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Sacramento, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Sacramento, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative





Irish band ONOFF had a simple plan, sell everything they owned, travel half way across the globe to California, make an album, become rock Gods, rule the world – Simple right!

The Rock n Roll Trio from Dundalk and Dublin driven by lead singer/songwriter "PAULIE", Bass-Player "DAVE" and Drummer "STEVIE 10 BEARS" have been part of many successful projects in Ireland and throughout Europe......but America, America, the home of Rock ʻn Roll, that is where its at, thatʼs the dream.

Now lets get it straight, these guys are no novices, the bandʼs debut European album 'DONT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT' put them on the cover of 3 major German music magazines, Stardust magazine, OX Fanzine & SLAM (Austria). This frenzy of activity was capped when ONOFF won the title of "Best Unsigned Irish Band" in a public vote by leading Irish Music Magazine HOTPRESS. This accolade provided the band the opportunity to HEADLINE the LIVE STAGE at the HOTPRESS 2009 MUSIC EXPO in the R.D.S Dublin alongside established Irish acts such as Snow Patrol, Imelda May, Glen Hansard and the Blizzards.

What followed was 3 years filled with 12 Headline tours of Europe including shows in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, England, France and 2 summer European Festival Tours. So takeoff guaranteed right? Well not exactly – as ONOFF boomed – Ireland and Europe busted! And while the band continued to tour and perform to rave reviews they yearned for more!

So how the hell did these guyʼs end up in Sunnyvale, California? A master plan of sorts was devised in a leaky van on the way home from a rain soaked Düsseldorf, Germany – well sort of........an exacerbated tirade by Stevie, claiming that he was going “sell all of his shite, including the f**king van and go to Hollywood to live with a bunch of blondes in the sunshine,” was met with a few laughs but it got the lads thinking......we couldnʼt, could we? Nah, forget it....or maybe.....

Flash forward to summer 2014, ONOFF are locked in the studio in San Jose, California working on their nearly completed new album. As Paulie explains “sometimes the big risks, the ones that put your back up against the wall, the impossible dreams, are the ones worth fighting for.” If the first outtakes from the new album are any measure of whatʼs to come - ONOFF are about to hit Big time here in America!

To stay sharp, the band are playing a limited number of live shows in the San Francisco Bay Area before they launch their album and first US tour........Come out and see them in a small venue while you still can!

****ONOFF will blow away NAMM attendies with their live Rock show. The boys are currently recording their new US released disk in San Jose Ca. They are writing hit songs right now. These boys are professional musicians with major talent and love to play live as much as they can. Thanks for listening nd your time. Dan Lewerenz - N.A.M.M.

"U.S.-based Irish Rock Trio ONOFF Share Parody of Current State of Affairs in “Blah Blah Blah” Video, Single Out July 22"

Sacramento-based Irish alternative rockers ONOFF deliver an assertive yet comedic take on the current power struggle between the general public and corrupt governments with their new single, “Blah Blah Blah,” taken from their upcoming album due in early 2023. Scheduled for release digitally this Friday, July 22, the band have debuted its parody-driven music video today (July 21) as seen streaming below or directly on YouTube HERE. ONOFF will celebrate the release this Friday with a headlining, all-ages show at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, CA where attendees will be able to hear them perform “Blah Blah Blah” live among other previous singles, and the band will give away a signed Gretsch guitar, signed drumheads and more.

“Music is a never-ending story, one that’s always evolving…but could it really end fascism alone?” asks ONOFF lead singer and guitarist PAULIE. “Not likely, but a certain song can unify us, the people. In today’s world the news & media still serve untrue source-less garbage down our throats but through smart phones & tablets. Their power is clear. People are addicted, social media is the drug, and the world is hooked. ‘Blah Blah Blah’ is a stone-cold bitter truth, a three-minute alarm. Listen for yourself, it’s time to WAKE UP!” - Kelly Walsh


The most common reason for starting over with a blank slate is for a second chance. People hit rock bottom, fail, regret choices, run away from their own crimes or the crimes of others. However, sometimes the answer is much simpler.

In the case of Irish rock outfit ONOFF, it was many things, but one thing it was not was rock bottom. The band came to the United States around 2013 after much success in Europe. ONOFF’s first two albums charted very well in Ireland, landing them on bills with bands such as Fall Out Boy and Dropkick Murphys. Their first European-wide release, Don’t Take Our Word for It, sold more than 130,000 copies, according to frontman Paulie Daly.

Yet, after a few years of touring in support of their first successful album, the trio—consisting of Daly, drummer Stevie Bogan (also known as Stevie 10 Bears) and bass player Dave Hurrell—sold everything and headed to the Golden State.

“When we were in the height of the tour in Europe, we released an album, in 2009, and it was very successful for us so we ended up on the road for almost three-and-a-half years,” said Daly in a phone interview with Submerge. “When we decided to go back to the studio to write the next record, I started traveling to California because I had some time off. It was either move here to California with the band, or move to Berlin, and everyone here speaks English, and our music is very American influenced. We talked, and if we come here, it is the biggest music industry in the world, so if you make it anywhere, here would be the place to do it.”

The trio didn’t come with some grand reputation, either. While they did find success in Europe, the fanfare had not made its way across the ocean. A change of scenery for the band also meant a completely clean slate, leaving behind all they had spent the previous decade building.

“It was like pressing the reset button,” said Daly. “We had a lot of success in Europe, and when we came here I think we only had a small group of friends that really knew about what we were doing, so we built our foundation from the ground up with nothing.”

When talking to the band, however, you don’t get the impression they spent much time complaining. On the contrary, it appears they spent little time at all in anonymity. From the moment they arrived, they were greeted by California with open arms, as evidenced by the story they tell of their first show. When the band first arrived, they were staying in the small town of Sutter. Soon after arriving, they began writing and rehearsing for a new album, and they started to draw attention to themselves.

“Everyone in this little town decided to follow the music, because it was just such a small little community, and all of a sudden there’s a fucking punk rock band screaming their heads off,” said Daly. “Eventually, there was an auto shop on top of one of the streets, we met the guy and he goes, ‘I normally do a jam session once a month, if you want to come down and play you can play.’ We had a really loud PA system. I think the community of Sutter is probably about 3,000 people, and I say about 800 people came out that night to see us. In the night time, there’s not even streetlights in this town. So, once we started playing, 800 people followed the sound. All of a sudden, everybody knew about us, and all the local bars started calling us.”

ONOFF quite emphatically hit the ground running, and they’ve been playing all over California ever since they arrived. The band has played a diverse array of venues, many of the locations having been plotted out prior to their arrival from the Emerald Isle.

“As we were making the decision to come here,” said Bogan, “we looked at venues we wanted to play and that were realistic, places that bands we admire and we look up to and we listened to that have played here. We got to play these places. Bottom of the Hill, Slim’s, Whiskey a Go Go … All of these places that we sort of went ‘you know, that’s where it all happens.’

“Even the Gilman in Berkeley,” continued Daly, “where some of our favorite bands—the Offspring, Bad Religion—they’ve all played these places. There was this great punk scene that was super influential to us as teenagers growing up, and that was partially the reason we decided to make the move. We felt like we needed to pay our dues in the scene that influenced us. Every time we play these places, we play some of our best shows.”

ONOFF released their fifth album, Reborn, earlier this year—a fitting title, given the circumstances. The band had no issues coming up with material, explaining that they have written plenty of mostly finished songs, and as they’ve been together since the age of 15, the songwriting process comes easy. On the other hand, after five full-length albums, the band has come across new, unexpected issues.

“The thing is, most of the time in the festival circuits and stuff, you’re given 45 minutes,” said Daly, “and this album we just released is our fifth studio, and so how do you carve up all these songs into a 45-minute set? So now when we write new stuff, it’s almost as if you’re writing for the set. It’s like our live show is compact with the greatest stuff we can possibly do as a band, so when we write stuff new, it’s almost like we’re trying to compete with the songs in existence. I used to get mad about bands that would just release EPs and weren’t willing to commit to a full album. I get it, it’s hard to write an album worthy enough, with no filler. I think we have a lot of different concepts of songs that we want to achieve that we still haven’t attempted to write yet.”

The new album is much like the band’s previous work: hard, grinding guitar parts, passionate, aggressive vocals and memorable, anthemic choruses and punk rock beats. Gun to the head, they have a lot in common with bands such as Rise Against. Their own influences, however, are far-ranging.

“We’re all from different musical backgrounds,” said Bogan. “If you were to sum us up as a full band it would maybe be The Police, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Rush. But then to broaden our horizons, generationally, because I was that age, I grew up listening to Green Day. And I remember the first Offspring CD I ever heard; the same with NOFX for me as a drummer. I had a lot of energy growing up and when I directed that at the drums, it was the punk that grabbed me. My karaoke classic is Bobby Darin’s ‘Mack the Knife,’ and that’s from the ‘50s. I love the swing stuff … we all listen to everything, you know?

“I think the common ground is that we wanted to recreate something that we can plug in and play,” Bogan continued. “We’re not hiding behind backing tracks. When we were recording the album, we were very aware of being able to do it live. Anybody that’s heard our record or seen us live knows that we’re a lot better live than we are on record. The reason being that it’s thought about … there’s one guitar track, there’s one bass track, there’s one tom track and there’s our vocals, there’s a little bit of frill here and there album-wise, but we can recreate it, and that’s how it’s written.”

When questioned as to whether they would return to Ireland—in either the near or far future—ONOFF’s members were clear about one thing: Right now, California is their home.

“We have family here now. I have a daughter, an American daughter,” said Daly. “It’s great to be able to operate in this scene we’re a part of … We will always come back here. Our house is here, our car is here, my wife is here. There’s talks about going to Asia next year, back to do tours in Europe, but it is just touring there and we will come back home. - John Phillips


Still working on that hot first release.



ONOFF are a power rock trio hailing from Ireland and have been living and touring the US west coast for a number of years. Since their move across the pond to Sacramento California, ONOFF have built a strong fan base due to the their energetic live shows and constant touring and momentum continues to gather speed. With multiple appearances on prime time TV and extensive airplay on major radio stations, ONOFF are gaining new fans across the U.S by the second. 'REBORN' was the bands first US album release and in its entirety was wrote, recorded and mixed in California. 'Keep that Fire Burning' is the opening track from the album and was released in April 2017 and was accompanied with a video shot at the bands H.Q featuring fans and friends. 'Don't Look Surprised' is another track from the album and was voted 5th most requested song of 2017 on 98 Rock, one of California's biggest rock radio stations. Catch the bands explosive live show at venue near you

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