Patty Hall

Patty Hall

San Diego, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | INDIE

San Diego, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2003
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter





by Katie Kowsh

Call her a singer-songwriter, history teacher, guitarist, poet, banjo player, or author, Patty Hall has earned all of these distinctions.

In her newest album, JUST BE GLAD!, Hall sews together 13 tracks from her bountiful quilt of life experiences. This ever-versatile artist sings about topics ranging from a tribute to Amelia Earhart to failed relationships.

Hall is confident in her musical convictions — what she’s learned what and who she is. The overwhelming impression on this album is that she is just having a hoot doing what she loves to do. You can feel her joy and hear her smile through the wire. Her voice is added with wisdom, making her sound comfortable enough to just let it all hang out. And, through that, she is able to put others at ease too. The best part is that she isn’t too busy to stop and share what’s on her mind with whomever will listen.

In addition to performing at local San Diego coffeehouses, Hall also gives workshops and lectures. She’s also got some impressive supporters. Lou Curtiss writes, “I first heard Patty Hall sometime in the early 1970s and immediately booked her for a concert series I was doing at Folk Arts Records, my store in San Diego. Her original songs were clear (still are) and she also played traditional and old-timey music.”

A fourth-generation California native, Hall was more than qualified to call herself the “Native Daughter of the Golden West.” She recalls what it was like to leave her California home for Nashville in 1975 to pursue an internship at the Country Music Foundation. It begins with an effortlessly graceful kind of acoustic arpeggio that warms listeners up for lyrics and a delivery that’s just as thoughtful and seamless. Hall longingly sings, "Far across the valley - far as the eye can see / looking to the hills – the hills of Tennessee/ I swear I saw an ocean – It was shining in the sun / where the state of Alabama ought to be.

These days Hall is back in San Diego sharing what she’s learned during her 25 years away. Whether it’s a documentation of her longing for the land she loves, living an organic lifestyle, or giving a history lesson about life “back in the olden times,” Hall entertains, teaches and keeps it real. Her “tell it like it is” clarity and candid nature is like a welcome mat on the doorstep of her brain, inviting friends to stick around a while.





Reviewed by Allen Singer

In some distant corner of one of those soon-to-be-gone music stores, in between show tunes and spoken word CD albums, you might still find a children’s section with discounted, overly
dusty, but still in alphabetical order children’s CDs. There might be some wonderful children’s song collections there and Patty Hall’s new CD would be a perfect addition to any child’s home library of songs.

JUMP ON UP! is a joy for both children and adults. It’s a 12-track musical surprise consisting of five of Patty’s original children’s songs, six American traditional tunes, and an excellent original tune called “Little Dancers” by Jason Weiss. The folk songs all lend a sense of continuity and provide a historical grounding for her CD. Knowing Patty, this is not an accident of musical roulette with the tracks or style, but a way of enriching what children and even adults hear. The CD welcomes children in and invites adults to join them in a quality music experience. JUMP ON UP! provides kids with a wake-up call to be yourself and appreciate who you are. It’s a CD with a beat and a distinct rhythm, providing a musical place
where kids’ differences and similarities can be universally appreciated.

The CD starts out with “Wrinkly Knee Blues,” a song played as a Chicago-style blues tune that lyrically points out the uniqueness of each of us while giving voice to our own little quirks. Patty has definitely moved on with this CD by adding blues to her trunk full of musical styles. Whether doing old traditional tunes or her own wonderfully written songs, Patty performs heartfelt music. Her award-winning song, “Raggedy Candy Heart,” is a complex but heartwarming song that feels very real. Patty Hall really is Raggedy Ann! In fact, she has written many books about the doll, her adventures, and her stories.

The old traditional tunes on the CD showcase Patty’s core as a musician who is dedicated to the very roots of American string music and her special talent as a banjo player, vocalist and guitarist. Patty plays “The Keeper,” an old camp that brought me back to when I was a kid away from home at summer camp, enjoying the comfort of a great group sing around the campfire.

JUMP ON UP! is comforting, educational, and musically diverse. Unlike many children’s musical CDs, it’s not condescending or overly commercialized. Adults can learn a thing or two by giving this children’s CD a listen. You’ll definitely shake your tail feathers to this wonderful collection of timeless music.



• LAY YOUR BURDEN DOWN (CD) (Native Daughter Records NDR-1003) TO BE RELEASED 2012

• JUMP ON UP! (CD) (Native Daughter Records NDR-1002) Released 2008

• JUST BE GLAD! (CD) (Native Daughter Records NDR-1001) Released 2005

• THOMAS HART BENTON: THE SOURCES OF COUNTRY MUSIC (DVD, VHS of award-winning documentary film by John Altman) estured artist on soundtrack. Released 1976.




Patty Hall has entertained audiences for more than six
decades with her eclectic mix of folk, country, blues and original songs,
played on 5-string banjo, guitar and National steel slide guitar.

Patty's first loves are traditional, old-timey American folk
music, traditional country music and historical blues.  Over the years, she has built a repertoire of
that includes her favorites from those genres as well as her tradition-inspired
original music.  Drawing on her
university training as a folklorist, Patty provides engaging history and background
during her performances, bringing each song rendition to life.

From performances in the early days of the San Diego Folk
Festival to numerous appearances in more recent years at Adams Avenue Roots
Festivals and Adams Avenue Unplugged, Patty's musical career reflects her
devotion to local and regional  traditional

Patty has also appeared at many Southern California music
venues, including Nate's Garden Grill, Folkey Monkey, Just Java, and Rebecca's
Coffee House, and has performed at music gatherings and festivals, including the
Poway Train Song Festival, Sam Hinton Memorial Folk Festival, Pine Valley Days,
and Wieghorst Museum Western Music Festival.

In 2023, Patty was a contributor to “Recordially Yours, Lou
Curtiss,” a documentary produced and directed by Yale Strom and Elizabeth Schwartz.

Patty has three recordings on Native Daughter Records:  "Just Be Glad," "Jump On
Up!," and (in production) "Lay Your Burden Down.

CONTACT:, 858-449-6010



• Adams Avenue Roots & Folk Festival (San Diego)

• Adams Avenue Street Fair (San Diego)

• Sam Hinton Folk Festival (San Diego)

• Poway Train Song Festival (San Diego)

• Berkeley Old-Time Fiddler’s Convention (CA)

• Calabasas Pumpkin Festival (CA)

• Fresno Folk Festival (CA)

• KPFK American Folk Fair (CA)

• National Women's Music Festival (IL)

• Original Raggedy Ann & Andy Festival (IL)

• San Diego Folk Festival (CA)

• Tennessee Grassroots Days (TN)

• UCLA Folk Festival (CA)

• UC-Santa Cruz Folk Festival (CA)


• San Diego Folk Heritage (CA)

• Fresno Friends of Folk Music (CA)

• Hudson Guild Theater (NYC)

• Moorpark College (CA)

• College of the Redwoods (CA)


• Exit/Inn (Nashville)

• Claire de Lune - SDSAI (San Diego)

• Folk Arts (San Diego)

• Ice House (Pasadena, CA)

• McCabes (Santa Monica)

• Phranks-n-Steins (Nashville)

• Seventh Seal (Los Angeles)


• Belle Meade (TN)

• The Hermitage (TN)

• Indiana Historical Society (IN)

• South Bend Antiquarian Society (IN)

• Travellers’ Rest Historic Site (TN)


• Barnes & Noble (stores in CA, IL, IN, OH, KY)

• Borders Books & Music (stores in CA, IL, IN, OH, KY)

• FAO Schwarz (NYC)

• Storyopolis Books (CA)


• Barry Olivier’s Guitar Workshop (CA)

• California Institute of the Arts (CA)

• Country Music Hall of Fame (TN)

• Middle Tennessee State University (TN)

• National Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Storytelling

• Sweets Mill Folk Music Camp (CA)


• KALW-FM “Michael Johnson Show” (San Francisco)

• KPFK-FM “Folkscene with Howard & Roz Larman" (Los Angeles)

• WFYI-FM “Standing Room Only" (Indianapolis)

• WLAC-AM “The Les Jameson Show" (Nashville)

• WPLN-FM “Rebecca Bain” (Nashville)

• WFXW-FM “Joy Wagner” (Illinois)

CONTACT:, 858-449-6010