Roman Da'Fro
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Roman Da'Fro

Garland, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Garland, TX
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Instrumental




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Hey folks! My name is Romandrey Manning aka Roman Da'Fro and I am a young 19 year old hip hop artist coming out of Garland, Texas looking at a chance for exposure and success. I want know the feeling of being in the spotlight, entertaining millions of people around the world enjoying my fantastic music.

 I know you're  saying right now "how did he get the name from Roman Da'Fro from Romandrey Manning ?" Well its quite simple actually, so here's the story on how I got that name. One day in the garage having a studio session with my pops (which is my producer by the way) he said to me, "So what are you going to start calling yourself now that you're rapping doofus". "How about yung doofus?" he suggested. Then I realized he was being an ass again so I just kinda ignored him. But I never sat and actually thought about until he brought it up so it was good he brought the idea to my attention. This after my first week of recording (November 2015 age,17 ) so now I had to think what I was gonna be calling myself, what will everyone call as they scream my name as I rock the mic on the stage. My first suggestion was the initials of my name Romandrey Kzel Manning. Then I thought theirs to many rappers who've done that already so I didn't call myself RKM. As I was sitting in silence contemplating  my pops just blurted out "THAT!" Once he did I was very puzzled and confused "what the hell is this crazy old man talking about oh no! has he finally lost it?" But I noticed he was pointing at my hair but before he said anything else he got and walked off for a smoke break. I thought to myself what does my hair have to do with anything? Then it hit me! My fro, that can be my signature their aren't any hip hop artist that I know that rock Afros(everyone seems to be into colorful weird rainbow dreads for some reason). Theirs people that love how I rock my hair they always wanna touch it or praise me for it. But the reason I started rocking it is because that's how I express myself, I don't give a damn what other people are doing with their hair. Theirs also people that always suggest (which sometime irritates me) "Hey! why don't you get dreads?" Why? because their not my thing not every dude with a lot of hair has to get dreads you know.  This is how I express myself as an individual. But back to the point, so I started from there with my fro. So I started with "The Fro!" but that wasn't dope enough for me. So I took the first five letters of my first name "Romandrey" and got "ROMAN" then changed "the" to "DA" and that's how I got Romaaaaan! Da'Fro. Then from there the name stuck I thought it was dope and so did other people so I kept it. 

If you wanna find me or get in contact me try: Snapchat@romandrey_p2, Twitter@Roman Da'Fro, Instagram@romandafro, Manning, Da'Fro, Da'Fro, Da'Fro

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