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"Royalush wrap up monthlong stint at Billy O's on Jan. 28"

Contributed photo The members of Royalush are (from left) lead guitarist Jeff Slinguff, bassist Kory Carpenter, frontman Jacques de Groot and drummer Kris Carpenter.
Royalush wrap up monthlong stint at Billy O's on Monday night

Life has been pretty lush lately for Ventura County band Royalush. The group's got a rockin' record out ("It's Only Kinky the First Time"), another in the works, a video that's racked up more than 261,000 views on YouTube and a tour of the Southwest coming up. On Monday night, band members wrap up a monthlong residency at Billy O's in Ventura.

The hard-driving tune "American Cliché" is sure to be part of the set list. The song's politically charged video — complete with rubber-headed elephants and donkeys indulging in "rock 'n' roll mayhem" — has become a hit and, earlier this month, it tied for favorite video honors (along with Dan Exactly's "Two Left Feet") at the Independent Music Network Awards. Winners were determined by fan votes, a radio poll and IMN editors.

Jacques de Groot, the guitar-playing frontman for Royalush, discussed the latest in a recent email interview.

How has the Billy O's residency been going? What songs are getting the biggest response?

High School Records "It's Only Kinky the First Time" includes a dozen songs, including "Open Road," "Limozeen," "Sunny Rainy" and "Tickle."
Billy O's has been great to us! We always intended the residency to accomplish two things: grow our local Ventura following and work out our new stage act. Our drummer Kris Carpenter just designed our new kit — the "Play 'n' Mantis." Basically, all our amps, drums and gear are connected as a unit and it becomes a "floating" drum set. It has to be seen to be believed. So far, the Billy O's gigs have been everything we wanted them to be. The crowd increases each week and they seem to love our sound and style. Our motorcycle mike stand has been such a big hit that we have heard talk of bike company sponsorship.

As far as song response … "Au Natural" resonates well 'cause of our tight harmonies. People love "Screaming Oh," "Regular Joe" and we always have folks begging for our signature closer, "2 Dollar." We have so much fun up there!

Are you sticking to songs from "It's Only Kinky the First Time" or are you road-testing new tunes too?

There are songs from "Kinky" that play well live and we are currently promoting the record, so yeah, we play roughly half the disc. The rest of the set is a mélange of magic that we keep up our sleeve — some recorded on "555," our last CD; some new; and some not-yet-recorded. We always play "New Day" in honor of Laura Kaufman, part of our management team who sadly died last year. She had repped Aerosmith, Kiss, Skynyrd and "New Day" was her favorite. We hope to promote the tune to benefit Camp del Corozon, which is a charitable organization for kids with heart disease. The kids get to go to camp on Catalina Island every summer where they are treated as typical kids despite their disabilities.

Contributed photo Royalush frontman Jacques de Groot grips the band's motorcycle-style microphone stand as he belts out a song.
How would you sum up the "Kinky" album, both sonically and thematically?

We feel that the "Kinky" record really does have a concept album vibe, just like albums from the '70s. "Kinky" starts up loud and heavy then sort of takes you on this cool trip dripping with funky mood music. It's not a "rock opera" or anything but it has substantial flow. Sonically, it's as polished as silver. The song "Open Road" had a mix that was so strong that we wound up taking all the other tracks and giving them all extra love. We call it the Royalush touch! And, once Royalush raises the bar … the bar stays up.

What is the story behind "American Cliché"? Who wrote it? What inspired it?

Our lead guitarist Jeff Slinguff had this killer riff to share. We laid tracks before we had lyrics. Kory Carpenter our bass player was amazing. Jeff already had the song title so the track was never called "No. 22" or something. When we were in the studio, we started singing nonsense really, and then the tune turned into a cool call-and-response piece. We all wrote the chorus together and, since we all sing, the harmonies became so fun to do. The whole political angle sort of developed after the recording was all done and, ironically, the title works.

Talk about the video. The best video honor must be pretty sweet.

Definitely! Not to mention over 260,000 YouTube hits!!! Thanks fans!

We had a good feeling about the video right away, from the first time we hooked up - Ventura County Star

"Royalush at Billy O’s 1/28/13"

Royalush wrapping up their month long residency at Billy O’s on Monday, January 28, 2013. The guys rocked the joint! Check out their official website. - Ventura Rocks

"Royalush at Billy O’s 1/28/13"

Royalush wrapping up their month long residency at Billy O’s on Monday, January 28, 2013. The guys rocked the joint! Check out their official website. - Ventura Rocks

"Local band rocks"

Royalush has a new hit record out, “It’s only Kinky the First Time” and an award winning Independent Music Network music video “Royalush American Cliche” that has over 260,000 YouTube hits. “American Cliche is anthemic” says Jacques de Groot a longtime Murrieta native and charismatic frontman of the nationally recognized rock band Royalush. He describes the video as “three minutes of mayhem” complete with rubber headed elephants and donkeys! Yes, it’s political. The harmonies mesh and the song rocks.
Two charity benefits are planned for children with heart disease. Their followup single “New Day” will benefit children at Camp del Corozon, a summer camp on Catalina Island where children are treated as typical kids despite their disabilities. Davi will be held at the Journey Golf Course on April 26th at Pechanga.
“Life is sweet as wine” is the mantra of Jacques de Groot. Jacques naturally and seamlessly combines the oenophile lifestyle, a soft spot for charity and the rock and roll rhythms he lives and breathes.
View the “American Cliche” video at Their website is - The Community Bugle

"NIght moves"

Royalush (pictured) performed last weekend at Zoey’s during The Hymen Blasters’ reunion show. - VC Reporter


Opening the “side stage” for any music festival is difficult at best. It takes a band capable of capturing the audience’s attention and holding it while they may have a lot else on their minds. At this year’s Sunset Strip Music Festival, the Saturday night show was kicked off in the House of Blues LA’s Foundation Room – a special VIP area usually catering to the local and music industry bigwigs where they can get away from the crowd and enjoy a drink and some conversation and gawking – by a local band, Royalush. Within moments of the opening chords of their set opener, “Regular Joe”, toes were tapping, bodies were either swaying or jumping up and down, and the conversation in the back of the room stopped, as everyone turned their attention to the music.

Fronted by the charismatic singer/guitarist, Jacques de Groot, Royalush combined a tight 10 song set of melodic harmonies, guitar-oriented rock, and pop/punk showmanship that kept the audience interested throughout. Each band member is a master of his instrument – guitarist Jeff Slingluff, bassist Kory Carpenter and drummer Kris Carpenter – make up this very talented foursome that should soon be opening shows in much larger venues. Song after song had the upbeat pop sensibility of the band’s first single, the anthemic “New Day” which spent two months garnering adds at radio stations across the country over this past summer. If Royalush have a problem, it’s only how hard it may be to decide what track off their sophomore CD, It’s Only Kinky The First Time should follow – the very pop, fun “Tickle”, the rocker, “Open Road” or the punk influenced “American Cliché.” This is a band radio can’t help but embrace. Even better, though, the band delivers live as well, and as is evidenced by the reaction at the SSMF, the fans embrace them as well. The unusual stage props, the band members’ ability to command a room, and the good fun music make this a live act that will no doubt attract an even bigger fanbase once they can get out on the road and tour.


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"Greenerfest a tribute to Jack Herer, free concert"

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Layzie Bone AKA L. Burna
We Have lined up musical performances by many great artists including The Orphans Of Atlantis, Royalush, Devon Dicker, Mitch Margo (The Tokens) and the daring blues tinged jam-rock stylings of Todd Wolfe and the Todd Wolfe Band (He has performed with artists Sheryl Crowe, Deborah Coleman, Larry McCray, Faith Hill & Stevie Nicks to name a few). Hemp activist and Music Icon Layzie Bone, ( aka L Burna ) of the Grammy Award winning super group Bone Thugs N Harmony will be on hand with a few special friends to meet and greet attendees.

Greenerfest is wholesome and healthy, with food vendors from all over. Try something you’ve never had before, get a taste of fair-trade foods or even some healthy favorites.

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- Scott Thomas


Its Only Kinky the First Time


Shot for America

Elephant in the Room


Open Road - Released May of 2012 achieved airplay of over 1200 spins per week

New Day - Released Jun 2012 achieved airplay of over 1200 spins per week

American Cliche' released Oct 2012 achieved airplay of over 1300 spins per week. Video released on over 200 stations



ROYALUSH!!!! A band who has gathered an international following most musicians can only dream of! Layering punk fueled energy with chilling . harmonies this foursome eats rock n rolls heart and spits it back at you. What surprises most, are lyrics of hope and karmic healing all tied up in this very cool rhythm package. Sooo, who the@#*&^ are these guys??
Royalush started when two brothers, Kris and Kory Carpenter began playing (drums) Kris,(bass) Kory in daddy’s garage on lazy Cali summer afternoons . familiar right??? Well Kris and Kory played as kids, but not together ....Because of their oh so slight age difference, they wanted nothing to do with each other for about ten years .... When guitarist Jacques de Groot showed up, things changed and the KK rhythm section saw the genius of what could be,, "It was sort of inevitable that Kris and I ended up in a serious rock band," admits Kory Carpenter. "We were raised in a musical family and have both been playing in bands since our school days." Adds Kris, "We had started getting to know Jacques from the music scene in LA. Then one day, he wanted us to record some songs he'd written with him, and we've been a band ever since." But it was the addition of guitarist Jeff Slingluff that really gave the band it's formative sound. Jeff, who had sold the band some equipment, picked up a guitar to show them how to use a new amp they'd just purchased. The next thing they all knew, they had started to jam together right there in the shop and the chemistry was magical. "A few days after that, Kris called and informed me they had a gig that night and needed me to play," laughs Jeff, "so I got their CDs from their previous bands and learned all the songs." "But it was when we started a song he had never heard before," adds Jacques, " that we knew we'd found our guy. After I played the first few bars, Jeff just came right in playing the song for the very first time. The audience was going nuts and Kris, Kory and I were just nodding to one another.
So, now we introduce the energy and songcraft of their new CD , It’s Only Kinky The First Time. This airwave friendly masterpiece features the tune American Cliché... To introduce this exquisitely tight cut, the boys trusted film director Jack Casteloff with their vision and together created a political high energy video that is a true mindblast!! While “American Cliché “delivers, other standout cuts include:”Open Road, "Limozeen"
and “New Day” Interestingly enough, on "Open Road", the instrumentation is much more powerful, yet the vocal harmonies are well-recorded ear candy .
It's Only Kinky The First Time is the latest thread in the?Royalush tapestry. Now touring, catch Royalush if you can......

Band Members