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Sedona, AZ | Established. Jan 01, 1991 | SELF | AFTRA

Sedona, AZ | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 1991
Band Rock Country




"LATEST UPDATES april, 2010"


Now in 2010 Shawn's video "FOREVER" continues to get critical acclaim. Together with his band,"ONLY THE BRAVE", Shawn is on the road spreading his message.

Hello look out for shawns national commercial with the ad council and on fatherhood to air in mid october for more info check our websites also shawn is available to sing the national anthem anywhere anytime for more info or for more info
Stay tuned for more info on Shawn’s upcoming sophomore album "HUNGRY 4 HEROES", which includes the latest hit "4 EVER -N- MY HEART".

Stay tuned for our upcoming tour-fundraising program
“ALL THAT CULTURE MUSIC of THE AMERICA’S, which will include the best of indigenous artist.

Our goal is to put music back into the classroom. A portion of the our tour proceeds will be donated to schools in rural areas to establish musical programs. Please see our "ALL THAT CULTURE" page for more insight on our educational program All That Culture Music of The America's.

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Indigenous earth rock and new country sounds merge with Shawn Michael Perry's timely
ballad, FOREVER. This song is one of 11 tracks from Shawn's recent CD/DVD entitled Shawn Michael Perry and Only the Brave. NOW IN PRE PRODUCTION HUNGRY4HEROES See shawn at this summers NAMM SHOW Shawn will be performing june 19th at BB KINGS IN NASVILLE SAMICK SUMMER DEALER JAM WITH SPECIAL GUESTS COLES WHALEN AND LADD SMITH SHOW STARTS AT 6PM THIS IS A PRIVATE EVENT

Nashville Promoter and New Music Weekly's PROMOTER OF THE YEAR, James Williams LAUNCHED FOREVER on the NEW COUNTRY Volume 31 Music CD which MADE its way to over 1600 radio stations WORLDWIDE .


FOREVER and other tracks from the CD Only the Brave was co- produced with John Avila, the talented bassist/producer of Oingo Boingo. Final polishing was added by the skillful mastering techniques of Ron McMaster (Capitol Records). Shawn's music has already made its mark in the worldwide marketplace. The track FIGHT was recently heard on Spike TVs docu-drama chronicling the life and career of tennis pro Poncho Gonzalez. Prior to completion of Only the Brave, three other tracks from the CD were licensed by Italy's Marlboro Classic Clothing and soundtrack their fall /winter campaign DVD. The beautiful DVD was shot entirely in Montana and is scored by Shawn's Songs, Freedom, If I and Run2U. His music and the DVD continue to play in the clothing retailers in- store close circuit screens. Shawn is a veteran to the stage. He has shared the headline with legends such as REDBONE, Grammy winner BILL MILLER, BARENAKED LADIES, and Grammy winner MARY YOUNGBLOOD to name a few. Shawn's website and electronic press kit can be found on the web at www.SHAWNMICHAELPERRY.COM . - OTB

"Shawn Michael Perry"

Shawn Michael Perry
Only The Brave

**** (4 Stars)

A beautiful musical collage of cultures, messages, sounds and styles of the Native American genre.

Shawn Michael Perry has stayed true to his roots with this beautiful collection of songs written via a rocky formula on the verge of native music and grand lyrical content. Born in Southern California to his Native American father and Mayan mother, Shawn Michael Perry was originally an actor starring in films such as The Last of the Mohicans and Hidalgo. He has embraced his culture, and following his musical ambitions has now created this wonderful album highlighting human experience, in all senses of the word. The music was produced by John Avila, bassist and producer of Oingo Boingo and mastered by Ron McMaster of Capitol Records.

Run 2U opens this album with guitar followed by strong rocky drum beats, this continues throughout the song, which gives you an idea of what it’s about. This is not country, this is Native American rock with fantastic lyrical content. It has a great sense of style and electricity and some amazing guitar playing. There is a point in each of these songs where I wonder if the song is going to trail off so far, I lose interest, but Perry always brings it back with his powerful and yet melodic voice, which is especially suited to these hard rock tunes, but also some softer slower tracks.

It’s definitely catchy - I’ve only been listening for ten minutes and already myt brother’s singing along and I know all the words. Consciously I can call this great music which is something that is hard to find in the UK. I think the closest we can get to this type of music is the pop group Nickelback, which took, young audiences here by the masses. In the track Free you hear the full capability of Perry’s talent and his band Only The Brave as they rear a new sound and pull it off magnificently - I can only advise that you listen for yourself. But there is a point in this song when you consider it as melodic; when it seems to lose its rock vibe altogether.

My favourite song on this album is Forever, simply for its lyrical content and Perry’s heartfelt, emotive vocals; “I don’t wanna live my life for nothing”. The following song, Aboriginality fully encompasses what this album is about and is a great collage of sounds, styles, messages and vocal accomplishments. I really enjoyed this album and the depth in which Perry explores his roots through his music. I can imagine this is something very new to many of Maverick’s readers, but give it a listen - it’s mainly for an acquired taste, but if you’re partial to something new and rocky - this is definitely for you! LB - Maverick Magazine review


SHAWN MICHAEL PERRY is an American singer-songwriter of native American blood and Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave, his debut album, tackles various subjects close to his heart; freedom, history and family. Most everything on the album is delivered as strident acoustic rock, which suggests a background in metal and affection for the commercial rock of acts like Bon Jovi.

It all seems pretty much heartfeil and passionate, especially the intensity of "Aboriginality", and the production and arrangements are particularly good. - Rock N Reel review - issue 6

"Shawn Michael Perry CD/DVD out now"

Shawn Michael Perry has released a CD/DVD version of his debut album 'Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave' which includes a beautiful video that accompanies the chart topping hit 'Forever'.

It is available to view at and Native Youtube and available to purchase via Shawn Michael Perry's store at

- Shawn Michael Perry

"Shawn Michael Perry conquers Germany"

Shawn Michael Perry has just been interviewed by Gisela Schmitz of HM Breakdown magazine, Germany.

Interest is growing throughout Germany with plans to tour in the near future. - Shawn Michael Perry

"WHAT'S BEEN SAID ABOUT SMP & the CD - Only the Brave"

"...Vocal range and intensity are the focus audiences would be taken in with the dynamics and drama of your performance and vocal character....FAMILY is striking, it has an inventive and memorable melodic signature" - TAXI A&R Review

"...ONLY THE BRAVE imparts positive messages.." Casper Journal

"...ONLY THE BRAVE defines and redefines the classic rock genre..." Casper Star-Tribune


Shawn Michael Perry is certainly a man with many strings to his bow: singer, song-writer, guitarist, activist and actor (having appeared in the likes of ‘Last of the Mohicans’ and ‘Hidalgo’). Did I mention ‘singer’, because for sure this man can sing. Let me quote Music News Nashville – “ …though just a coincidence he shares the last name, it blows my mind how much he sounds like Steve Perry of Journey. When he belts out those high notes, you can close your eyes and think you’re listening to ‘Escape’.”
Well, maybe that’s a little too much hyperbole, but take one listen to the delightful opening song ‘Run 2 U’ and for sure you can hear the Perry-isms on the chorus. But this track highlights Shawn’s vocal dexterity, as on the verses his voice is velvet smooth over acoustic guitar, and elsewhere deeper, grittier and more powerful. In fact, another comparison would be Danny Vaughn’s solo material, as on more than one occasion I find myself writing down Danny’s name in my notebook – case in point, the following track ‘Free’, an up-tempo acoustic track with some definite Danny Vaughn type grit in the vocals and some simplistic but wonderful soloing.
Perry comes from Mayan & Native American ancestry, and these roots are obviously very important to him as a great many of his songs embrace his culture, telling stories of the struggles and hard-ships. All fine and well, and very worthy of course, but after the fourth or fifth mid-tempo acoustic number with a message, is does tend to become rather wearisome. However, I can almost forgive him when he comes up with songs such as ‘If I’ which highlights his beautiful, emotional voice to perfection …a velvety smooth vocal that just wraps around your brain! And then just to show there’s yet more to this man, final track ‘Libertad’ in sung completely in Spanish!
So, my final analysis? Perry’s lyrics and story-telling are wonderful, his voice enthralling, but too often the songs are mid-paced and the electric guitar buried beneath the acoustic. Put this man in a band set-up and make him ROCK and we could have something very special indeed!
Bruce Mee

- Fireworks Melodic Rock magazine UK


Due to its popularity, Shawn Michael Perry has released a CD/DVD version of his debut album 'Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave' which includes the touching video which accompanies the chart topping hit 'Forever'. This album is being sold nationwide in the United States and also by Smart Choice Music and Spillers Records (the oldest record store in the world) in the United Kingdom.

On 1/1/ 2008, the hit single 'FOREVER' has received airplay on over 20,000, radio stations worldwide, including many radio stations in the U.S and the U.K.
This also includes Native American owned radio stations, of which there are over 100 stations included in this category, along with 500 affiliates.

'IF I'. 'The Indian', 'Family', 'Forever' and 'Freedom' have been featured on many radio stations across the world,...shawn has worked with and opened for muscians such as Edmund Bull a Juno award winning songwriter, John Avila award winning bassist and producer, Dig Lewis bassist and music producer the track 'Fight' featuring on the Spike TV's documentary on Poncho Gonzalez, which can be checked out at SPIKETV.COM.

Interest is growing throughout Europe, with Shawn being interviewed by Gisela Schmitz of HM Breakdown, Germany.

Shawn's official website; has been revamped and now includes an online store, pictures and exclusive and up-to-date information.

For further information visit Shawn Michael Perry's official sites located at:,, and



AMERICAN ROCK bands are few & far between. Shawn Michael Perry & Only the Brave are breaking new ground.Currently in 2022, Shawn has 6 new singles out... I WILL SURVIVE, ALL STAND TOGETHER , RAIN COME DOWN , ONLY THE BRAVE, ROCK STEADY and LIGHT OF DAY. OTB and ROCK STEADY have made the first round of voting for the Grammy Awards American Roots Song and Rock Performance. I WILL SUVIVE has been nominated for two awards at the 2022 Native American Music Awards ...! stay tuned for news on new album videos, touring dates and more...! just completed filming a role in a new feature film "No Time to Run   


Shawn Michael Perry has taken the multi-hyphenate to new heights. 

Shawn first came to the public’s attention through his acting skills. He has appeared in films as diverse as Last of The Mohicans, Wild Bill, The Witness, On  Deadly Ground not to mention television productions such as Star Trek The Next Generation, Murder She Wrote, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and CBS after school special My Indian Summer.  SHAWN HAS OPENED FOR REDBONE...BADLANDS...BARE NAKED LADIES...JEFF HEALEY...BILL MILLER...KIETH SECOLA... JUST TO NAME A FEW.....!


Shawns message is being spread around the world and is being received with open arms. Please check this out yourself at

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