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San Jose, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

San Jose, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Band R&B Pop



The best kept secret in music


"Single ‘Don’t Ruin The Party’ By NUMI. “The Rainbow Of Splatters, In Color, Smudged Then Framed.”"

NUMI is a singer-songwriter does sound-atmospheres. Meaning she takes the nitrogen from this atom, and turns it into that neglected side of you, your child in you, the outlook into the future – into a tangible aerosol deeply inhaled to bliss.

It’s a spritz.

The rainbow of splatters, in color, smudged then framed. Like an oil painting, in pop-art. Like the water shimmer, when looking back up into the sky, from a deep deep oceanic dive.

It’s a spritz, of sonic importance.

‘Don’t Ruin The Party’ seems like an excerpt from a longer piece of the puzzle. But in fact, it is a complete, no non-sense description of her longings – hidden, revealed, then silently put on a platter of love on the couch in the middle of the floor.

Even with all the dancing, that ‘platter of love’ is never disturbed. ‘Don’t Ruin The Party’ never deviates.

It just dictates. Solum-ly. Majestically.

Getting you ready for the chapters to be revealed, and offering up the opportunities for consumption.

Let’s join NUMI in her quest. - comeherefloyd

"Numi breaks off the bandwagon links on "Rounds""

Numi is a young singer-songwriter-producer from California who is fed up with the band wagon/ keeping up with the Joneses lifestyle as displayed on her new song "Rounds". The percussion heavy soundscape she employs stand like pillars holding her staunch stance on the issue. She doesn't have time for the fakes and wastes no time in dismissing them on the hook. "Rounds, I can't take another round/ Everybody round me got rounds/ I can't take another round/ Around, just bounce…" . The single is produced by her and her team (made up of Fugusta Neal, and Malik Campbell )

While the record is a solid mix of r & b and hip hop, she adds a dash of her unique care free attitude and two spoons of peculiarity in the mix for good measure. Don't get it twisted though, as the latter plays a huge role in her childhood but she definitely expanded her musical horizons as she grew older soaking up all the relevant influences that have propelled her thus far. A fun fact for everyone- besides from music, Numi loves challenging herself and sometimes dives into programming and different creative ventures.

Like she says "… I've got too much time/ To be hanging around these waterfalls/I can't breathe when I'm under/ All these waterfalls". Numi blatantly refuses to partake in trivial rounds.

Stream/purchase "Rounds" on your favorite digital platform HERE - Earmilk

"Numi - "Rounds""

Many different things factor into artists that are posted. A great song always helps but it's also much more than that. It can be the unique sound an artist has, individuality that shines bright on the song, and some people just sound like a star. Bay Area's Numi fits all of those with her new song "Rounds".

Numi gives an outstanding performance on "Rounds" over an enchanting production while Numi's vocals magically pull you in and have you lost in the music. Numi's "Rounds" is the perfect fusion of hip hop and r&b with the production having a hip hop feel that meshes well with Numi's smooth vocals and confident swagger that feels very hip hop.

Numi sounds like the star of tomorrow on "Rounds" with her own special style that is unique to her talents and shines bright all over this amazing record.

Check out Numi "Rounds" below and also follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! - Global Money World


Still working on that hot first release.



Numi is a singer-songwriter influenced by different sounds and genres, with R&B and pop melodies at the center of it all. She fell in love with music as a child, and it has since served as her biggest creative outlet. At an early age, she began crafting lighthearted songs for her and her siblings' playful home band, joined talent shows, was enrolled in classical piano which she played for many years, and also fell in love with producing music. Her debut project is set to release in 2019.

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