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Prison City Brigade

Joliet, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Joliet, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Post-punk




"Hailing From Prison City: We Are The Brigade"

Prison City Brigade, a post-hardcore band from Joliet, IL, is hot on the local punk music scene and their reach is constantly growing. The band formed in early 2013, and after more than a few false starts, released their first EP “The Corner of Debauchery and Nowhere” in 2015. Following the success of their EP, Prison City Brigade released their first full album “War on Boredom” on streaming sites such as ITunes, Spotify, and BandCamp in March of 2017.
While in the past Prison City Brigade has focused mainly on, as vocalist Eddie Cavanaugh puts it, “crude humor and jokes that may offend…”, their sound has grown and changed exponentially in the year since the release of “War on Boredom”, and their second album, “Trials of Survival” which is set to release August 24th, 2018, shows just that.
“Trials of Survival” is an album created with the intention of telling a story. Conceptually based off of the inner turmoil and personal struggles that many face on a day to day basis, the album was designed to tie together and flow better than “War on Boredom”, with each track on the “Trials of Survival” album tying in to the one that came before it as well as the one that follows, it all works together to tell a complex and pressing story about, well, the trials of survival and the inner battle between good and evil.
I was able to hang out with the boys of Prison City Brigade as they previewed the full “Trials of Survival” album for the first time at the Prison House, and while there were constant shenanigans going on between the five of them throughout the time I was there, you could see the pride they share in this album and in their growth as a band over the past few years. As a whole, the members of Prison City Brigade share a rare ability to vibe together as a band and it reflects incredibly in their music.
While Prison City Brigade has always existed with the intention of providing music that anyone can enjoy, no matter their preferred music spectrum, their newest album, “Trials of Survival” offers a look into the growth of Prison City Brigade as a band behind the scenes, giving them even more substance as a band. But don’t worry too much, they haven’t forgotten where they came from; this album also offers a nod to what they grew from with a revamped, almost unrecognizable version of “We Are the Brigade” from their first album, “War on Boredom”.
You can catch Prison City Brigade’s album release show Friday, August 24th at Bada Brew in Crest Hill, IL (21 and over), and follow the link below to their official Facebook page for more information about upcoming shows and events, such as The Revival Party, and you can stream their album “War on Boredom” now on Spotify and ITunes, and their second album “Trials of Survival” will be available to stream Friday, August 24th! - The Comp Magazine (Rachel Rivette)

"-Interview- Prison City Brigade (10/19/17)"

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Prison City Brigade” and is there any meaning behind it?

We have all been playing for years individually for years, and even though the band has gone through numerous line-up changes, every member has always found something new and different to bring to the table. The name was actually thought up by the vocalist, Eddie, and the meaning behind it comes from what an original group of friends, thus this included bassist Rob Roman, called themselves when doing stupid stuff. Also, it ties into the fact we're from Joliet, IL, which is known as Prison City due to the old Collins St Prison which was the site of such films as "Blues Brothers", "Prison Break", and "Let's Go To Prison". It's a nice little shout out to our hometown.

2. What do you want people to take away from your "War On Boredom" album?

That we're different from other punk bands because we do what we like. As a one person has said, "Every time they see us they never know what to expect and that's why they love us."

3. What's your favorite track to play live?

That's a toss up. We just love to play and lately we've been including tracks off our upcoming album "Trials Of Survival". The overall favorite though seems to be a toss up between "Take Back Your Scene" which is about the problems with pay to play and how the "promoters" who partake thrive off bands while the bands see no reward; and "Dad?!" which is always a crowd favorite that they partake in and call for even when we have no intent of playing it. (We always give into demands haha)

4. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Shit, there are so many bands out there that have come before us that we love. Nationally, we'd have to say Face To Face, Ignite, Millencolin, and those are just a few of the bands we love! When it comes to bands that are striving for the same goal we are, Evil Engine (Keep looking to 2018 hint hint), Consume The Divide (Though they are metal based we always have a blast with them at shows), and A Silent Truth (again another Revival family band, which all three are.) Yes, we're big in playing with our band family. Check out The Revival everyone, best party you've never heard of.

5. What are your three desert island albums that you'd never get tired of listening to?

Well since, Eddie, is the one typing he's gonna be bias. Face to Face "Laugh Now Laugh Later", Prince "Purple Rain Soundtrack", and Millencolin "Penny Bridge Pioneers".

6. What’s your take on the current state of Punk?

Punk is far from dead musically, unfortunately it's becoming very commercialized. People are forgetting the main aspect where it was originally about being free to express yourself and be who you are and think what you like. A lot of the times now it's more so about fashion and he said she said, and this is punk this isn't elitist bullshit. Like come now people THINK FOR YOURSELVES! We don't dress "punk" we're just comfortable and think what we want. If anyone disagrees, okay then let's sit down and talk. The world is fucked up enough as it, no need for bullshit over opinions. If this world is going to survive we need unity.

7. What’s the current music scene like there in Illinois both locally and state wide?

Well locally it's overrun by metal bands and everyone sounds the same locally. Granted you have a few that stand out. State wide it's hard to say, mainly because bands in southern Hellinois (Illinois) don't make it up to Chicagoland very often. It's a very up and down situation even in regards to crowds. Come on out and see for yourself.

8. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

Music is meant to be enjoyed. Granted with illegal downloading it does hurt in revenue, but it does have the chance to promote a band further than they expect. Only bands we hear complaining are those making the mega money. Now, in regards to people using music for online radio and such. If you're a big name online radio station (COUGH ROCK RAGE RADIO) and you're not compensating bands then fuck off. The guys running little podcasts, thank you for your support. Again very tricky situation.

9. What’s next for Prison City Brigade?

Well finish the songs and record our next album "Trials Of Survival" which the album will consist of a main theme and a secondary theme. Not a concept album, but all the songs will flow together and make sense if you think deeply and look at lyrics and song title. We like to have fun and with everything that's happened in 2017 this is how we do it. Especially, with a more matured sound and feel.

10. Any shoutouts?

First and foremost, everyone associated with The Revival, especially the leader Frank! Without him and his support this past year not sure we'd have made the decisions we've made to help further our reach and start to make our moves. Other than that, our families and friends who've been there since the beginning and are still with us. - From The Depths Entertainment

"-Review- Prison City Brigade - "War On Boredom" Album"

Prison City Brigade from Illinois are known to mix different types of Punk to create their own unique sound. Let's dive in their newest album and see what they're all about. The opener "Man Up" has Skate Punk written all over it. The track is fast, melodic and under two minutes long. It's a strong opener that really lets the listener in on what the band brings to the table. "Prehistoric Wordplay" opens with a strong bass riff and spoken lyrics before blasting into an old school fun Punk sound. The live crowd will sure be two stepping and singing along to this chaotic track. "Octocock" is an acquired taste of a track due to its lyrical contact. The instrumentation is fast and relentless. "Take Back Your Scene" is hard as hell. The track speeds through its not even two and a half minute length like a runaway freight train. "Gas Leak" features chants of the title and it's highly melodic while still maintaining the high energy of their previous tracks. The track overall is top notch. "Meet Me By The Stairs" is controlled chaos. The verses are slowed down but the chorus is highly explosive. The guitar work on the track is incredible. There's a slight Bloodhound Gang vibe on the track as well. "Dad"?" is the shortest track on the album and most straight forward. It's catchy in its own right and should be a fan favorite. "Get Famous First" has a Ramones feel to it. There's an edge to the track that helps make it a stand out track. "Shitty Presents" should be on everyones holiday playlist. It's fun, straight to the point and shares the point of view from many people. "Mixed Signals" opens with a groovy bass line before erupting into a whirlwind of Punk sound. The melody on the track is in the forefront and really showcases a more radio friendly Punk sound. "Give Em' Hell (Riot)" chugs along and doesn't hold anything back. It's hard, heavy and in your face without apologizing for anything. The closing track "We Are The Brigade" is the longest track on the album and really puts the bow on the release. So much is packed within the track and album as a whole that Punk fans will guaranteed to find something they'll love.

Prison City Brigade have a Punk album here that puts the fun back in the Punk genre. - From The Depths Entertainment

"Prison City Brigade - "War On Boredom""

Prison City Brigade ( is a punk rock band based out of Joliet, IL. While the band has been around since 2014, it took its name from the fact that Joliet – also known as “Prison City” - once held a maximum security correctional facility (considered by many now to be haunted).

Since their inception, Prison City Brigade has been hard at work staking its claim in the Chicagoland music scene. With an aggressive, heavy-hitting style that blends all things punk, the band has set out to represent “the outcasts, dysfunctional, broken, abused, and rebellious”among us. In doing so, Prison City Brigade has seen their fan base continue to grow throughout the Midwest and beyond.

The band, now consisting of Eddie Cavanaugh (reminiscent of classic hardcore punkers) on vocals, Brandon Rivette and Tom Cappos on guitar, Rob Roman on bass, and Andrew Molloy on drums, recently put out a full length CD called, War on Boredom (2017).Equal parts dark, playful sarcasm (Prehistoric Wordplay, Octocock, Meet Me by the Stairs, Dad?, and Shitty Presents) and in-your-face aggressiveness (Man Up, Take Back Your Scene, Gas Leak, Get Famous First, and Give ‘Em Hell), the songs are all well written and performed with the energy that helps define the genre. There are also a couple of more “mainstream” songs (Mixed Signals, and the bands “anthem” We Are the Brigade) that help to round out the sound, while still keeping the band’s edgy appeal.

The CD, available at Amazon, iTunes, and streaming online, stays true to punk rock form, as over half of its twelve tracks come in at under two minutes in length. While this may seem short to some, it in no way diminishes from the message they are trying to get across, which can be summed up in the following lyrics: “Gotta get a move-on, gotta get out, gotta get away from this”…”We are the brigade!”

You can catch the brigade(playing these songs and others) on Saturday, August 5th at the 4th Annual Free Punkfest 2017(Cool Music Stop - Harvard, IL) or Sunday, August 6th at The Lemonade Stand Charity Show(The Forge - Joliet, IL).All proceeds from the charity show will go toward helping homeless children – donations accepted.

* Paige Kelly, originally of Bumsy and The Moochers, also plays bass on the CD and her vocals are featured on the song, Shitty Presents. - Reviews From The Crypt (Pauly B.)



Started in 2013 by Eddie Cavanaugh, Prison City Brigade has been making a name for themselves boasting as a “dysfunctional family” for the outcasts, rebellious, and broken.  Releasing their first EP, “The Corner Of Debauchery and Nowhere”, in 2015 the band set forth to establish their name across the Chicagoland and surrounding areas going as far as playing the 20th annivery of “Bowl Bash” at Skatopia in Rutland, OH. This event pushed them further, making them hungrier for more; and in March of 2017 they released their first full length album, “War On Boredom”, which included re-recorded songs from their ep as well as new tracks making a statement and showcasing their punk influence as a whole. 

2018 saw even more growth for the band as they evolved in not only their sound with the addition of lead guitarist, Zach Roberts, but their musical reach adding blazing lead guitar riffs as well as melodic vocals showing a maturing sound for the band’s growth. By late August the band released their second full length album, “Trials Of Survival” which capitalized on a concept storyline shadowing the battles of one’s own good and evil waged everyday on a mental plain. The success of this album helped Prison City Brigade walk away with three “Radio Roach Awards” in 2018 for; “Best Punk/Hardcore Band 2018”, “Best Punk/Hardcore Album 2018”, and the “2018 Album Of The Year”.

Spending the majority of 2019 promoting “Trials Of Survival”, the band held onto a secret that they were in the studio vigorously working on a follow up album. Taking elements from both “War On Boredom” and “Trials Of Survival” the band released their first single, “Failure By Design” in November of 2019 and their third, and most acclaimed to date album, “Rough Skeletons” in February 2020. This album has shown a mature sound almost distant from their early beginnings and with the messages in their music they look to expand their reach and showcase their all around “something for everyone” sound and music to further reaches than they have ever dreamed.

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