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New Haven, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

New Haven, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Rock




"REVERB NATION “Goodbye” Crowd Song REVIEWS"


“I love this song I have to give it a 10 it is like a pop/ county song with a great beat. I like that it is like an upbeat break up song so you could listen to it when you are sad or when you are happy. I could see it being on of my favorites! :)”

“I am digging the rock tune, yet it's soft as well. It's more of my style and I was surprised to hear a female sing, because I was not expecting it! The instruments have a cool tune that makes me want to move and dance so badly. The elements make me want to get crazy and be free, as well as the great lyrics!”

“This song is great and I love how it tells a story just like any country song but the story is so true and i think this song would be successful in country”

“Really like this song. Started off great and the vocals are great. Can see this playing on the radio or can see this being in a movie or even a commercial. Hope your other songs are as great as this was.”

The reviewers considered that this artist had similarities to the artists below.

“The guitar has a really nice and chill sound. It reminds me of Gavin Degraw”

“Like the guitar sound/chords. The first time I've heard a female vocalist on this site so this is refreshing - reminds me of Sheryl Crow or someone who sings more of a country sound. “

“Upbeat, poppy country crossover with solid vocals reminiscent of 90's chick rock. The singer reminds me of a less twangy Reba McIntire with a hint of Jewell.

“This song is great. The chord progression in the intro is unexpected and immediately got me interested. I like the mix of slightly alternative rock music with a more country style singer. There's a sort of Alanis Morissette vibe to the lyrics but delivered with a more pleasant voice. The chorus is really catchy with the repeated "ooh hoo". The words are quite memorable and so is the tune. The harmonies are nice, the performances are all strong, the guitar hook is really simple but catchy. The production sounds good and the tone of the track is nice. I could definitely see this song being a commercial success.”

“This song opens with a country feel before the instrumentals start. Once the vocals start the song takes on a soft rock pop feel with a bit of attitude. Think of a softer version of Alanis Morissette. The song has a ton of energy and ends on an energetic note as well. Overall it is a fun song. - Reverb Nation September 2014

"All-Female, All-Original Run Jenny Plays Glastonbury Apple Harvest Fest"

Hot take: Bands that play original music are better than cover bands, according to everyone. End of story.

The reality for some working bands, however, is that cover songs pay the bills. Sister Funk, an all-female quintet from New Haven led by Denise Troy and Kristina Jean, has gigged steadily since 2000. Early on, the band independently produced three full-length CDs of original music and one greatest hits compilation.

But when it became increasingly difficult to land substantial-paying gigs as an all-original group, Sister Funk wove cover songs into its sets. The money they made went toward studio time, T-shirts and other merchandise, and paying its band members. Before long, Sister Funk was known as a cover band.

"We lost sight of the original project," Jean says.

"We got enticed by the money," Troy adds.

Now, as Run Jenny, the five current members of Sister Funk — Jean, Troy, guitarist Kathy Auburn, bassist Jane-Lorrieaux DaSilva and drummer Kathy Steahle — are back to playing original music. Run Jenny plays a short set at the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival on Sunday, Oct. 18, at 3:30 p.m.

Glastonbury Apple Festival: 3 Days Of Music And All Things Autumn
Glastonbury Apple Festival: 3 Days Of Music And All Things Autumn
"We started over with the five of us," Jean says. "[Run Jenny] is ours. We own it together. … We're saying goodbye to the previous members who were instrumental in making Sister Funk a success."

The road from Sister Funk to Run Jenny was nearly a decade in the making. The first lineup was stable, Troy and Jean say, until musicians started to peel off. "It was really hard to find new members," Jean says. "It was a revolving door. We even came back to some [musicians] a few times."

Auburn, DaSilva and Steahle joined Sister Funk seven years ago, and the sound shifted from funk to blues and country rock. Troy and Jean wrote new songs, but they hesitated to spend money on studio time or new band photos.

"When you've been around for so long, you expect the floor to drop out," Troy says.

But the band jelled, and Troy and Jean wanted to grant the newer members a degree of ownership over the new sound. A name change, they thought, would signal a shift.

"Whenever we would apply for awards for original artists, we were thought of as a cover band," Troy says. "It was a really tough decision for us, because I knew we'd have to start from scratch with Run Jenny."

They also worried about Sister Funk fans.

"We've had such a devout following, and that made it scary to rebrand ourselves," Troy says. "We have fans out there from 2000 and 2001 that have our logo tattooed on them. They have our lyrics on their body. I'm thinking, 'Oh my god, are we committing musical suicide?'"

In 2014, as Run Jenny, the quintet released "Therapy Sessions," its first CD, with 10 songs written by Jean and Troy. "Empty" and "Invisible," holdovers from Sister Funk, were re-recorded; remaining songs range between guitar-heavy, blues-rock stompers ("Get My Whiskey On"), piano-rock power ballads ("Nothing Compares") and slightly funkier fare ("Oh I," which features Jean on alto sax). "Run Jenny," the namesake track, is a minor-key rocker with the swagger of mid-'70s Heart, about an obsessive, shut-in lover who runs from commitment: "You push love away so it won't hurt you," Jean sings, "You shut me out just to play it safe / Rather be alone than to accept my kiss."

Some Sister Funk fans — the ones who like the covers — took issue. "It was for those particular fans that we felt having two separate groups will work out for them," Troy says. "They won't be disappointed coming to a Sister Funk show. It'll be the same thing they're used to seeing."

But recently, Troy says, new faces are popping up at Run Jenny shows. "They don't want to hear covers," she says. "They're sick of that. ... We're starting to get a whole new fan base now."

Club owners are harder to convince.

"Those owners who know us as Sister Funk: they want the name, Sister Funk, because they feel like it's the name people are going to recognize," Jean says. "They don't care if we play originals, but they want the name."

Run Jenny plays Locals Live at Mohegan Sun, a five-week contest that begins on Oct. 28, where the band has a chance to compete for a $5,000 grand prize.

"It's a bucket list for me, to play Mohegan Sun," Troy says. "I pitched this as Run Jenny, and they picked us out of thousands of selections. I'm really psyched for that."

RUN JENNY plays the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival on Sunday, Oct. 18, at 3:30 p.m. at Welles Street, Riverfront Park, in Glastonbury. Admission is $5. Information here.

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Still working on that hot first release.



Run Jenny, the explosive, all-female, commercial-pop, contemporary-rock band (who performs as a 5-piece or trio) hit the original music scene in 2014 with the release of their highly anticipated debut CD, Therapy Sessions. Run Jenny’s music knows no boundaries. Crossing pop, rock, blues and country genres, it offers something for every music lover.

Newly formed…not exactly, more like re-branded. This line up has been rocking out national stages for more than a decade under the name Sister Funk. With the unveiling of their newly created sound a new name emerged. Run Jenny's CD, Therapy Sessions, has been described as simply – complicated; simple, catchy melodies layered with complicated emotion-provoking lyrics.

“Songs range between guitar-heavy, blues-rock stompers, piano-rock power ballads and slightly funkier fare.”Michael Hamad, Hartford Courant

This disc takes you on a musical journey, from heartbreak to empowerment. A raw CD with songs inspired by the band member's interpersonal struggles which were realized in group therapy. According to the Michael Hamad of the Hartford Courant, “songs range between guitar-heavy, blues-rock stompers ("Get My Whiskey On"), piano-rock power ballads ("Nothing Compares") and slightly funkier fare ("Oh I," which features Michael Antunes on tenor sax, saxophonist for John Cafferty and Beaver Brown Band). "Run Jenny," the namesake track, is a minor-key rocker with the swagger of mid-'70s Heart, about an obsessive, shut-in lover who runs from commitment.”

“…at least 5 hit singles on it”Phil Greene, engineer/producer

The CD was mixed/mastered by Phil Greene; master engineer for New Kids on The Block 'Hangin Tough'. According to Phil Greene, “Therapy Sessions has at least 5 hit singles on it; the last time I said that I sold 10-million copies.”

Run Jenny & their music is creating some buzz in the industry with tracks off of Therapy Sessions nominated for the Right OUT Television & Music awards "Best Country" and "Best Rock". The band was nominated for "Best Rock" and "Best New Band" by the 2015 CT Music Awards. Run Jenny 1 of 4 Finalist in the 2015 Mohegan Sun Locals Live Band competition and 1 of 5 nominees for the BEST in CT category for the 2016 nominees for The New England Music Awards. 

Look out for new music in 2016 ! Music heals, inspires and changes you. It speaks to you even when you might not want to listen. Run Jenny's music promises that experience. Buy or listen to tracks off Run Jenny’s CD, Therapy Sessions on iTunesSpotifyiHeart RadioReverbNationAmazonSoundCloud and more.

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