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Aurora, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE | AFM

Aurora, Illinois, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Hip Hop R&B




"Nique’s Latest Project “Great Expectations EP” Is Exceeding All Expectations"

Nique’s “Great Expectations EP” is a great new listen. We recommend that all Hip Hop fans download this FREE project asap and support a very talented MC. - UndergroundHipHopBlog

"New EP: Nique – Great Expectations"

Aurora, IL emcee Nique has finally arrived with the release of his debut EP Great Expectations, which features the lead single Sophisticated Ignornace and production from Maze Rockwell, Oab Jenkins, Kallion, The Cancel and more.. Tracklist & stream after the jump.. - CoolHypeRadio

"Album Review: Nique – “Great Expectations EP”"

Nique has set the bar high as hell when it comes to quality Hip Hop. His latest project titled “Great Expectations EP” has gained much respect from our BLOG fans and visitors and most importantly made them true fans and followers. A simple straight to the point 8 track EP with all original music, along with vicious lyrics, dope beats and most importantly flawless storytelling. His Hip Hop talent has to be literally second nature, every song on this EP is truly memorable. All readers have to check out his HIT SINGLE which is featured on this EP titled “Sophisticated Ignorance” (Prod. Kallion) he also has a video to this song which is a must watch.
It’s a true breath of fresh air to be able to listen to this EP. Overall it’s a quality listen from beginning to end. Much respect to Nique for networking with @UGHHBLOG and allowing us to expose his great music………………@UGHHBLOG
“Nique clearly exceeding his own Expectations on his latest project”……Co-Founder @UGHHBLOG - UndergroundHipHopBlog

"Nique- Legendary"

The song “Legendary,” a culmination of skill of Aurora IL emcee Nique (who showcases his ill his Rap skills) and slick producer Maze Rockwell (at the helm on a very nice beat) is a first-rate song with a catchy beat and on point rhymes. Director Don Alexander created an illustrious video that goes well with the song. It’s an enjoyable vid, with not too much of a plot line or overwhelming visuals to take away from the actual impact of the music. It is all done quite well, and captures your attention with ease.

In the vid, we see Nique rapping amongst the spray painted walls of an abandoned warehouse. Nothing new or groundbreaking is featured in this vid—just the same old gritty scenes of the city, the typical close up shot of Nique’s expensive watch, etc– but interesting all the same. The song is on point, and Nique is a talented Rap artist. His vocal tone reminds me of someone like Nas. And the scene that ties everything together is the shot of Nique wearing a sweatshirt with the images of Rap greats Tupac and Biggie printed on the front. These are the “legends” that the song is paying homage to— those who paved the way so young artists like Nique can come along with their own style of Rap music.

I enjoyed the vid for “Legends.” Although nothing great or exciting occurs in the visuals, the song is tight and the vid complements the music. If you are looking for a new, talented artist, check out this vid! Get more from Nique on Twitter! - Amped Sounds Magazine


Lyrical hip hop artist Nique started his career in music at the age of fourteen. With a different approach to his music, rather than the popular “Drill” sound that’s heavily influenced in his native town Chicago, Nique is being recognized as a lyrical and conscious artist. “I got into actually focusing on lyrics when I heard Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool” album,” he told YCN. Now, with his amazing EP that’s out titled Great Expectations, this rising star is on a mission to inspire his fans worldwide. Check out his interview below.

How would describe your style to someone who has never heard your music before?

I would say my style is very versatile. Real hip hop is where my heart lies when it comes to my music. I enjoy being creative with my concepts and lyricism. I like to experiment with my talent so I also enjoy rapping over Trap, R&B, Pop, and EDM beats as well.

When was the moment you decided to pursue music wholeheartedly?

I knew I wanted to pursue music when I knew I was actually good at it. I would rap for my family and they would tell me to stick with it and I would continue to get better, that alone gave me all the confidence I needed.

Which artists did you grow up listening too and which artists has influenced your music today?

I grew up listening to everyone. Some artists that have influenced my music would be Wale, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Big Sean, Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Lupe Fiasco.

What made you want to become an artist and how long have you been rapping?

I decided to give music 100% of me when I was 14 years old. It was the summer of 2006 and I felt that music was something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life due to me being so passionate about music in general.

When did you get into writing lyrics? And take us into your writing process?

I got into actually focusing on lyrics when I heard Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool” album. On the album he had a lot of metaphors and storytelling which helped me focus on what it was exactly I was trying to get my listeners to understand. Up until the end of my second mixtape “Better Than Good Enough,” I would actually write my lyrics, After that I kind of developed the technique where I freestyle and say what comes to mind and keep it going throughout my verses until it all flows.

In one of your songs you mention, “I’m looking to inspire, not concerned about the profit.” How are you looking to inspire those exactly with your music?

I’m looking to inspire as many people as I can, simply by staying motivated to accomplish my dreams and making them a reality. I feel that saying you have dreams aren’t enough, we have to actually take risks and stay focused. I want people to look at me as one of those people who made their dreams happen by any means regardless of all the trials and tribulations it took for me to achieve them.

Tell us about your latest EP “Great Expectations.” What were you hoping to accomplish by releasing this project? What type of responses have you gotten so far?

“Great Expectations,” I feel is the turning point of me as an aspiring artist. It shows a more mature and hungry side of me, each and every song is written from the heart and mind. I went into this project with the mindset of keeping “real hip hop alive.” Coming from the Chicago area our sound is dominated by “Drill” music that many forget that this is the same city that created the likes of Common, Lupe and Kanye. I have gotten positive feedback from the EP it’s easily the “realest” project I’ve ever done.

What type of challenges do you face being an artist with a message?

Today it seems conscious artists don’t get the recognition they deserve because the airwaves are filled with “turn up” music.
It is a challenge most definitely. Like I said the music scene is dominated by “Drill’ music and “Turn Up” music that artists like myself have it hard to have the same type of response. The radio play isn’t the same as it once was when it comes to real hip hop. It’s like most artists have to force themselves to dumb down their music or use a certain type of beat to capture people’s attention.

What new projects are you working on for the year?

As of now, I’m working on re-release of my “Great Expectations” EP which I’m really looking forward to putting out hopefully this summer. I’m also hoping to release my third mixtape before the year is up so we’ll see how that plays out.

Ultimately, what are you looking to accomplish in your career? Do you have an end goal?

I’m looking to accomplish so much, such as multiple Grammy awards, world tours, platinum selling albums, making people happy with the music I release and making my family proud. I don’t think my goals will ever have an end, I want my music to live forever, I want to leave everything my heart desires up to God and know that everything will work in his favor.

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Born Dominque Robinson On May 24th 1992 In Chicago, Illinois, Nique Would Develop An Early Admiration Of Music. In 2006, At The Age Of 14 He Decided That He Would Want To Pursue A Career In Music. He Began Writing Music And Rapping Over Popular Industry Beats. He Went By The Name “YoungNique” Where He Developed A Local Fan Base In His Hometown Of Aurora, IL. He Released A Total Of 12 Mixtapes Under This Stage Name & Majority Of These Mixtapes Can Be Found On At The Age Of 16, Nique And His Family Were In A Terrible Car Accident When They Were Struck By A Drunk Driver. He Went On To Be Inspired By The Tragedy And Used His New Found Appreciation Of Life As A Guide To Create Music. In The Spring Of 2012 He Released His First Mixtape Titled “Undiscovered” Under His New Stage Name “Nique” On His 20th Birthday. Shortly After He Began To Work On The Follow Up To That Project Titled “Better Than Good Enough”. He Worked On The Mixtape For A Year And 4 Month’s Before Being Released On September 30th 2013. This Project Caught The Attention Of An Upcoming Independent Record Label Called EnT Music Group Which He Is Currently Signed To. Throughout The Entire Year Of 2014, Nique Has Been Preparing And Working On His Upcoming Debut EP Titled “Great Expectations” Which Was Released On December 8th 2014. Nique Believes The EP Is Currently The Soundtrack Of His Life And Is Excited To Share The Music He Has Been Working Hard On All Year With The World. You Can Download “Great Expectations” On SoundCloud, Audiomack, And Bandcamp.
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"Nique" - Dope Souf Magazine (July/August)



Undiscovered (2012)

Better Than Good Enough (2013)

Carpe Diem (Spring/Summer 2016)


Great Expectations (2014)

The Legendary Sessions with Maze Rockwell (2015)



Born Dominque Robinson On May 24th 1992 In Chicago, Illinois, Nique Would Develop An Early Admiration Of Music.In 2006, At The Age Of 14 He Decided That He Would Want To Pursue A Career In Music. He Began Writing Music And Rapping Over Popular Industry Beats. He Formerly Went By The Name "YoungNique" Where He Developed A Local Fan Base In His Hometown Of Aurora, IL. He Released A Total Of 12 Mixtapes Under This Stage Name & Majority Of These Mixtapes Can Be Found On He Also Was Briefly Signed To An Independent Record Label, But He Later Decided To Part Ways Respectfully.He Is Now Signed To EnT Music Group And Is Recording New Material To Reach Mainstream Recognition.

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