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Sam Bergquist

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2023

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States
Established on Jan, 2023
Solo Folk Acoustic


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"Sam Bergquist - Wiser Then (Self-Released)"

Wiser Then, the latest EP from Boston singer-songwriter Sam Bergquist, aims the camera lens directly at the question of relationships, romantic and otherwise. With an Americana sound influenced by the likes of Steve Earle, Neil Young, and Jackson Browne, Bergquist has a refreshingly laid back, straightforward style that lends itself to the homespun wisdom of the first-person narratives over these four songs. Bergquist has released his share of solo releases in the past, but more recently he was the frontman for Loose Change until he decided he needed to change and lose the band. Ironically, it’s as if by going solo that he has gained the greatest insights into the lives of others for his songs.

Bergquist keeps the production fairly simple and stripped back for the most part, only adding occasional accompaniment, like the clever Mark Knopfler-esque call and response between his vocals and the electric guitar on “Do Things Different.” Here Bergquist takes a look at human frailties and insecurities, admitting with a Browne-like cadence, “When I do things different, it might mean trouble / Should I do things this way, it’s not efficient.” On “Darlin” he looks at these mistakes from the viewpoint of a romantic partner, and if there is a message across the EP, it seems that honesty and owning up to one’s own shortcomings are the keys to a successful relationship with anyone.

Bergquist doesn’t try to shake the world with Wiser Then, but it’s almost as if he wants to slip into the room quietly, preferring to slowly blow away the listener with the accumulation of his strongly poetic lyricism over time. It’s a subtly brilliant EP that marks the re-emergence of a uniquely gifted voice in Americana. - Cody Conard - The Big Takeover

"Singer Songwriter Sam Bergquist Delivers A Compelling Glimpse Into His Musical Psyche With New EP, ‘Wiser Then’"

On his new 4 track EP, ‘Wiser Then’, singer songwriter Sam Bergquist leans into his passion for Americana, Acoustic and Folk music, and shares his belief that what is most important in our lives is how we go about our relationships with other people.
Somewhat of a concept EP, with each track relating to the last, ‘Wiser Then’ borrows from the musical and storytelling lyric stylings of the likes of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and Yusef/Cat Stevens. Opening single, ‘Do Things Different’, lays out Bergquist’s mission statement, accompanied by acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, and bursts of harmonica. His vocals are passionate and earnest, and lead well into track 2, ‘Am I Wiser?’.

In this second track the Boston-based singer-songwriter takes a introspective look at the past and how things are going – “am I wiser now? Was I wiser then? I wonder where that kid went?”. The track is more prosaic than poetic, feeling like a stream of consciousness.

Track 3, ‘Darlin’, continues with the theme, but this time Bergquist has made peace with his faults, and is ready to move on with his life and relationships. He’s experienced growth, and is at the point of being able to share his life with others, properly.

Final track, ‘You Give Me A Reason’, sees Sam at his most relaxed and reassured. He’s found love, he’s found peace, and he’s content.

‘Wiser Then’ was released on 3 February, and is available to stream on Spotify, and listen to and purchase on Bandcamp. It was produced by Sam Bergquist and Jason Altshuler, and mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering.

You can find out more about Sam Bergquist and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube. - Lisa Hafey - Essentially Pop

"Sam Bergquist – ‘Wiser Then’ EP"

A compelling folk sound shows on the four tracks throughout the Wiser Then EP, the latest from Boston-based singer/songwriter Sam Bergquist. “When it comes down to it, what’s most important is our relationships with others,” he says. “That’s what the songs on Wiser Then explore.”

Produced by Bergquist and Jason Altshuler, Wiser Then highlights heartfelt, sincere lyrical outpouring amidst a comforting, familiar blend of folk and Americana. The opening “Do Things Different” wonders aloud about making important changes, and the lofty decision-making involved in setting those new actions in motion. Tender electric guitar emerges at the mid-point, as the vocals admit they’re “going out on a mission with my eyes open wide.” The “seize the day,” ethos invigorates following the contemplative initial spell.

Also impressing, “Am I Wiser?” infuses harmonica this time amidst thematic consistency in addressing self-growth. References to adulthood feeling like a prison keeping one away from their awakening prove impactful into the question “am I wiser now?” Bergquist shows an innate ability to channel very relatable sentiments about life’s evolutions, ranging from growing-up difficulties to traversing through relationships. A personable folk sound engages throughout, from the opener’s folk contemplation to the blues-tinged sweltering of the closing “You Give Me a Reason.” - Mike Mineo - Obscure Sound

"Americana/Acoustic Sam Bergquist: Wiser Then (Independent / 3 February 2023)"

“These songs reflect my desire as a person and songwriter to keep growing and changing, to keep things new and fresh. I want to convey this in my music.”

He has a deft hand at coming up with catchy alt-country grooves, fleshed out with interesting layers of instrumentation and vocals/lyrics that tell a story. As a singer, he reminds occasionally of Willie Nelson, with an earnest tenor that believes the words he sings.

Each song offers a different mood. On Do Things Different, he adds a nicely dirty guitar line to the texture, with an upbeat rhythm section. Am I Wiser? is the voice of an older man, the lyrics and musical mode reflective and a little melancholy. It ends with a nicely bluesy finish.

Darlin is likewise imbued with a worldly sensibility - that of someone who, at the very least, learns from their romantic mistakes. The song is guitar driven, adding electric to the acoustic about midway for an instrumental riff.

You Give Me A Reason has an infectious swing and clever lyrics. The electric guitar solo is one of the EP's highlights.

Sam began playing in Boston bands in the 1980s, and recorded his first solo LP in 1989, followed by a second solo release in 1996. After several years playing in bands, he left looking for new musical directions. That's the impetus for his solo release.

Personnel: Sam Bergquist - vocals and acoustic guitar; Finn Bergquist - electric guitar; Jason Altshuler - bass - Arts and Culture Maven

"Sam Bergquist’s “Wiser Then”"

Mellow music with lovely heartfelt lyrics, “Wiser Then” is a wonderful collection of songs. Just enough to see inside the mind of Sam Bergquist. Songs about life, change, collective history and love. This is grown-up music in a way. Insights into human behavior through one man’s honest outpourings. But with rhythm and soul.

Funny and real, the songs are meaningful. They feel like really personal insights. Like Leonard Cohen songs, they come direct from a struggle or two. A place deep inside, purposeful songs written for a reason. I love songs like that. What means something to a songwriter will always connect to the listener and become just as meaningful. We don’t need instructions, just truth.

Sam Bergquist’s EP “Wiser Then” is absolutely brilliant. I love that the songs stand alone, but they also seem utterly connected. Like they were a long time coming…but worth the wait. I also absolutely love his voice and the way the music sounds like we are sitting in the room with him and his fabulous musicians while the songs are born…more please!!!!

Favorite song – “Darlin,” a gorgeous gorgeous song. - Noho Arts District - Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

"Sam Bergquist – Wiser Then"

This guy has some good sounds, great lyrics, and straight-to-the-point artistry in his old soul folk. Even the harmonica fits, most of the time, and this is years after Blues Traveler tried to revive it. But that is what makes Sam Bergquist different – he would rather be out living for the day and taking creative chances than be stuck looking out on the inside, wishing for the dawn of acoustic sunrise like most dreamers do.

Take a listen to “Do Things Different” and you’ll see (and hear) exactly what I mean.
This kind of song manages to mangle bar side acoustics with a slight musical theatre approach. While some might be quick to label this guy’s stuff as cringe, rhyming “blowin” “snowin” and “showin,” those same people can’t separate talent from originality. And to me, Sam has both of these traits in spades.

He may not have a song that risks as much as Bobby Dylan did gimmick-wise on “I Want You”, but Sam is entirely authentic with his steadfast, heart-hungry boogie. That is enough by the standards of today.
He is all about getting older and laughing in the face of those who told him to “get a grip on reality.” “Am I Wiser?” is a great flip of the hazy older guy reflecting track, with his voice shining as clearly as it did at 23 when nobody loved him. The guitar here too is incendiary, a terrific ode to country-doused early nineties George Strait riffing.

“When it comes down to it, what’s most important is our relationships with others. That’s what the songs on “Wiser Then” explore.”

This guy follows his instinct and bravado with much success, he just needs some visuals in this age of Tik-Tokin’ hot doggin’ nicknamin’ foolishness. Songs like “Darlin” highlight his range with that guitar, as well as accentuate that his uncomplicated cadence is what makes him worth a few repeat listens. - Emcee Harry


Still working on that hot first release.



Sam Bergquist is a guitar playing, singer/songwriter from Boston. He began his musical journey by performing frequently in Boston subways, and later released his first of two solo LP’s, appropriately titled, “Songs From the Red Line.” For fifteen years, Bergquist was frontman for Loose Change, a gritty country/blues band that played frequent gigs at some of the area’s most iconic clubs, including Johnny D’s Uptown Lounge, and the original House of Blues. 
 Bergquist grew up listening to the great singer songwriters of the day, Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell to name a few. Throw in contemporary voices Andrew Bird and Anais Mitchell, and you have a feel for his inspirations. Lyrically, Bergquist’s music delves into matters of the heart, head, and social conscience. “I like to fill in the cracks, find life’s unexplored details.”  In February, 2023, he released a solo EP, “Wiser Then.” In July, 2023 Bergquist released a single, "Fool For Your Love."

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