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Gainesville, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Gainesville, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2015




"Part Native Part Native’s Latest Release is a Straight Trap Banger"

We’ve got a banger for you just in time for the weekend. Part Native’s new original “Booty Dew” kicks off in a big way and keeps the action going from beginning until end. It’s the perfect track to get the party hopping as it’s booming percussion and crazy synths bring the energy to get people up on the dance floor. Peep it below and grab that free download so you can show your friends what’s up this weekend. - Run The Trap

"Florida Duo Part Native’s “Booty Dew” Will Be Your Weekend Banger"

You need to add this insane trap banger to your collection. Part Native destroys the entire scene with this one. When I first heard this, I was like RIP speakers everywhere. Part Native may be new to your ears, but they have been burning up the internet with their fire remixes and continuous flow of dope content. “Booty Dew” could easily be in a Mountain Dew commercial with Lexy Panterra twerking. DJs, you are going to want to have this in your set for that let loose moment of the night. Grab your copy for free and let’s start the weekend tonight. -

"Part Native unleash dub-infused trap track "Booty Dew" to boost your weekend"

Originating from Gainesville, Florida, Part Native is a duo to be on the lookout for. The soon to breakout artist has received support from some massive names including Diplo, CRNKN and Graves. Most recently, the producer has added to the slew of "Purple Lambo" remixes by EDM king Skrillex and Rick Ross. Their Soundcloud library consists of more than just some banging remixes, but additionally expands to some heavily loaded originals. What's certain about their crafted sound is an undeniable grit and attitude in it's spacey 808's. - EARMILK

"Part Native - Booty Dew"

Gainesville, FL duo Part Native’s “Booty Dew” is set to break the net this week. With support from Diplo, CRNKN, Graves and more, the boys have all the momentum to have a breakout year. After only one year together, Part Native’s David Hall and Tripp Churchill and have created a wake in the dance music scene. This new single is anything but calm and will be heard in sets throughout the remainder of festival season.

The talented duo has mentioned that they are sitting on an EP worth of material and will be ramping up the release of these creations over the coming months. Bass music has quickly consumed 2016 and “Booty Dew” couldn’t have been released at a better time. Add this amplified trap original to your collection for maximum energy. - EDMTunes

"Part Native - Booty Dew"

The weekend may be over but this one will turn your Monday [or Sunday] evening all the way up! Gainesville, FL based production and DJ duo Part Native dropped “Booty Dew” last week and the trap banger has already accumulated support from Diplo, CRNKN, Graves + others. Keep these dudes on your radar, peep the latest below now; - EDM Sauce

"Part Native’s Banger “Booty Dew” Embodies The Rager Side Of Florida"

An up and coming duo based out of Gainesville, Florida are turning up the heat in sunshine state. “Booty Dew” is a banger and has caught the eye of a few heavy hitters. Diplo, CRNKN, graves are a few who have praised the duos releases.

The tune embodies several classic club-trap traits, specifically, changing the rhythm to half-time at the right moments, a wild and out there melody, and a trippy sample that pops up when the time is right.

If Part Native’s keep up with and expands on this pattern up producing substantial trap people pleasers and garnering big DJ support, good tiding are bound to come their way. -

"Orange & Blue Magazine"

It was a normal day for high school
teens David Hall and Tripp Churchill.
While some students unwind from the
stresses of the day at the park or under the
covers napping at home, Hall and Churchill
are drawn to music. To them, making music
with a laptop and their creative spirit in
Hall’s room was all they needed to end the
All they wanted to do was create music.
Hall’s music producing skills and Churchill’s
disk jockey mixing talents came together,
and they planned how they could become
one sound while fusing their passions for
electronic dance music. The young duo is
currently working to establish themselves in
Gainesville’s EDM community.
Hall got an early start working on what
he believes will be his career. He aspires
to become the next big name in the EDM
world. At just 16, Hall was invested
in producing music, but he struggled
balancing his academics at Buchholz High
School. He was more passionate about
music production than studying and doing
Hall, now 18, walked at his graduation
ceremony in May, but he is still working on
completing one more high school credit. He
decided to take a break between high school
and college to focus on music, and he is
enrolled at Santa Fe College for the spring
2016 semester.
In the meantime, Hall started producing
original work under online creative common
licensing, which enables people to use his
songs as long as they credit him for his
Hall explained that he was successful
under the artist name Jallacy. From 2013
to 2014, he said his songs were used in
a variety of videos across the Web, from
skydiving experiences to a tribute video of
Paul Walker’s passing. Hall said his dubstep
songs were becoming more popular on the
Though Hall was advancing with his music
online, he wanted to improve his workflow.
He needed to be able to put his ideas onto
the screen and learn the essentials as quickly
as possible. So he decided to make the
challenging switch from a PC to a MacBook,
where software and hardware differed.
But because he wanted to progress as an
artist, he knew the challenge would pay
off. Hall said MacBooks have a higher
processing speed, which allowed him to
generate and compile music demos. The
MacBook advanced his ability to work with
Even with these technological advances,
Hall envisioned his music career becoming
bigger than just having people on the
Internet use his songs in videos. Remixing
a song with his school friend Churchill was
the first step in their natural partnership as a
musical duo.
Churchill,18, was inspired by dubstep
music in eighth grade and began creating
music using beat-making software for
rappers. He liked what hip-hop had to offer
musically, and that influenced him to create
Hall and Churchill aspire to be the next
superstars of the EDM community under
the name Part Native. It took the relatively
inexperienced artists months to figure out
a duo name that truly represented both
members' identities.
“Eventually I thought of the word nativity,”
Hall said. “We both have Cherokee lineage.”
Churchill added, “Then I figured, ‘Hey let’s
just be Part Native because you’re (Hall)
part Native (American).”’
Creating new beats together came naturally
to Hall and Churchill. They have been
friends since 2013 and meshing their sounds
together was easy. Every now and then
they log in to YouTube and search for their
inspiration in the music scene: Zeds Dead,
an EDM duo.
One video the two often watch is Zeds
Dead’s 2014 multi-city New Year’s Eve tour.
Hall and Churchill said this video
of Zeds Dead rocking the stage and
touring the country is a constant
reminder of what they aspire to be.
The duo scoped out Gainesville for any
venue that it could play music at. But
like any new artist trying to get a foot
in the door, they spent a lot of time self promoting
and finding local gigs.
Part Native makes original songs in the
realm of dubstep—a genre with heavy
rhythms in basslines—and trap—a
genre characterized by aggressive sound
from 808 kick drums and triple-time
Part Native’s most useful tool to
date has been the Internet. Using
its SoundCloud account, which has
around 4,000 followers, Part Native
is able to update its fans with its
latest EDM tracks and also become
discoverable to labels.
Focusing on dubstep and trap genres,
a Part Native song is a mix of different
sounds. Songs like “Condor” and
“Venture” have a melodic sound with
some aggressive trap. The duo considers
their tracks like “Crusade” and “Till
I’m Drunk” hype, party songs with a
cinematic vibe.
This has given Hall and Churchill
enough exposure that minor record
labels have offered them a contract, but
they respectfully denied. They don’t
want to be limited and controlled about
how to create their music and don’t
want a label to change their musicmaking
habits. They will wait until
the right label comes around—one with a higher reputation or respect for
the artist’s direction in producing an
original track.
Just when Part Native began to reveal
itself to Gainesville’s EDM community,
it was contacted by a Gainesville native
who could give it an opportunity for
more exposure in the near future.
Les Voss, the co-founder of Over
Easy Creative, invited Part Native to
play at the Over Easy Festival at The
Jam in October. Hall and Churchill
staged their own set that lasted about
50 minutes. The lineup included other
artists from highly respected record
“They just have a very unique sound,
and they’re young,” Voss said. “They
just graduated high school, and they’ve
got a very good ear and taste. I think
that’s going to carry them far with
a little bit of experience and getting
accustomed to things.”
Arthur Leforestier, the other cofounder
of Over Easy Creative, said he
and Voss began hosting shows because
they were tired of the same old scene at
clubs for DJs. They wanted to highlight
artists in a distinctive fashion that
heightened the fan experience at an
event, rather than the norm of standing
in a corner of a nightclub scene.
“People weren’t happy with what they
were getting,” Voss said. “When people
are exposed to our event and in our
festival in particularly, it’s hard to walk
in and not be blown away by the lights,
sounds, smells.”
This breakthrough opened the doors in
the EDM community for Part Native.
The Over Easy Festival was Hall and
Churchill’s first time playing in front of
a large crowd on a stage bursting with
colorful lights.
“Definitely the fact we played music
we loved and had people dancing to it
felt great and very inspiring,” Hall said.
Part Native still aspires to play like
Zeds Dead, who creates a hyped
environment where crowds get rowdy
and form mosh pits.

“We’re still trying to find our signature
sound. We’re just experimenting with
different stuff,” Churchill said.
Hall added, “(Fans) just being able to
enjoy and getting the chills, like having
the time of their life to something I
made myself is just an unbelievable
feeling I want to feel.” - Lawrence Laguna

"Part Native & Molly Brennan make a statement with Venture"

At a glance this may seem like the same traditional dub inspired vocal track you’d expect of an early Adventure Club, but there’s a distinct and refreshing charm this team offers that is uncommon to say the least. Florida duo, Part Native with the help of vocalist Molly Brennan earn their place as contenders in what many would consider an over-saturated market. Where most producers rely on prominent vocal processing, Part Native made some bold and ultimately rewarding choices. Though vocal sampling is still very much in play, we have the pleasure of enjoying a rare natural vocal showcase throughout the verses. One of several recent releases, this is one act your day would be well spent getting to know. P.S. This is available for FREE DOWNLOAD, enjoy! - Daylight Campers

"Oh Wonder – All We Do (Part Native remix)"

Part Native is a DJ/Producer duo from Gainesville, Florida producing and remixing mostly dubstep and trap music, Part Native is currently working on their new upcoming album soon to be announced.
Releasing this awesome energetic dubstep remix of ‘Oh Wonder – All We Do‘, Part Native not only remixed a beautiful mellow song into a vibrant melodic dubstep song but has also been creating a buzz in the EDM community with their other electronic dance music originals and remixes. - Edm Ranks


Still working on that hot first release.



Members David and Tripp are both of Native American descent, which led them create the moniker Part Native. Their musical output is a direct reflection of their love for Future Bass, Hybrid and Trap. The duo pride themselves on making heavy bass kicks, dirty snares, aggressive high-hat patterns and crisp & amp; clean flutes, all of which are components of their signature Cherokee Trap sound. In less than a year, the duo has amassed over 18,000 followers on Soundcloud with over 2,000,000 plays, over 3,000,000 plays on Youtube, radio play on Sirius XM's Jacked Radio (Afrojack), BBC Radio 1 Diplo & Friends, BBC Radio 1 xtra, BBC Radio Bristol, Beats 1 Radio, and had the opportunity to mix live on the longest running dance station in the US, Seattle's C89.5. The duo has also received support from top tier artists like Afrojack, Diplo, The Chainsmokers, Flosstradamus, NGHTMRE, SLANDER, Uberjak'd, 4B, Party Favor, Herobust, Luminox, DJ CRAZE, graves, and many others. Every song they've released has captured the attention of everyone who has heard them. With so much success in such a short time, Part Native is destined to be a household name in the industry. 

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