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Biloxi, Mississippi, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock Alternative




"NVision Have Released Their New Emotional Track "The End""

Avid Scene Daddy followers will be familiar with NVision - given our previous coverage of their last two singles “Show Stopper” and “She Said” - but for those unfamiliar with the Mississippi natives, it’s about time they were on your radar. With the release of their latest single “The End”, NVision solidified themselves as front-runners in the up-and-coming active rock genre.

“The End” is a powerfully emotional track that hits just as hard instrumentally as it does emotionally. NVision have reliably detailed topics of loneliness, despair, and depression, and “The End” is following these similar themes. “The End” is a song about overcoming the darkness inside of us and struggling to let go of the things we know are holding us back,” says vocalist Alex Carr. “Like we KNOW we can do better, we WANT to do better, yet get stuck in a never ending cycle. The hook really speaks to this back and forth struggle and the desire to push forward, but not knowing quite how.”

With plenty more to say, NVision are currently in the process of writing a complete album with the topic of mental health at its core. “We are in the process of writing an album about mental health and the things that all of us face daily as the human race.” Carr continues, “It's going to be emotionally driven, powerful, and at times, difficult. We hope to bring hope to others and let them know they are not alone.” If the singles we’ve received thus far are any indication of the quality of the material fans will hear on this record, we all have plenty to look forward to from NVision.

Aside from the promised material, the band has been building their social media presence and touring extensively. “We've toured all over the South from Florida to Oklahoma/Texas and have been working diligently with our new booking partner, Blind Anxiety Entertainment,” says Carr. “We also just hit number 1 two weeks in a row on local internet radio station, The Sound, up against national acts like Nonpoint and Any Given Sin. And we have started an active, growing fan club, Broken Hearts Club on Facebook where we do weekly giveaways and monthly contests. It has never been a better time to join the family.”

Be sure to check out the official music video for “The End” below! - Scene Daddy

""Fake Friends" by NVision"

Biloxi, MS based band Nvision is back with their second single of this year, “Fake Friends”. The five piece band consists of vocalist Alex, guitarist and vocalist Chase, drummer Nate, there is also Phil on the bass and wrapping up the group is Kevin on guitar. According to Nvision “Fake Friends” marks a new era of music for them as they begin to transition into heavier, more metalcore-esque style.

“Fake Friends” starts off slow, and allows you to absorb the lyrics and really feel your emotions. There has been a point in your life when someone around you is fake but yet they hid it for so long, and then when you finally figure out who they are, you feel so betrayed. Nvision perfectly captured that feeling with this song, “Fake Friends” is showing a new unique side to Nvision.

Although it’s subtle the hip hop/experimental notes really helps the song kick off right as the screams come in. The aggressive yet calming vocals will have you shedding some tears while headbanging. Nvision does an amazing job at speaking on difficult topics.

Nvision has more than just this amazing song, their entire collection is on Spotify, follow them to keep up with their musical growth. Nvision does not disappoint and they will quickly rise up in the rankings of your favorite bands. “Fake Friends” is the anthem that you need. - Rising Artists Blog



  • Finally Alive/ EP
  • She Said, Show Stopper, Last Goodbyes, Perception
  • The End
  • Fake Friends



Rooted in hard rock with a casual romance with hip-hop, NVision brings both worlds together with powerful lyrics and catchy hooks. Take a journey in music through the feelings of loneliness, despair and depression while maintaining the positive hope of a brighter tomorrow. 

An ever growing artist, 2022 seeks to bring a heavier sound with processed guitars and dancing with elements of the ever popular EDM. Their 2021 release, The End, has taken the rock world by storm with dynamic lyrics and the powerful sound the band is known for. 

NVision consists of Alex on vocals, Nate on drums, Chase on guitar and vocals and Phil on bass. The powerful, lively 5-piece is sure to turn heads as the world opens back up to its new reality. Currently based out of Biloxi, MS, NVision has performed at venues all over the Gulf South including Republic and House of Blues in New Orleans as well as the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. 
 In August of 2020, NVision made their debut on Rock FM radio with their song, Show Stopper, featured on the Home Grown Show on 97.9 CPR Rocks. In November of 2022, their first official Radio Release, Fake Friends peaked at 106 on the Billboard Active Charts with no label support.

 Business inquiries: nvision228@gmail.com Booking inquiries: radfordmediagroup@gmail.com

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