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Rakan Ayyoub

Orange, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Orange, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop EDM




"California Rapper Rakan Ayyoub Is Representing The United States Of America"

California Rapper Rakan Ayyoub Is Representing The United States Of America
By Hardcore Flava | November 9, 2022

Rakan Ayyoub – Dream Girl (Official Music Video)
℗ Enlightened Divinity Music Records® - This Is 50

"O.C. Artist Rakan Ayyoub is Building His “Legacy”"

O.C. Artist Rakan Ayyoub is Building His “Legacy”
Diverse hip-hop artist Rakan Ayyoub is displaying his Legacy through his relentlessness. Rakan Ayyoub was blessed enough to have mastered the art of music through his 17 years of dedication to the game. The culture of the Orange County music scene will never be the same. Rakan Ayyoub put the 714 on the map through God’s love & his determination. This year has been set up to be a monumental one for Rakan Ayyoub’s musical career. With the release of his debut project “Legacy,” set in December, now is the perfect time to get familiar with Rakan Ayyoub and his style.

Growing up in SoCal, Rakan Ayyoub always had Hollywood and the music industry at arms reach. He developed his sound through high school into adulthood, where he took lessons learned at every stage in life with him and developed them into music. Rakan Ayyoub makes it a point to let his passion speak in everything he does. Now, a full time musician and student at Cal State Fullerton, Rakan Ayyoub utilizes every hour of his days in his race for success. The formula for Rakan Ayyoub’s success with juggling multiple responsibilities comes from years of studying and implementing “The Mamba Mentality.” His upcoming debut album“Legacy” is set to drop in December and is supported by the recently released single “Rooted In Me”.

Listen to Rakan Ayyoub on Spotify below and get ready for new music from the “Legacy” artist.

https://open.spotify.com/artist/0pqvZRsE7aIcuCpsuxn1uy?si=KBYigSLtQ7q44vuETKs3wQ - The Hype Magazine

"West Coast Artist Rakan Ayyoub displays humility despite Hollywood’s peer pressure"

West Coast Artist Rakan Ayyoub displays humility despite Hollywood’s peer pressure

West Coast artist Rakan Ayyoub is inspiring the culture in Hollywood through his humility and relentlessness. Rakan Ayyoub has redefined the boundaries of Orange County musical culture. It was Rakan that first brought awareness to the hip-hop community in Orange County California. Truly it is the realism of Rakan’s story that holds real value for listeners and fans world wide. Having toured with other superstars, names such as: Nipsey Hussle, IAmsu, and more, listeners were left wondering when the release of Rakan Ayyoub’s debut album would make its way to the radio.

Growing up in Orange County California, the glitz and glamor of the music industry was just a traffic-packed freeway away from Rakan Ayyoub. It was during Rakan’s preteen years in which the young prodigy found himself. Inspired by artists such as 2Pac, Nas, & Drake; Rakan Ayyoub began experimenting with songwriting and recording. As a Christian Arab-American rapper stationed in the suburbs of Hollywood; Rakan Ayyoub struggled to find a clear way to deliver his message, a skill that he later developed through his relationship with God. Today, Rakan Ayyoub views his music as real life stories that hold divine principles. Through his life experiences, Rakan Ayyoub was fortunate enough to draw divine inspiration from God for his content. Rakan’s goal with every record he records is to create a song that listeners can relate to in a practical way. The intentions behind Rakan’s music was clear from the beginning, to push listeners through situations that otherwise seem dire. The first single off Rakan’s debut album “Legacy,” titled, “Rooted In Me,” speaks on the perseverance that was needed to manifest the world he now lives in today. It also reflects on the mindset that it takes to keep focused in and outside of the music world. With traction picking up and the first single well underway, Rakan Ayyoub has officially announced the second release from his debut album “Legacy.” In his second single titled “It’s God,” Rakan made it clear that his intentions in the industry are not to glorify himself, but instead to glorify God through each record he is blessed with. Through his humility, Rakan Ayyoub has caught the attention of his peers and fans, ultimately, providing an accessible outlet for divine inspiration.

Listen to “Rooted In Me” on Spotify below:

https://open.spotify.com/artist/0pqvZRsE7aIcuCpsuxn1uy?si=KBYigSLtQ7q44vuETKs3wQ - Fruit Sonic


Rakan Ayyoub - “Calm Before The Storm” (Released Via Soundcloud) EP release date:

28 June 2022
1. Stay (Remix)Ft. The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber
2. Free Smoke (Remix)
3. Bad Habits (Remix) Ft. Ed Shereen
4. Heat Waves (Remix) Ft. Glass Animals
5. Truth Hurts (Remix)
6. Hot (Remix) Ft. ThaKiiddAce

Rakan Ayyoub - “Steps of the Chosen” (Released Via Soundcloud) EP release date:

28 October 2022
1. Super Sonic (Remix)
2. Eclipse (Remix) Ft. Extelligence & Nat James
3. Chosen (Corruption Remix) Ft. Esoro
4. Story Of My Life (Remix) Ft. Trippie Red & Illenium

Rakan Ayyoub - “Legacy” (Debut Album to release in December 2023) (Singles debuted)

1. Rooted In Me
2. It’s God
3. Again

Rakan Ayyoub - “Steps of the Chosen 2” (Released Via Soundcloud) EP release date:21 April 2023

1. Light Switch
2. Thunder (Feat. Dice Soho)
3. My Step
4. Facts
5. Multiverse



Rakan Ayyoub https://rakanayyoub.com is a professional singer, songwriter, and rapper who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Rakan’s roots are middle eastern, as he comes from the Jordanian terrain. Rakan Ayyoub strives to display the prestigious traits of Arab and Arab - American music culture worldwide.

Rakan Ayyoub first became popular for channeling his hurt into internationally recognized hit records. Rakan gives all credit to God and keeps his faith in a power greater than himself. On April 21st, 2023, Rakan Ayyoub released his newest EP “Steps of the Chosen 2” the sequel to its original. (Steps of the Chosen - released exclusively via SoundCloud) Steps Ch 2. Features Houston, Texas Rap Star “Dice Soho” on the second track titled “Thunder.” The collaboration with Dice Soho was one that provided realism and clarity for its audience as it depicts the journey of the artist when faced with adversity.

As a child, the undiscovered pop star Rakan Ayyoub went through heartbreak after he encountered love for his first time. This pushed Rakan on the path of music. It was the pain Rakan felt from this relationship that inspired him to learn how to convey his emotions in a creative way.

Rakan Ayyoub is an experienced live performer on Stage. Since a young age Rakan was blessed to tour and perform with artists such as Jason Derulo, Eric Berlinger, Nipsey Hussle, RJay, Sean Kingston, IAmSu, Sage The Gemini, Phora, Baeza, Jerimiah, P-Lo, Kool John, & more.

Today, Rakan Ayyoub is a verified artist on all social media platforms and has over 300,000 thousand followers worldwide. Rakan Ayyoub’s last music video “Dream Girl” was recently featured in 50 Cents official magazine “It’s 50.” Stream Rakan’s three last singles from “Legacy” now.

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