Ryan Graves | Seattle Christian Rock Singer & Live Band
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Ryan Graves | Seattle Christian Rock Singer & Live Band

Olympia, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2023 | SELF | AFTRA

Olympia, Washington, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2023
Band Rock Christian




"Experience the Depth of Worship, Inspiration, and Hope in Seattle-Based Christian Rock/Pop Singer Ryan Graves’ New Project Titled “Legacy.”"

This is Ryan Graves’ “Legacy,” a journey that started 30 years ago and has seen him grow, love, lose, triumph, fail, win again, and most importantly, give his life to Christ. Formerly “J.R.” Graves, Ryan has been a Seattle-based Christian rock and pop singer since 1993, and his new project “Legacy” is music that spans the three decades he has been in the music industry.

“Legacy” actually means the world to him… this is all the music he made when he started out—a 17-track compilation with three brand new additions. A project that reflects his own artistry, his love for Christ and his family, and the way he has grown into the very embodiment that his lovely wife saw in him; a husband, father, protector, and hero.

So sit back, enjoy these eclectic songs that are full of spirit as you experience the depths of worship, fellowship, and unstoppable testimonies and victories.

The track “Fly” was originally recorded in 1999, and the one you get to enjoy here is a rewritten and remastered version that really takes you places. Ryan’s voice—believe me, is it just perfection? His voice is so golden and heavenly, and when he sings, floodgates of emotions are opened from within the listener, who gets sucked into the performance naturally.

“Fly” starts with a delightfully charming, mellow guitar that sets the tone for the tune. Graves signature country-inspired melodies and songwriting style exude a fresh perspective.

The moderate tempo and gentle groove provide solid support for Ryan’s gracious vocals, as he sings with a mature tone imbued with hopeful inspiration. Lyrically, this tune finds comfort and strength in God to overcome tragedy and loss. While our time on earth is temporary, this journey finds hope in everlasting presence of God. The lyrics are profoundly touching; the message and purpose of the song are even more fulfilling!

And I have to say I found it fascinating how tracks like “Fly”, “Embrace” and “Scarlet” are over 5 minutes long and they don’t actually feel like it. And that is how you know they are indescribably good tunes that you could listen to over and over again without getting tired of them.

“To Know You” starts with an intimate and conversational verse quotation from the book of John 17:3 before the buoyant drum fill that gives it that edge of rock kick in. Full of soul and a tremendous amount of spirit, this track is a brilliantly blues fueled, gospel-inspired slow rocker that blends accomplished performances with a clear devotion to the theme that runs through it about the ups and downs of our relationship with God and even how Christ has remained steadfast in his everlasting love despite Ryan (humans) failing him on countless occasions and falling short of his grace and mercy.

“Enough for Me” features relentless instrumentation and bold lyricism that exalt the name of Jesus and his everlasting love, grace, and mercy. Ryan gives a fantastic performance that is steeped in both purpose and a deep level of conviction. And that chorus right there pulls the listener into a stupor!

Uplifting, inspiring, and deeply moving, “Legacy” is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and sometimes teardrops to your eyes.

I humbly ask of you to please take time from the chaos of your busy day to listen to this album; it is worth every minute of your time! - African Hype


Christian rock singer Ryan Graves once again proves his expertise in the peppy uplifting genre with his latest album “Legacy”.

Each self-written track, on this extensive compilation of Graves’s all-time greatest works, provides moments of fun, charm, and even eccentricity shrouded in Biblical inspired verses that the singer openly relates to his own life, while showing thanks for his blessings. “Legacy” contains a generous 17 songs coming together in rich harmony to make up his sixth major release.

The album – written by Graves and fully realised with the help of fellow singer Maxwell Gaver – is comprised of dramatic anecdotal ballads reminiscent of those found within musical theatre, pouring with raw, uninterrupted emotion that can only be related to; Graves spreads the soulful Word decorated in a neatly wrapped musical package that is accentuated by his undeniable talent in multi-instrumentation.

A particularly enchanting moment within the album takes place during track four, “Fly”. This slow-burning number ebbs and flows in a delicate state of comforting cross-stick beats, hopeful piano motifs, and ever-so-subtle guitar licks. Topped with atmospherically stacked vocals from the purely talented singer, this track feels like a wholesome oasis in which you could rest for a while.

While many of the songs on “Legacy” replicate that 80s ballad theme often dominating the Christian rock genre, Graves doesn’t fail to keep you on your toes with unexpected ideas, like the curious entirety of track eight “The Word”, or the pleasantly surprising bagpipe opening to “O My Father.”

Whether you’re a fan of Christian rock or not, this album is definitely one to give a go. Take this opportunity to throw away your preconceptions and let Ryan Graves take you on a journey into his world, through his authentic creativity and passion.


"Ryan Graves - Enough for Me (CCM)"

Ryan Graves' song, 'Enough for Me,' is a beautiful and inspiring celebration of the joy of simplicity and the power of faith. The song's lyrics reflect on the idea that true happiness and fulfillment come not from material possessions or worldly pursuits but from a deep and abiding connection to God's love.
From the opening lines of the song, 'You are the kiss in the morning…You are the glistening after rain,' it's clear that the song is a tribute to the beauty and wonder of God's creation. Throughout the song, Ryan Graves sings of the many ways that God's love sustains and enriches his life, from giving him joy in the midst of the struggle to being his guide and comfort in times of need.
Perhaps the most powerful line of the song is the repeated refrain of 'You give me love, you give me everything, enough for me.' This simple but profound statement captures the essence of the song's message: that the love of God is enough to sustain us and bring us true happiness and fulfillment.
Ryan Graves' 'Enough for Me' is a deeply moving and uplifting song that encourages us to let go of materialism and worldly desires and embrace the simplicity and beauty of a life guided by faith. I highly recommend listening to it and allowing its message to inspire and uplift you.
Read “Enough for Me” by Ryan Graves on Genius
Connect with Ryan Graves
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryangraveschristiansinger/
You can listen to the track directly on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/63FYeFgLQDRANVytxlRgoE
Here is a link to the video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbJamXSHqHQ
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13. Human

  • Release date TBD, fall 2023
  • Executive produced by Ryan Graves for ChrysalisMedia LLC
  • Produced by Ryan Graves

12. Coveralls

  • ***Released May 20th 2023
  • Free! Included with all CD purchases while supplies last
  • Contains cover tunes
  • Executive produced by Ryan Graves of ChrysalisMedia LLC

11. Legacy

10. Singles

  • Privately released
  • Produced by Ryan Graves of ChrysalisMedia LLC
  • Executive produced by Ryan Graves of ChrysalisMedia LLC

9. Captive

8. The Collection

  • Released September 2005 / Re-released April 2023
  • Purchase your copy here
  • Produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC
  • Executive produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC

7. Jagged Little Infatuation Junkie

  • Released May 2005
  • Cover tunes (Alanis Morissette tribute album)
  • Produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC
  • Executive produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC

6. SonicLogos

  • Poetry / Spoken Biblical passages set to music
  • Purchase your copy here
  • Released January 2005 / Re-released April 2023
  • Produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC
  • Executive produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC

5. Angst

  • Poetry / Spoken Word set to music
  • Released June 2004
  • Produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC
  • Executive produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC

4. Luminous

  • Cover Tunes
  • Released March 2003
  • Produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC
  • Executive produced by Ryan Graves of IstariMedia LLC

3. Life (aka "More Than This")

  • Sophomore Release (Rehearsal Sessions)
  • Informally released circa 2000
  • Produced by J.R. Graves of Countenance Productions
  • Executive produced by J.R. Graves of Countenance Productions

2. Glimmerings

  • Poetry / Spoken Word set to music
  • Released December 1997
  • Produced by J.R. Graves of Countenance Productions
  • Produced by Tony Jacobson
  • Executive produced by J.R. Graves of Countenance Productions

1. Servant

  • Debut CD
  • Purchase your copy here
  • Released September 1997 / Re-released April 2023
  • Produced by Tony Jacobson
  • Produced by James Ramos for Abel-X Productions
  • Executive produced by J.R. Graves of Countenance Productions



I've been a Seattle-area Christian rock and pop singer, performer and actor since 1993.  I've released 7 CD's commercially and just recently released "Legacy" in April of 2023.  Working on my next one as we speak, entitled "Human", for release in the fall.  My music is eclectic, ranging from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake, from Brandon Lake to Gavin DeGraw, and from Eric Champion to Alanis Morissette. Rock, pop, and spoken word artist; peppy, fun, and sometimes campy, but always honest and vulnerable.  Thank you for listening! Visit www.ryangravessinger.com for tracks and info.

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