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Glendale, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF | AFTRA

Glendale, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Pop Rock




"Ricky Rebel on FOX TV in San Diego"

In-studio interview and performance in advance of his performance at “Out At The Fair” at the San
Diego County Fair where he shared a festival bill with two-time Grammy winner Colbie Caillat
during a West Coast tour - Fox

"Ricky Rebel - Get Out! magazine (Cover), New York City"

Ricky graces the cover of this popular entertainment magazine in New York City with a three-page
 Newsstand circulation is 50,000.
 Recent covers include Taylor Dayne and LeAnn Rimes. - Get Out! magazine

"Ricky Rebel - Elle Magazine (Spain Edition)"

Ricky Rebel - Elle Magazine (Spain Edition) - Elle Magazine

"UsWeekly Welcomes Ricky Rebel As A New Fashion Contributor"

#UsWeekly, and their 2,000,000 readers, welcome #RickyRebel as a new fashion contributor. - Usweekly

"LAWeekly - Party Pick of the Week: Alice in Wonderland Costume Tea Party"

1652 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood, Sat., March 29, 10 p.m.-2:30 a.m., $15.

You won't find a pre-Easter celebration that's "curiouser" than Bar Sinister's annual Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, which pops back out of the rabbit hole this Saturday with Wonder-ful decorations and darkly decked-out denizens.

Sinister remains the place for black-garbed glamsters and ghouls, and on this special night the dress-up takes on a less fiendish, more fantastical feel with baby-blue - frocked beauties, menacing Mad Hatters and, of course, sexy queens of hearts!

An egg hunt with prizes is promised, with drink specials (absinthe!) and "Eat me!" treats, too. And don't miss the live performance by Ricky Rebel, an androgynous singer-dancer who's as fierce and naughty as a Cheshire cat. Gotta say it: "Don't be late" to this one, kiddies! - Lina Lecaro

"“On the Red Carpet”, ABC TV in Los Angeles"

“On the Red Carpet”, ABC TV in Los Angeles
Interviewed Ricky on the red carpet at the season-premiere party for “Live Well with Ali Vincent”
(ABC TV network). - ABC

"Recording artist Ricky Rebel attends the NOH8 Campaign's 5th Year Anniversary Event"

A leading celebrity website with nearly 50,000,000 unique monthly visitors. Yahoo! Celebrity websites in over 30 countries picked up the photo including The Middle East,
France, Greece, Singapore, UK and Ireland, The Philippines and India.

Recording artist Ricky Rebel attends the NOH8 Campaign's 5th Year Anniversary Event in Los Angeles December 15, 2013. REUTERS/Phil McCarten (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT ANNIVERSARY) - Yahoo News

"Mya + Ricky Rebel Perform At Avalon In Hollywood During the Choreographer’s Carnival"

Mya + Ricky Rebel Perform At Avalon In Hollywood During the Choreographer’s Carnival - by pslovecharli

Mya surprised the crowd with a special performance at the Choreographer’s Carnival at the Avalon in Hollywood last night and Ricky Rebel tore up the stage when he kicked off the evening by playing a club set with his band including Grammy-winning violinist Alyson Montez.
The former lead vocalist of No Authority, who previously toured with Britney Spears among other artists, performed his Rebel Medley of greatest solo hits including “Geisha Dance”, “All I Wanna Do” and “Get It On” as well as “Star” and “Boys and Sometimes Girls” from his new release, “The Blue Album”.

The crowd flipped. And so did Ricky. Literally. At one point, he shocked the crowd into a frenzy by doing the jump splits and even a side aerial flip while singing “Star”.
The blue-haired singer wore a black, opaque shirt, unapologetically-tight black-laced pants, black lace-up boots and custom-made, over-the-elbow gold gloves adorned in armor-like gold rings by Grace & Murk LLC.
For your viewing pleasure — check out Ricky Rebel’s latest video “GEISHA DANCE” below:
Catch the buzz at WWW.RICKYREBELROCKS.COM. - Charli Holbrook

"Ricky Rebel's Cause, by Connor Sobolik"

It has been a very strange journey for the bisexual Pilates instructor with blue hair and exceptional roller skating skills. Ricky Rebel was once in a promising boy band, No Authority, and saw the world while touring with huge artists like Britney Spears. The band broke up, and he was left all skated up with nowhere to go.

“I learned that I can survive being in that lifestyle. One thing to the next thing. I’m not going to go crazy. [Other artists] get into drugs because they can’t handle the pressure. I can handle the pressure. I enjoy being that busy.”
A lot of times things will go wrong that you can’t control. I just learned how to deal with those things in the moment. There is this instinct that I have; I just have it.”
The confident, yet seldom, cocky Rebel has songs about everything from boy troubles to break-ups to bad-ass Asian warriors. Though he can deal out quite the beating in his blue-haired bedazzlement, his work with PACE, an anti-bullying organization, is what makes him a Rebel with a cause.

“[You Need A Woman] was based on a true story. There was a time where I was attracting straight men who wanted me to be something that I wasn’t. I am not a woman; I am a guy. I have a good balance of femininity, but they were asking me to do things and be something that I wasn’t.”
If you would like to see Rebel in action, you can catch him on June 29 performing at Bar Sinister, in Los Angeles, for what is guaranteed to be a very exciting Fetish Show.



Twitter.com/RickyRebelRocks - Guy Spy

"Ricky Rebel Electro Pop Glory"

Ricky Rebel, a former lead singer of the 90′s pop group No Authority has transformed himself into the International Pop Star Ricky Rebel. His new track ”I Adore You” (feat. Jayk Gallagher) has everything you would want from an electro pop gem, solid danceable groves, lush synth arrangements, sexy lead vocals, and perfectly timed breakdowns. A little bit about Ricky Rebel, also known as Ricky Felix Godinez ; No Authority was discovered by Michael Jackson in the 90′s and was signed to his label and SONY. He was then a teen idol. No Authority’ first album was recorded with Grammy award-winning producer Rodney Jerkins and their second self-titled album was released under Madonna’s label, Maverick Records. They opened for multiple huge acts including, Britney Spears, Monica, Christina Aguilera, Lenny Kravitz, Jessica Simpson, and 98 Degrees, and they had a popular song on the radio called “Can I Get Your Number.” After the end of the No Authority era Ricky went on to be cast as the character, “Showpony” for My Chemical Romance’s album “Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys”. This led to an appearance in their pre-album videos and he opened up for the band at their CD release at The House of Blues in Hollywood. This garnered him some attention for his solo act and he began the process of reinventing himself through, fashion, style, glamor, and magic. Ricky’s current band can be seen in and around Los Angeles. The band is also working on a new video featuring live video from performances and daily life for an upcoming reality project. Ricky wrote and produced all his tracks on his current LP “Manipulator”, available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Listen to his newest track ”I Adore You” here on Sergeant Sparrow. - Sergeant Sparrow

"Ricky Rebel Makes You Dance"

Ricky Rebel makes you dance with his lively dancefloor jams. His new release, The Blue EP, is available on iTunes. If you remember The Thompson Twins and Culture Club from the 1980s, Ricky Rebel is in a similar vein– synthesized dance music with soul!

Having opened for Britney Spears with his previous group, No Authority, and then worked with My Chemical Romance, starring in their videos for “NA NA NA” and “Sing,” 2014 is shaping up to be the year Ricky Rebel makes his own mark in the music industry.

And the blue hair? That sets him apart from all the rest– you can’t forget the blue hair. –Mark Weber Music Blog - Mark weber Music Blog

"Meet Ricky Rebel, The Independent Pop-Artist/Producer That Is Taking Los Angeles By Storm"

With a brand new EP fresh off the press (https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-blue-ep/id845303088?v0=9988&ign-mpt=uo%3D1) and a full-length album slated to come out this June, it's clear why so many people are talking about Los Angeles-based artist, Ricky Rebel. His business-savvy work ethic and hard-working team (JellyfishPR.com) seem to have proven themselves to be the bees-knees of a strategic force. After all, if you're drawing 1,000+ people to your shows in LA as an independent artist, and invited to red-carpet events on the weekly- one could rightfully expect some kind of ripple effect from such insane amount of rad-ness.

www.twitter.com/rickyrebelrocks - Electro WOW - Electronic Music News


When you first hear of the name RICKY REBEL, what do you think? When I was first invited to attend Rebel’s show at the hot spot Troubadour in West Hollywood, California, I was quick to judge from my first impression. A highly recognizable asset in the music industry told me that this artist would “blow my mind” and to give him a chance to validate her referral. I decided to put aside all my pre judgmental thoughts and catch the show.

The show… “BLEW MY MIND”! I think Lady Gaga would go GAGA over Rebel. I can see his performance opening for a GAGA tour. Gaga is invincible and after witnessing a Rebel show, he should open for her, its like her soul mate little monster, match made in heaven... I would like to start a buzz about this and make this happen. GAGA DO YOU HEAR ME?!
Ricky Rebel is a mix of Prince, Depeche Mode, Madonna and David Bowie. He has this pop, rock, edgy and electronic mix all in his music. The melodies are catchy. There was even one song that had me thinking about other artists that he resembles, but what I came to realize is that there is really only ONE Ricky Rebel.
His performance style is edgy but you can’t seem to keep your eyes off of him and everything going on behind him. Each song had my full attention and was completely mesmerized by his performance. I think it is always so rewarding to find a hidden talent that can appeal to a mass market and to all ages.
Rebel is set to release a new album in the coming months. I highly suggest tracking any upcoming news, shows and or releases. If the album includes the music featured at his show, the album will make you want to listen from beginning to end.
You tell me after you go and see a show if I was right about him opening for GAGA. I was able to do a quick Q & A with Ricky Rebel! Lets all get to know more about this new artist.
GOLIGHTLY: Tell us about the inspiration behind your new album.
RICKY REBEL: This album is a celebration of my independence. I'm literally the definition of an independent artist. Basically, I've lived the life of a controlled artist for so long as a child, It feels so good to finally release music that is 100% me. Down to playing the instruments, songwriting, and overall production Of the LP. I have my DNA in all of it.
GOLIGHTLY: How do you want people to perceive you as an artist?
RICKY REBEL: I want people to know that my music is a reflection between the 80's and 90's updated. I've been involved in the music industry for 10 years. I was the lead singer in a successful boy band called “No Authority” that toured the world. I've worked with the biggest names in the business including Rodney Jerkins, Jay Baumgardner, Michael Jackson and Madonna. I was signed to Michael Jackson's label when I was a kid and then later, Madonna released our second studio album on her Maverick label. So, I've used all of my experience working with the greats to make this record. My album is literally 9 years in the making. I've been wanting to be a solo artist ever since I was 5 years old and now that it's finally happening, I couldn't be more excited to show my fans the un manufactured me.
GOLIGHTLY: Tell us more behind the production of your show, it's very entertaining
RICKY REBEL: First of all, thank you so much for coming and I'm glad you enjoyed it. We worked hard to make it look effortless. My show is inspired by my favorite performers of all time. Bowie, Prince and Madonna. I have had lots of experience on stage. The pop group “No Authority” that I was in toured Europe twice and opened up for the biggest acts in the business including Britney Spears on her Oops I Did It Again Tour. So when the lights and the music turn on, my body instinctively knows what to do. Not to say that I never rehearse, on the contrary I love rehearsing. I love the process of unfolding a show and fitting the different parts to create a picture and tell a story. I live for it.
For my CD release concert at the Troubadour I hired a new Choreographer/Director named Alexander Fost who just got done filming the show "So You Think You Can Dance." I also hired a drummer, guitarist and keyboardist, which seriously pumped up the live experience to a whole new level. Now, it's got the whole band, dancers, costumes, makeup and set pieces. The show is so complete and it has such a high budget feel to it.
GOLIGHTLY: What do you have coming up that your fans and new fans can know more? About?
RICKY REBEL: I have four songs currently available on iTunes. I'm also promoting my new single and video "Manipulator" at clubs and venues throughout LA. I'm planning on touring soon to promote the release of my new Album "Manipulator" which is coming out in late September. You can check out my music, videos, and listings of upcoming shows on my website RickyRebelRocks.com - Yahoo - Shine


Manipulator LP - 2011
1. Manipulator
2. Geisha Dance
3. Straight Jacket
4. You Need A Woman
5. Lights Out 
6. Manipulator (Remix)
7. Straight Jacket (Remix)

The Blue EP - 2014
1. Star
2. I Adore You (feat. Jayk Gallagher) 
3. Savior (Radio Edit)
4. 2 Late
5. Savior (Matt Boss Remix)



                                                                          About Ricky Rebel



In 1997, recording artist Ricky G. burst on the music scene as the lead vocalist of the boy-band No Authority who later toured with 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child, Aaron Carter, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson among others.  Rodney Jenkins (Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears) produced their first album, “Keep On”, and Michael Jackson signed the band to his own MJJ Music custom-label at Sony.  In 2000, they signed with Madonna’s Maverick label to release their namesake album.  The album reached #18 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart.  Their signature hit, “Can I Get Your Number” peaked at #33 on the Billboard Top 40 chart while “I’m Telling You This” appeared on “The Rugrats in Paris” soundtrack.  The band then embarked on tour with Britney Spears.  Following the break-up of No Authority, Ricky re-emerged as the lead vocalist of Harlow from 2004-2009.

Ricky also leant his voice to films including “Apollo 13” starring Tom Hanks, “Anywhere But Here” starring Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman and the “Anastasia” soundtrack.  In addition, he appeared on episodes of “American Dreams”, “Boston Public”, “Audrina” (Vh1) and starred in Debbie Allen’s ballet, “Pepito’s Story”, that opened at the Kennedy Center in New York City.


Ricky G. became Ricky Rebel and embarked on a solo career after My Chemical Romance invited him to co-star in their “NA NA NA” and “Sing” videos.  In 2011, he released the “Manipulator” album featuring the hits “Geisha Dance”, “Get It On”, “You Need a Woman” and the title track.  MTV’s “Good Vibes” also featured music from the album.  In 2013, “Geisha Dance” spent ten weeks on the Mediabase Chart, the chart that powers “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”.  Now, in 2014, Ricky is ready to take the stage again with his new release, “The Blue Album”, mixed by Claudio Cueni (JLo), he recently performed with Grammy-winner Mya and, in the spirit of fashion rockers like Gaga/Bowie, is also a fashion contributor to Us Weekly.

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