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Miramar, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Miramar, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Hip Hop Alternative




"Nobodies - Credibility Review"

Credibility Mixtape download:
Hey Indie music lovers! I’ve finally gotten around to writing a review for this dope new mixtape from The Nobodies ( followingnobodies mtfryourmom jahrahmf ). I’m going to start with stating the characteristics that stand out in each song, then give a small conclusion at the end.
There were so many attributes that stood out in each song, I had to mention them individually.
Interphase: This song is sexy, first of all, the rambunctious and intimate lyrics come off very sensual and pretty racy.
Look like Goku: I have to mention that I didn’t know who the hell Goku was until I looked it up after seeing the name of this song. Extreme Bravado and confidence reek from this one.
Shiva: I feel this song is a club banger, it’s catchy and features an in-your-face attitude.
Broward confidential: I’m all about this coke whore loving tongue twister with mad laughter at the end evoking a soul shaking undertone. It’s like a scary movie with self motivating lyrics!
Ryuk: Sounds something like a cypher, it’s gutter and pretty raw. It features a rockin electric guitar while giving you that NY hip hop feel.
Time is up: All I can say about this track is that it opens beautifully and has a bomb chorus.
South Kai: Funny as hell, dissin’ fat bitches, talking crazy about young high school girls and cougars, and mentions something about being king of coming first place. Super Cool.
Guess Who: Simply put: Cocky as hell!
Free your mind: One of my absolute favorites! Featuring Alexis Marie’s beautiful voice, this one will have you floating through a swirl of futuristic solar systems of worlds unknown to any living being. It’s really on some other shyt.
ColinTown: I’m thinking The Nobodies are obsessed with Yoko Ono. But whoever is being referred to as “ginger bread bitch” is funny as phuck! I swear they think they’re bad. I do too!!
What you claim: I’m not a fan of castration and mother sacrificing, but if The Nobodies feel that it’s necessary, who am I to oppose???
MTFR and JAH RAH talk a lot about the world being theirs, I think that if they are serious about it, it will be soon enough. I am so infused with positive energy about this duo’s growth potential, I think that in 5-10 years they will be living legends.
These young artisans go hard on Twitter and Instagram, they make a ruckus on SoundCloud, they sweat ambition, focus, creativity, artistry, notgivingafuckness, and truly light up a room!
All in all this mixtape is soulful and lures you into the world of The Nobodies. This tape shows the multifaceted talents of producing, lyricism, and collaboration they have to offer. The Nobodies are definitely somebodies and if they keep up the good work they will excel to great heights. Y’all better jump on the bandwagon now before you can’t reach the bumper of their spaceship. These young ones are taking off!!!!
P.S. My favs on this mixtape: Interphase, Free Your Mind, and Shiva!
(Download Today if you haven’t already:
Peace - Eclectic PR Group

"Nobodies (Crxcxdile x MTFR) - Credibility"

Crxcxdile (JahRahMF) & MTFR are officially the Nobodies, and they went on to release their collaborative mixtape in Credibility. From serving as openers to a handful of Florida shows (with artists like A$AP Ferg, Schoolboy Q, Riff Raff, etc), the Nobodies have established a presence within our very own music scene. Within this Credibility offering, we see production from Major118′s Kamari Esson, J.u.D, Seldom A, Human and much more. This tape is a solid exhibition that helps to bring the underground to light with some of the raunchiest tunes out there (“Look Like Goku”). Look down below for the stream/download! -

"Nobodies presents “Credibility”"

From the intro rightfully titled “Dynamic Entry!” you know that the Nobodies are a not a duo of subtlety or modesty. The group consisting of Jahrah and Matt The Fucking Rapper, are some of the most eclectic and vibrant minds to enter into Florida’s Music Scene. “Credibility” is so well constructed from beginning to end, never missing a step. Both emcees have a confidence that resonates into forceful raps that resemble what would be a welcomed new school mainstream sound. It has its club records yet, they are different enough to feel refreshing and not washed up in what the so called “hype” of today is. Songs such as “Time Is Up” are more of a memoir of feelings from Matt’s Mind. His dislike of those who are basic rhymers not creating, yet emanating something they perceive as “good music”. There’s really no way to describe lyrical content except maybe brash but honest. Deliveries are partnered with cadence that would make the mightiest of battle rappers quake in fear, lyrics that could be misconstrued for homophobic and misogynistic are only used to strike even more fear into whomever dare come off as opposition for the duo. While both artist are drastically different, the project never seems lopsided or lost in feeling like one or the others album. As much as the name Nobodies resonates lack of notoriety, thats exactly what the two will garner after releasing “Credibility”- one thing both emcees are deserving of for daring to be different and making something that truly pushes boundaries on both the lyrical and production side.

Download “Credibility”


-Justin D.

"Broward’s Honorable Mention: The Nobodies Interview"

I know I’ve been profiling my version of the tri-county’s big three with my articles. But today, I switched it up. This is a part of the Broward County line up and kicks off my series of Honorable Mentions. So yesterday, I had the pleasure of interview some of the coolest dudes on the south Florida music scene. Normally, I pictured these guys to be uppity or Hollywood or something along those lines. But they actually are some of the most down-to-earth, dope people to talk to. It’s like their newly acquired buzz have not changed them at all. So I took it upon myself to request an interview from Jah Rah. He made sure to include his rapping partner in crime Matt The Fucking Rapper. Fresh off their 1st release as a duo, Credibility, I sat down with The Nobodies to provide South Florida with an insight on who these fellas are.

How’d you guys come up with your respective stage names?

MG_9846Matt The Fucking Rapper: *short laugh* I came up with Matt The Rapper first. And g-shit, it was like 3 weeks before Chance The Rapper dropped that “Hey Ma” song and then that shit blew up. And then I was like fuck! I’m screwed. And I had already dropped a song under that name too. I asked myself what do I do? So I added the curse word and was like “eh…that shit sounds live.” pretty much.

BfSAz9MIYAElTaEJah Rah: I came up with Crxcxdile. It was spur of the moment. It was like “ight I’ma put out a mixtape” but I don’t wanna put my name on it. So I’ma make up another alias real quick. But it did really good so I regretted that. ‘Cause I should’ve went under Jah, like my producer name is Jah. So I’m tryna fix that. So everything I put out it going to be under Jah now.

Alright so, How did the Nobodies come about? I understand it’s like 3 people?

MTFR & JR: *both laugh*

MTFR: Nah, nah it’s not. It’s me and him [Jah Rah].

JR: I sent around this playful email. ‘Cause there’s this one dude named Steffan Jarrett, who’s in all our videos just doing some random shit.

MTFR: I mean that’s our boy. That’s our fucking boy.

JR: Yeah like he just does random shit in all of our videos so I was just like ahhhh, he’s in Nobodies. But it just like, people took it serious from there so I was like ight whatever.

In Music, do you have any other influences outside of hip-hop? For example I hear a shade of Big Sean when I listened to “….Hi”, there’s like a couple of lines that made think of “Supa Dupa Lemonade”.

JR: You mean like other genres?

Genres, musicians, either or.

JR: Well I listen to a bunch of shit. From like experimental shit, like Industrial, alternative rock. [Bands] Fall Out Boy, Death Grips. Like a bunch of just weirdos. So like I pretty much just incorporate whatever I can pull from like different styles into my own style. I don’t know about this guy.

MTFR: Pretty much the same thing. I remember at one point we had a competition to see who had more music in their library, their iTunes library and now he’s fucking murking me.

JR: And I won, of course.

MTFR: I was in there for a while.

So you have a very eclectic music taste?

MTFR: Yeah, I try to listen to as much as possible.

That’s wassup. I try to do the same. I’ve yet to meet another Van Hunt fan.

MTFR: Another what?

Van Hunt

JR: Who’s that?

A really dope like Funk…

JR: Ohhh, that’s me.

MTFR: Yeah, we writing that down.

*other dialogue*

BcBNjC2IIAAABkzSo what made you guys wanna rap?

JR: Attention whore, off rip.

MTFR: Uhh….I don’t know, like i used to poetry like in…middle school. And…nah I used to rap back then, but I wasn’t good. At all.

JR: Ohh, so bad bruh.

MTFR: Yeah, g-shit, I was fucking terrible. I thought I was live though. I thought I was live. I used to like record shit on my computer and put it on Myspace and shit. That shit was terrible. I used…ooohh, I remember it was right after listening to….uh…the fucking… The Massacre”, 50 Cent “The Massacre”, bruh that shit was live and i was like “I can do gangsta rap too?!?” And I was like “No I can’t, no I can’t.” So I took some time off, like hella time off, like graduated high school time shitand then I was like all my friends are rapping, he was rapping [Jah Rah].*lists other people*

*incoherent name* got studio at the crib, I’ma come through. And I was like “hey I can rap guys.”

JR: I was in a group, back in 6th grade. Like in a rap group when you just like beatbox on the tables and shit, in the cafeterias. And that developed to like, we actually start recording, at my friend’s studio and then we all kind of just branched out and started doing our own shit. So like I started rapping seriously from that. in like 2011.

tumblr_mzps436LiD1r8ovkeo1_1280Goku or Vegeta?

JR: Vegeta

MTFR: Fuck…I wanna say Vegeta…but

JR: Majin Vegeta, to be specific

MTFR: I’ma go with Vegeta. Vegeta’s that nigga bruh. G-shit.

Alright, so how did The Nobodies come about

MTFR: uhh….

JR: *laugh*

MTFR: I was about to give him the life and lenses answer. *laughs*

JR: Oh hell yeah.

MTFR: He asked me to marry him, I said no.

JR: aw, that’s what you meant? You’re a bitch.

JR & MTFR: *both laugh*

MTFR: G-shit like he was rapping, this was like after…after you started doing “…Hi” and shit. I had dropped a tape like 2 months before his.

*other dialogue*

He started doing it, I started doing it and then we started…we made “Ciaossu”. That’s what it was, “Ciaossu” is the first song we ever made.

JR: For “….HI” actually.

MTFR: For “….Hi”. And that was….we did it early, early, early, early. So the fact that it’s getting so much buzz now is crazy. But I mean it was then, and then we took a break from each other kinda. I started recording some shit at his house, like for my solo shit. And then we started to click, and then I started doing some solo shows uhh…I’m tryna think of the first time we performed together.

JR: At Eve. Yeah, He was like “we gotta perform ‘Ciaossu’ together” at Eve…err I think it was at Kamazoo, one of them. And I was like “yo i’m ‘bout it.” And it kind of clicked to be honest.

MTFR: It was Eve

JR: We didn’t practice it or nothing. It was just jump on stage and just do it.

MTFR: And then…oh it really took off in Orlando, remember we went to Orlando?

JR: Ooohhhhhh

MTFR: Yeeaaaah!

JR: Tell that story.

BfO9J6uCUAASUCyMTFR: Ok, so after that show at Eve, it was like hella local shows. We did Kamazoo first and that was actually kind of live. More people than I expected came out. That was my first time performing, ever. And then that’s the day I got over my stage fright lowkey. Keep that in mind. I had stage fright my whole life. Until that day. And then we did Eve. Performed together, then after that stage show in Eve, this guy, Nassie, He’s a promoter. He hit me up and was like “yo I saw your performance at Eve, I got your info can you come out and open and do shows for me.” So he asked me to open up for Twista and Project Pat. So I went to Orlando to open for Project Pat and he [Jah Rah] just wanted to come. Like he’s my boy so I was like yeah. So me and like 10 of our friends. 15.

JR: No it was like 20.

MTFR: We rented a van and we had another car still. So it was like 20 of us, we drove up there just for this one show.

BfLItW5CAAAY_LsYour friends rap too or?

MTFR: Nah they just came for support. and that was love. So since he came [Jah Rah], an hour before we go to the venue,

JR: An hour bro.

MTFR: You gon perform with me right? and he was like “WHAT?”

JR: I had already told him, I was going to be like a digital rapper. I’m only going to put out audio, no videos, no shows. Just ‘cause like I had stage fright.

I thought you were an attention whore?

JR: Yeah, I am but on some like…you know not me. Like bring the attention to my name, but not me. But he was like “Yo you gotta jump on stage with me.” I’m just like….”I’m bout it.” So we tried it and that shit was crazy. Shit was tight as fuck!

So The Nobodies is like…is there an ironic tone to it?

JR: Yeah, actually there is.

MTFR: It’s pretty much I mean, we ain’t shit bruh. So the name signifies that.

‘Cause when I saw Nobodies I thought of Kingdom Hearts

MTFR: That’s him that’s all him. [Jah Rah]

So you mentioned Ciaossu, and as we can see it’s garnered a significant amount of buzz around you guys. Is that the reaction you expected?

JR: It was pretty live actually. I mean we knew the song was tight. Like I never made a beat like that.

tumblr_n08uq3DNmQ1r8ovkeo2_1280Can you describe the beat process of that? Or would you be giving too much away?

JR: Nah, most of the time, when I’m making a beat, specifically when we work together, it’s like “yo, what haven’t we done before?” or like what would be cool?

Yeah, I hear elements of Dubstep in their.

JR: Yeah there’s some Dubstep in their, there’s like Trap.

MTFR: It’s just nothing, that’s the thing! That’s the best description.

JR: Yeah there’s nothing in it. Yeah, he gave me a song to reference [MTFR] he was just like “yo, ‘Scottie 2 Hottie’ bruh”

MTFR: Yeah it was a Two9 song.

JR: Yeah, man I love that song but the tempo was 60 and I was like “what the fuck?” I’ve never made a beat at 60 before. And that happened.

So the title Ciaossu? Dragonball Z character just spelled differently?

JR: Oh nah nah, which is crazy because I forgot like there was a character named Chiaotzu.

MTFR: It’s just spelled weird though.

JR: It’s actually from Hitman Reborn.

So what is Ciaossu?

JR: It’s actually Hi in Japanese-Italian. And you know the mixtape is called “…Hi”.

Skin Diamond or Rachel Starr?

JR: Rachel Starr.

MTFR: Fucking Rachel Starr

*laughter, other dialogue

*Jah Rah proceeds to look up Skin Diamond

MTFR: I’ll pick Skin Diamond bruh.

JR: Ay this bitch is bad as fuck!

MTFR: The face won me. Her face is a winner.

JR: Yeah but I’ve never heard of this girl before.

MTFR: Yeah, I change my answer.

JR: Yeah, Rachel gon have to take that L.

If you could go on one adventure, would you rather Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy VII?

Both: oohhhhhh!

JR: I’m going with Final Fantasy VII. Straight up.

MTFR: Uhh… I’m going to say Kingdom Hearts then, g-shit.

How long y’all been rapping for again?

JR: Seriously? a year

MTFR: Like two years, a year and a half.

Any final words you’d like to say or advice to give to your fans and audience?

MTFR: Hmm…Do…this is going to sound corny as fuck. But on some g-shit, do whatever you want. Like lyrics, beat, job, school, do whatever you want. Like if you hard enough, that shit will work out. I’m not the greatest rapper in the world, and like neither is this guy but

JR: Definitely not.

MTFR: But we’ve gotten pretty far because of hard work, I think. And we’re nowhere near where we want to be. At all. Like this ain’t shit. But I’m tryna take this shit to the world. I’m trying to perform in Europe by December.

JR: Ay, he pretty much murked that, so

MTFR: *laughs

JR: I was thinking but I was like nahh.

MTFR: Oh by the way, Schoolboy Q is my fucking daddy. - The Foul Hundreds


South Florida duo the Nobodies, comprised of Matt The Fucking Rapper and Crxcxdile (Jah Rah), bring us Credibility. From track one to track twelve, the group delivers on wordplay and production. Their uncanny ability to switch up their flow provide listeners with more than enough ammo to press rewind. They are able to effortlessly touch on subjects that range from addressing “lyrical rap” to humorous situations like that missed opportunity with a high school teacher. A stand out track, ‘Free Your Mind’ featuring vocals from Alexis Marie, discuss the pull and push between life and death, and recognizing originality within oneself. Each song brings a unique element, and gives the audience a whirlwind of emotions throughout, all while maintaining a steady grip on the core base of “Who are the Nobodies?” The entire project is bass heavy and is just screaming for the car test, which for sure it will pass. Enjoy. Keep up with the Nobodies at - IMF Mag

"Just Discovered Nobodies"

WANNA KNOW WHY??? Well, it’s al because I just stumbled upon some music artists that made my heart ship a beat a little bit. They are young and fresh and talk shit! And I like it, if I do say so myself! So, their group name is The Nobodies. There are 2 of them: 1: JahRahMF (@jahRahMF on Twitter) and 2: Matt The Fucking Rapper (@MTFRyourmom on Twitter).
I have been looking up the artists that are going to preform at The First Annual MIA Jamfest this February (The 8th to be exact) and today these two sparked my interest to the 10th power! First, I went on MTFR’s website to see what I could find. I listened to the first song and could not peel myself away.
His playlist begins with “Bounce”. My thoughts were: Super rude, upbeat, nasty, and exciting. I wanted to hear more. Then, “Poppin’” came on. This has a beat that sounds screwed, but mixed with a medium speed tempo, with sirens accenting the background. The vocals are raspy with a dash of Trinidad James and a sprinkle of Childish Gambino. Nevertheless, these kids have their own flare. By the end of the song I was singing along. *heart*
Then, I listened to “Muhammad Ali”. BOY STOP!!!! C’mon now, how could I resist? This song opens and closes with Muhammad Ali’s quote “I’m young, I’m handsome, I’m pretty, and can’t possibly be beat.” These electric emcees talk all the smack they can possibly muster while sounding comfortable in their element and always remaining pretty of course.
This video posted gives you a visual of the madness and style that these two have to offer. I can’t wait to see them perform live!!!
Peace, love, and follow me on Instagram @EA_PR
and on Twitter @EA_PR_GROUP - ElecticAdvantagePR

"Hamachi Release"

The duo of MTFR and Crxcxdile have frequently collaborated in the past, so this latest offering should come as no real surprise. With production held down by JafRafMF, “Hamachi” is a ‘feel-good’ track that was actually created in celebration of the accomplishments locked down in this past year. From the looks of things, a new project entitled Credibility is coming soon to us. Look down below for some additional insight on “Hamachi” as well as the stream. - The305


Still working on that hot first release.



Two kids from a town in Broward County doing their absolute best to cause a ruckus. Both met in high school but didn't start making music together until a couple years after graduation and immediately started hitting the stage, the road and spending hours in Jah's home studio. We're 100% engineered by Jah and mostly produced by him too, all Matt is good for is rapping but luckily he's pretty good at. We try to keep our character in our music so its genuine as possible and there's plenty of deep thought and inside jokes in the lyrics.

Band Members