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Leesburg, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Leesburg, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop




"Mr L-BO has etched out riveting sounds of contemporary rap in the track from the music video ‘Remind Me’"

The lyrical grandeur executed by Mr L-BO in his latest hip hop number ‘Remind Me’ has got an addictive dash. It is a splendid offering by the new-age rapper.

The stylish power-chords and the melodic rap vibes are a forte of the prodigious rapper Mr L-BO. Plenty of energy is dished out by the singer in the exotically shot music video of the track ‘Remind Me’. The rapper is based out of Northern Virginia and has just released this music video. The production of the song is done by ChrisBeatz who is a reputed producer in the vicinity of Virginia/ D.C. The video has been aptly directed by Igo A (@pixbyigo). The singer was also featured in various radio stations in the D.C. area as part of the promotional process. The fans can plug into his Instagram handle and fetch relevant information about his queued up ventures.

In the brilliant music video of the track ‘Remind Me’ by the astounding rapper Mr L-BO, there is a heck of a pace in the backdrop of heavy electronic sounds. There is a sassy groove that is backed by smart rap vocals. The song has created a mouthwatering prospect for hip hop fans as they are waiting with bated breath for its release. One can listen to his tracks on popular music streaming sites like Spotify. To watch the vivacious music videos, one can plug into major trending platforms like YouTube.

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"Mr L-BO Kicks It With His Homies & Eats Pounds Of Crawfish On The Visuals To “Remind Me”"

Overall Rating 4 Stars

Mr L-BO is eating well, living life freely, and reaching his potential rapping-wise.
Mr L-BO is a well-established rapper from around my way (Northern Virginia). What I love about him is that he understands how to blend old school hip-hop sounds with new school hip-hop sounds masterfully in his music. “Remind Me,” L-BO’s latest single, is a banger that is powered by good vibes and good raps.

If you had a major come-up, “Remind Me” should resonate with you mightily. Throughout the song, Mr L-BO finds very clever ways to talk about his rough past, his unique journey to success, and the many ways he celebrates his well-deserved wins.

What you’re going to love about “Remind Me” is that it features a beat that will do everything in its power to pierce your soul. You’re also going to love the outstanding flows, powerful lyrics, and impressive punchlines Mr L-BO hits us with on the song.

Make sure that you check out the music video to “Remind Me” below! It should bring a smile to your face if you’re someone that likes to kick it with your homies in the hood. - Ratings Game Music

"Rapper Mr L-BO Creates a Lyrical and Visual Captivation with His New Music Video for the Song ‘Remind Me’"

Upcoming rapper Mr L-BO recently came out with the music video for his latest song, ‘Remind Me’ in production collaboration with producer ChrisBeatz.

The groove and lyrical intimacy of upcoming rapper Mr L-BO’s newly released single ‘Remind Me’ is a beautiful representation of modern-day rap. He also came out with the music video for the song in production collaboration with ChrisBeatz who is a well-known producer in the Virgina/D.C. area. The video for the song was directed by Igo A and restores a familiar picture of belongingness, warmth, and togetherness in a community. The song itself adopts minimalistic creative virtues that enable both the artist and the audience to fully submerge in its beats. The song progresses with an inspirational promise and drives everyone towards a direction of motivation.

Artist Mr L-BO is based out of Northern Virginia and the single ‘Remind Me’ opened with extensive acknowledgment. The song was also featured on various radio stations in D.C. thus giving him more exposure across the audience and the music industry. The video for the song further allowed the creative penetration of the song into the mainstream and is being appreciated by many. His ideas and unique approach toward song-writing have been established through the song as he will continue to enlarge his creative canvas in the times to come. Indulge in the lyrical and rhythmic flavor of his new single by following him on YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.

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"Remind Me – Mr L-BO (reviewed by Dave Franklin)"

Rap has always been the place you go when you want to hear about real life. Other music genres might wax lyrical about imaginary realms or wallow in self-aggrandisement about the high life, but rap music has, by and large, just told it like it is, given us a view from the streets, a taste of the hustle and hassle of everyday life put to music.

And that is what Mr L-BO does so well here. A gentle reminder that between the hard run of the streets and the dreams of fame and fortune there is a comfortable middle ground. A place where work is rewarded with a decent enough life, one filled with friends and family, comforts and relative contentment, and it is this vision which he is pitching to us. And he does so over upbeat grooves and buoyant beats as if to underline the joy of the basic requirements for a contented life.

It’s a song filled with positivity and unity, it tells of community and friendship, of coming together and revelling in the simple pleasures of life. Sometimes those are all the things you need to be happy and, if you ask me, Mr L-BO seems pretty happy with his lot.

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Mr L-BO is a rising artist who burst onto the streaming scene in 2015. The Northern Virginia/DMV based Hip-Hop recording artist/songwriter has always had a natural talent for music; honing his skill over the years. Although he receives creative inspiration from a number of styles, Mr L-BO combines a variety of compositional elements to form his unique sound. In addition to his career as an artist, Mr L-BO is also the CEO of the Indie record label True Game Entertainment.

To date, Mr L-BO has two albums and seven singles/EPs in his online discography. Some of his most popular tracks include the likes of ‘Remind Me’, amassing almost eighteen thousand streams, and ‘Pull Up’, gathering over seventeen thousand streams. With a growing number of followers and listeners, there is no denying the fact that Mr L-BO is developing a dedicated following of loyal fans.

Our featured single, ‘The Alley’ by Mr L-BO, is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! The single lasts around three an a half minutes, features Buckets Marciano, and sits at a steady 83bpm.

The track commences with a twenty-three second intro that sets the tone for the main vocal. The vocal color is smooth and stylistic; seamlessly synchronising with the ominous vibe of the instrumental accompaniment. The steady beat and foundational piano riff provide the perfect platform for the rap.

The inclusion of verses from both Mr L-BO and Buckets Marciano delivers just the right amount of dynamic diversity to ensure that this single is captivating from start to finish. By the time ‘The Alley’ draws to a close, you’ll find yourself caught up in the hypnotic vibe and hitting that repeat button for at least another listen.

From the well balanced production and creative instrumentation, to the impressive vocal performances, fans of Mr L-BO, as well as those who appreciate new music, will definitely want to hear this single. Make sure you follow Mr L-BO on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances! - Woke Chimp

"Featured Music Video: Mr L-BO – The Alley ft. Buckets Marciano"

Mr L-BO is a Hip Hop & Rap Artist based out of Northern Virginia.

Jukebox Mind is today featuring the new official music video of Mr L-BO‘s new track. It is titled “The Alley” featuring Buckets Marciano. It is produced by Metboi.

The unique melodic structure and the beats are the main and important assets of this single. The production and melodic patterns are quite impressive! The delivery by MR L-BO and Buckets Marciano is remarkable too.

April 16, 2021
Featured Music Video: Mr L-BO – The Alley ft. Buckets Marciano
by Guest Author
Mr L-BO is a Hip Hop & Rap Artist based out of Northern Virginia.

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Jukebox Mind is today featuring the new official music video of Mr L-BO‘s new track. It is titled “The Alley” featuring Buckets Marciano. It is produced by Metboi.

The unique melodic structure and the beats are the main and important assets of this single. The production and melodic patterns are quite impressive! The delivery by MR L-BO and Buckets Marciano is remarkable too.

Mr L-BO is a Hip Hop & Rap Artist based out of Northern Virginia. He is also the CEO of True Game Entertainment.

Follow the artist on his official social media for updates about future releases - Juke Box Mind

"Mr L-BO – ‘The Alley’"

A bold hip-hop talent who has been taking over the DMV’s hip-hop scene since early 2015, Mr L-BO has already proved his instincts and talents time and time again. An undeniable hip-hop artist with a penchant for combining a diverse range of genres to form his unique sound, Mr L-BO is easily one of the most dedicated rappers out there, and on his new single ‘The Alley’, he’s shown that he can still kick it with the best.

A three-and-a-half-minute epic that features the brilliant Buckets Marciano, ‘The Alley’ is a perfect blend of style and substance, opening with an intimate twenty-second intro that sets that tone for things to come. Smooth, expressive, and seamlessly synchronised with the overall aesthetic of the track, everything about the track is built to impress, and the steady beat and subtle piano riffs that flow throughout will stick in your head for days to come.

Sharing vocals, Mr L-BO and Buckets Marciano deliver the perfect amount of power and precision, switching things up with a captivating flow and plenty of hard-hitting verse. It’s a masterclass in classic rap sounds, and by the time it all comes to a close, everyone would have fallen under their spell. A bar-heavy classic wrapped in clever wordplay, hard beats and some truly vivid visuals, ‘The Alley’ is another massive track for Mr L-BO’s fans, as well as a bold introduction for those not yet in his circle.

Available now on all major platforms, along with the hard-hitting new video that is currently burning a hole through YouTube, 'The Alley' is a modern hip-hop epic in the making. Check it out below.

Fully stocked with well-balanced production, creative instrumentation and some massive vocal performances, ‘The Alley’ will undoubtedly be one of Mr L-BO’s biggest tracks yet.

Score: 8/10

Connect with Mr L-BO,

Instagram - Broken 8 Records

"Talented hip hop artist Mr L-BO has come up with his enticing banger ‘The Alley’"

Multifaceted hip hop artist Mr L-BO is sprinkling his creative aura through his latest single ‘The Alley’. The track features Buckets Marciano and is produced by MetBoi.

Utilizing a sleek musical arrangement and classic hip hop flavors, Mr L-BO has come up with his latest banger ‘The Alley’. The track is a perfect balance of rhythm and tone that compliments the artist’s hard-hitting lyricism. Buckets Marciano is featured in the track and successfully made it more dicey and enticing. A mysterious digital soundscape and vivid imagery established by L-BO’s strong bars put a deep impact on the listeners. The subject matter of the banger speaks about the ups and downs of life and how to hustle and strive through it. The rappers also masterfully incorporated a societal picture which is one of the most important elements of hip hop. This banger is a treat for everyone.

Hailing from Northern Virginia, Mr L-BO is a well-revered artist with his versatility, talent, and skill. He is a rapper, Hip-hop recording artist, songwriter, and producer as well. He is the CEO of an indie record label, known as ‘True Game Entertainment’. Through his prolific music career, the artist has released some hit albums like, ‘Spades’, ‘Loyalty Survival Money’, etc and several singles like, ‘Remind Me’, ‘Pull Up’, ’Green Light’ and most importantly ‘The Alley’. Follow him over Spotify and Instagram to get more updates.

Listen to his Track on Spotify: - is Stories

"Mr L-Bo’s “The Alley” Brings Fresh Take To Old School Rap"

Frequent collaborators Mr L-Bo and Buckets Marciano are back with new Mr L-Bo single “The Alley” released through True Game Entertainment. Classic hip hop fans will be pleased with both lyric heavy and intense beat that “The Alley” is expertly able to combine. With a sound reminiscent of classic hip hop acts such as Mobb Deep, the two-man show holds their own to make “The Alley” an enjoyable listening experience. Buckets Marciano starts off on the track, marking his territory with self-assurance and clever wordplay, and making it clear that his rapping skills remain on top compared to rappers nowadays. “I’d have a platinum album in a different era” and “Everything about my art is facts, last of a dying breed I’m an ancient artifact” prove his point of sticking to the old-school hip hop sound yet still being able to dominate in the modern-day hip hop scene.

Mr L-Bo follows suit and doesn’t hold back his opinion on modern music either, opening with, “I’m too fly for the boom bap and the backpackers and too cool for the new school and the trap rappers,” making his own way through the genre as neither an old person stuck in the 90s (boom bap rap) that can’t keep up with the times; nor a new school person trying to “fit in” with the current trap trends.

In a time where there are significantly less rappers known for their lyricism, Mr L-Bo and Buckets Marciano manage to bring back its charm with their cool demeanor and careful authority of each word perfectly penned on the single.

Don’t miss your chance to be the first to listen to “The Alley” now available on all platforms. Also be sure to keep up to date with information on new releases from Mr L-Bo by following his Instagram @officialmrlbo. - Black Bird News

"Mr L-BO showcases latest rap single, "The Alley""

Mr L-BO showcases his latest rap single, “The Alley”, featuring Buckets Marciano produced by MetBoi. This is a bold, classy track with tons of attitude...

"The Alley" is a bar-heavy classic rap kind of track with crazy flows, wordplay, hard beats and vivid visual. This track has elements of retro hip-hop à la Dr Dre, 50 Cent and The Game. It sounds very much on the same level as these greats too, flawlessly put together. This is a beautiful mesh of haunting piano melody, string synths, subdued percussion and rap. The track has a badass feel, with its talk of hustling and surviving in a bold, outspoken way. There is an uplifting feel to it which will fill you with some confidence while listening: 'Invest in yourself' urge the lyrics.

"The Alley" is available on all major platforms. Follow Mr L-BO on Instagram to keep up with future releases. - Curious For Music

"A Refreshing Re-Emergence Of Classic Hip Hop Sound On New Single “The Alley” By Mr L-Bo"

Rapper and songwriter Mr L-Bo of True Game Entertainment brings us back to old-school rap with his newest single “The Alley” featuring Buckets Marciano. Hailing from the DMV and claiming his spot in hip hop music, Mr L-Bo clearly has a story to tell. With a self-awareness of his style of music being the minority in hip hop during a time when trap and mumble rap reign supreme, Mr L-Bo seeks to reclaim a more classic hip hop sound in “The Alley” while simultaneously keeping things fresh for listeners. It is a difficult feat to bring back an older era sound of music within a genre while still being entertaining and original, something that Mr L-Bo was able to accomplish.

The beat of the song itself makes hip hop sound “classic” again. In a deep, heavy reverberating tune that listeners can bump along to in any environment, we see classic rap and old-school hip hop re-emerge in a refreshing modern take. The production levels are immaculate, and producer METBOI shares with listeners a pleasurable hip hop melody that underground and classic hip hop fans may associate with underground hip hop cyphers.

“The Alley” itself plays like a cypher of the two rappers, each adding their own flavor to the mix. In the second verse, Buckets Marciano impressively rides the beat like a veteran in the hip hop game. He packs his lyrics into a smooth and vivid flow that paints a picture of his lifestyle and the pros and cons that come with being a rapper— from fancy clothing and money to spend, to having to invest in oneself because the game is unpredictable. Essentially both rappers are, in a way, discussing what it’s like to be a rapper in the world of hip hop, and despite the constant waves of changes many artists of any genre may witness, at the end of the song the listener will be satisfied as both rappers clearly each have their own love for the music. And for any music-lover, at the end of the day, the music is what it’s all about.

Listen now to “The Alley” by Mr L-Bo, featuring Buckets Marciano for a fresh take on a classic hip hop sounding tune. The single is available on all major platforms for listeners to enjoy. - About Insider


Hip hop artist and rapper Mr L-BO teams up with fellow musician Buckets Marciano for the song, ‘The Alley’ that promotes lyrical extravaganza in a new light.

Hip hop is being promoted in an impeccable light of lyrical and rhythmic excellence by the talented artist Mr L-BO. He recently collaborated with fellow musician Buckets Marciano for the single, ‘The Alley’ capturing the modern-day, rebellious essence of hip hop and rap like no other. The track, produced by MetBoi, can be attributed as classic rap with a bar-heavy expanse. It also comprises captivating rhythmic flows and patterns, compelling wordplay, and a vivid visual depiction. Collectively, it emerges as a piece of outstanding hip-hop item that is performed by both artists with equal and recurring enthusiasm.

Rapper Mr L-BO hails from the DMV who is also a songwriter, recording artist, and the CEO of Indie record label True Game Entertainment. His exposure led to a celebration of a career that refines hip hop with an individualistic edge. The song ‘The Alley’ further allows him to accomplish his goals as an artist and leads the audience towards recreational fulfillment. The various flavors and elements in the track make it brim with a creative edge. The artist’s potential will go far and wide with his promising music. Listen to his new song on Spotify and United Master. Follow him on Instagram for all the latest updates.

Listen to his Track on Spotify: - Daily Music Roll


Still working on that hot first release.



Mr L-BO is an American rapper and songwriter. He was born in Beaufort, South Carolina. His mother is from Trinidad & Tobago. And his father is from New Orleans. Mr L-BO spent his early child hood moving around as a military brat. He and his family would eventually make their home in Northern Virginia where he go on to spend his remaining adolescent years. His early exposure to different cultures curated his unique style and taste in music. For more information, follow Mr L-BO on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube @OfficialMRLBO, or visit

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