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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Toronto, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Electronic Alternative




"nTTx-Objective (CD)"

nTTx is a solo-project set up by Gord Clement who was previously involved in the promising Atomzero. Based in Toronto (Canada) nTTx already made a few noticeable remixes while the single “Falls Beautiful” released last year received instant success. Because of this success the title song has now been re-released on the “Objective”-EP featuring 3 extra songs and 3 remixes.

Content: “Falls Beautiful” is a solid piece of body-pop music, which also appears to be the main influence behind the other cuts. The composition is well-crafted and features a powerful production. The vocals are rather clear and charismatic. Gord Clement is definitely a good singer with a timbre of voice, which is totally appropriated for the sound.

The remixes have been made by Caustic, Stars Crusaders and Kiss Is Kill. I noticed a brilliant remix of “Falls Beautiful” by Stars Crusaders, which features terrific sound treatments.

+ + + : nTTx confirms the potential revealed on its single “Falls Beautiful”. This band composes a powerful body-pop style based upon a mature and detailed writing with great sound treatments. “cRave” is a noticeable song with a great progression in structure. The remixes add some extra power and other influences to the work.

– – – : “Objective” reveals multiple cool songs, but not a kind of hit from which you can’t escape.

Conclusion: nTTx confirms to be a real interesting ‘new’ body-pop formation and I’m really looking forward to discovering their debut full length. This is a band with huge potential.

Best songs: “cRave”, “Falls Beautiful”, “Falls Beautiful – Stars Crusaders Remix”. - Side-Line Magazine


nTTx has had quite a build up to his EP Objective; teasing the album was simple enough as his hit single 'Falls Beautiful' spent four weeks in the top fifteen of the German Electronic Webchart. The relative groove of EBM and synthpop playing with one another while Clement's vocals ranged from angry to soft and melodic made the song an instant hit. It seems as if leaving his former band Atomzero has allowed Clement to find his passion and music aggression once more. While I do believe Objective will catch on with the older industrial crowd and not so much with the younger fans, no one can argue that nTTx has great production skills and talent.

As stated above, EBM and synthpop are the main genres found on the album. The debut single from nTTx 'Falls Beautiful' lovingly blends both genres; while the strict EBM rhythm creates the core structure, additional dance synths borrowed from synthpop help build up and ring in the chorus. 'cRave' has the basis as the previous track, though it has a more futuristic touch about it.

'Bastion' has a rougher approach involved, and a bit of a 90s industrial tinge attached to it; harder leads, rolling guitars, and tougher vocals are all included. 'We Kissed' is a slow paced and - dare I say it - romance song. I wasn't a huge fan of the echoing effect on the vocals in the song, as it made it sound as if the song was skipping. I found myself looking at and closing all my open applications on my laptop while listening to the track just to make sure something else wasn't accidentally playing at the same time.

Electro act Stars Crusaders starts off the remix section with their touch on 'Falls Beautiful'. I think they should have slapped a "Club Edit" suffix instead of remix to accurately describe their mix. I don't mean that in a condescending manner, as Stars Crusaders sci-fi touches come to life. Caustic gave 'cRave' an industrial/techno deconstruction. It's a minimal approach with an underground club kind of style. Kiss Is Kill's industrial rock sound just fit so perfectly well with the sound of 'Bastion' that it would have been criminal not to have him remix the song. I would actually say that his version of the track is better than the original, and that's a statement I seldom find myself making.

While a full length album will really show whether or not nTTx will be able to pump out enough material to keep an audience satisfied for an hour, his EP is enough to get his name on the tip of the industrial scene's tongue. Objective is a solid EP wherein Clement is able to showcase his solo potential, and for that I praise him highly. Let's see what he'll do next. - Brutal Resonance Magazine

"nTTx 'Objective'-EP"

nTTx craft a classic blend of industrial-tinged ebm meats synthpop. The project is the work of Toronto-based musician Gord Clement formerly of Atomzero. With only a single in the form of 'Falls Beautiful', a compilation appearance and a handful of remixes for other artists nTTX's début 'Objective EP' has a lot of ground to cover in order to make its mark. But with a sound that melds the rhythmic expertise of Nitzer Ebb with the likes of Spetsnaz, Cryo, and Covenant it looks like a place on the dancefloor is pretty much guaranteed.

Musically the tracks sit around a pretty solid core of classic ebm augmented by nice synthpop melodies and harder more aggressive industrial elements added when things need kicking-up a notch. It's a solid formula perfectly crafted for the dancefloor and the four tracks here perfectly illustrate that.

'Falls Beautiful' takes the lead with a straightforward blend of steady dance beats, ebm bass, catchy leads and sing-a-long vocals that show why this was an obvious choice for a single. 'cRave' follows with a more industrial leaning feel while keeping that pure ebm core intact for another infectious cut. 'Bastion' feels harder still with the vocals getting a bit more distorted and some nasty guitar sounds cropping up in the mix. While 'We Kissed' pulls out all the feels for an emotional and melodic closer that rounds the original tracks off nicely.

The remixes included courtesy of Stars Crusaders, Caustic and Kiss Is Kill who all add their own take to the originals. But in particular its Caustics stripped-down 'Teknotronikon' mix and Kiss Is Kill's throbbing club mixes of 'cRave' and 'Bastion' respectively that really do something fun with the source tracks.

Production-wise the EP is really well-constructed. The album is true to its dance-friendly core throughout and particularly those who enjoy the old-school industrial and ebm hits of the 90s will be able to dig this with ease. It's punchy and fresh, has that nice classic edge without falling into the trap of trying to sound dated.

There are some great tracks here and a hell of a lot of potential. There are a couple of points where I feel Clement could push himself further though to make nTTX a really great act. One is in the vocals, which sound a bit safe and turn of the millennium and could be varied up in terms of delivery. The second point is illustrated by the remixes somewhat. The core ebm structure of the songs is again a bit safe and particularly the final two remixes just go to show how different they can sound if Clement were to get a bit more experimental. But on the whole this is a damn catchy bunch of songs that will undoubtedly get his foot in the door and it will be interesting to see how this translates into a full-length release. - Intravenous Magazine

"nTTx 'Bastion'"

Some classic EBM bounce coming out of Toronto by way of WTII. We gave an ear to Gord Clement’s previous act, Atomzero a couple of years back, and while his vocals still have a sense of millennial futurepop drama to them, the tunes here are much more stripped down. RIYL Spetsnaz, Cryo, Restricted Area, as this jaunty bit nicely demonstrates. - I Die You Die

"Keeping Up With Gord Clement"

nTTx. Not a name that is well known as of yet, but some of you might know Gord Clement from his past involvement in Atomzero, the electropop/EBM project that has been featured on the site before. After a mutual understanding, Clement left Atomzero to start up his own project, nTTx.
This is Clement's EBM/synthpop full-time solo project that he's mastered on his own, however, that was not the original intention. Clement said, "I intended this project to actually be a side project while still continuing in my main band Atomzero... In all seriousness, Peter and I had some differences on some important issues and they couldn't be resolved, so I made the difficult decision to leave."

To leave another band that one has invested so much time in was a difficult move, but that's not to say that Clement didn't enjoy his stay in the band. He has stated that he's enjoyed his ride with Atomzero, and even brings Clement back to an earlier time.

"It marks a stylistic return to my early period in the 80’s of working in a bedroom with just a drum machine and a synth and a cassette deck and I took the name I used back then," Clement stated, also admitting that "...being an electronic musician in Oshawa in the 80’s was a criminal offense." With a sort of early dream dashed away, Clement is making a move to fulfill his life choices that he had made way back when, and he is pushing as hard as ever to become successful.

Not only that, but Clement is looking to stay simple in the way he creates music, " I got to listening to those cassettes I made, and what grabbed me was the fact I made the music with very little gear." Clement was used to creating music with such simple exercises, from a synth that could only play eight notes at once, he evolved to an infinite amount of possibilities with modern technology. However, in regards to that, he has stated, "I made a promise to myself to keep nTTx music as simple of an arrangement as possible."

But simple does not always mean bad. That can be heard in Clement's latest debut single under nTTx, "Falls Beautiful". Straightforward but made with care and precision, he discussed the way he creates music. When it comes to writing lyrics, he has stated, "All my lyrics evolve out of the song.. that is, I never shoehorn existing lyrics into existing music. They must grow from each other and evolve so they belong together in my mind. My mental state may create a situational thing wherein I write a song, but may not be representative of it in the end." Utilizing the philosophical thought that music is universal, Clement allows the music and lyrics to cement into the listeners mind to allow them to create their own perspective about his music.

In regards to further plans with the single, Clement will be releasing it on his debut EP that he hopes will be out this fall. He states, "The tracks have been mostly written, just some final touches and mixing to finish. I also have a few remixers lined up but at this time can't reveal anything. It will consist of 4 originals with 3 remixes." And discussing whether or not his music will all fit under one theme, you can expect a few surprises as Clement clearly says, "I don't believe in pigeonholing myself into a certain sound, so the other songs have a different feel."

Other than that, as a fresh new face on the scene with a new project, nTTx has a lot to build up. He has mentioned that the support from magazines and DJs has all but humbled him, and that he will be rehearsing for live shows soon.

For more on nTTx, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or his official website. You can purchase "Falls Beautiful" here.

P.S. Clement has stated that he will be adding cooking recipes to his site. Seriously. He is not joking. All the more love to him. - Brutal Resonance Magazine

"nTTx-Falls Beautiful"

Toronto based Gord Clement made the debut of his new solo project, nTTx, with the single “Falls Beautiful.” Released May 21, 2015, the former singer/ songwriter of Atomzero focuses his own energy into an EBM/ Disco EP, having some features slightly reminiscent of Nitzer Ebb or Spetsnaz mixed with groups like Depeche Mode. The EP is free to listen to and download via

The single features two tracks, one original titled “Falls Beautiful” and a cover of Depeche Mode’s “New Dress.” “Falls Beautiful” is based around a steady disco bassline and disconnected vocal tones that vary in intensity. It reminds me of the other influences mentioned above but Clement cleans up synth layering and adds more emotional depth in the vocals. To me, this single is a touch back on Depeche Mode but also a realization of how I would have preferred they made their music. In the end, to each their own and I’ll prefer the cleaner and deeper style of nTTx.

The second track just furthers this “Improvement of Depeche Mode” idea I have. “New Dress 2015 (Depeche Mode cover)” is a steady, darkish track that adds more weight to the vocals, giving more emotion to the track than the original. Clement also adds heavier bass, creating a track I would actually move to unlike the original. This track more strongly displays Clement’s control of pace alongside variations in synth/ vocal intensity to make a powerful flow of sound.

Concluding this review, I won’t rate “Falls Beautiful” (because it is only two tracks), but I will strongly recommend checking out Gord Clement’s new project, nTTx. I know I ranted on how it’s “the improved Depeche Mode” but really, nTTx is its own project and has its own deep and involved style of EBM and Disco. For just two tracks, “Falls Beautiful” is a surprisingly strong display of Gord Clement’s music skill. After listening to this single, nTTx just may be worthy of its own place among our music libraries. Here’s hoping to see more of what nTTx can do. - Das Klub

"nTTx: Falls Beautiful"

The tracks on this moving, 4 song, album are dance-floor advancing and club driving.

“Since leaving Atomzero, I have now been concentrating on making nTTx my full time focus while working on my degree in insect dentistry. I intend this to be a more barebones EBM sound with some influences of synthpop and disco. I love ’70s disco basslines and have tried to incorporate some of that in. But I don’t always stick to a certain sound, so who knows, the next one might have Gregorian chanting or maybe my cat Sir Boo Boo kitty doing vocal tracks. This single ‘Falls Beautiful’ is from my upcoming EP which should be out in the fall. Check out my website for updates on the progress, as well as some great recipes and food reviews.” -Gord.

Overall ‘Falls Beautiful’ is a brilliant and passionate album that has the makings of an international club classic. - 925 Rebellion Magazine


nTTx is the new solo project of Gord Clement who was the former singer/songwriter for the band Atomzero (AnalogueTrash Records). His new sound is described as ‘EBM with synth-pop and disco influences’. The new single ‘Falls Beautiful’ with a B-side (Depeche Mode cover) was released in May 2015. It is available as a FREE download via It is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and most other streaming services. The song is from the upcoming nTTx debut EP to be released in the fall of 2015.

I must say that ‘Falls Beautiful’ is vaguely reminiscent of my favorite works by Depeche Mode, and I mean that as a compliment, as nTTX maintains that same mix of the dark semi-industrial synth sound and the upbeat club rhythm, infused a pop-rock vocal. This is vintage stuff which not many are capable of replicating. nTTX succeeds perfectly.

Not that this is a copy of Depeche Mode. It’s more like an extension, an expansion into nTTX’s own personal direction. And it works beautifully mainly due to the potent and postured vocals Gord Clement brings to the table. It is that same vocal, that injects the song with an imposing atmosphere that cannot be denied. Just about anybody today, can program a syncopated synth and drum machine, to deliver a catchy, driven beat – but it’s the voice that adds the final magic in personalizing and humanizing the track. Dave Gahan did it for DP, Gord Clement does it for nTTX!

In nTTx I find again all the familiar electronic ambience and somber overtones that made me an avid Depeche Mode fan back in the 80s: the ability to touch me with the lyrics and the atmosphere created throughout the music, Clement’s fantastic voice and interpretation, the melody that sticks to your head and won’t let you go, the haunting, experimental, powerful and morose musical style, somehow tempered with hope…This is serious stuff! - Jamsphere Magazine

"nTTx: Of Beauty and Chaos – EP review"

nTTx combines industrial, trance, dance and synth-pop into an alluring mix of beats. This latest EP clearly showcases how successfully the elements are fused into a musical whole.

The EP opens with Move Dark. It has a pounding, frenzied beat. Imagine a dark club with stroboscopes disrupting the vision and turning everything into monochrome. Arms flailing at the sky, as the music takes on a shamanic quality, stripping the dancers of their inhibitions. Prey has an industrial beat, with simple structures disguising an interesting beat that yields itself to repeated plays. There is a dark melody to it.
True has a trance like sound, a modern edge to an older form of music. The lyrics state: it might not mean anything, but it’s the truth. A perfect statement for all art that comes with honesty from the artist. A slower beat introduces Earth. Drums beat like machines which are overlaid with a more intensely melancholic vocal. There is a sultry feel to it, like warm rain falling into an abandoned factory. It’s a gorgeous song. Falls Beautiful has discordant sounds, building up to a release of emotions. The final track on the EP is a cover of Survivors’ Eye of the Tiger. Now I remember when this was released and I hated it but this is a fun synth-pop version that even had me nodding my head along.

nTTx have produced a thrilling EP with an overall theme of liberation through the beauty and chaos of music. Shed your repressions and social mores and give it a spin. - Louder Than War

"nTTx Of Beauty and Chaos"

Deep into his love of EBM, the Toronto based Gord Clement, known as NTTX, has made a comeback to follow up his first EP, ‘Objective’.

Known to the die-hard fans of DEPECHE MODE for his infamous cover of ‘New Dress’, with its beefed up, stomp beats and a politically charged change of lyrics (this time it’s Princess Kate, with an adequate video for good measure), the Canadian, formerly the singer and songwriter of ATOMZERO, ushers in some more heavy sounds on newly released ‘Of Beauty & Chaos’.

Since his departure from ATOMZERO, Clement has been utilising his strong vocal over some FRONT 242 inspired tunes, and the present offering is a good example of his harsher ear teasers.

The opening ‘Move Dark’ brings out the Doc Martens and isn’t at all suitable for the gentle synth lover. ‘Prey’ continues with a further dose of the “to be used responsibly” on the dance floor; it has some interesting elements to it, similar to the following ‘True’, which bears more refined concepts, along with almost vintage electronica in the choruses.
The EP’s gem however, is the slower tempo ‘Earth’. A synth ballad of sorts, not shying from a gentle guitar, it’s almost like AND ONE on ‘Virgin Superstar’. It’s as if Clement spent a month at a German retreat with Steve Naghavi, the latter playing the role of the master.

Enter ROTERSAND on the rework of ‘Falls Beautiful’. Clement’s voice on this one feels more redirected and manly, and it raises in line with the upward feel of the track. NITZER EBB-y in places, PRODIGY-like in others, this truly is a fascinating mix of what can be achieved when working outside of the otherwise laborious EBM genre.

Clearly loving his covers, the closing rework of the FM rock biggie ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ begs the question as to “why?”

Not the classiest of renditions, because the SURVIVOR’s version can’t be beaten, certainly not when bumped up to the industrial status, but clearly Clement had some fun there.

If you love your EBM, you’ll love this, but the feeling persists that NTTX may be a little more than an industrial monkey; the clear examples being ‘Earth’ and ‘Falls Beautiful’.

A very strong vocal presence and some interesting ideas place the man from Toronto well above many, and perhaps on the next outing, the audiences will hear something spectacular. After all, the Canadians have a long history with the good old synth… - The Electricity Club


Every Sunday I go to the same local jazz bar to listen to the same handful of musicians play a similar repertoire over and over, and it is a good lesson on listening, music appreciation and objectivity. You perceive more by prolonged exposure, you follow the music, and go from one instrument to the other, and more than a mere spectator, you become a member of the band in a sense, knowing the pace of it all: who is behind, who is too loud, what is going wrong, what is going right. Having seen nTTx over three times and loving each experience, listening to their most recent release, the EP Of Beauty And Chaos, has been a good exercise in objectivity as well, how do I review something I already know I will love?

“MoveDark” has that nTTx sound. The second it played it was a eureka moment, that it is them for sure and it cannot be anyone else but. There is repetition but not the kind that makes you bang your head against the wall, it is the repetition that makes you want to move and swirl and grind. “MoveDark” could be classified under songs to have sex to, I will be adding this to a bucket list for sure. “Prey” follows and this is how I feel about it: it is the kind of song I would expect from Front242 if they were to get into the studio and give us new tunes.

“True” has that characteristic nTTx sound I’ve already mentioned. You can hear the retro influence in this one, and there are alluring soundscapes here that make me feel this is the kind of band that should definitely do the soundtrack of a big budget film. “Earth” is the ballad of the EP, but it is a sombre ballad at that, about the lies of the promised truth and the awakening conclusion that ‘Something tells me Heaven’s no better than this’. “Earth” is the shortest and slowest song of Of Beauty And Chaos however, in spite of my love for speed I found myself pressing previous track again and again to keep on listening to it.

The Rotersand Rework of “Falls Beautiful” is super sensual, so well done, but what else can one expect from the collaboration of this great German act and our local Canadian heroes of nTTx? Good things happen when Canada and Germany work in harmony, especially when it comes to EBM. I have heard the original version over a hundred times and will listen to this version just as much. And then, a cover, because nTTx does enjoy doing covers. I honestly prefer their originals, but it is always interesting hearing their take on classics, in this case, the wonderfully cheesy ’80s montage tune, Survivor’s “Eye of The Tiger”. This version keeps that Casio-type eight bit video game nostalgia, but brings some EBM rhythm to it, making it recognizable but changed enough that it won’t feel like a guilty pleasure to dance to it in public. Now I am definitely eager to listen to the new songs live, and in the mean time I will keep on listening to this EP. - The Spill Magazine


Falls Beautiful EP May 2015

Objective EP April 2016

Of Beauty and Chaos EP July 2016



Stealing elements of synthpop and industrial, nTTx completes this sonic landscape with strong, melodic vocals, that range from soft and delicate, to powerfully commanding.

nTTx is the solo project of Gord Clement (Toronto,Canada). 

nTTx's first single, 'Falls Beautiful' with a b-side Depeche Mode cover was released independently in May 2015. The single spent 4 weeks in the top 15 on the German Electronic Webcharts (GEWC). The song received critical acclaim from the press with descriptions like "master work" and "features slightly reminiscent of Nitzer Ebb or Spetsnaz mixed with groups like Depeche Mode". This success resulted in being signed to Wax Trax II Records, and the release of his debut EP 'Objective' in April 2016. The EP received high praise from the press. His second EP 'Of Beauty and Chaos' was released in July 2017 and the single 'MoveDark' reached the top 15 of the German Electronic Webcharts. A video for the song was also shot, directed and edited by Clement.

A four piece band has been put together for entertaining live shows featuring lighting/lasers which Clement has individually programmed for each song.The feedback on the performances have been phenomenal.

Band Members