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Long Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Long Beach, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Duo Pop Electronic





US outfit channel the uplifting energy of The 1975 with this engaging pop-rock delight. - Mystic Sons

"S P A C E – “GREAT”"

S P A C E is the duo of Bryan Neff & Greg Tuzin, who came from a background in art, design, film, and photography. They used these influences to come together and create something with S P A C E. Take their fresh new single “Great” a track that has a super chill summery feel that winningly mashes elements of electronic, dance and pop with a bit of a shimmering production style in the vein of Ratatat. This track has some undeniable mass pop appeal that has me believing that these guys could connect to the masses in a big way with this one.

Find out for yourself and stream “Great” below and if you really dig it, you can grab a free download from them right here. - We All Want Someone

"S P A C E - Great"

S P A C E is a duo from sunny Los Angeles that consists of Bryan
Neff and Greg Tuzin. Both have a background in design, film and
photo. They have released their debut song Fucking great, which is a nice electronic pop song with solid arrangement and airy feel. Perfect club music for the bar or even by the pool.

The lyrics were born at a DJ gig in Tijuana. All the women at the
club wore jeans and tennis shoes, not dresses and heels. They
were there to dance not be seen. There's something so sexy and
intimidating about giving in to the music and dancing like no
one's watching. - Greg Tuzin - Popmuzik


It’s almost euphoric in a way when one loses themselves to the music, dancing and moving through the night without a care in the world. However, time won’t wait for anyone, and those grooves will eventually stop floating around. These moments, unfettered from doubt or judgment, need to be seized.

S P A C E embody this idea with their first single, “Fucking Great,” with absolute perfection, and we at Atwood Magazine are proud to be premiering it today.

“Fucking Great” – S P A C E

L.A. based electronic duo S P A C E is comprised of Greg Tuzin and Bryan Neff, two artists with backgrounds in art, design, film, and photography. With those influences in mind, the duo set out to make a track that weaves together electronic melodies and vibrant soundscapes that will get one moving without hesitation. The result is their unique future indie rock sound, making “Fucking Great” a notable and catchy as hell foray into the music scene.

The track begins with splices of a female choir that has a great tinge of soul attached to it. A funky guitar melody soon follows, and with these two pieces in place, the theme of the track is firmly established. As the track progresses, a slick bass riff joins the mix adding an additional layer to fall in love. The reverb-laced vocals soon begin, allowing for a seamless blend that flows with utter ease. With all of the components established, the story begins to unfold.

“The lyrics were born at a DJ gig in Tijuana,” says Tuzin to Atwood Magazine. “All the women at the club wore jeans and tennis shoes, not dresses and heels. They were there to dance not be seen. There’s something so sexy and intimidating about giving in to the music and dancing like no one’s watching.” The lyrics reflect the origin as the listener is able to see and visualize a lone woman lost in her groove.

The protagonist sees this, but if he wants to experience and join in on the ineffable elation that is occurring, he’ll need to head her way and seize it. With a swarm of bass, guitar riffs, and dashes of EDM, the track uproars with one last hoorah. Towards the track’s close, the grooving and moving was a success, and as the protagonist puts it, he feels “fucking great.”

With their mélange of various musical stylings, S P A C E have crafted a piece of music that will elevate a party into a night of pure bliss while also serving as a track that can be explored and experienced while simply enjoying the night sky on one’s own. The duo has made a lasting mark with their first venture into the scene, showing their talent and creativity through a style that is all their own. No matter where they head or what they create in the future, there will be one certainty: It’ll be fucking great. - Atwood Magazine


S P A CE has been releasing a series of singles this year on all platforms, with an album scheduled for Spring 2020. (SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/user/1fiypp22azuwq4obwl0bhcwuk?si=N9gdMozxSOq4xUqGh8PPnA)

S P A C E 's premiere album "WITH SPACES" is recorded and is in the mixing phase of production. 



S P A C E ‘ s forthcoming  album weaves together landscapes of sound under the manicured facade of catchy melody. At first listen, their songs seem familiar and deceivingly simple. Simple, that is, until you pull at the thread of an interesting tone to find it unravels into a curated menagerie of disco, house, deep bass, anthemic rock, afrobeat, driving synth and ambience that reward multiple listens.

It’s the sort of music you’d expect to hear during a summertime pool party on the rooftop of some chic downtown LA club, but also while laying on your back on a cool desert night watching the stars spin.

“Greg and I have backgrounds in visual design,” Neff explains. “We admire authentic art that celebrates beauty in its natural state and immersive art that is created with new technology. To achieve this organic texture with our sound, we take grounded analog instruments and twist them with all sorts of effect-devices. This allows us to explore the new in a way that is also familiar.”

Neff and Tuzin’s first album can be considered a part of the emerging “chill” cannon of hybrid techno and rock ala Bonobo, Tycho and Phantogram. Their songs have a cinematic scope supported by the eclectic artists that mixed and added additional production. Jonah Sharp (Poolside, Astralwerks, Spacetime Continuum) replaced in-the-box-sounds and samples with vintage hardware versions, making use of Moogs, an Oberheim OB-8, a Prophet 600, a Roland SH-101, TR-808, TR-909 and Juno 106. Mike London (Warner Music, Disney), refined and tuned the sonic sculpture of the sounds. Chris Fudurich (MODERNS, Grouplove, Vast, Jimmy Eat World, Susanna Hoffs, Nada Surf, Matthew Sweet, Yes!) exposed grit and energy; massaging the songs to their final form. Finally, mastering was handled by Nathan Dantzler of thehitlab.com (Beach House, Ellie Goulding, One Direction, and Cherub).

What emerges are the varying gems that comprise S P A C E’s first single releases. From the highs of joy and hope to the lows of sorrow and loss, the band uses electronics, vocals, and instruments to explore what it means to be human. The first single, FUCKING GREAT announces itself with an upbeat remixed-choir and exits with a sweet piano lullaby announcing that S P A C E has arrived.

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