as an artist, creator and performer and has proven himself to be a strong contender in today's ever-expanding music industry.     

Band Members