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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Pop Rock





In a time where many mainstream rock and nu metal acts have faded out, Christian rockers PAR~A~DIGM continues to bring a strong sound to the table. “Price of Loyalty” is the band’s new release and is a showcase of what exactly the four brothers and a sister bring to the table. With a sound that rivals some of the legends of the genre, Reggie (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar), Allen (lead guitar, backing vocals, co-lead vocals), Szi (bass, co-lead vocals), Andre (keyboards, synthesizers) and Robert (drums, percussion, backing vocals) are slowly creeping towards the higher echelon of the Christian rock genre. This album delivers a solid experience.

The band’s expanded modern rock palette brings arena-ready tracks like “Fireworks”, “Cover Song” and “Never The Less” to the mix. These three are definite, driven, anthemic pillars on the album, as well as other obvious favorites, like the poignant and powerful “September Fades” and “To Heaven” or the virtuosic “Hold On” featuring Joshua Jack. But it would hard not to be impressed by any track on this album. The musicianship is tight, the harmonies are even tighter, and the lead vocals soar effortlessly above the complex but accessible instrumental arrangements.

Since debuting in 2008, PAR~A~DIGM has clearly matured and coalesced into a closely knit, professional team. They have all the passion and dedication of what you would expect from a Christian band, but the superb production and technical skill on this album really brings out the power of their music.

This Las Vegas, Nevada band is establishing itself as a true peer to the other great, contemporary artists in the world of Christian Rock. From the hypnosis of the mid-tempo electro-beat of “Yahoo” to the defining anthem “All I Have”, this album bleeds excitement and brilliance. The lyrics are powerful, the music is pounding and there is nothing missing from the entire work.

Make no mistake this is a very, very good album. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the very few new albums that I have actually listened to in its entirety multiple times. This may not sound impressive to others, but for me personally, this is quite an accomplishment considering my attention span is usually two or three songs per disc, with the quantity of music I have to devour on a daily basis.

The album hits hard and yet remains as readily accessible as is necessary to capture mainstream attention. It sports plenty of fist-pumping energy, but in that radio-ready way, assisted by an admirable production job by a crew that knows how to make face-melting rockers sound slick and polished without sacrificing the aggression.

According to some critics, including myself on the occasion, commercial modern hard rock is a dying genre, gasping its last, suffering the same fate as hair-metal did circa 1991. In other words, too many bands that all sound identical, stifling creativity and fostering an atmosphere of stagnation.

And while there may be a kernel of truth in these accusations, reports of modern rock’s demise are exaggerated. And thank God for that, because if the genre was dead, we wouldn’t have this kick-ass album from PAR~A~DIGM. - STAFF

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PAR~A~DIGM has made it a point to experiment in every direction possible. New creative and explored acoustic sounds mixed with heavy electronics and walls of vocals.

The hard working quintet from Las Vegas has made it a point to maintain originality and creativity in their music. With influences ranging from Christian Rock, to alternative, to pop, and everything in between, PAR~A~DIGM packs a different punch with each song.

Every song is a blend of ideas from each member’s musical style, background, and influences. Reggie offers catchy, melodic vocals, new-age style synth lines, and rave-worthy electronic beats. Andre and Allen counter with aggressive riffs, dueling leads, and the occasional scream. Suzzi continues the process with melodic bass lines. Finally, Robert swiftly pummels out extremely energized and unconventional pop-punk beats.

Take for example their latest songs. With riffs that could easily blend into any hardcore or metal song, drumming that could rival many pop-punk acts, and enough vocal melodies to have you singing “over and over…,” you get a good idea of the versatility and variety in PAR~A~DIGM sound.

Another important pillar in PAR~A~DIGM sound are its lyrics. Stemming away from the conventional lyrics associated with rock and its surrounding genres (heavy rock, alternative, pop, etc.), themes range from psychology, to conspiracy theory, religion, and sometimes even attacking the scene itself. Our lyrics leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

PAR~A~DIGM is geared up to show us all what they do better than anyone else. Groove hard and in the pocket.

PAR~A~DIGM has perhaps the most inspiring and soul-energizing performers on this planet. They are inspired by many performers, and audiences old and young alike, but continues to be a hidden treasure for music fans worldwide.

Presently PAR~A~DIGM is preparing the finishing touches on their repertoire for recording sessions which will lead to their full-length, yet-to-be-titled debut album. - LAS VEGAS SUN NEWSPAPER

"PAR~A~DIGM New Full-Length Album Released"

The Las Vegas-based rock band PAR~A~DIGM released their latest dynamic new full-length album entitled ‘Price of Loyalty,’ April 29, 2017. The eclectic new set of songs elegantly culminates pop and rock influence into a masterful sound that has earned the group praise from critics and fans alike for their unique style and personality. ‘Price of Loyalty’ also follows on the heels of 2015’s single release, ‘All I Have.’

In the two years since their last release, PAR~A~DIGM have painstakingly crafted their junior full-length record throughout many recording and production sessions. Once named one of the “17 Bands and Artists Who Are Making Christian Music More Popular,” the outfit consists of four brothers and sister bringing together their musical prowess to create faith-based rock and roll. In doing so, they’ve performed at countless venues and events, often lauded for their expansive repertoire and explosive live performances.

PAR~A~DIGM’s remarkably positive energy makes them one of the most sought-after live acts in the Christian music community. Influenced by the likes of Nickelback, Skillet, and Breaking Benjamin, their powerhouse sound has recognizable roots music fans will easily identify and connect with. At the same time, however, PAR~A~DIGM is a wholly original act unto themselves, and their infectious use of melodic vocals, thunderous percussion, and searing electric guitar makes them a must-listen-to act. - JESSIE CLARK

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“Combining their inventive sound with a forward-thinking musicality, PAR~A~DIGM consistently manage to hit all the right notes. With undeniably unique songs and engaging performances, this is one Rock Band to keep your eyes (and ears) on.” - FAST MAGAZINE

"PAR~A~DIGM New Single: “All I Have”"

PAR~A~DIGM sometimes recognized online as (Paradigmrocks, par-a-digm, par a digm), is a popular Christian rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada that was recently named one of the "17 Bands and Artists Who Are Making Christian Music More Popular." PAR~A~DIGM have established themselves as one of the true positive leaders of the U.S. Rock Circuit today and has been known to leave audiences in a state of euphoria and awe with their melodic vocals, thunderous drums and guitar section.


Their incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to make them one of the most sought after performers today, each member of the band contributes their influences into the music they write, this creates a range of songs in every genre from pop, rock, and hip-hop and is influence by Skillet, Nickelback and Breaking Benjamin.

Now, the group has a new single to share. Listen to "All I Have" below and download a copy on iTunes today.

“We are grateful for the longevity and support of our fans, as we share our lives and experience with you. We hope to build on this relationship and achieve greater things together in the near future," said Reggie.

PAR~A~DIGM released 2 Full CDs, "Paralyzed" (2009) and “Only One” (2011) and five singles “COLD” (2011), “September Fades” (2012), “Firework” (2014), “Never The Less” (2014) “Cover Song” (2015) and their newly released single “All I Have” (2015) - HERB LONGS


YR Cross Productions (YRCP) released “Anyone Can Be Morphine” this fall, a multi-genre album that is designed to combat relationship issue. “Anyone Can Be Morphine” is one of the songs from The Price of Loyalty album, performed by PAR~A~DIGM. The song is about how the wrong type of love and relationship, can be a drug that people become addicted to, and like most drugs, there’s a need and a way to break that type of harmful addiction. PAR~A~DIGM is one of the better modern bands competing for fans in the rather crowded alternative and rock genres. It is a great injustice to sell them short as simply a Christian-influenced band, as they have a very wide mainstream appeal.

In my view, PAR~A~DIGM is the modern rock band that can make new age Christian inspired music that all people can relate too. Their tracks are simply exhilarating, and portray positive messages about life. That in itself is a pleasant change from many alternative rock bands out there. “Anyone Can Be Morphine” takes the listener on a journey filled with pianos, synths, guitars and a beautiful soaring chorus. What PAR~A~DIGM does extremely well is vocals. Reggie’s rich, wide-ranging voice creates the perfect tone for uplifting choruses and falsetto-styled bridges.

In their music PAR~A~DIGM has managed to not only explore, but successfully utilize a multitude of musical elements. Out of all of those elements, the integration of epic-like arrangements and back-and-forth vocals between the lead singer and the rest of the band has been one of the more distinguishable elements. With their last album, The Price of Loyalty, the emphasis seemed to be on all of those aspects of their music and it resulted in a convincing conceptual approach, lyrically and sonically, leading to a multidimensional sounding rock record.

The sound on their single “Anyone Can Be Morphine”, is big, the composition is strong, and the production comes across really tight while not sounding overly processed. This single is what it aimed to be; besides being a really great introduction to the album, it’s a record that lets the world know PAR~A~DIGM has the ability to adapt along with the ebbs and flows of not only the music industry, but their fan-base and own personal tastes.

As a band, they’re ready to set the genre ablaze with groundbreaking ideas. PAR~A~DIGM shows complete mastery of the elements they have chosen to showcase in their music, seemingly effortlessly, nailing a balance countless other rock bands have tried to achieve in the past few years. - VIDEO MUSIC STARS


Hey Par-a-digm! (cool name btw) you have an immense amount of talent, GREAT lyrics, and a super solid melody. Don't let myself nor anyone tell you otherwise. Keep pursuing your dreams and writing more songs! I'd love to hear more from you when you get other songs recorded! You've got some talent, and I would love to follow your journey. Thanks again! Positive vibes out your way. L -Industry professional Louis Magnotti
(Louis, (King LIV) is a former WBR A&R, recording engineer, & record producer. Louis has worked with composer Luis Resto (Eminem, 50 Cent), producer Majeed Fick Timbaland, Justin Timberlake) - Louis Magnotti

"17 Bands and Artists Who Are Making Christian Music More Popular"

Many people don't think of Christian music when they think of pop songs on the radio, but these artists are helping make it more mainstream. PAR~A~DIGM is a family group from Las Vegas, Nevada, and they focus on making inspiring, motivational music. Some of their more popular songs include "Never The Less," "Fireworks," and "Cover Song." - Katie Brockman (

"Only One Artist: Paradigm"

“Paradigm has the perfect name because what they are doing is a brand new paradigm in
music. Their album, ONLY ONE, makes them the only band to submit an album for
reviews that contains Rock, Metal, R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop songs. I'm very impressed! “Said Senseitional, - Senseitional- Music Editor - IAE Magazine


If you listen to only one band from Las Vegas, let PAR~A~DIGM be that band! Seriously, these guys make such an impression on their audience with their music. - The Answer Newspaper ( Las Vegas Edition)

"The Fix"

Par~A~Digm was a joy to work with and a blessing to have as a part of our service. They are extremely talented and exceeded all of my expectations.Their original music is awesome, and apologetically Christian; a welcome change. I would without hesitation welcome Par~A~Digm back to minister with us at the FIX, because it’s obvious that they share our conviction to reach the lost and belief in the fact that, “…their rock is not like our ROCK (Deut. 32:31).” - Steve Withey

"KIAC The Eye"

these guys are amazing with what they do. terrific track - Bryon the eYe

"Bad Company"

Bad Company here they are rockin it out with another kickin tune. no mystery there. always good - KIAC Radio

"Mystery Radio"

Scream...a new twist for PAR~A~DIGM rockin fusion hip hop with a touch of kicking out guitar layers of strings and big percussion, very cool. - Mystery Radio

"Smash Radio"

Flying Away...Like this tune.......kinda retro with a twist of Boston.... cool vocals somewhat reminds me also of Nickelbacks Chad Kreugor )sp), but way better. keep rockn dudes added to station - Bryon Tosoff


Flying Away
Take a trip in your mind and spirit with Par~A~Digm.So this cool gripping tune is a great listen, which we, yanno ,us JAM NIGHT ROCK JAMMERS did many many times this early early morning. This is just a fine fine straight ahead and real solid song with a vibe that draws you right in - DJ JAmmer


Par~a~digm, a black rock band, is from Las Vegas. Par~a~digm wows the crowd as one of the few black bands playing the genre of rock music. I interviewed the band a few months ago.Par-a-digm offers a very different experience from the traditional rock sound. - Ameer Flippin

"INDUSTRY INSIGHT (Famecast Season 3) Alive"

Aaron Burgess is a regular contributor to SPIN, The Onion AV Club, Alternative Press, Revolver and Harp, for which he's written more than 2,000 pieces on everything from indie pop to death metal. Now based in Austin, Texas, he is the former editorial director of Alternative Press and was instrumental in launching the magazine's "AP&R" feature, which has led dozens of unsigned bands to national recognition.

Nice job here: Despite the spiritual nature of the lyrics, I could hear this song cracking multiple radio formats. It's got a strong hook, and the playing and dynamics are solid. As much as I dig the message, the lyrics don't really take me anywhere: Lots of others have expressed a similar sentiment about looking inward with much more creative wording. The synth break was totally unexpected, but I like it -- very vintage/analog sound to it, and the solo is tasteful and complements the song well. Keep at it, and I look forward to hearing you shatter a paradigm or two down the road.
- Aaron Burgess: Rock


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“PAR~A~DIGM is a family group from Las Vegas, Nevada, and they focus on making inspiring, motivational music. Some of their more popular songs include "Never The Less," "Fireworks," and "Cover Song."” -


Price of Loyalty (Album)      2017
All I Have (Single)    2015
Cover Song (Single) 2015
Never The Less (Single) 2014
Fireworks (Single) 2014
September Fades (Single) 2012
Cold (EP) 2011
Only One (Album) 2011
Paralyzed (Album) 2009
Alive (EP) 2008



PAR~A~DIGM is five siblings in a rock band that is unafraid to cross boundaries, mix styles from metal to techno to hip hop, the whole thing inspiring, melodic, and memorable. Based in Las Vegas, the group is promoting a new released titled “Price of Loyalty”, a song cycle that combines rock and pop vibes into a unique style of faith-based rock that has the potential to touch listeners around the world both inside and outside of the secular community. The sound is original and accessible and the live show has made PAR~A~DIGM one of the top live acts in the current music scene. The band is guitarist/ lead vocalist Reggie, bassist/vocalist Szi, lead guitarist/vocalist/rapper Allen, drummer/percussionist Robert, and keyboardist/DJ/programmer Andre Fobbs and the five siblings have together made a dynamic and identifiable manner and presence that’s all over Price of Loyalty. Tracks like “Cover Song,” “Yahoo,” and “September Fades” display the songwriting skills and musical muscles the band has become known for in a way that crosses over to fans of modern rock, hip-hop, and dance music. Their collective influences include Skillet, Shinedown, Nickleback, and Breaking Benjamin and are mixed with positive energy and a whole lot of family talent. PAR~A~DIGM is geared up to promote Price of Loyalty and take this new music to the world. The group will continue to perform in all manner of venues and make personal appearances to connect its message to its ever-expanding community of fans and continue to build its relationship with them, sharing life, love, and experience together. It's all the relationships involved that make PAR~A~DIGM special, with fans and followers and with each other as bonded family members. The groove, harmony, and connections are strong and genuine, just like their religion. One listens and you, as well, will know it's true.

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