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Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative Rock




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November - Music Connection Magazine

"“The River” by Post Paradise, Music Video Review"

Post Paradise have released a new music video for their song “The River,” off their upcoming EP, Bring It To Life (Side A), out October 13, 2015. “The River” is driven by heavy guitars and a single, unique string instrument that highlights the melody and gives the song a haunting effect. With relatable lyrics and great instrumentals, it’s easy to love the song. But music video for “The River” makes it even easier.

The music video focuses in on the band performing, individually, in a dark lit place while a mysterious woman dances. Every member gets their share of screen time, usually at the point of their song when their instrument is highlighted. In between everything going on, there’s a dancer slash aerialist. She’s meant to be the women that Post Paradise is singing about, and she represents the image perfectly. For as stunning as she is, both in looks and talent, she doesn’t get nearly enough screen time.

The video itself, directed by Hudson Bloom and Patrick Edmiston, switches between scenes and focus almost effortlessly. You feel like you can’t look away from it or you’ll miss something. It generates a sort of energy that perfectly matches “The River.” In addition, the highlight that it puts on the members and the instruments deepens the connection between the video and the song, as well as the connection between the fan and the band.

In the end, it’s a great video that matches a great song. Filled with visual gems that keep your eyes glued to your computer screen from beginning to end, you’ll want to watch the video over and over again. - Music Unlabeled

"No Ordinary single for POST PARADISE"

Let me introduce you to Post Paradise, an alternative rock band from Colorado, characterized by the presence of a cello player, Amy Morgan.

They are known in their area for their spectacular live performance that allowed them to open for acts such as Murder By Death, Twenty-One Pilots, Walk The Moon and Panic! at the Disco.

Post Paradise have two full-length albums and one EP under their belt and are currently wrapping up a new EP set to release in the fall of 2015.

The first single off the upcoming EP is Ordinary, recorded at Blasting Room Studios with Andrew Berlin (Rise Against, NOFX, As I Lay Dying). Ordinary is an anthemic power rock track made unique by the haunting melodies of the cello. It was officialy released yesterday, May 26, and you can stream it now on SoundCloud. - weChameleon

"Post Paradise - Track by Track Review"

Post Paradise is a cello driven alternative rock band from Fort Collins, Colorado. They play emotionally driven rock that is pulsed by dramatic musical compositions. Their new EP, Bring It To Life (Side A), features six awesome songs, and I'm here to walk you through each song, highlighting just what it is that makes this band so unique. Stream it while I walk you through it.

1. Generator: What makes this song so fun is the eerie atmosphere. This is an extremely dark track that really opens up the doors for what this band has to offer sonically. The cello weeps in the background alongside guitar chords and synced up drums. The vocals are soft but catchy in the way they are delivered. It's a very melancholy approach accented by wandering and vibrant instrumentals.

2. Ordinary: This was the first track I ever heard from the band and I think it is the one that best captures the band's sound. It's upbeat and groovy as hell, featuring wonderfully timed stop and go guitar progressions that just force you to nod your head along. The drums are tenacious, giving the whole track an urgent and great vibe. The cello really plays along by skating alongside the chords in just as quick and abrasive of a manner as the rest of the band. Also, listen closely to that fucking awesome bass line that bellows beneath the instruments. This song ends tastefully as well with an explosion of energy.

3. Four Years: This song is composed more like a soft rock ballad, and it's a nice change of pace from the first two songs. This song sounds lighter and full of joy. My favorite part of the track is the snare drum constantly rolling about in the pre-chorus. The half time bridge was a clever touch as well, really showcasing how inventive the group is in song structure. They make sure the parts are delivered slightly different each time to keep things fresh.

4. The River: I snickered at how dark the opening melody is, snicker might be a bad word to use. Shit, ugh, how do I put it? What I mean is I had an evil grin listening to this track, the entire time. The song is exceedingly ominous and could score along side a short horror flick. What's even better is the lyrical content discusses quite a dark story. This song has the feel of that cool, long haired-dude in a leather jacket with a burning cigarette in his mouth. The vocals are a little drowned in out by the rest of the instruments, but I think it's just the mixing, it kind of adds to the haunting presence anyways.

5. All There Is: This song sounds like a combination of tracks 2 and 4 here. It's a ballad of some sort with this dark minor key sound. The stripped down guitars in the beginning work well here instead of constantly bashing your ear with the power chords the entire time. Instead the guitar plucks are winding around a soft cello melody that mimics the vocal melody. The pause at the end as the words "I'll sing it all for you" are delivered reminds me of the way Max Bemis always has to be dramatic in his delivery, which is awesome.

6. Flux Errant: This is exactly the song I wanted to hear. This instrumental weaves a sinister piano melody with a graceful cello melody and the outcome is tremendous.

You can pick up the EP on iTunes or wherever it is you purchase music from. - The Alternative

"Post Paradise ‘Bring It To Life (Side A)’"

Post Paradise

Bring It To Life (Side A)


4 out of 5 Stars

Alternative power pop isn’t known for it’s restraint. The driving rhythms and resounding choruses tend to take any delicate moments and throttle them wide open. But Fort Collins’ alt-rockers Post Paradise live for the subtlety, and by design are better equipped to capture it than other groups in their basic genre. It’s the presence of cellist Amy Morgan’s haunting, classical accompaniment that gives Post Paradise that ability. But on Bring It To Life, just as it’s been on past releases for the group, they don’t lean all of the focus on Morgan’s cello, but instead use it sparingly, so that when it’s there it’s noticed. On stage Morgan might be up front, next to guitarist/vocalist Nick Duarte, but in the studio it’s Duarte who takes the main focus, with soaring modern rock vocals and punchy guitar riffs. Morgan floats in and out, sometimes just adding minute details of color, and other times taking over the musical canvas, but never for too long. When she does finally grab and hold the center spotlight on the album’s closing track, “Flux Errant” it’s easy to wonder if Side B of this collection, due in 2016, will further capitalize on that depth. - Marquee Magazine

"Post Paradise "The River" (Hudson Bloom and Patrick Edmiston of Phoco, dir.)"

Post Paradise just released the latest single, "The River" off of their new EP, Bring It To Life (Side A) due out October 13. "The River" is the follow up to their single, "Ordinary" which will aslo appear on the EP. Watch the video above.
Post Paradise
The River,
Hudson Bloom, Patrick Edmiston, Phoco
Director - Video Static

"Unsigned Band: Post Paradise New Music Critique"

Rated 7.8/10

As their name suggests, this Fort Collins,
CO fourpiece has a determinedly downcast vision of life and, in sensual singer Nick Starr Duarte, an ideal voice to bring that vision
to life. The band’s urgently brooding sound is not unfamiliar to ‘90s alt-rock fans, but
the inclusion of a mainstay cello on these songs gives each a modicum of distinction. “Generator” is the band at its best, a song whose performances and production are in 7 total sync. We wondered where the bottom end went in the otherwise energetic “Ordinary,” while the foreboding “The Rover” has an eerily fetching atmosphere that we’d like to hear in a film or TV show. There’s lots of skill and finesse at work in this band, who’ll certainly please the Gloomy Guses out there. - Music Connection

"Interview with Post Paradise"

What is your band Post Paradise about? How did your group get started?

Nick: I had just moved to a new town, Fort Collins, CO after my old band broke up and I was getting the itch to start writing and playing music again. I think we started up at a time when things were really starting to explode in the area so it was a really supportive environment. I really just found everyone online or through friends. We’ve been through some rhythm section members but our lineup now is solid. We focus on writing songs we love to play and putting on the most enticing shows that we can. It’s as simple as that. We’re just building fans one day and one show at a time!

Who or what are your main influences and inspirations, both individually and as a band as a whole?

Nick: It really changes depending on what day you’re talking to me. There are bands and songs that I listened to over and over way back when that now I have no interest in. They got me to a certain point and I still love them, but I’ve kind of beaten it to death, you know? I’m always looking for new inspiration. That’s not to say that I’m looking for new things to copy, but it’s more the headspace that an amazing song can put you in. I love falling into that trap and just being taken over by something that surprises and amazes you. It can be so inspiring.

Talk about your song “The River”. Can you provide us with the lyrics and tell us what they mean, i.e. what was the inspiration? Is there a particular back-story?

Nick: There isn’t a particular back-story necessarily… I draw loosely on my own experiences and do my best to put that into words and melodies. “The River” is a really hopeful song despite its eerie tone. Imagine someone who just went through an experience where their whole relationship world was turned upside down. They felt they were drowning in it and didn’t know how, or even that they needed to escape. Now they’ve been lead out of that situation and shown something deeper and healthier, relationship-wise. That’s essentially the premise for the lyrics of the track.

I love the inclusion of distorted electric cello, as well as the sharp 4th scale degree—it gives the song a very unsettling atmosphere (definitely in a good way though!). Do you have any comments about those aspects of the song (if not already answered in the previous question)?

Nick: I love that the riff conveys a very uneasy and even creepy vibe at first. You’re not sure where it’s going to take you. I also like that it’s sort of counter-intuitive because the overall message of the song is actually very positive.

Talk about the video to “The River”. What is the artistic or metaphoric purpose of the inclusion of acrobats?

Nick: We really wanted to do something involving water imagery. We didn’t have the budget to rent special cameras for underwater or anything like that but we did like the idea of the aerialists flowing gracefully. I think it worked out really well, they were so talented and had such fluid movements. There are shots that really convey a sense of tension and struggle and then others that show free flowing carefree motions. We were very happy with the results.

What was the compositional process like for “The River”? Did the lyrics come first, or a particular part of the melody, or the chord progression, etc.?

Nick: This one started out with a couple chord changes and that opening guitar line. We jammed on the parts we knew we liked for a few weeks probably then eventually the inspiration for lyrics hit me. I changed things a little bit to fit the melody that I’d come up with and then brought it back in to everyone. We sort of put things through the ringer one last time, with everyone’s input, added some parts, worked out the bridge, solo, ending, stuff like that. This one was a very organic process; it all came about very naturally and without too much hassle.

Along the same lines as the previous question, what are your usual methods of creating a new song?

Nick: I wouldn’t say that there are usual methods necessarily but the way it works most often is that we’ll start with a guitar riff or a cello line and start working out parts and rhythms around it. Sometimes it sticks with us enough that we turn it into a song, other times it just doesn’t feel good enough and doesn’t pass onto the next phase. Lyrics are a whole other beast. Sometimes I come in with a complete song’s worth if I’m lucky, but if not it can take me months to come up with something I’m totally happy with. I let everyone pick it apart too, which is helpful. After a while, I’m too close to what I’ve written and it helps to get perspective.

When we get to the recording phase, there’s a good chance that we’ll end up changing things yet again when the right inspiration hits. Producers are great for that. Working with Andrew Berlin this time around, he was always hearing things that we weren’t and had great ideas to try out to make the songs even better.

Also about composition: what happens when you get stuck? Were there any aspects in the production of this song that were particularly difficult to overcome, whether creative or technical?

Nick: We try not to work it too hard. If it’s not working maybe we’ll take some time away from the song and see if new inspiration hits. Sometimes the riffs and melodies never turn into a song no matter how hard you try. Once you start trying to put this thing that you’ve created into a certain box it can really change things, and maybe not for the better. I find it best to let it breathe and come back with new perspective if we’re not happy with how it’s going.

What future plans does Post Paradise have?

Nick: We’ll be home for the holidays and then hitting the road a lot more in 2016. We only had two outings in 2015 due to us working on the two EPs, the video, etc. Now it’s going to be time to actually get it out into the world and show people what we’ve created. We’re looking into some new potential markets we’ve never toured to before which is exciting. I’d really like to build up a few more outposts since we’re kind of isolated in Colorado. In other words “Next year we’ll be coming to a city near you!”

Any final thoughts, parting comments?

Nick: I always like to stress the importance of supporting your local scene. We have such a great community in Northern Colorado, which has been huge in helping us develop as a band. It can be nearly impossible for bands to get traction on a national level without the support of fans in their home base. Anyone that’s reading this, you’re obviously a music fan and like discovering new stuff. Go check out what’s happening in your town tonight. You never know when you’ll discover your new favorite band in your own backyard… - Black on the Canvas

"'Ordinary' Single Release"

Fort Collins has some great local bands and one of those great local bands has just released a brand new single and they want to share it with you!

Post Paradise has just released ‘Ordinary’ for your ears to enjoy. It is their first single of 2014 and I am so excited to see what is to follow this awesome song.

You can catch Post Paradise June 14th at The Taste of Fort Collins! You need to see them live and who knows, they may play some more new stuff!

Read More: Fort Collins Band ‘Post Paradise’ Release Brand New Single “Ordinary” | - 99.9 the Point Radio

"Digging Secrets Album Review"

Post Paradise is a group of four Colorado musicians who were able to get it right. They mashed up an Alternative Rock band with a cellist and haven’t looked back since.

The band formed in 2008, released an album couple of years later and now they have released their second album, Digging Secrets. This album explains why this group is the hidden gem of music in Colorado. This group has managed to make some good music, but haven’t had very much commercial success.

The overall studio quality might not be the very best, but it’s enough to pull in the listener. It’s hard hitting Rock, it gives off a hint of classical influence(of course because of the cello), climatic cymbal crashes and rough vocals from the talented lead singer, Nick Duarte.

Surprisingly, the group can take on many forms. The title track, “Digging Secrets,” will have you wondering if you are listening to a Maroon 5 song or maybe a Rob Thomas tune. Duarte’s vocals on this track and most of the album has a very similar sound to Rob Thomas, but I mean that in a good way. This band isn’t new, but the sound could eventually gain some commercial success with the right track.

The album has variations of the same melodic theme throughout the album and is consistent, which is something a lot of other Colorado Rock bands find a hard time doing. Every track is consistently introducing a new topic and the band keeps finding a way differentiate each track without changing their true sound.

For those who are looking for Hard Rock, they won’t find it here, but the lead singer has strong vocals like he was screaming over a hard-hitting Rock band, so there’s no disappointment in that area.

If that wasn’t convincing enough for you to go find their latest album, then maybe knowing that they played a few shows at the SXSW festival is. The band made their SXSW debut last year and it was enough to catch some attention. The band was asked back this year and it’s creating an even bigger spark with their newer music. The band will continue to create some buzz from this much-needed exposure and will be seen playing throughout the Midwest, and then eventually touch down on the coasts.

Check out the album, buy it or listen to it, because it’s refreshing to hear the talent of Colorado do something cool like this. Post Paradise’s Digging Secrets is a must listen after this year’s SXSW festival. - Pueblo Pulp

"Post Paradise Impresses at the Bluebird Theater"

By Harrison Welshimer

A shout out to all Post Paradise fans! If you missed last Friday night’s show, I’m sorry because they tore it up! But don’t feel too bad, they’re gonna be playin’ again soon…like all over the country soon!

Friday night was my first introduction to Post Paradise and it was a good one. First off, being a saxophone player by trade, I love seeing instrumentation that isn’t the standard rock band. Amy Morgan adds a great dimension on cello, essentially taking over the lead guitar role (more on that later). As a front man, Nick Starr Duarte has solid command of his voice with a range that is far more versatile than most indie lead singers. Providing the foundation is bassist Chris Santolla. Most bassists rely on their amps to crank their sound instead of pulling the strings harder, making the instrument sound wimpy. Chris digs a lot deeper than most, and you feel the bass vibe as opposed to just hearing it. Not to be forgotten, Mark Roshon drove the bus! He’s definitely the power behind both tempo and energy.

Balance was solid. It shows these guys have been rockin’ for four years because balance is usually one of the hardest things to get right. Nobody was getting covered up, and the melody was easily heard.

Another thing I really dug about Post Paradise is their huge color palette. You don’t find your mind wandering after their first two songs because every song has something unique. The songs I was jumping to the most were “Sex Panther” and “A Way with Words.” Both were hard rockin’ tunes, but were completely different. Amy has a sweet intro riff to “Sex Panther.” Instead of hitting the snare on every single 2 & 4, Mark plays in half time, using his hi-hat to drive the tempo. “A Way with Words” is where Mark starts wailing with a kickass double bass/snare intro. Besides having a different vocal approach for the two tunes, Nick strums his guitar harder on “A Way with Words,” giving it more of a punk feel.

Part of the beauty of music is there is always something that can be better. I would have loved it if Post Paradise got real soft in a song and then slowly built us back up into a crazy climax! Definitely need some more solos – improvised solos. I think because Amy is sort of taking over the lead guitar role, she should be let loose. Nick could throw some riffs out there too.

Oh yeah, one last thing! The light show was totally killin! Pop, pop, pop, flash, flash, flash! Bottom line, music is about entertaining the audience. The light flashes at the audience definitely added a huge element of excitement!

Overall Grade: A-
Mile-high Bonus: Best Up & Coming Band - Music Munch

"Post Paradise at FoCoMX"

This past weekend was a great time to be in Fort Collins. All over the city at many different and unique venues you could enjoy great live, local music.

There were so many great acts at so many venues it was hard to catch them all but we did catch Post Paradise play at Hodi’s Half Note on Friday night. Check out the photos from there set.

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"Review: ‘Ordinary’ by Post Paradise"

This song is anything but Ordinary. I’m talking about the new single by one of my favorite local bands, Post Paradise. Ordinary is the first release of 2014 by the four-piece-extraordinarily-professional SpokesBuzz alumni, Post Paradise; I’m sure I’m not the only one that is hoping for lots more this year. These uber-talended musicians are seriously some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Go up to them before or after one of their shows and strike up a conversation! You can especially do that at Scene Magazine’s 25th Anniversary Party on Father’s Day!

The opening of Ordinary has strong and catchy lyrics leading into a powerful rock chorus with a heavy backbone. It’s fast, edgy and memorable. I’ve already listened to it about 50 times. You can too! They have a FREE download of the new single for everyone to share and enjoy. Of course the most unique piece of the band is the cello, played by Amy Morgan. Cello is not the feature of the song, but rather a melodic “sidekick” that is truly instrumental. The classically trained Morgan is beautiful with or without a cello between her legs and can hold her own amongst these rockers. She’s got some nice solo/segues in the song. Cutie-pie frontman, Nick Duarte, has one of the most perfect beards in town to go along with his pitch-perfect rock voice. I wish I could understand what he’s saying in the chorus so I could sing along… I usually end up making up my own words to the songs of local bands, anyway… that way I can complete the “obsessed fan” look and maybe get to hang out with them after the show! ~the Scoop Blog Network does not endorse this kind of behavior~ Oh, and Nick is super smart too! He is the Music Zone Manager at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, basically managing the entire music department.

You will be seeing a lot of this band in the near future. Catch them NEXT WEEKEND at The Taste of Fort Collins, Saturday June 14th and on the Mountain Avenue Stage kicking off Bohemian Nights on August 15th!

Post Paradise is: Nick Duarte (vocals/guitar), Amy Morgan (rock cello), Chris Santolla (bass), Mark Roshon (percussion) - Entertaining Fort Collins

"KRFC Music Share: Post Paradise"

It can be hard for a band to distinguish themselves a town full of musical talent like Fort Collins. Some artists fall into the trap of believing that ability alone will open every door to the top. They become disgruntled at the wonderful community around them that actually just wants them to see them happy and working. Fortunately for Post Paradise, their positivity, professionalism and work ethic have kept them on the straight and narrow path to acclaim. On top of recording and performing, they work on their own skills and even do some teaching. They also take initiative to enhance their own live shows with immersive lighting design; and by all accounts they are a breeze to book and work with.

For these reasons, and for their uniquely Colorado sound, we’re thrilled to share a download from their May 18, 2013 sophomore release, “Digging Secrets.” This is the band’s first recording with their new rhythm section. The quartet recorded the “Digging Secrets” this January at Fort Collins’ legendary recording studio, The Blasting Room, with engineer Chris Beeble, who was also tasked with mastering the album’s 10 tracks in February. After a number of showcases at SXSW, the band is back on the front range and ready to release their latest opus May 18th at Hodi’s Halfnote with Shatterproof and Rachel and Kings. - KRFC 88.9 FM

"Steal This Track from Post Paradise"

Mother’s Day is over, and we can go back to blaming her for our shortcomings while we steal music. This week, we’ve got power pop from Post Paradise.

When a cello is featured prominently in pop music, it tends to take over like a diva. The music gets categorized as baroque-something, and one can hardly describe the band without first mentioning the cello, as we are doing here. But the cello is such a popular instrument these days that it’s about time we pull it from the pedestal and in to the ensemble. Fort Collins quartet Post Paradise does just that.

On “Digging Secrets,” the band’s sophomore release, the cello is on equal footing with radio-ready vocals, indie rock riffs, and some really driving bass lines. That’s not to say there aren’t gorgeous, cello-focused moments. But like a lead guitar gets to shine when the time is right, so here with the cello. The sum is not a classical music hybrid, rather straight forward pop-rock that draws influence from various sounds. The band weaves through Brit power pop to prog rock to riffs that remind us of Trey Anastasio, as with the opening guitar on “Call Me Out,” available for download below.

The album will debut on May 18 with a show at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, followed by a performance at Larimer Lounge on May 19 at the Monroe Monroe BBQ Show. Post Paradise has built a reputation as a live band with a stellar light show, and it’s true that the music translates better live than recorded. Check out the below video for the title track, recorded at Denver’s So And So Studios. -

"Band Profile: Post Paradise"

Post Paradise is a quartet of musicians in Fort Collins, CO who plays alternative indie rock and uses CHAUVET® DJ lighting. The unique instrumentation of vocals, guitar, bass, drums and lead cello give the band options for melodic content that has been amassing a generous buzz around Northern Colorado. Read on and get to more about them.

1. How did you come up with the name of your band?
We came up with Post Paradise after I moved from Florida to Fort Collins, CO. Everyone thought Florida was paradise, but I didn’t quite agree — at least from a musical standpoint. When I moved to Fort Collins, the music scene was so amazing and I realized I found what comes after paradise.

2. How many members are there?
Post Paradise is made up of four musicians: Nick Duarte (vocals and guitar), Amy Morgan (cello), Chris Santolla (bass) and and Mark Roshon (drums and vocals).

3. What type of music do you play?
We play original alternative/indie rock with a lead cello. We’re based out of Fort Collins, and we play locally as well as regionally. The farthest we’ve traveled to play is either Rhode Island or Austin, Texas for SXSW. As I write this we’re getting ready for a festival show at Red Rocks Amphitheater with the Silversun Pickups later today!

4. What CHAUVET® fixtures are included in your setup?
We currently mount two Fallout™ and two Trident™ effect lights on stands and place them on either side of the stage, behind our amps, to project effects. Our drummer has a MiniSphere™ 3 behind him that shoots beams up and out through the drums. To enhance the lighting effects, we use a Hurricane haze machine. It does a killer job and the lights wouldn’t look like much without it —we love that thing. We use three COLORpalette™ wash lights at the front of the stage to wash each musician. Last week we purchased wireless D-Fi™ Tx 2.4 and D-Fi™ Rx 2.4 units so we won’t have to run cables along the stage anymore.

5. Are they permanently installed somewhere or do you set them up for each performance?
We travel and tour with our lights, so we have to set them up before every show. We usually don’t get a lot of time for setup (sometimes as little as 15-20 minutes including sound check) so decreasing our lighting setup time is key. Our lights used to take about 10 minutes to set up, but we think that can be cut that in half with the wireless units. Wherever we go, we have the venue kill all of the stage lights and use our own setup. We run our show off a Logic click track so everything is completely programmed to follow the mood of the songs themselves.

6. A show without lights is like…
A show without lights is like a cake without icing — it’s still tasty but not nearly as awesome. - Chauvet Lighting Blog

"Today @ Colorado State University"

Indie poeticism at its finest

The indie/alternative rock group, featuring Amy Morgan on the cello, Nick Duarte with vocals, Mark Roshon on drums and percussion, and Chris Santolla on bass, blend rock with an indie classical sound, best showcased by the punctuation of Morgan’s cello -- the most iconic element of the band's sound.

"Amy is a wonderful player; she has a classical background and has been playing most of her life," said Duarte. "When she first joined the band -- before we had a name or anything -- I was writing out parts for her to play; she was so used to just sight-reading in the past, she'd never had to come up with her own melodies. As time went on, she became more and more comfortable with it."

Typically, the band's shows feature elaborate lighting accompanying their music; however, with an outdoor day-time venue, Post Paradise has needed to make a few adjustments in order to entertain their fans.

"As a frontman, working an outdoor crowd is much different than getting people going at an indoor show," said Duarte. "I mean, we don't write our music for anyone other than us, but we still like to entertain. I make a lot more contact and banter with people at outdoor shows, maybe since there's so much space between us and the people in the back. Everything needs to be grander. There's nothing better than getting a lot of energy back from a crowd through your live music."
That one time... at a karaoke party

Despite his love of the limelight, Duarte didn't start singing in public until his teenage years.

"I do remember that I would sing a lot in my early teens, but never really in front of people," admits Duarte."One time at a karaoke-type party when I was 16, I sang -- I think it was an Everclear song -- and I remember the looks on people's faces.

"I knew it must've been pretty good, because they were just looking at me like we'd never met," he recalls laughing. "I got a lot of compliments after that 'performance,' and started a high school band soon after."

See how far Duarte and all the members of Post Paradise have come when the band plays at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 13 at the Lory Student Center West Lawn. - Colorado State University

"The New Normal - Album Review"

By Dusty Ray

A cello-driven pop/post-punk quintet that rocks out with an ear for the symphonic, Post Paradise is a tight outfit whose aspirations are far reaching but accessible. With The New Normal, they belt out fifteen strong and diverse tracks, showcasing their copious catalogue and songwriting abilities.

“Sex Panther” sets the stage with a hard going cello and bass combination that chugs along into a heavy yet subtle sound that pervades the album. The tracks shift into the more bluesy “Memory” and the dark and interlocking rhythms of “Isn’t That Something?”. Nick Duarte’s vocals have an attractive pop sensibility that can become tired at certain instances, but on the whole they add a familiar quality to an unfamiliar combination of musicians.

Post Paradise pays homage to Bach with their amazing rendition of “Interlude: Bach Cello Suite No. 1.” It is a satisfying interpretation that comes as a welcome refrain from the rest of the album; it’s an island of rest from the more poignant, emotive lyrics and composition of The New Normal.

Closing out with “Carry Me On” The New Normal is brought to a laid-back, folksy conclusion, a grand closing to a well-balanced and well-produced album. The vocals have a certain Matchbox 20 quality that lends Post Paradise their poppish accessibility, but their instrumentation will impress even the most stubborn music snob.

Fifteen tracks can seem daunting at first, but not one single song overstays its welcome. Balance is found throughout The New Normal, and is its forceful attraction. - Scene Magazine


Bring It To Life (Side A) - EP 2015

- Single 2014

Digging Secrets - Full Length 2013

The New Normal - Full length 2011

From Here to Anywhere - EP 2009



Blending strong lyrical and melodic influences from multiple genres, the four musicians comprising Post Paradise deliver an indie/alternative rock sound that is unique and memorable. Combined with a synchronized light show, Post Paradise bring a rock edge and reverberating beat to an underlying indie classical vibe, best showcased by the punctuation of the cello, played by Amy Morgan. Fusing the depth and beauty of the cello with singer/guitarist Nick Duarte’s signature vocals and edgy riffs, the two become the cornerstone of the quartet further enhanced by Mark Roshon on drums and percussion, and Brian Zeiger on bass guitar.

Together, the four create a sound all their own, with echoes of nineties alternative, modern indie poeticism, and classical music. Post Paradise is now a seasoned and recognized entity on the Colorado music scene. 

Their brand new EP entitled 'Bring It To Life' was released in September of 2016.

Band Members