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Union City, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Union City, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative




"Plastiq Passion : Girls Rock!"

Plastiq Passion is rockin’ the house from New York to Los Angeles. This girly group is a fun, female foursome formed in 2004 in New York City. Legend has it that these lyrical ladies named their group after a Cure composition (changing one letter).

Their original roster consisted of Jessica Chaos (vocals and guitar), Stacey Lee (drums and vocals), Deborrah Sanchez (lead guitar) and Susan Therancy (bass and vocals). It wasn’t long before this band o’ babes was writing and performing their own material at such popular places as CBGB's, Arlene's Grocery, Fat Baby's, Trash Bar, Galapagos, The Hook, The Whiskey Bar, Iron Monkey, Maxwell's and The Mercury Lounge.

In 2006 they would take a break from live gigs long enough to write and record a 6-track EP titled I Can't Wait. With a running time of over 25 minutes, the work included such songs as the title track “I Can’t Wait” and the rockin’ slightly angry “Ghost”. Their high energy live gigs had actually just begun as they resumed touring to promote their music.

In fact, their 2008 cross-country tour even included a stop in California. The gal group found themselves quite taken with San Diego and especially L.A. "We all found love in Los Angeles. We partied, we slept in the van outside of Santa Monica Beach and witnessed a breathtaking sunset, and I even got pooped on by a seagull. They say that's good luck, right?" smiled drumming doll Stacey Lee.

Their popularity would grow after the tour and they would continue to perform live as well as write new material. Their most recent recording, their full-length indie debut is the 2010 To Be A Blade Of Grass In Cracked Cement. Inspired by such other acts as Sleater-Kinney, Interpol and The Strokes, these tuneful tootsies have come up with a signature sound that features vivacious vocals, good guitar hooks and oft’times driving dance beats.

This nine-track CD opens with “Girl”. Not to be confused with The Beatles’ 1965 song of the same name, "Girl" is a catchy cut complete with a noteworthy drumbeat and synthesizers as well as a pop-punk guitar riff, this one provided the work with a good start. The second selection is “I.D.K.” This one is vaguely reminiscent of music form the 1950s but still somehow fits in here.

The following tracks, “Tragic (Just Like Me)” and “I Said” are slightly more serious but don’t bog the album down but rather reflect another aspect of the girls’ songwriting abilities. (When listening to live performances of "I Said" your randy writer could have sworn the chrous was something like "Put it in me" and not "Wouldn't it be" but it's probably just a case of too much work and not enough play or yours truly has ears like Pete Townsend after attending too many concerts or maybe it's just wishful thinking.)

At any rate, these wild women continue to express themselves with a more acoustic piece titled “Hawaii”. “Angel” is a slightly melancholy cut that is highlighted by some interesting compositional moments including a memorable change in the lead guitar line that stands as yet another bit of foreshadowing regarding the gals’ future. The next number is the quite quick-shuffling “Not Long Ago”. This is the “Critic’s Choice” here.

After all, how can you go wrong with lyrics like: “Not long ago/When I was seventeen/I made out for the first time/With a beautiful drag queen/Now I know this may sound a little strange/Believe me when I say that the taste was oh so/Oh so sweet”? There just aren’t enough good alternative transvestite tunes out there.

An encore inclusion off their initial EP the above-mentioned “I Can’t Wait” follows. “I Can’t Wait” features what the band calls “gang vocals” by Jamie Lee, Jessie DuBois, Samantha Rivas, Erika Perez and Frances Gonzales. It’s followed by another brooding bit named “Alright!”. While some claim these “have the feel of alt rock whose time has passed”, in truth they are merely evidence of how the ladies love their influences.

It’s interesting that quite often the lyrical content while not always focused on a totally unheard of (relationships, love) subject is quite often more than what one would expect from the inspiring genre . The tunes are also often good, guitar-driven cuts not totally unlike Rilo Kiley drawn from individualistic perspectives. They generally seem to be heartfelt yet still enjoyable songs regardless of the specific tune’s topic.

Plastiq Passion quite often succeeds at mashing up older, inspirational genres with their own modern day take on music. The album has already reached an audience as it has been in regular rotation on radio stations such as New York City’s 101.9 RXP since its release. This full-length debut disc has even been credited for getting the girls gigs opening for acts such as The Cult and Dramarama.

Plastiq Passion’s current line-up includes Christine Simon who recently replaced Therancy on bass as they continue to tour in support of the album. In fact, these musical missies have a goal “to play every single rock venue” in the country from New York to “Hawaii” with their fans already crying out: “Alright!” “I Can’t Wait”. -

"Local Noise : Plastiq Passion"

“I would say if The Cure and Sleater-Kinney had a baby, and then that baby grew up and maybe drank too much one night and ended up having a threesome with Rilo Kiley and a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack, and somehow a baby was born of that… we would be that baby!” exclaims Jessica Chaos, describing the sound of Plastiq Passion. The group is as intense as Jessica is while playing rhythm guitar and handling lead vocals, and they have developed quite a reputation and following due to their energetic live shows.

As the band will tell you, you can take everything you think you know about all-girl bands and throw it out the window when it comes to Plastiq Passion. They’ve rocked audiences across the country, as well as at prestigious local venues such as the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, the Stone Pony and the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, Maxwell’s in Hoboken, and the Mercury Lounge in New York City.

Jessica is joined in the band by drummer Stacey Lee, lead guitarist Deborrah Sanchez and bassist Christine Simon. “We’re based in New York City and the surrounding area,” explains Stacey. “Christine and I are from Staten Island, represent! Deborrah is in Brooklyn, and Jessica is the odd man out over in New Jersey. The band, however, is not limited to a certain location. We mostly play in the Tri-State Area, it’s true, but in 2008 we drove all the way to Seattle and back, playing in venues all across the country.”

Their last album, To Be A Blade Of Grass In Cracked Cement, was in 101.9 RXP’s rotation after its 2010 release, and has gotten stellar reviews. That’s led to opening slots for groups such as The Cult and Dramarama. Songs that have garnered strong audience reactions include “Girl,” ”Alright,” and “I Can’t Wait.” Christine adds a few that the band likes to perform. “I love to play ‘Not Long Ago’ and ‘Better Run,’” she says. “They both have fun basslines and catchy lyrics.”

Plastiq Passion first got together in an interesting way, according to Jessica. “The band got together on a cold, rainy night,” she relates. “The kinda rainy night you wanna dance around in—naked! Well, actually I think we all pretty much found each other through the internet.”

Musically, the group comes from a background of similar tastes. “We have a bunch of musical influences,” says Christine. “The Cure, of course. That’s where our band name comes from. Joy Division, Gang Of Four, RX Bandits, The Cramps and Sleater-Kinney to name a few.”

The songs are very much developed through collaboration, which adds to the cohesive sound the group has developed. “Our songs are generally written one of two ways,” Stacy says. “Either it’s born out of a wicked jam session during one of our weekly practices, or one of us will come to practice with the layout for a potential song and then we’ll work on it together to get the sound we’re looking for. It’s mostly the other three that come up with the song ideas. All’s I do is play the drums and not-so-silently judge them. Each song is definitely a group effort, though.”

The cohesion also developed through the shared mutual experience of driving across the country in a van together, playing wherever and whenever they could. “When we were on tour we slept in a tiny van, piled on top of each other, and at one point, we didn’t shower for 10 days,” remembers Deborrah. “Thank the gods for Febreze! We had a kickass time driving cross-country and rocking out. Quite the bonding experience.”

While they’ve accomplished a lot in their relatively short tenure, they are certainly not resting on their laurels. “We are currently getting ready to record our second album,” says Christine. “We are super excited to get our new music out to the public. As far as shows, we’re gearing up for another year of playing as many shows as we can. With places like California, Texas, Brooklyn and Hawaii set in our sights, who knows where we’ll end up this year. One thing’s for sure—I can’t wait!” Deborrah actually has a simpler plan as far as the immediate future. “To rock you, period!” she says.

For more information about Plastiq Passion, including their upcoming shows and new album, To Be A Blade Of Grass In Cracked Cement, check out - Aquarian Weekly

"Indie Music Stop"

Plastiq Passion is an all-girl, new wave/rock band made up of members from the NYC/NJ areas. These girls aren't just "eye candy;" they kick ass with their music. I Can't Wait is a six-song EP that's overflowing with eighteen minutes of music filled with driving guitar parts and thud-sounding drum work. You'll also find some really strong bass work, taking over control of the tempos driving the songs. The song's topics deal mostly with relationship issues, in a down-and-dirty way. The band has played at NYC/NJ hot spots like CBGB's, The Whiskey Bar, and The Monkey Inn, sharpening their musical teeth. If the band can continue to produce music like I found on I Can't Wait, they'll have a bright musical future ahead of them. This is an up and coming band that you should keep your eyes on. - C.W. Ross

"NJ Palisade Magazine"

One band not afraid to pour its heart and soul into every performance is Union City-based Plastiq Passion. Many of their songs are a cross between The Cure and the darker side of other Brit-pop bands, tied together with a slight punk edge - Eric Zeman

"BeerCan Records"

Plastiq Passion - "I Can't Wait" EP - This kind of sounds like the Police (long before Sting started writing shitty music and and bragging about tantrically-fucking his wife) tantrically-fucking P.J. Harvey. Or maybe the emotional aftermath of Sting tantrically-fucking P.J. Harvey somehow captured on audio tape? I don't know. There is definitely something cool going on here. A very controlled, but intense, vibe running through this whole EP. Never speeding up for speed's sake, yet never really throttling down. The whole effort is mesmerizing. I dig it, but find myself a little creeped out by the final lyric of the EP: "And I will look through all your stuff/ Just because iiiiiit's fun". Maybe, this one needs a few more listens. Or maybe not. Ah, the wonders of music. - BeerCan Records

"Big Takeover Magazine"

Six songs, full of Plastiq and Passion; the first track starts out with a wonderful little melody that brings memories of Fires in Cairo to the forefront, but the vocals, while still touching on that dark 1979 vibe, are definitely not Mr. Smith’s. They’re kind of more like a sexy smoky Chrissie Hynde with a shot of PJ Harvey. This here’s a four-girl band from New York, and the goth waving punk-stained songs are tied seductively to bands such as The Banshees, Joy Division, and Magazine—perhaps even a little Sex Gang Children. The Cure-ish bass lines definitely hit hard, but when mixed with the rest, this band manages to keep the punkiness sharp even when the mood is demanding a dark slow sway - Jack Rabid

"Today's New Band Plastiq Passion"

Plastiq Passion are from New York, and just as Sweden is the Mothership of jangly guitar pop, so NYC is the epicentre of guitar bands with urgency and guile. Their songs are direct and slightly anarchic. You'd want to be best friends with them, whilst being careful never give them your address.

Taut, driving, passive-aggressive rock song I Can't Wait is waiting for you in a dark corner, fingering a pool ball in a sock - you know, just in case. It's the sound of a band who are just about to burst out in a shock of noise and light, but don't because they want to keep you on your toes.

I Said is pleading and almost gentle, though the edge of danger is still there. Plastiq Passion's songs are simple, thrusting and sexy, somehow. Plastiq Passion can join the list of bands that make their British counterparts feel a bit inadequate, because they can't carry off cool quite so effortlessly, and end up looking like try-hard crazies. (Hello, again, to Jonny Borrell from Razorlight). A nice, look-over-your-shoulder way to end the year. Listen to them here!


I Can't Wait EP - plastiq passion
To Be A Blade Of Grass In Cracked Cement LP - plastiq passion

Every Which Way LP - plastiq passion



Take everything you think you know about girl bands and throw it out the window because Plastiq Passion rocks out like no other. Their energetic and passionate live show continues to create quite a buzz amongst concert goers in New York City as well as nation-wide, ever since their 2008 cross-country tour. Their newest album To Be a Blade of Grass in Cracked Cement has been in regular rotation on New York City's only modern rock station 101.9 RXP since its release in 2010 and continues to garner excellent reviews which opened the door for them to open up for such notable acts as The Cult, The Misfits, Dramarama, Girl In A Coma, Tegan and Sara. Plastiq Passion is made up of the enigmatic Jessica Chaos on vocals, the quiet but wise Deborrah Sanchez on lead guitar, the rather tall Christine Simon on bass, and the animal Stacey Lee on drums. Collectively they have a goal to play every single rock venue in America (and also the world) including, but not limited to, your basement. So keep a look out for these four hardcore momma-jamma's and don't mess with them, because they have a black-belt in bar stools.

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