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Cleveland, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Pop Alternative




"Top 8 Emerging Artist"

Recess, is an Ohio alternative pop act that is selflessly promoting their latest track Leaving Home. A video for the track is in the works. Ohio birthed mega act Twenty One Pilots. Could Recess be next? - Kings of A&R

"Recess 'Leaving Home'"

It’s a breath of fresh air to hear good music from a new rock act that aren’t recycling nineties grunge. They are called Recess, all in their late teens and early twenties, hailing from Ohio. They started performing classic rock songs in basement of a house and instead of ending up sounding like Greta Van Fleet, they are hybrid of Panic and Imagine Dragons. Having met the band, I can tell you they have a bunch strong tunes that are waiting to be released. The young alternative act thinks like seasoned musicians and are very particular with vocals and production. Anthony who plays keyboards notes, “With the release of our new single “Leaving Home” off of our upcoming EP “From Dust to Gold”, we are really trying to revolutionize the pop industry and just show how four crazy ridiculous kids can rise from a small town in Cleveland, Ohio, and, by working hard and refusing to give up, show people that it can be done.” Recess is definitely an artist to watch in 2018-2019, but the band remains cautiously optimistic, “Our biggest challenge as a pop band is definitely competing in a time in which there is so much good music and so many amazing artists around and available”. Give it a stream. - Kings of A&R

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"Recess - Leaving Home"

Recess - Leaving Home

If you're looking for something different, Recess could be the band for you.

Recess formed in 2008, when their lead vocalist was only 8 years old, and now, ten years later they've finally began releasing music after years of finding a sound which "really reflected them". For a band so young, their sound is so mature and solid, which is probably due to their years of self-discovery.

It's significant that they chose to wait so long before realising their first EP (Boundary Lane). In my opinion, it shows a dedication to creating something meaningful that they can stand by for years to come and be proud of. It tells me they only want to give the highest standard of art they can give.

The band describe their music as, "genuine, from the heart, pulled from the deepest depths of the band's thoughts, and, most of all, fun and enjoyable."
The release of 'Leaving Home', which is their first single from their upcoming sophomore EP (From Dust To Gold), is a perfect example of these qualities combined.

The first thing to catch my ear was their choice to use a classical sounding string section in the song. It's a huge part of the song and acts as a base upon which the song is built upon. The sound is rich and warm but doesn't lack interest by any means. the quick, clean strokes inspire a great energy and rush of excitement, while the lower section gives quick drops of depth and further raises anticipation, then glides seamlessly lower, then higher giving added interest and feeling of being rocked gently as though on some kind of ship. It's a wonderfully thought out and clever introduction, adding some drama to the experience without overpowering or outshining the band when they join in. The elements compliment each other.

​When the band come in, it's a gradual process which allows you to appreciate each layer of sound. First come the vocals over the strings, carrying a sense of purpose and determination which suits the lyrics which seem to tell of life on the road, heading out into the world and playing shows. The music builds with more voices forming harmonies, once again giving a chance to appreciate this new, subtle but sweet element before the entrance of the band as a whole is announced by the gradual rising of the strings in pitch, which increases intensity, before the sound drops for just a moment, before we're picked up again, the sound lifting us before we can hit the ground.

The drums somehow sound like they're calling you along, giving a sense of action that makes me picture rolling scenery as though from a movie montage, driving the characters forward across strange lands. The balance between high energy and feeling of being uplifted by the sound, and the steady beat keeping you grounded is perfect for this story.

Maybe I'm just reading too much, but I think even without meaning to you can be illustrative and set scenes like this with music. Given the experience that Recess have had already, though, I think that they were aware of the effect that at least some of these elements have. I think it was intentional.

​Whether you agree with my analysis or share the imagery conjured in my mind by this song, you can't deny it sounds fantastic.

Recess are just getting started and I believe that they have a huge amount of potential that's yet to be explored. I feel certain that whatever they're bringing to us in 'From Dust To Gold' and whatever future creations, it's going to be worth listening to. They're a band to watch for sure. You can listen to 'Leaving Home' here.
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1 Comment
Leggo13/11/2018 13:21:49
Being a follower since day one. To see these boys grow from young kids to men, it has shown in their music as well. I agree with the author the imagery that they set forth while their songs are playing is outstanding. If you can ever see them play in person it is an uplifting experience to witness. Their engery the have and the way they can accommodate crowds from young to old and have them all enjoy the music as well as dance. I do believe these Young men will be going places. - Meg Campbell

"Pop Crave Tweet"

Alternative-pop band @RecessOfficial merges rock & classical music on the music video for their single, “Leaving Home.” - Pop Crave

"Recess 'Leaving Home' Premier"

From time to time we will premier a track or a video. We couldn’t say no to the Leaving Home video by Ohio’s Recess because we love it. To be fair, Will Cosme over at Pop Crave beat us to it when he tweeted the video on Saturday to his massive following. The band’s debut video was directed by Brad Golowin and profiles a uberfan that does whatever it takes to meet his favorite band Recess. The band garnered press from Screen Reels calling them an “Alternative Pop Band, Embarking On a Experimental Music Expedition”, and Outloud Culture who interviewed the band. Give it a YouTube stream! - Kings of A&R

"The Top 8 Emerging Artists"

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Leandro released a slew of tracks this year making him an artist to watch. The singer, songwriter and producer directs his own videos.

Recess, is an Ohio alternative pop act that is selflessly promoting their latest track Leaving Home. A video for the track is in the works. Ohio birthed mega act Twenty One Pilots. Could Recess be next?

Lenay releases her debut pop single La La Land. The former MTV host has built-in audience and her Spanish YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers.

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"Recess 'From Dust To Gold' EP"

Cleveland’s electro alternative 4 piece Recess drops the ‘From Dust To Gold‘ EP. The five track EP is a strong second EP but sonically hard to pin down. Anthony Fondale, the keytarist says “I’m not sure what we are. Some consider us alternative rock. Others label us EDM infused pop. Heck, Pop Crave said we merge rock & classical music.” The band was picked to partake in Top Golf’s Who Will Rock You? Series Season 2 that features celebrity judges including radio & tv host Kerri Kasem and Dee Snider. Although Recess isn’t your typical rock outfit, Anthony tells Kings, “I think what makes us really stick out within “Who Will Rock You?” are our pop/rock/alternative roots, Vince’s (lead vocalist) voice, our use of epic/orchestral elements in our music and our ability to create catchy and unique songs.” The band just performed at FOX 8 in Cleveland and will headline Ohio’s biggest summer concert series Edgewater Live. Check out the video for Leaving Home that profiles a uberfan that does whatever it takes to meet his favorite band Recess. - Kings of A&R

"INsiders Guide: Interview With Electro-Pop Act, Recess"

Recess are a 4 piece band based out of Cleveland, Ohio and released the debut track “Leaving Home” earlier this year. The young alternative act thinks like seasoned musicians and are very particular with vocals and production. Anthony who plays keyboards tells Kings, “With the release of our new single “Leaving Home” off of our upcoming EP “From Dust to Gold”, we are really trying to revolutionize the pop industry and just show how four crazy ridiculous kids can rise from a small town in Cleveland, Ohio, and, by working hard and refusing to give up, show people that it can be done”.

I got the opportunity to talk to this up and coming band and talk with them about all things music;

Hi guys and welcome to OLC! Please introduce yourself and tell us all a bit about yourself?

These questions are answered by/in the perspective of Arslan Khan (drummer, 23)
– Thanks so much for having us on here! We are Recess – a 4 piece theatrical, anthemic pop/alternative/rock band out of Cleveland, Ohio. We have been in a band together for over 9 years now, basically growing up together playing shows every summer all over the east coast. Over the years we started to distance ourselves from our cover band roots as we grew as individuals and people, and brought our creative influences to the table collectively with the release of our debut EP “Boundary Lane” last July.
How did your band get together?
– We used the the internet as our main tool and we cannot be more grateful to be alive in the age of technology. Alex met the Fondales at a talent showcase at the age of 9 when they were all just little kids, but I myself found out about the band through YouTube. At the time, I was a young aspiring drummer looking for a project to start or get into. I found out about Recess on YouTube because, at the time, they had a video with over 1 million views on a cover of a Journey song at a mall in Northeast Ohio. Blown away with what I saw, I did exactly what my parents told me not to do my whole life and decided to message an internet stranger (Alex’s father) to see if I could land myself an audition with Cleveland’s most promising young kids’ band. It ended up being the boldest and smartest decision I’ve ever made.
Who are some artists that influenced your sound?
– We all are inspired by such different artists it almost surprises me how we find common ground as band members. Alex is big into glam rock and pop with bands such as Coldplay and the 1975. Vincent is inspired by legends such as Steve Perry and Dio, whereas Anthony seeks inspiration from alternative/rock acts such as The Gorillaz and Imagine Dragons. And then there’s me: hugely inspired by artists from all corners of the industry from SOAD and Avenged Sevenfold to Taylor Swift and J. Cole.

Describe the creative process of your songs and where do you derive your stories from?
– Our creative process is really simple; we never force a song to be finished, and, if we feel we are hitting a wall, we simply put it down and come back to it with a fresh mindset. 99% of our songs have started with a strong melody or hook that basically sets the basis and vibe for the entire record. When you have a strong melody, it helps to paint a picture of what we want to song to be in our heads. After that, it’s all about letting the song almost come together and write itself. We have had songs that have sat in Dropbox folders as demos for months before we could all finally look at each other and agree the song is what it’s supposed to be.

What’s your debut single “Leaving Home” about, and was it written about any particular event?
– “Leaving Home” is actually a pretty heartfelt record contrary to what people think. It isn’t written about a time or specific event, but more so the compromises of being an aspiring musician. “Leaving Home” is about the sacrifice of leaving your family, significant others, and friends in order to live on the road for years at a time to do what you’ve always wanted to do. It’s about watching your siblings grow up through a phone screen and missing out on all the little moments in life with them and friends in order to go play arenas full of thousands of people who don’t actually know who you are.

Being a four piece band in a pop world, is there anyone you didn’t want to emulate?
– The only thing we really don’t want to be considered is a “boy band”. It is such a loose term that pretty much sums up our band and sticks us with an image we don’t feel is necessarily fitting. Basically, we have too many epic orchestras, choirs, war drums, and bravado in our live show to just be lumped together as the next big “boy band”. We also perform and play all of our own selective instruments and create/produce every musical element ourselves.

Your forthcoming EP is entitled “From Dust To Gold”, what can you tell me about it?
– FDTG is our next step forward as a band. Like Anthony always says to me, “**** ceilings bruh. We have to one up ourselves,” and thats basically what we tried to do with this record. “Boundary Lane” was a very organic, almost grassroots record that really didn’t feature big production or polished pop elements. We wanted a very warm Ed Sheeran-esque record that simply epitomized our sound and gave the world an idea of what we are capable of. FDTG has a different approach. We set the groundwork with “Boundary Lane”, but with songs like “When the Sky Comes”, which features a stadium anthem pop hook, or “Leaving Home” with intense orchestral backing, we really had no limitations to how far we want to stretch our sound, and we really just wanted to make it even harder for our listeners to single in on what exactly our genre or style of music is.

What has been the most challenging part about being a four piece band, do you guys always get along or are there conflicts sometimes?
– Honestly, having been together almost a decade, we have such a strong bond, not just as members of a band, but as a group of friends, that we feel inseparable and ready for any challenge our careers throws at us so long as we have each other. We met at an age so young that, at the time, we couldn’t wait for practice to end so Anthony and I could run up to his bedroom and play Modern Warfare 2. Knowing each other that long and essentially growing up together has cemented us together as a true family unit, which I personally believes resonates very strongly in our music and social media presence. The genuine love we have for each other as brothers is clear as day to our fanbase, and I think that makes us more approachable and relatable than anything.

Do you guys on plan touring?
– We’ve dreamed of being on a bus with each other driving through the middle of nowhere almost longer than we’ve known each other. It’s the vision we all fabricated and shared when we first met each other in 2010, and its that same vision that drives and motivates us every time we are in the studio, playing a show, or even making one of our notorious stupid skit videos on Instagram that people cannot seem to get enough of.

What else do you have planned throughout the year?

2019 is the biggest year for Recess to date. We are in the middle of finalizing our debut music video for our single “Leaving Home” with director Brad Golowin, which we are beyond excited about. Besides the video, we have two TV episodes of us as featured artists set to air within the next few months along with the release of our sophomore EP “From Dust to Gold” in late March/early April. Oh, and we just dropped another single last week which has kept me charging my phone three times a day interacting with our Twitter fans all day long. We definitely have our work cut out for us the next few months. - OutLoud! Culture

"Alternative Pop Band, Recess, Embark On a Experimental Music Expedition"

Alternative pop/rock band Recess are enjoying an amazing start to the new year releasing their motivational new single, “When The Sky Comes”, the second release off their upcoming sophomore EP titled “From Dust to Gold”. The adventurous quartet experiment with many distinctive facets of the music spectrum displaying a profound artistry beyond their years. We spoke to Recess about their experience of music sessions writing and recording “Leaving Home”, their trials and tribulations in addition to their advice for those who aspire to become an artist and/or musician.


Recess began their individual artistic journeys at the early ages of 8 to 12 honing in their instrument playing skills and playing cover songs, with the exception of the band’s frontman who began much earlier than the rest of the band members. “Our lead vocalist, Vince, has been singing since the beginning of time, so he’s always had his ability.” They further added, “We started extremely young, so I’m not sure if there was an exact moment. I think we all really couldn’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of our lives at the time and up to now.” The band recalled how the discovery of their signature sound led to their music making expedition; “We eventually found our sound and started writing seriously around 5-6 years ago. Back then, we were recording demos and learning how to produce and mix properly.”

Recess, armed with their seasoned knowledge, were ready to introduce their blazing feel good music to the world by 2018. “We finally felt we could record a professional EP and released “Boundary Lane””.Received with rave reviews from the music sphere, Recess continued to release music and announced their much awaited follow up project. “As of now, we’re pushing our latest singles “Leaving Home” and “When the Sky Comes” off of our new EP “From Dust to Gold” (which will be available in late March/early April) and are also in the midst of shooting our music video for “Leaving Home” with director Brad Golowin.”

The Music Making Process

The refreshing quality of Recess is their bold variations of music genre blending experimentation found in their songs. Each track differs from the other yet, all sharing an intriguing story in the lyrics. Recess describe their music style as “epic and theatrical pop/alternative, but, at the same time, electronic and dance influenced.” Their musical influences such as, Onerepublic, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and Avicii motivated the band to be unafraid to take their music soundscapes to unseen creative heights specially on their Jazzy standout single, “Leaving Home”.

The track has a ambitious, orchestra heavy, anthemic soundscape pulling their listeners in from the very beginning. As the story unfolds, the song becomes a fearless marriage of Jazz and Pop with heavy underlinings of Alternative Rock transforming into a unique take on music as a whole. Recess shared some insight on their experience of creating the single; “Musically, “Leaving Home” is inspired by epic orchestral pop songs like “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay and “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons. The song is based around the loneliness of travel, touring, and performing, and not being able to see loved ones and family in exchange for doing what you’ve always wanted to do.”

Recess’ creative process is a somewhat steady approach that begins with “vocal melodies and decisions on the track’s vibe. Usually when you have a certain melody, it already has a vibe to it, so you know where it’s going before you start. Sometimes this process changes; it really is unpredictable and seems to just fall into place if the song is given the time it needs.” Recess confessed it required plenty of intense detailed sessions: “The recording sessions were really intense. Many hours of mixing sounds, messing with effects, pans, and frequencies, and really get-in and get-out recordings of drums, overheads, guitar, and other instruments. We spent a good amount of time on vocal performance and recording/mixing it well. Hopefully the work we put into the song shows.” Recess hopes their music becomes a form of escapism for their listeners. “Each song has a different vibe and overall meaning, so we’d say that we’d like them to think of our music as a rollercoaster of emotion and an escape from reality.”

Hardships, Advice and the Future

Every artist and band has their own trials and tribulations, for Recess, the biggest challenge they face is the misperception of a music career not being a legit one. “Everyone asking when you’re going to get a real job, no matter how large your music career has gotten.” Having a satisfying music career requires hard work, an endless amount of persistence and the unbreakable faith in your craft. Recess offered their advice to aspiring artists and musicians; “There’s going to be a point in your career in which you have no money, no job, and are constantly being questioned by your significant other, her family, your family, your friends etc… This will be the test that will prove how much you actually want to make music for a career. Don’t let anyone break you and don’t stop because life and other people try to sway you into following the norm.” The band emphasized some ideas such as working with a friend’s friend will have regretful consequences, “Don’t let a friend of a friend shoot videos or record for you; that never ends well.”

As we concluded our chat, Recess leaves us with an tidbit of what’s in store for their future, “Whatever the future holds. We like to think we have no ceiling, so we’ll see what our music, videos, and content can do for people.”

Catch all the latest news on Recess available now on their Official website - Screen Reels

"Band Interview: Recess"

Tell me about yourselves? How did you all meet? Where are you all from?
We met almost through fate. Vincent and I are siblings who have been around the live music scene our entire lives courtesy of our dad’s involvement with local tribute and cover acts in the Cleveland area. Alex was introduced to our duo at the age of 9 through a talent showcase and immediately found chemistry with us as we quickly assembled a cover band. Arslan was introduced to the band in 2010 at the age of 15 when he found out about the local band through YouTube. He sent us a cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine as a “digital audition” and he nailed it, so we sent him our address and he happened to live only 2 miles away. Like we said, it seems the stars aligned themselves and everything fell into place in terms of finding the core members.

What are your names and what position do you have in the band?
Vincent Fondale – Vocals and Songwriting.
Anthony Fondale – Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards and Backup vocals.
Alex Raz – Guitar and Backup Vocals.
Arslan Khan – Drums and Backup vocals.

What if anything does your band name mean/Why are you called that?
Our band name was really a spontaneous decision. At the time, we were a bunch of 10 year old kids and we came up with “Recess” because it was genuinely the funnest part of the day in our lives at the time. It ended up sticking over the years and became a brand that people knew us by and we all just came to love it.

Describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?
Our music is theatrical, organic, anthem pop/alternative/rock that is driven by memorable melodies and deep lyrics.

What song(s) do you remember most from your childhood?
We all sought inspiration from different artists growing up. Some do not correlate and match at all, but that’s the beauty of being an individual and tying inspirations together to play music that we all collectively love. For example, Vincent started off singing Steve Perry and Dio classics, while Anthony and Arslan were inspired by Good Charlotte and System of a Down respectively. If we could single out a record that we all loved as band, however, it would be “Separate Ways” by Journey. It was our most popular cover as kids, garnering several thousand views at YouTube’s early stages.

Do you have a process for writing your songs?
We really don’t have a distinct formula. We never force a song to be written. Our songwriting process typically starts with a vocal melody written by either Vincent or me (Anthony). Typically, when you have a strong melody, the direction and vibe of the song is already there; it’s just up to us to orchestrate it and let the pieces come together. We never rush through the process; some of our songs have sat for months until we could all finally look at each other while listening and mutually agree “that’s the one”.

Have you released any music yet, and if so how has it been received?
We released our debut EP titled “Boundary Lane” in July of 2018 featuring fan favorites like “Story Goes”. The songs quickly became “ear worms” live to the point where fans were figuring out the songs and singing along by the final chorus. The audience reception to our music, live especially, is what drove us to continue to push our boundaries as creators; we wanted to keep our fans completely surprised and unsure of what to expect from us next. We took that momentum into the release of our newest singles “Leaving Home” and “When the Sky Comes” off our sophomore EP “From Dust to Gold” and, so far, the reception and fan interaction is growing at an exponential rate. We are just excited to keep pushing our boundaries and continuing our “no ceilings” approach to where we want to take Recess.

Are you planning any music releases for the near future?
“From Dust to Gold” is mastered and is set to release in late March.

If you have released music, where can fans to be find it?
Our music is available on all major platforms. We are on Spotify and Apple Music for streaming, as well as SoundCloud. We also have the official audio video for our latest single “When the Sky Comes” on YouTube.

Do you have social media for the band and if so please provide links?
@RecessOfficial is the handle for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues?
We are very lucky to have played some of the stages we’ve performed on. This past summer alone, we found ourselves on main stage at Rockin’ on the River in Ohio as well as an iHeart Radio mainstage at Edgewater Beach in Cleveland. We also played the Cowan at the TopGolf in Nashville a few months ago, which was an unforgettable experience. We are definitely blessed to play some of the festivals we have especially as a local original act. However, the undisputed biggest show we ever played was this past January at the legendary Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

Do you have any gigs in the near future, and if so where and when?
We are currently the middle of our booking season so our show list for this summer is yet to be finalised and soon to be announced.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?
We really don’t at this point. The only obligations any of us have in our lives besides Recess are our menial, fast food day jobs, which all of us are willing to compromise at any moment for what we actually want to do. Me (Anthony) and Arslan were peers at Cuyahoga Community College working on an associate’s of arts in Recording Arts and Technology together in 2015, which definitely required a balance between Recess and Blackboard deadlines. Even during college, however, Recess came first for all of us as it always has. Since that point, however, we are all married to Recess and are extremely happy doing it.

Following on from that question, what has been your biggest challenge as a band and have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so then how?
Our biggest challenge is balancing work and Recess as the band grows and becomes a full-time obligation for all of us. As much as we want to, none of of can quit our day jobs just yet because being in a band is a major investment that never seems to end. Its like that Camaro your friend’s dad has in his garage: It’s in pieces and doesn’t look like much, but, with enough time and resources, it can come to its final form. We all shared a vision of what we wanted Recess to become when we first met each other in 2010. That was the easy part. The biggest challenge has been maintaining and glorifying that vision on a daily basis through all the challenges life throws at you (including all the naysayers who tell you to get an actual job).

And let’s end with something a little different…Which famous person, living or dead, would you have dinner with and why?
Ryan Tedder, lead singer of OneRepublic, is a prominent music industry figure the entire band looks up to. Not only is he a gifted vocalist, he has written some major anthemic songs of our generation for multiple artists that all four band members grew up on. He’s the man, and he’s also a great producer. - Off the Record

"Recess - Wonderama"

Recess came to be in early 2008. They started off, with Vincent (the band’s lead vocalist) being only 8 yrs. old, as a bunch of kids playing classic rock covers songs in the basement of a small 3 bedroom house on Boundary Lane in Parma, Ohio. As they improved and grew musically, performing at numerous venues and festivals across the States, Recess started to create and write their own music. Through many songs, peculiar situations and events, the band finally had created 5 songs which really reflected them and what they wanted to do. These 5 songs can be found on Recess’s first EP intentionally named “Boundary Lane”. “Story Goes” (featured on this episode) is the second song found on the “Boundary Lane” EP. Recess has completed their second EP, “From Dust to Gold” and released the EP’s first single called “Leaving Home” on 7/26/18. The band is really trying to revolutionize the pop industry and just show how four crazy / ridiculous kids can rise from a small town in Cleveland, Ohio and, by working hard and refusing to give up, show people that it can be done. - Wonderama

"An Interview With The Cleveland-Based Electro-Pop Band, RECESS!"

Ohio and released their debut track “Leaving Home” earlier this year. They also shot a video for the track with director Brad Golowin (Red Sun Rising, The Revivalists) that includes a full orchestra. This song can be found on their newest EP, “From Dust To Gold.”
The young alternative act thinks like seasoned musicians and are very particular with vocals and production. Anthony who plays keyboards tells explains, “With the release of our new single “Leaving Home” off of our EP “From Dust to Gold”, we are really trying to revolutionize the pop industry and just show how four crazy ridiculous kids can rise from a small town in Cleveland, Ohio, and, by working hard and refusing to give up, show people that it can be done.
“Leaving Home” Official Video:
Connect With Recess Here-
Learn more about Recess in the following All Access interview:
Now that we are into the 5th month of the year, how would you say that 2019 is treating the band so far? What are some goals that you have for this year? How are those New Years Resolutions going?
Wow that’s crazy to believe! We are on a good pace, man. It’s all about setting short term, reasonable goals and working as a unit towards them. So far, we’ve dropped our newest EP “From Dust to Gold” on time, as we intended, and our episode of “Who Will Rock You” is set to air any day now, so I would say we are making solid progress.
Can you recall the moment when you thought you could be in this group together? Was it hard to think of a name that you could agree on? Has anything surprised you about this musical journey so far?
Knowing each other for over 10 years, it can honestly be challenging to focus on a certain time in which we knew exactly what we were doing. When we first started, we were a bunch of pre-teen kids wowing local, older crowds by playing classic rock covers. The one thing we all shared since the beginning, however, was a common vision of doing what we were doing on a scale much larger than any one of us could think was possible. We were very confident in our capabilities and potential at a very early age, which helped us all take the process seriously and hold it to utmost importance as we grew as individuals.
How do you think your hometown has influenced the sound and how you all carry yourselves in this group?
The Cleveland music scene is dominated my mega tribute/cover bands, so for us to even play the stages we do every summer is astounding. In a place where the music scene is exclusive, we have really had to grind our way through the process and learn things the hard way the last ten years to even be able to do this interview today. We have had our fair share of empty crowds that taught us how to grow and learn how to keep an audience occupied during the entire duration of a 60 minute set. That process has sharpened our skills and made our sound tighter than anything and we feel it has been an integral part of our music inside the studio and live. Little things like that have shaped us into who we are today.
How did your band name first come together? Was it hard to all agree on one name? What other names were you considering?
All of us were sitting in a room with our parents about 10-11 years ago thinking up a cool band name. Anthony says: “How about Recess?”, and that was pretty much it.
I always like to ask bands if you all hang out socially apart from the music? In other words, when you aren’t working on music, do you guys enjoy hanging out for fun?
You can always find one of us at the Fondale’s house. It is pretty much a living Seinfeld episode in which any one of us characters can barge in at any time for any sporadic reason. We really are an extremely tight knit group and there is not a day that goes by where our GC on our phones isn’t buzzing with new ideas, or “power moves” as Slan would call them, being formulated and discussed.
Let’s talk about your newest track “Leaving Home.” What was the inspiration for it? How creatively involved with the process were you in the video making process?
Leaving Home is actually a rather somber song contrary to what it sounds. The inspiration behind the song is the ironic loneliness that follows musicians no matter how big their crowds become. The entire storyboard process was done internally amongst the band. The vision with an orchestra and an obsessed fan was made at the Fondale’s house, but, with the help of Brad Golowin, we were able to get our visions into production and eventually into a real, finished project.
How would you say this song prepares listeners for more music from Recess and for your EP “From Dust to Gold”?
Leaving Home is a track that perfectly epitomizes the band in the shortest, sweetest way. Although the #1 song on our Spotify is “When The Sky Comes”, Leaving Home perfectly captures the theatrical side to our musicianship that stems from our love of movies and video games we grew up loving, and shows how unexpected and limitless we really are with our creativity. If you’re waiting for new Recess music, expect extremely different sounding tracks constantly and throughout our discography.
What was it like making your EP? Did anything surprise you about the overall process?
With how much we focus on pre-production and conceptualizing a song before hitting the studio, we didn’t encounter any surprises or twists with the production process because there was no sacrifice with sounds or anything of that matter in the studio. If there was a sound we wanted to capture, but weren’t able to for whatever reason, we had no problem closing the session for the night and attacking it with a fresh mind a few days later. We basically know exactly what the song is supposed to be when it’s first written, and we plan carefully and arrange the parts with their frequency ranges and rhythmic patterns already set to get the song to its final form before we even open a Pro Tools session or set up a microphone.
Generally, how do you all go about writing your music? Do you write together or separately?
Anthony and Vincent are our primary songwriters. Typically, our best songs have started with a solid verse or chorus melody that either Anthony or Vincent wrote, and they both work together to find a vision and direction from there.
How has the sound changed over the years? What has remained the same?
Discovering our sound has been the part we never felt inclined to rush into or force. Finding your niche in music is not something that happens overnight, so we never really focused on writing songs for marketability or anyone else in general. At the time, when we started the songwriting process more seriously than anything, Imagine Dragons was just starting their ascent to the top. They basically dropped our jaws and showed us that the era of the big band is alive and well, and showed us that you can have a modern/polished pop/rock sound that still delivers and moves people live. As a result we just focused on ourselves and wrote songs about things that we wanted to write about, and, so far, it has resonated well within our fan-base.
Where do you think you are all happiest- in the studio recording new music, on stage performing or elsewhere?
Being on a stage with your best friends playing in front of a huge crowd that is singing along to the lyrics you wrote in your notebook in high school is a euphoria that simply cannot be described. There are a lot of moments where we are completely connected spiritually, such as the bridge to “Whats The Gain” during our live show. Our energy and emotion is pouring out so strongly that there is simply no better feeling in the entire world knowing the crowd is feeling the same goosebumps and hair standing on their arms during that moment that we are.
Where can fans see you perform next? What do you think makes for an ideal show for this group?
Our upcoming show is May 26th at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. It is our first show in the Cleveland area after a long off season so you can expect plenty of new tricks up our sleeves as well as some unreleased, never before heard songs that we have for our next EP.
How has social media impacted the band? How often are you all on your different sites interacting with fans?
Social media is the hub for our fandom. The best part of our day is tweeting our fans from The Philippines to California, and seeing the Recess family grow on a daily basis. Or as Anthony likes to do it, say something completely nonsensical and ambiguous, and then disappear for hours so the fans are left to fight over what he could have possibly meant. It’s honestly an open invitation, 24/7 party on our social media accounts and it can get pretty entertaining to say the least.
We are currently living through a very trying and politically charged time right now so I am curious to know how you all think being musicians and in this band still gives you the most joy in life today? Do you find that your music is an escape to all the current events?
We feel that is the most important role of the arts in general. Our most important job as creators is providing that go-to place for people to escape the negativity that comes with life, and to find solace and happiness in the platform that we have created. We take that job very seriously and hold that role proudly.
What musicians would you love to work with in the future? What artists have really been inspiring this group and your music since day one?
We share inspirations from different branches of the music industry. Our influences go from 80’s hair metal to hip hop, so being able to give any one man or woman that distinction is impossible. Ryan Tedder (One Republic), Ed Sheeran, and Charlie Puth are all modern artists we all listen to and are inspired by. Also we cannot forget the late Avicii, and The Rev(Avenged Sevenfold), who showed us the best songs come naturally and from within.
What is the message of your music? What do you want people to take away from your songs?
We really don’t try to incorporate a specific meaning or associate something to take from our music as whole, but like to change meanings and tell stories from song to song. Some songs are very heartfelt and personal, such as “Swear to Me” and “Goodbye” off of “From Dust to Gold”, while other songs like “What’s the Gain” off of our first EP “Boundary Lane” is written within the mind of a foot soldier in an ancient battle front, so its really very open and interpretational writing style we have.
Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers about this group?
Don’t forget to catch our upcoming episodes on Season 2 of Topgolf’s “Who Will Rock You”, a competition TV show looking for the best unsigned bands in America. It’s an awesome opportunity to be a part of and we absolutely cannot wait to show the world what we have. Also, keep on the lookout for tour dates near you and new content. It’s all coming quite fast and we’re extremely excited to share everything with everyone. - All Access Music


Boundary Lane

  • Genre: Pop / Alternative
  • Released: 2018
  • Label: Self-released
  • Produced: Freddy DeMarco and Recess Band LLC
  • Formats: CD and Digital Download
  • Tracks: 5
  • Length: 19:15 minutes
From Dust to Gold
  • Genre: Pop / Alternative
  • Released: 2019
  • Label: Self-released
  • Produced: Freddy DeMarco and Recess Band LLC
  • Formats: CD and Digital Download
  • Tracks: 5
  • Length: 20:53 minutes



Recess came to be in early 2008. They currently have two 5-song EP’s available on all music platforms, with a third one to be released soon. The band's 2nd EP "From Dust to Gold" was recognized by Global Citizen Festival in NYC and they were invited to their offices to play their music as a feature on Global Citizen's official social media pages. The music video for the band's song “Leaving Home” has received recognition from Pop Crave, Kings of A&R, and Global Citizen, while their cover for Avicii's "The Nights" has collected over 450,000 views and counting. Recess was selected as one of 12 bands out of 700 for Season 2 of Topgolf’s “Who Will Rock You?” (May 2019) and placed as semi-finalists representing Nashville in the single-elimination tournament in which the band performed their original music to a sold-out venue (The Cowan) in Nashville, TN. In addition, Recess was a featured artist on Seasons 3 (May 2019) and 4 (Mar 2020) of “Wonderama”, a widely popular show in New York City. On top of the band's multiple TV appearances, Recess has accumulated over a decade of playing time on stage together. Their notable recent shows have been headlining Cleveland Metropark’s Edgewater Live (June 2019), and Lorain’s Rockin’ on the River (June 2018). Recess has recently played at the House of Blues (Cleveland 2018), the Cowan (Nashville, TN 2019), the iconic Viper Room (Hollywood, CA), as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland 2019) as one of the featured artists for the Bon Jovi induction ceremony. "Leaving Home" was also immediately featured on the premiere music blog for emerging artists Kings of A&R. The band proceeded to be put on numerous blog and interview spots throughout the year and are in the midst of recording another EP set to release in early 2020, however, delayed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Although not being able to play live in 2020, Recess performed for UK's Finsperry Virtual Festival.  

This past year (2021), Recess was a finalist in Goodyear's national Garage to Glory contest.  Performed at Cleveland OH's Tower City Battle of the Land and was selected as a Band in Residence for Cedar Point's 4th of July week kicking off their 150th Anniversary celebration.

Overall, Recess is really trying to revolutionize the Pop / Alternative industry and just show how four kids can rise from a small town in Cleveland, Ohio, and, by working hard and refusing to give up, spread their music, positivity, and show people that it can be done.

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