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Fredericksburg, VA | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE | AFM

Fredericksburg, VA | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Hip Hop Pop




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NovaCain- The Blind MC With A Miraculous Musical Vision
November 18th 2014- NovaCain, the real inspiration for everyone- brings more light and determination to thousands of his fans spread around the globe. The 26 year old rapper, who lost his eyesight at the age of 17 and was left to figure out the world on his own, now goes to work daily as a working musician, songwriter and rapper. NovaCain is all set to improve his craft and perfect his skill and nothing can stop his will and determination.
Although the loss of physical eyesight was a real challenge for NovaCain, he struggled with every passing day and today he is positive force not only for those who have their eyesights but also for those who are sightless.
NovaCain has recently cut a deal for worldwide distribution with the Chicago, Illinois based indie distribution and marketing company, KES Music & Video Distribution/ National Marketing Advertising & promotion services.
Karvin Johnson, CEO of KES music and video distribution praises NovaCain saying “We are honoured to work with an artist with such capacity. NovaCain is not only a great emerging artist but also a positive personality and a role model for the world. NovaCain is one person who can make people believe that disability is certainly not an inability and if a person has talent, there is absolutely no stopping him. There have been amazing artists with physical sight disabilities like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Moondog, The Five Blind Boys, Rodney Millsap, Blind Willie Johnson, Nobuyuk Tsujii and Clarence Carter who have rocked this world for years pushing beyond their physical limitations and we see the same determination in NovaCain. This artist is all set to make a mark for himself in this world.
NovaCain’s debut single “Friday Night” is a hip hop redemption of the famous song “And the beat Goes On” that gained popularity through Kool and The Gang. NovaCain also rocked the crowds with his amazing performance at the 5th Annual Michael Jackson Tribute Festival in Gary, IN. He is now scheduled to perform at the BET Hip Hop Awards press suite on September 19th, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. You Can buy NovaCain Friay Night single on itunes today support the Life After Blindness Movement. -


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Most of us couldn’t even imagine going blind. Out of all of our five senses, perhaps the gift of sight is the most treasured of them all. While most of us would barely be able to muster up the strength to live in a world full of darkness, many extraordinary people like Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder turned their setbacks into milestones in music history.

In the same way that these exceptional individuals won the hearts of fans from the grassroots “chitlin” circuit to superstardom and beyond, Baltimore-born, Virginia-raised blind rapper NovaCain is on the fast track following in their same footsteps via his own promotions/ management company NovaCain, LLC.

 Within three short years as a solo artist, he has garnered almost two million online streams of runaway singles I Shoud Have Went to College and Ray Charles is Back. And with his latest single Swag Killin’ Everything,” NovaCain officially makes his intentions known in the music business.

 “The core of my brand is the blind culture and the blind community. I’m representing that community with my voice,” he explains. “Some of the things I was able to do being blind is crazy…Blindness was the best route for me. It saved me and so many other people around me.”