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One High Five

Long Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Long Beach, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Punk




"Friends in Far Away Places"

For indie bands, getting on a great bill is a double-edged sword because the night can be electrifying with energy and allow you to introduce your music to a great group of new fans, and at the same time you’re facing the risk that you’ve gotta stack up against those great bands… or none of that energy or new fans will come your way. In the space of one week, One High Five brought not one, but two great bills to AMPLYFi in Hollywood featuring bands from all over the world and right here in LA.

With lineups of Red Bacteria Vacuum (Japan), The Stanleys (Australia), ALL AGES (SF Bay Area) and Fraternity Ward (LA), One High Five took a couple of ordinary weeknights and turned them into great shows by putting themselves straight in the middle of punk, alternative, indie, straight out rock bands. It worked brilliantly because that is exactly where One High Five is at home: between heavy-hitter bands and a broad range of genres.

As for their own genre, One High Five is a tough one to nail down and that’s how it should be. It’s like someone told them to make sure their songs don’t all sound the same and these guys took it to heart and then some. In a 30 minute set, their original songs are like a showcase of creative individuality but with a precision and polish proving they work as one unit and must be one of those bands who practice like crazy to make it seem so easy. Live indie music fans always appreciate a band who can let each member stand out but at the same time punch through practiced intricate passages that require precision and an innate togetherness. To stack up against the powerhouse lineups they built for themselves on these shows, One High Five had to bring it loud and proud— and they did. Clean arrangements and a willingness to allow the listener to hear every word, every note, every hit, and most importantly, every moment in between, One High Five is that rare band that can play in front of a brand new crowd, at full volume, and have everyone in the house bond with their music. - Eric Wade, Amplyfi

"5 DIY Bands to Watch, Vol. III"

One High Five – Long Beach, California

After airplay on Los Angeles radio station KROQ‘s (106.7), Long Beach, California DIY band One High Five were invited to perform their first show at the famous Viper Room. For any band, especially a rather new DIY band (formed in 2011), to perform their first show at a legendary venue like The Viper Room is a big, big deal. A representative from High Voltage Magazine was at the show and Tweeted: “There’s a party on the stage, and it’s called ‘One High Five!’”

Singer and songwriter David Sauer‘s writes about life experiences – love, loss, hope and despair, and combines them with layered guitars, well-honed orchestration and appealing harmonies are at the core of its spell-bounding sound. While One High Five is in theory a one-man band, Sauer demos are recorded at his studio with collaboration from other musicians, “a rotating crew of friends and strangers” that also join Sauer on stage in performances around southern California, across the states and even China, of all places. Sauer’s songs draw off of some of his favorite bands like Green Day, The Beach Boys and CAKE. The track, “Tear Down The Wall,” on the debut release, Here, Hear!, reminds may remind some listeners ofus a bit of Jack White – the White style of vocals and guitar/drumming are there. - Indie Rock Cafe

"One High Five - Everybody Pull The Trigger"

Sometimes you need a refreshing gasp of air from the artists who take themselves too seriously.

One High Five is that refresher because they just rock their asses off and have fun. This is what rock and roll is about bros; a bunch of guys who look like they enjoy kicking each other in the balls for fun, live out of a van, and their main bit of creativity (other than music) lie in their ability to create a bowl out of items you can find in a pantry.

If you can't enjoy this video then something is wrong with you. For real. - SYFFAL

"5 Bands That Rock, Vol. VI"

One High Five is a DIY rock and punk band from Long Beach,, California. After the band received airplay on Los Angeles’s 106.7 KROQ‘s Locals Only program, they were invited to play their first show at the famous Viper Room, where High Voltage Magazine tweeted: “There’s a party on the stage, and it’s called ‘One High Five!’”

Since then, singer/songwriter David Sauer has taken the party across the United States, overseas to China, and into the ears of rock ‘n rollers everywhere. The music blog, Muse’s Muse, called them a “force to be reckoned with” and Hear Me Out wrote that One High Five “stand out above the rest.”

One High Five’s sound is based in layers of guitars, orchestration and harmonies that combine to create a genre blending musical adventure, that pay tribute to Sauer’s influences including Green Day, The Beach Boys, NOFX, Superdrag, Electric Light Orchestra and CAKE. Lyrics reflect personal experience and encourage listeners to challenge themselves and push forward during battles between hope and despair.

The band has opened for artists like Green Jelly, The Wellingtons (Australia), Red Bacteria Vacuum (Japan), and The Steelwells, and count among their top artists Green Day, CAKE, Beach Boys, NOFX, Superdrag, and Electric Light Orchestra.

Songs are written in Sauer’s head and flushed out with plenty of repetitive thoughts and pacing. Demos are made at his studio and collaborated upon with other musicians, a rotating crew of friends and strangers, Sauer uses for the band’s live show. The fuel that rockets One High Five into the air is Sauer’s value of hard work, passion and resolve. The impact can definitely be felt on their eclectic and fun debut album, Here, Hear! - Indie Rock Cafe

"One High Five"

One High Five is one hell of a good time, fun-loving band.

Lots of times in the music industry, we see a band come around that has what we like to call, “the whole package.” That means that not only does a band have good songs, but they also present themselves in way that is unique to the sound and style of the band and makes them stand out above the crowd. One High Five remind me of the Aquabats with songs that are more intelligent. Nothing against the Aquabats, but they have goofy songs like “The Shark Fighter”, “Food Fight on the Moon” and “Pink Pants.” One High Five also have that never-ending party image that has become slightly synonymous with some of the ska/punk bands like Less Than Jake or Reel Big Fish. I wouldn’t classify this band a ska band at all, even though they do include some horn features, but they do come across as a band that would be having just as much fun onstage as the fans are having watching them.

The only complaint I have is that they’re based all the way out in California and I can’t see them play live. I can only imagine how much fun it would be though. If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to your summer of fun, look no further than One High Five. You can check out their Facebook page and I’ve even included one of their music videos to help give you a better idea of what these guys do. - Luke Helker/ Aesthetic Heart Promotions

"CD Review - One High Five, Here, Hear!"

Artist: Band: One High Five
Album: Here, Hear
Label: Independent Artist
Genre: Art-Rock, Progressive Rock, Rock
Sounds Like: Weezer, Green Day, They Might Be Giants, Bare Naked Ladies
Technical Grade: 9/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 9/10
Commercial Value: 9/10
Overall Talent Level: 9/10
Songwriting Skills: 9/10
Performance Skill: 9/10
Best Songs: The ol’ Switcheroo, Crash the Party
Weakness: None
CD Review:

Long Beach California’s own One High Five releases their debut CD entitled Here Hear in 2009.

The EP quickly kicks things off with rocking “The Ol’ Switcheroo” an impressive intro piece that dishes out low end rock groove, driving rhythms against a mean sounding guitar & infectious vocal hooks & phrasing from lead singer David Sauer.

Track 2 “Gameshow” serves-up another strong piece of music combining driving rock rhythm with raw vocal passion that methodically flows & ebbs its way through emotional fruition. Track 3 “How We Enjoyed Ourselves” shifts gears a bit with driving acoustic rhythm, hooky harmonies & catchy melodies. As the EP slowly unfolds I can hear many different musical textures reminiscent of classic Weezer, Green day, They Might Be Giants, The President of the United States of America with just a dash of Bare Naked Ladies. The music has everything you would expect from a full tilt Indie Rock band. You will also notice thing like well-placed percussive accents, keyboard accents, accordion, trumpet, saxophone, slamming solo guitar & many lush harmonies. Solid low end rock grooves, driving distorted rhythm guitar with catchy melodic vocals & even impressive solo guitar action. The vocal style of Sauer is highly entertaining & goes down smooth & fills the space with his eccentric yet infectious vocal personality. As the EP slowly unfolds it’s obvious “One High Five” is an accomplished rock that lets it all hang out combining catchy vocal melodies with highly original songwriting. If these guys had a solid live presentation they would indeed be even more deadly. All songs themselves are solid across the board with the lyrical content that is funny, zany, yet highly entertaining. From hypnotic “Crash the Party” to rocking “Everybody Pull the Trigger” this EP has something for just about everyone. The EP ends with “1000 Miles per Hour” the perfect finale statement for an EP like this.

I normally dedicate this paragraph to weaknesses – as you can see I have nothing to report. However I will note that I don’t give 10 star ratings to EP’s – only full length CD’s.

After checking out Here Hear by “One High Five” I abandoned all hopes of finding any serious flaws. This debut EP is an impressive debut statement that clearly proves this band is a force to be reckoned with in Southern California. There’s really not a weak song on the EP. I would even go so far as to say 100% of this EP is radio friendly, & has hit potential. I especially like how the songs hit hard yet still maintain strong marketability & melodic structure. All songs are all short & sweet musical experiences, & the overall production is world class. I look forward to checking out more material from One High Five hopefully this Summer.

- Cyrus Rhodes - The Muse's Muse

"One High Five - Whiskey a Go Go, 2010"

Orange County’s “One High Five” gave a terrific performance at the Whiskey A-Go-Go, Hollywood’s famed rock and roll hall. Coordinately dressed in orange – incidentally, this writer’s favorite color – the band members put their best foot forward and offered the Whiskey a sound that was one part pop/punk, one part ska, half part bluegrass, and all parts excellent.

With David Sauer and Madison Knapp on vocals, the latter excitedly yelling, “Thank you!” to the applause with such cuteness and sincerity you want to rush the stage and pinch her cheeks; a musical dream team of Tommy Miller (guitar), Luke Icenhower (bass), Garrett Hanson (drums), and Ryan Keith (keys), “One High Five” turned out one surprise after another that night on Sunset Blvd.

Wielding a megaphone like the coolest of male cheerleaders, Sauer and his crew got the blood pumping in the room with their opening instrumental track, appropriately-named “Noisemaker.” As Miller and Icenhower gallivanted around the stage like rockers do, Keith and Hanson worked their magic from a stationary position, and Knapp lent her entrancing voice and tambourine to Sauer’s own. The show was impressive, and visually fun to watch, but that wasn’t the only trick “One High Five” had to pull out. Each of the six members lent their voices to a spectacular cover of The Beach Boys’ “Sloop John B,” and without missing a beat jumped right back into rock star mode with the last note. From start to finish, the group was professional, energetic, and certainly talented, even without a crowd to feed off of. It was most certainly an enjoyable performance. - OC Music Magazine

"Theatre Unleashed"

One High Five's music is eloquent, yet accessible. Thought-provoking lyrics and music that can barely contain the energy and passion the band brings to the stage. You want to be at ground zero when they explode.

Whether plugged in or acoustic, David & Madison's voices weave together perfectly in creating a pleasantly haunting sound that resonates with you, long after the song is over.

Alternately frenzied and pensive, the depth of their songs is astounding.
- Gregory Crafts

"GLAM Magazine"

I can tell you there sound is like the revival of the B-52’s gone wild! I hope they do big things!!! There latest release is called “HERE, HEAR!” Great title, great band. Check them out soon. - GLAM Magazine

"OC Rock Radio"

Quotes taken from Dre - who hosted our on-air interview and live performance from

"You guys definitely make me want to get up and dance"

"You guys are fun"

"Come back again!"

"It's been a long time since I have had this much with a band" - Oc Rock Radio


*One High Five, self titled (2007)
*Here, Hear! (2009)
- Singles: 1,000 Miles Per Hour, Everybody Pull the Trigger
*Noise Maker (2011) - single
*Rock 'n Roll Eggnog '11 (Holiday Covers)
*Fully Operational EP (2012)
- Single: Fully Operational
*Tear Down the Wall - single

Here, Hear! 2014 Re-release with 2 new tracks, acoustic demos and music videos


2014 - Europe, London Spring Tour
2012 - China, Hong Kong Spring Tour
2011 - East Coast/ New York
2011 - West Coast/Bay Area

CMJ 2011
International Pop Overthrow Festival 2010/11

106.7 KROQ's Locals Only, OC Rock Radio, Playboy Radio, Young Rebel, Indie 104, Jelly Bean Radio, Indie Dial Upstream, GRM Rock Radio, Indie 100

Spin Bridge, Playboy Radio, 21st and Ivy, The LIST Magazine, OC Rock Radio, CSULB KBeach, The Bill Show

The Lost Lake (2012) - How We Enjoyed Ourselves
The Roommate (2011) - Here, Hear!
Irvine Lake Mud Run Commercial (2010) - Crash the Party



One High Five is a high energy rock ‘n roll band from Los Angeles, CA that blends punk rock guitars with creative arrangments and lush orchestration.  

Created by multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, David Sauer, One High Five started as a collection of bedroom demos and scribbles on notebooks. After converting an office space into a rehearsal/recording studio, Sauer learned more about audio engineering and experimented with larger instrumentation. Demos are worked on at his studio and collaborated upon with other musicians, a rotating group of friends that Sauer works with for One High Five’s live show. 

The live band, reviewed as “a force to be reckoned with” and “a party on the stage,” currently features Kyle Traska (drums), Will Smith (guitar) and Tina Stephenich (bass). 

After moving to LA, Sauer worked in a recording studio where he me producers Jim Roach (Red Parade Music - Jesse Thomas) and Evan Brass to create ‘Here, Hear!,’ Recorded and mixed in two months, Sauer says the studio sessions were “cathartic and long overdue. Working with everyone was like being in a musical playground. We ran around with our instruments thrashing over our heads with the ‘record’ button on.”

Mixed by Thom Flowers (The Ataris, Bad Astronaut, Tony Sly) and mastered by Pete Lyman (Infrasonic Sound - Mars Volta, Matt & Kim, Gogol Bordello), Here, Hear! is a musical explosion  fueled by Sauer’s love of punk rock and orchestral daydreaming.

The song ‘Everybody Pull the Trigger’ was played on 106.7 KROQ’s Locals Only. It caught the attention of High Voltage Magazine who booked the band’s first show at the Viper Room. Since then, Sauer and One High Five have found continued success with radio stations, iconic venues and festivals. Self booked tours have spread their sound through out the United States, and across the world, with performances in Europe and China. 

The sound of One High Five evokes listener comparisons to classic Green Day, Electric Light Orchestra, NOFX and Weezer. Sauer likes writing fast and loud on guitar and with a theatrical elegance on the piano. When the two meet, a unique mix of rock ‘n roll is made. With lyrics wrapped in themes of exploration, perseverance and growth, One High Five aims to reflect an act of celebration with fearless volume and energy. 

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