Ria Rosae
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Ria Rosae

Long Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Long Beach, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo R&B Singer/Songwriter




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R&B Skooled EP released on 12.17.13



Ria Rosae Bio

It was the beginning of a new year only days old when January 21, 1993 rolled around in Los Angeles,
California. It was also the beginning of life for Ahria Elizabeth Morris. For Ahria it was not to be an easy
ride in the beginning as she was shuffled from foster home to foster home, security was not a feeling
that young Ahria had much experience with.

Ahria soon found comfort in singing and dancing, and by the time she was eight years old others noticed
that she had a talent, by the age of ten just about all she thought about was music. She noticed a poster
on the wall of her elementary school, for a talent show and decided she would audition. When she got
the news that she had been selected to perform in the talent showcase, she was elated and decided to
team-up with two of her friends Takeya and Shelea, who sang and danced to Cheetah Girls. After
winning first place she realized her only real passion was singing, and that was something no one could
take away from her.

When 2008 rolled around Ahria found herself with another foster parent and again being forced to leave
her friends and move to Long Beach. As she entered the doors of Jordan High School she brought her
passion for music with her. It didnt take long for her to join the track team, and creating a dance team
with four other classmates. She also was going to her new foster familys church and soon settled into
singing with the church choir, not wanting to miss any opportunity to sing.

While her singing and dancing were progressing, even making the Jordon Dance Team and becoming
very popular with other students, unfortunately her grades were not as spectacular. Her foster parents
stepped in and told her she would have to put the music on hold until her grades improved, something
Ahria found hard to do. Her drive and passion was only for music, and while it seemed her life was
together performing wise, her private life was not. Life circumstances did not change much for Ahria,
finding herself homeless at times, being bounced from one foster home to another, then to group
homes. It all started to take a toll on her; her only solace seemed to be at school. School was the only
place she felt that she belonged, it became her true home, and she spent every minute she could
there. Every school has its social clicks, the popular, the unpopular, the geeks, and the talented. Ahria
was very different she really didnt fit a typical high school mold. She was loved by all, yet everybody
seemed to hate her at the same time. Ahria knew why, she was encouraged by her teachers and other
students, everyone saw it, and some of them envied it. She was a go getter, she fit in with the popular
and the unpopular students, so one way or another almost everyone found something to like and to
dislike about her.

Ahria was faced with many opportunities and many challenges while in school, it all helped to define
who she is today, and she did manage to pull her grades up to an impressive 3.0 by her senior year,
allowing her to attend Cal State University Northridge.

Her career was in full swing, having been presented offers from prestigious modeling and talent
agencies: like Barbizon, 17 Magazine and Universal Music. She also began to accumulate an impressive
portfolio of awards and citations for her talent. She has since worked her way into the movers and
shakers of the industry, changing her name to Ria Rosae, and along with the help of her manager Eric

Totton she is making a mark in an industry of dreams. For Ria, looking back to that young determined
foster child and the encouragement given her by teachers and friends, she realizes that with a lot of
hard work, anyone can make their dreams come true. 

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