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Orlando, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Electronic Reggae




"Gary Dread & Rick Haze release “Running” music video"

Reggae trap artist Rick Haze pairs with The Movement’s Gary Dread in this new video by Raised Fist Propaganda. Talk about an all star collaboration! As Haze laments he’s “so sick and tired” of the lies and deceit, Dread brings the roots vibes till the “fat lady sings”.

They’re “running”, but where exactly are they going?

Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda expertly captures this limbo of emotions, bouncing between black and white and full color scenes. Running from land to water, Haze and Dread express how they are “so sick of imposters”, so sick of well… the grind. “Mentally withdrawn”, the dynamic duo float in the Atlantic waters, praying upwards to the heavens for relief, as the stress can be “heavy like bricks”. We’ve all been there.

Strapped with melody-blending autotune and a whole lot of dub, this rise and grind kind of track is dedicated to those who persevere, despite all odds. And, also to reggae lovers, of course. Watch the new video above and follow the links below for more.

Rick Haze links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Raised Fist Propaganda links: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Website -

"The Dank Street Company Official Music Review"

Orlando Florida based reggae and hip hop producer and composer Rick Haze has come together with some modern reggae music heavy weights to bring us the 2020 banger “Rockaz”. The song is the culmination of Musicians Koa Lopes of inna vision on bass, Carlos “C-los” Verdugo of Sublime with Rome & Formerly of Tribal Seeds on drums, Josh Swain of the Movement singing the Hook, Matt Goodwin - keys player for The Movement on Trumpet and Gary Dread - drummer for the Movement, as well as Rick himself contributing verses. The song was produced in Orlando Florida at rick haze’s home studio and mixed by EN Young at Imperial Sound Recording Studio in San Diego California.

The song is a perfect mixture of all the artists sounds brought together with each individual artist doing a fantastic job of applying their personal style of playing. I haven’t heard C-los play like this since he left tribal Seeds so to hear him going hard on this track is refreshing to say the least. Koa adds the low end on bass with a classic Roots reggae baseline, staying in the pocket as well as adding small rests in the measures in between notes giving the baseline a nice vibe. Josh from the Movement is known for his killer hooks and he doesn’t fail to provide that here on this track. Rick adds his style of sampling using an MPC with synths and dub effects through out the verses. The song shares a slight electronic vibe with oscillating dubstep wubs that run with the baseline. Matt Goodwin of the movement brings the horn section to the song with a huge blast of trumpet that puts the cherry on the top of this tune.

Gary dread and rick contribute the verses to the song showcasing the different styles of their lyrical capabilities. Lyrical content focuses on bringing peace to the people through the music and bring attention to the evils that inhabit our countries political system. the line in the hook written by josh “We some Rockaz” refers to the revolutionaries that push the message and the fact that it cannot be stopped. Each artist recorded their part and sent the stems to rick for production and then sent to E.N for final mixing. The track comes as a follow up to the last single “Big Smoke” that dropped in September. The song is part of an upcoming collab album between Rick and Gary Dread due out sometime in early 2021. The sound these guys have been creating and pushing has also become popular in Jamaican Reggae music this year thanks to artists like Kabaka Pyramid & Protoje.

Judging by the work these guys have been putting in these past few months, I’m excited to see what the overall end result will sound like. Rick Has enlisted the help of so many talented artists from all over the world for these next couple of records. In the coming months, we can expect to see releases from Gary Dread of the movement, a Rick Haze Solo Record, The Collab Album Between Gary Dread & Rick, Ze-ion, Gonzo & More, Most of which will be produced by Rick Haze. Make sure to keep your ears open because when this music drops, I’m sure it’s going to be loud as fuck. -



Release date: 01/29/2021


1. Man Of The Year
2. All Year feat. Tuff Like Iron
3. Big Smoke feat. Inna Vision
4. Rockaz feat. The Movement
5. Be The Change feat. Perfect Giddimani
6. Disconnect feat. Gonzo
7. Leave
8. No Love

The Movement / Perfect Giddimani / Tuff Like Iron / Inna Vision -

"Rockaz Tour w/ Gary Dread + Rick Haze feat. K Like The Letter, Black Tourmaline, Thereheis"

Event by Flamingo Cantina
Flamingo Cantina
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook
01-23-22 @ Flamingo Cantina
Ages 21+ Welcome, 8pm - 12am
Gary Dread & Rick Haze "Rockaz Tour 2022" + special guests K Like The Letter, Black Tourmaline, Therehis of Hubbledvision!
$15 Door Tickets night of show.
Use promo code: ROCKAZ
to save 20% off Pre-Sale Tickets at:
(available til 6:30pm night of show)
Gary Dread , known as the drummer for The Movement (On Tour Now), created the album “ Rockaz ” with producer Rick Haze . The album featured C-Los from Sublime, Perfect Giddimani, Gonzo from Tribal Seeds, Inna Vision and more. Their follows and Spotify numbers have tripled since its release and the group is on track to finish the next saga, “Rockaz 2" slated for early next year. Now they are set to go on the first “Rockaz” Tour for 2022! Bless, Love and Respect.
Austin's own: K Like The Letter will be performing a solo set along with material from his recent group project Black Tourmaline . Thereheis of Hubbledvision will be providing dj selections throughout the night! - KXAN - Austin - Event by Flamingo Cantina


Rockaz - Rick Haze & Gary Dread. 2021 (8) songs, 33 min 2 sec

Rockaz 2 - 2022 8 songs, 25 min 24 sec

Rockaz 3 - Coming Soon - November 2022

City Lights - Larry Lux, Rick Haze, Gary Dread.  
20221 song, 3 min 37 sec



ROCKAZ - Since the beginning, Rockaz has constantly created and formed collaborations with experimental sound exploration to shape the signature sound that echoes with inspiration.  From Orlando Florida to San Diego California, East Coast to West, 

Rockaz represents Pure and Positive, High Energy Sound and Vibrations.

It's not just simply music, it's a lifestyle, it's a community, Rockaz music is a vibe.

Thank you for all of your positive energy, support and for joining us on this amazing musical journey through life. 

Much Love, Respect and Blessings! 

-Gary Dread, Rick Haze & DJ Larry Lux

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