Pebbles of Rain

Pebbles of Rain

New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2022

New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States
Established on Jan, 2022
Band Americana Indie




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Pebbles of Rain plays eclectic acoustic music with deep roots and long branches that reach out toward many genres. Sometimes we also break out the shovel and break new ground free of all genre confines. No matter how far we stray though, there is an underlying love, respect, and experience with traditional music that informs the band's sensibilities. 

We are all multi-instrumentalists and we were all independent songwriters before we came together. Jeff Angeley (fiddle, vocals, accordion, bass, banjo) has spent decades playing Old Time Appalachian music, but began his musical journey in garage rock bands, studied jazz in college, and has been a songwriter for rock, jazz, Americana, and folk acts. Samantha Babineau (fiddle, vocals, piano, ukulele) has the nuance of Celtic fiddle under her belt, a voice that's paradoxically soft and powerful, and she also writes songs with an indie flair and a distinct mysticism to them. Christian Camarao (banjo, glockenspiel, guitar, vocals) is a traditional banjo player, an arranger of strings and horns for other acts, and a minimalist Classical composer at the same time. Steven Brum (guitar, bass, saxophone) is an intuitive musician if ever there was one and knows how to be the primary guitar player of a band that sometimes needs a guitar to all out strum, but sometimes could use a horn section, string melody, percussion played on the strings, or loose soundscapes that motion on other instruments can be built on top of. 

Individually, the members of band have extensive live playing experience in concert venues, clubs, and festivals in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and South. That includes shows at Doc Watson's Sugar Grove Festival in NC, The Narrows Center for the Arts and New Bedford Folk Festival in Massachusetts, Bear on the Square Festival in Georgia, and Bluebird Cafe in Nashville Tn.

Pebbles of Rain is yet another case for the whole being more than the sum of its parts, even in light of our aforementioned individual accomplishments and skills. We love playing together, bring out the best in one another's playing, and bring that energy to our audiences. Every bio tells you the performer's back story, their impression of what they sound like, and their most recognizable achievements. Ultimately though, what matters is this: can the band deliver live. We can say with absolute confidence, we can and do, and look forward to making music for you and the people at your venue. The recordings you'll find here were recorded live (in studio). This is what we actually sound like. There are no extra instruments dubbed in, no edit, just the real deal.

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