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Lexington, Kentucky, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Lexington, Kentucky, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Americana



The best kept secret in music


"Show and Album Review: N.P. Presley and The Ghost of Jesse Garon"

Lexington, Kentucky is a hidden gem in the independent music landscape of the southern-Midwest. Once you've had your fill of UK Wildcat basketball, beautiful horses grazing in bluegrass pastures, and some of the tastiest bourbon in the state, you'll find a welcoming music scene rich in camaraderie, talent, spirit and diversity. It's hip without being hipster, it's small without being townie, and it's steeped in the kind of culture that smaller cities can't support and larger cities lose in the masses. Venues like The Green Lantern, Al's Bar, and the newest, beautiful addition - The Burl - support bands like Those Crosstown Rivals, Josh Nolan, Bryan Minks & The Kentucky Sons, Paper Bridges, and the great Justin Wells, among many others.

Not lost in the shuffle is N.P. Presley & The Ghost Of Jesse Garon. N.P. and his 7-piece band will make the three hour drive north to Columbus this Tuesday to open for The Goddamn Gallows (Yeah Detroit!) and Gallows Bound at The Shrunken Head.

N.P. (or Nate as I call him when he buys me drinks) is no stranger to rock and roll. His mom was cousin to none other than the King himself, Elvis, and toured with him in the 70s. Nate gets his snarl from Elvis, and some of his swagger too. Starting in the early '90s Nate led one of Lexington's greatest exports, the punk band Infected, through 20+ years of off-again-on-again touring and recording before forming The Ghost of Jesse Garon in 2014.

In 2016 the band released their first full-length Broken Fantasy and it's chock-full of Kentucky Rock and Roll, edgy alt-country, and rockabilly punk. N.P.'s growl leads the way through 10 tracks, with a backbeat that's just ahead of the guitars and baritone sax, and sweet, sweet harmonies by Heather Parrish adding a nice varnish to the beautifully rough under-surface. I think the band shines brightest on "Only Time Will Tell," a fully-realized pop-rock-soul number that channels The Hold Steady with the main riff but lays a gritty vocal hook and call & answer harmony on top of that. "Won't Slow Down" is another strong one: a pop-punk almost-anthem with a growling, breathy vocal on top of driving, chunky guitars. The opening track "Dream While You Still Can" is a dark, acoustic, Americana number that recalls the underappreciated Massachusetts band Angry Johnny And The Killbillies. "Road to Insanity" and "It's a Fact" are rockabilly tracks that evoke Elvis' swingin' hips days. The whole package is a bit of a goulash of a couple styles - but it's a cohesive set, not disjointed or unfocused. It's incredibly engaging with no filler and no lulls to open your attention to distractions. Fans of Social Distortion, X, The Replacements, Hank III, the Fat Wreck Chords bands, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Naked Raygun and more will all dig this release. - Jeremy Porter,

"Scene&Heard: NP Presley and the Ghost of Jesse Garon"

Formerly an old Methodist Episcopal church built in 1866, the Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY has been remade into an amazing live music venue, just up the road from Lexington.

Offering an opportunity for local Lexington talent to expand their circles a bit, often to open for a national touring act they admire, Southgate creates a unique and gorgeous space for musicians and fans to share their time together. As opening band for the San Francisco touring legends The Flamin’ Groovies, NP Presley and the Ghost of Jesse Garon were the first of three bands to take the stage in the Sanctuary Room at Southgate.

Opening for a legendary band such as the Groovies was a gig that Nate, aka NP Presley, was proud to add to his band’s roster. “Southgate calls us repeatedly, and they ask us to open up for bands we really respect. I’d rather play for a band we really respect and look up to.”

The Sanctuary room is exactly what it suggests, the room where Episcopalians once gathered in worship, stained glass windows now flanked by acoustic paneling, pews removed from the wooden floors to make way for tables and chairs, and the organ piping now the backdrop for the fully stocked bar. The stage is set where the altar should be, and the choir’s balcony above is now a green room for the musicians who meander back and forth in what must be the coolest view from a green room, ever.

Churches, I believe, make amazing live music venues, as they are made to project sound and music so perfectly. The walls seem to agree with the evolution, and the Southgate House is no exception. The side of the room boasted heavily visited merch tables for all three bands, and the fans filed in, devotees to a certain groove, and many greeted each other as friends. The room soon boasted a promising crowd, with room in front of the tables for a dance floor. NP Presley and the Ghost of Jesse Garon were the first set of three that night, to be followed by Tiger Sex, and then the headliner the fans were collected to see, The Flamin’ Groovies.

As I’ve noted in previous columns of shows past, the opening set has to be one of the toughest. You have to get the crowd’s attention as they’re filing in, greeting others, buying merch, ordering drinks and settling in for the headliner most have come to see.

NP Presley and the Ghost of Jesse Garon are devoted fans of The Flamin’ Groovies, and routinely cover their song Teenage Head. They had the opportunity to open for one of their idols, and their reverence and respect for that assignment, to warm up the crowd and get them ready to worship when the time came, was met with a devotion that was apropos for the building. They played their thirty minutes in full force and with great joy, drawing from their most recent CD “Broken Fantasy” as well as past works, and the crowd responded beautifully.

N.P. Presley and the Ghost of Jesse Garon is a big band with a long story. Boasting eight members, they are headed by NP Presley, aka Nate. Nate is the distant cousin to Elvis Presley, his mother was Elvis’ cousin and also a Country and Western singer in Nashville. NP recalls as a young boy being woken up by his father to watch his mother perform live on TV, then going back to bed. Jesse Garon, Elvis enthusiasts may know, was Elvis’ twin brother who died at birth. Nate sees the band’s name as an homage to “the spirit of rock and roll.”

When they take the stage, the full band is an impressive display, Nate and others dressing to the nines from their brilliantly shined shoes to their neckties. Heather’s eyes are masked in black outlines that are mystical and beautiful and match her alluring voice. Eight in number, including NP Presley on vocals and guitar, Heather Parrish on vocals, Tex Dynamite on lead guitar and vocals, Matt Sigler on guitar, Chris Childers on bass, David Lee Hinkle on keys, Joe Linville on baritone sax and Whitney Mehringer on drums, together they create a well orchestrated and powerful sound.

While the name of the band and even the nice suits suggest a rockabilly sound, the sound of the band is quite diverse, as their tight thirty-minute set demonstrated. “We want to avoid defining our sound. I have metalheads who love us, gospel kind of people who love us, I meet hippies who like us, bikers like us cause we’re the sound of what it’s about really, freedom.

“We’re trying to be a big band…so far people have been really cool about it.”

They segued easily from rockabilly to punk to rock to even a gospel sound. NP dominates the vocals, with Heather Parrish on tightly emphatic harmonies, but for more than one song they literally switched places, mics and all, and Nate backed up Heather, with other band members adding in tight four and five-piece harmonies on several songs as well.

The elevated stage with that gorgeous archway backdrop was a beautiful setting for their sound. They filled every corner of the stage with their large presence and gave every bit of themselves while they were up there.

Heather’s powerful voice rose up and around NP’s deep lyrics, filling them in like a well-wrapped package. Keys and sax slide in around the music, and the drums keep a strong beat going, making the crowd move along. NP and Heather are up there preaching, telling the crowd their story, and making sure it drives home. They want their crowd to be in it with them.

“My hope is to see people cutting loose, not worrying about the problems that are weighing them down every day,” NP said. “Because this is where I go to get rid of the problems I have…its really nice to see people in awe out there, stopping dead in their tracks with wide eyes and they didn’t expect what was happening. You want people to enjoy themselves. I do this to get away from reality, and I hope people can leave all the bad parts of their reality behind and enjoy the good parts, in the few minutes we get to make music.”

Taking full advantage of their half hour, the band moved with well-rehearsed precision from one song to the next. “The River Styx” was a deep, gothic song that told a story freighted with warning. Heather’s voice added a haunting quality that commanded the room. “Idle Dreams” had a southern gospel sound that was heavy with keys, the band joining in as a chorus that suited the setting of the old church.

The set was over too soon, but the band filled every second of it with some righteous rock and roll. The energy they exuded to the crowd was contagious, and the audience was begging for more when it was done. Happy to have headed north a bit to open for an amazing night of music for some of their idols, N.P. Presley and the Ghost of Jesse Garon represented Lexington quite well that night. - Cara Blake Coppola,


"It’s A Fact" - October 2015, 7" Single
Low Level Devil" - June 2016, 10" EP
"Broken Fantasy" - April 2017, LP
Measure Once… Cut Until There's Nothing Left” - December 2017, EP



Nate (NP) Presley is the last touring blood relative of The King.
His mother toured with her cousin, Elvis Presley, in the ’70s, recorded her own singles and was featured on Nashville’s “You Can Be A Star.” NP Presley was born into the business in 1980. He has released 18 albums and has toured the US multiple times. Nate formed his roots rock band, NP Presley & The Ghost of Jesse Garon, in 2015. The band has released four albums on Nate's independent label, Uneven Cheese Records.

"It’s A Fact," (10/15)
"Low Level Devil," (06/16)
"Broken Fantasy" (04/17)
“Measure Once… Cut Until There's Nothing Left,” (12/17)

The band has played numerous festivals including Kentucky's Beatersville Car & Bike Show, Well Crafted Festival, Cosmic Invasion, Squall Fest, and ScareFest, Brooklyn's 10th Annual NYC Zombie Crawl, Alabama's Dixie Danger Fest and Ohio's Hula Hop.

The band has shared the stage with Legendary Shack Shakers, Flamin Groovies, Everclear, Art Adams, 500 Miles to Memphis, Tyler Childers, The Goddamn Gallows, Hillbilly Casino, Lara Hope, Screamin' Rebel Angels, Lindi Ortega, Jeremy Pinnell, Langhorne Slim, The Tillers, Nappy Roots, Jeremy Pinnell, Arlo McKinley, and many more.

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