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Staten Island, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

Staten Island, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Pop Hip Hop




"Dope Material Magazine"

Who said Ponomo doesn’t have anyone else to interview???????? If that’s what you thought , I guess you were wrong! I’m still going at it….owwwwwww! Lol.

This time I caught up with a dope up and coming singer! We had a pretty good sit down! Check out what we talked about…..

*Hey what’s up? How you feeling today?*

What’s up? I’m always great….even better wit’ chedda.

*Lol, I like that!*

*Tell the world who you are and where you rep!*

I am the one and only OnnaDi. I get so much love everywhere, i’m international. It wouldn’t be right to rep only one place, I love all my supporters.


*Singer is not the only hat you wear. What are some of the other things that you’re involved in?*

OnnaDi has a huge heart. I love to volunteer, from the youth, in between to the elderly. I donate my time whenever possible.
Whether it be a shoulder to cry on or representing seniors who apply for Medicaid, I enjoy giving back. But first and foremost I am a songwriter, without the songwriting….I have nothing to sing :-). Oh and I might as well throw in the acting and modeling…way on the side LOL.

*That’s great. More people coming up should have that attitude! If we had more of that, the world would be a better place!*

*You have a pretty strong resume! How has your journey been through all of this?*

An eventful ass ride! Always learning and growing, ready for what life has to offer. My grandma always said anything worth having doesn’t come easy. I love my career and I work extremely hard at it, this Journey is a dream come true!

*Well said…..very well said!*

*What inspired you to do everything that you’re doing?*

Well growing up the only child makes you have a huge imagination. I was always the one in the mirror playing dress-up playing with my Barbie dolls performing for myself which led to me just wanting to entertain. My mother and family tell me stories of me pulling out a crate as if that were my stage and putting on a show before I could even speak words. I came out of the womb doing what I do :-)!

*Thats what’s up! I’m a only child myself so I know a lot about imagination. I think about some of the things that I did as a result of imagination and I just laugh. Lol. That imagination did get me to this music and magazine stuff and I thank God for that.*

*Who are some of your role models in the music and entertainment industry?*

I admire all those who paved the way for me and all of today’s entertainers not just from America but all over the globe.

*Whats your routine when your about to step in the booth and when your about to step on stage?*

I’m a spiritual person, so I’m always giving thanks to the creator. Every moment I grace the stage, I always throw up a prayer. I own a studio, i’ma producer and engineer, so I live in the studio, I’m always in the booth, no preparation needed just great vibes!

*Good stuff! I always like to meet a fellow Christian! God bless!*

*Whats your advice for the person trying to get into the music and entertainment industries?*

Stay true to yourself and follow your dreams, cliché but real. Always stay consistent and practice practice practice. Come in knowing that it is a business bottom line, and learn as much as you can.

*Great advice. You couldn’t have said that any better!*

*Whats your take on the state of music and of entertainment as a whole?*

We are all transitioning, adjusting and adapting to change, this is how I see the state of entertainment. Music as a whole today, I feel it’s just adjusting and adapting to the change of distribution and media.

*So what projects do you have out right now and what can we expect in the near future?*

Well my newest singles are titled “Waist Down”, “Never 2 Far” & “Harder”. They are all Blockdown Productions super creations all written and arranged by “The One And Only OnnaDi” lol. I love my team small but effective and all in house. My next project single/videos/album will debut just in time for the holiday season. Keep your ears and eyes open :-o

*I will defiantly be on the lookout!*

*Please tell us where we can hear your music and get more information on you!*

You can check me out at OnnaDi.com
Follow me at Twitter.com/DionnaOnnaDi
OnnaDi is available also available where most music is sold iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, MySpace Music, Xbox Music, Rhapsody, Media Net, Nokia, iheartradio and many more

Google me lol

*Your internet presence is pretty damn strong!*

*Its time for some shoutouts….throw some out there real quick!*

Gotta thank the Creator! Nothing is possible without the most high. Shouts to my love Kamron & Angelo Mommy RIP Grandma always love you!! Always “Beautiful People” Uncle Dan, Uncle B, entire Scott Cook family. Ya know it’s too many to name all individually I got that for the album shouts :-) Love you Blockdown Productions there’d be no music - Ponomo

"Souldalicious Vol 1"

Souldalicious is a collection taste Nu Soul / R'n'B, is the natural transition from rap music to form more 'refined and sophisticated music of "Urban". Despite this kind of music is a real niche, Italy and many artists in the world more or less known, they try to emerge. From this desire and these stimuli was born SouldaLicious Vol 1.

Artistic director of the opera is Lefty (Michele Alberti - www.leftyworld.it), Which begins to involve the most respected and most talented artists of his country, and after careful selection, he decided to broaden the horizons embellishing your project with artists from Europe and overseas, that are immediately interesting and ambitious idea, contributing the success.

Souldalicious, A pun that combines soul music with the people who live it.
The recording project and 'Back Movement Records label was produced in collaboration with Jahmekya Smc Music and Italy.
Souldalicious invites you to take a dip in the soul of black music, black music than that in a simple, pure and uncompromised, you will 'hear unreleased songs by artists such precursors, but still maintaining clear references to the pioneers Soul of the great '70.

The Italian artists: Rahma, Al Castellana, Loretta Grace, Nadya, La Miss, Joy, David Soul, Francesco Serao, Teura, Aly B, Lefty, Maury B, Sat Sista.

Foreign artists: Oneson (Los Angeles, USA), Jonas (Copenhagen, DK), Pravin (The Hague, NL), Jerome (Manhattan, N.Y., USA), McClain Sullivan (BK, N.Y., USA), Rico Levant (London, UK), Dionna (SI, N.Y., USA).

The producers: Lefty, Fid Mella, The Magiste, Beat Gym Team, Mista B, Soul Combo, James Cella, Kermit.


01. Introlicius (Ready to Take Off?)
02. Rahma - Share a love
03. Al Castellana - In spite of everything
04. Oneson - Plan for two
05. Loretta Grace & Nadya - In the name of love
06. Jonas - Do It Again feat. Lefty
07. The miss - Toy boy
08. Pravin - Love saved feat. Lefty
09. Al Castellana - Ask me if I will
10. Jerome - Dj Dont't stop!
11. McClain Sillivan - Too Late
12. Rico Levant - I Want to Be Free feat. Lefty
13. Joy - Tonight or forever
14. David Soul - Venus
15. Francesco Serao - Years of Silence
16. Teura - Not today
17. Dionna - Holla @ Me feat. Sat Sista
18. Aly B - What I Mean feat. Maury B
19. Lefty - A Perfect Day RMX feat. Jonas & Rahma

- fromthecourt.com


Still working on that hot first release.



OnnaDi is a dynamic band known for blending hip-hop, pop, R&B, and rock influences to create an electrifying sound. The band consists of four talented musicians who bring their own unique flair to the mix, producing a cohesive and energetic performance. Their stage presence is magnetic, engaging the audience with confidence and charisma. OnnaDi's music is designed to get listeners singing and dancing along​

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