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Podunk Parliament

Denton, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Denton, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Folk Punk





Podunk Parliament is an anarcho acoustic punk band based out of the Dallas area. It’s no surprise we found Podunk in Deep Ellum; one of the top entertainment districts in the north Texas area, filled with live music and unique artists. Their distinctive sound and hard-truth lyrics are capturing fans around Dallas and beyond.

Band members: Dalton Garrick, Cub (Jacob) Moore, and Mike Trotter

Underlying theme/message you portray:

“Podunk’s theme changes. We sing and write about real struggles; to be a voice for ourselves and others. To speak up about oppression, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, addiction, depression, and anxiety. We want to stand up against issues in the world, and help anyone that might feel alone, hurt, or exploited.”

When/how did you start playing as a group?

“Dalton moved to Texas from Albuquerque, NM in 2015, and didn’t know many people in the area and started playing Open Mic Night at Buzz Brews in Dallas. Not long after, Dalton met Cub, who was running a house venue/recording studio in Denton called LiberDIY Records. Dalton played a show there, Deand Cub gave him a chance to record an album. Dalton didn’t have a name for his music yet, so when asked, the first thing that came to mind was Podunk Parliament. The name was a drunken joke made with an old friend from ABQ, and in November of 2015, they recorded their self-titled album. Cub started playing the washboard for Podunk during the summer of 2016, and Mike started booking the band at Dallas venues. In 2017, Mike started to play base of “Gut Bucket” for Podunk. Currently, Mike is on the bucket, Dalton is on the guitar, and Cub is now on drums.”

Why acoustic?

“Dalton was never good at the electric guitar, for one, and open mics were easiest for acoustic acts. Dalton wanted a folk feel, and punk driven music and lyrics. Plus, most equipment costs a lot of money, and money is hard to come by when your best attribute is music!”

Favorite show and why:

“Podunk played a show with the amazing Matt Pless summer of 2017 at LiberDIY Records. The show was done entirely on the roof of a house. Podunk also did a show in Dalton’s hometown spring of 2018, and played with Escape from the Zoo (which all Podunk band members love). In summer of 2018, Podunk also played with Days N Daze at the best venue in Dallas, Three Links.”

Favorite venue/crowd in DFW?

“Podunk’s lyrics are mostly political, and we sing about equality, anarchy, and hating all forms of control. We love the punk scene, and the DIY scene. Both have been so accepting, supportive, and encouraging. It’s our family, and home. Podunk isn’t too picky where we play; we’ve played at tire shops, basements, bars, houses, and garages. We’d play a show in your bathroom if you asked us to. But the one venue all punx in DFW will say is best, is of course Three Links.”

Favorite song and inspiration for it:

“Mike’s favorite song has been “Embrace” for some time. It’s also one of the longest songs Podunk has. And that’s where the line “Freedom is for Losers” comes from. That saying is about how most people viewed as ‘losers’ to the world are the ones really fighting against oppression, and want true freedom. Cub’s favorite song has been “Smells like Shit”, about all types of war. The song will appear on the new album, but was written when Cub joined the band. It was one of the first songs we learned together. Dalton’s favorite song is “Throwing Bricks and Politics and Pigs”. It really reflects the thoughts and feelings of what Podunk Parliament represents.”

Albums/release dates:

“Dalton’s solo self-titled album was released January of 2016, and in summer of 2017 ‘Freedom is for Losers’ was released. The second album features Cub on washboard and Nick Allen on bass, all recorded and mastered by Cub at LiberDIY Records. We have an album that is close to being finished with a target summer 2019 release date, called “Nothing Left”. This will feature all three members of the band, and now have drums included.”

Evolution of your music since your first release?

“The music has changed a lot. Started with just Dalton on a guitar, and has slowly become more by adding more members and dynamics in the vocals. It will always be changing regardless. As long as we keep growing and changing, so will the music.”

Tell us about Shooting Tsars:

“Shooting Tsars is a project that Cub started in 2017, and was originally Hip Hop Karate Swing Dance. The name has changed a few times. It’s a mix of ska, punk, metal, jazz, and kind of hard to describe. Dalton joined the band doing vocals in 2018, Cub plays guitar, Randal Day is on bass, Nick Allen on drums, and Kane Greasy as the second guitarist. It’s a lot of fun, and if you enjoy Podunk, you might also like Shooting Tsars.”

Where are you going from here?

“It’s hard to know. We want to make music together. It’s something we try to do every week. Playing shows, making friends, helping others, and standing up for what we believe in. From here, hopefully more shows, more albums, and more fun ahead.” - Texas Inked


Nothing Left LP - September 2019
Freedom Is For Losers EP - July 2017
Podunk Parliament LP - November 2016



Podunk parliament is a three piece, anarcho acoustic punk band from Denton, TX.

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