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Borough of Queens, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Borough of Queens, NY
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Alternative Latin





Sara Ontaneda makes music that can warm your heart and soul. The strength of her voice behind tongue and cheek “selfish little me” lyricism is awesome to hear, as well as the scattering guitar lines all over the track. Take a listen to “Separated by The Sea” for yourself. - Punchland

"Spotlight: Sara Ontaneda Speaks on Her Cultural Influences"

Sara Ontaneda went into depth surrounding her latest single “Separated by the Sea”.

What we initially felt was a passionate message to her brother Sebastian Ontaneda (who also produced the track), Sara mentioned that the song is more of a metaphor of how we wish we could’ve spent more time with our loved ones before being quarantined.

She mentioned that in Latin culture, family is a staple and is a vital aspect of life. Wanting to tie in togetherness during these times we’re separated, Sara Ontaneda initially showed her brother Sebastian the “Separated by the Sea”, where he was instantly moved. - BuzzMusic

"Sara Ontaneda releases new single “Inútil”"

With a vintage 80’s sound, the use of synthesizers fused with indie-pop sounds characterizes the new single “Inútil.” Recorded at Flux Studios, Sara, surrounded herself with first-rate musicians. Sebastián Ontaneda produced the new single at his studio in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Latin Grammy® nominated engineer Alex Psaroudakis mastered “Inútil” at his New York City-based studio. - Guitar Girl Magazine

"Sara Ontaneda ¡Desde Nueva York para el mundo!"

Conversar con Sara Ontaneda es como abrir una ventana y vislumbrar la vida espectacularmente multicultural de la ciudad de Nueva York.
Nacida en Miami de padres ecuatorianos, la cantautora bilingüe desde la gran manzana da a conocer la suave fusión de ritmos sudamericanos con géneros americanizados como el pop alternativo, el R&B y el Jazz que componen su música.
Después de la exitosa presentación de su nuevo sencillo ‘Inútil’ en el bajo Manhattan el pasado 16 de enero, la cantante y compositora ecuatoriana invitó a nuestra publicación a un recorrido por el tiempo; desde que descubrió su pasión por la música a la tierna edad de siete años, hasta el lanzamiento de esta, su última producción musical.
El nuevo tema le sigue los pasos al sencillo “Hey María” los cuales serán parte del próximo disco de Ontaneda. - El Correo NY

"“Hey Maria” by Sara Ontaneda blends Heavy Subject Matter and Smooth Soulful Vocals"

Based in New York City, Sara Ontaneda is an Ecuadorian-American singer/songwriter and a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Sara has been professionally releasing music since 2015 and has an incredible impression repertoire. Her newest single “Hey Maria” dropped and the end of the summer and we’re hooked. Sara continues to tour internationally and is currently working hard on new music!

While from the outside there’s a contemporary RnB presentation to the song, there’s more than a little about “Hey Maria” that paints Sara Ontaneda under an original and authentic light. For one, the lyrics walk the line between personal and poetic really well. In addition, there’s a quickly likable and genuine tone to the vocal delivery. You can hear the subtle passion, the heart, and the connection to the words, and this works perfectly with the overall sentiment of the song itself. “Hey Maria” is about women that have been victim of violence and sheds light on how many times, justice is not available to them. There’s a whole lot of emotion here, and this is what “Hey Maria” ism every aspect works hard to portray the weight of domestic violence. Sara Ontaneda’s honesty, and her colorful, contrastingly optimistic soundscape here juxtapose one another in a wonderful way. This is an engaging and catchy tune, but with an undertone of melancholy and misunderstanding. Very well done! - BUZZ MUSIC LA


New York City-located alt-pop singer-songwriter Sara Ontaneda recently dropped Hey Maria, a stand-alone single that lyrically makes a strong anti-violence, pro-women statement. The Ecuradorian-American Ontaneda is known for her vibrant musical hybrid style where she combines folk, R&B, and South American influences into her pop-based sound.

The spark for Hey Maria’s lyrics caught fire when Ontaneda was visiting her family in Ecuador. She was watching a news report on the prevalence of violence against women in South America and around the world. Against a soft and dreamily laid-back pop backdrop, Ontaneda sweetly sings her serious and stark lyrics about “Maria”, the proverbial everywoman who has been physically abused. “Maria” is subjected to unkind judgment and isn’t protected and supported – which happens so often in this harsh and unjust world.

Ontaneda laments the fact that so many women are being treated so cruelly every second of the day, and she sings this song to bring attention to their plight in the hopes of creating positive change. - The Record Stache


She recently returned with her new single “Hey Maria,” a smart and well-built track that showcases her smooth as all hell vocals but also some lovely instrumentation that plays with r&b and even light elements of pop and jazz.

The inspiration behind “Hey Maria” came when the singer was visiting her family in Ecuador and the TV was on. The news channel she was watching was talking about the shocking statistics of Femicide and Violence Against Women in Latin America and the world. The singer realized how a lot of times women are judged unfairly when getting into these situations. - We All Someone To Shout For

"Independent Artist Sara Ontaneda Releases Hey Maria"

Hey Maria by Sara Ontaneda is a beautiful and melodic masterpiece, with a romantic swing that is tempered by soft spoken lyrics and harmonies in verse. This song is, I feel something we all need in our lives. She waxes a sympathetic and loving tone that makes the track very alluring. - IndiePulse Music


Sara Ontaneda is a beautiful singer songwriter based out of New York. Released August 26th, Hey Maria is Ontaneda’s latest single. From the first note it is clear, Sara sings with heart. Though at first listen Hey Maria falls within the realm of jazz, pop, and R&B, upon further exploration, one can hear folk, Americana, soul, and rock and roll.

Her sweet, eccentric, subtle yet powerful, and supple voice has a timbre and delivery falling among artists like Corrine Bailey Rae, Emily King, Amel Larrieux, Goapele, and Chrisette Michele. Sliding in and out of notes with an innate and uncanny ease, Sara creates a dreamy musical aesthetic. She commands our attention with her voice’s tone and the effortlessness with which she executes each word, each note, and each ever-flowing melody.

Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful and effective way to express one’s thoughts. As the song unfolds, there is not an abundance of lyrical, melodic, or rhythmic changes. But happily so – each note, each beat, each word falls exactly where it should be. There is an overall feeling of comfort, solace, hope, resolution, and resolve. - This is Not the Radio

"Song of the Day: “Hey Maria” by Sara Ontaneda"

"Sara’s sound blends serious and heartfelt lyrics with inviting and delectable melodies that blend of pop, R&B with folk for a dreamy and airy light musicscape that makes you feel like you can float away." - Eat Sleep Breathe Music

"The Music Begins Here: NAMM 2018"

Ecuadorian-American singer-songwriter brought folk and Latin-pop gracefully to the Hilton Stage. Armed with her band, and at times only her guitar, Ontaneda’s presence, melodic structure, and story telling abilities melted through her honeydew vocals creating a tranquil environment. - Girl Underground Music

"Album Review: “Entre Espacios y Colores,” Sara Ontaneda"

Now living in New York, NY, Sara Ontaneda recently released her first full-length album – Entre Espacios y Colores (Between Spaces and Colors). The official release of the album is set for April 9, at The Bitter End in New York.

Sara’s style of music is a combination of influences from folk, R&B, Latin and jazz. It’s probably simplest to just say Nu-Latin, when describing her sound. To my ear, there’s a cogent element of bluesy jazz floating through Sara’s music, which emphasizes song-oriented, soulfully personal tunes rather than the ornate, overelaborate compositions often associated with old school Nu-Latin.

Vocally, Sara reminds me of Christina Perry. Her voice is light, strong and vulnerable. What I call a hyper-civilized voice because of crystalline clarity and its elusive familiarity. It’s one of those voices that are placid, customary and reassuring, while simultaneously being a confection of pure elegance. In short, it’s a wonderful vocal instrument.

Between Spaces and Colors contains nine tracks, some in English, the others in Spanish. “Chico Bien” is a Latin folk song, with a light jazz beat. The melody is smooth, driven by the keyboards. Next up is “Aprovechar,” which might be my personal favorite on the album. It’s a Sade-like Latin blues tune, with a sensuality-lite aspect that reminds one of Sade, but not quite as voluptuous.

Entre Espacios y Colores (Between Spaces and Colors) is an excellent album overall, with mainstream appeal. Despite my minor quibbles, there’s no fluff, just great Nu-Latin jazz music. And Sara’s voice is not to be missed. - Huffington Post

"Sara Ontaneda Brings Her Remarkable Voice and Magical Music to The Mint, Musician is ‘Grateful’ for Gift"

Sara Ontaneda performed her magic music at The Mint and the crowd was enraptured by the angelic presence and remarkable voice of this New York City-based musician.

“I thank my family, they have always encouraged me to go for what I want in life,” she told California Rocker. “They have always been supportive.”
Sara Sets Her Sites

Sara is a quiet talent, keeping her bright light on focus and setting her sights on the future. She has two records out, Marte Y Jupiter and her latest Entre Espacios Y Colores. Both can be purchased through her website, Sara Ontaneda Music.

Sara’s voice has the sensual sound of samba and Sergio Mendes’ Brazil 66; her sound is a cross between that of the Mendes 1960s hit “Mas Que Nada” and today’s light alternative. She said she’s grateful for her musical gift.

Sara Ontaneda Brings Her Remarkable Voice and Magical Music to The Mint, Musician is ‘Grateful’ for Gift

Ecuadorian-Born Musician Comes to Los Angeles


Sara Ontaneda performed her magic music at The Mint and the crowd was enraptured by the angelic presence and remarkable voice of this New York City-based musician.

Sara Ontaneda and her band at The Mint - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia
Sara Ontaneda and her band at The Mint – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia
Encouraged by Family

Sara, who was born in Ecuador, said she’s encouraged by her family, who enable her to pursue her dreams.

“I thank my family, they have always encouraged me to go for what I want in life,” she told California Rocker. “They have always been supportive.”

Sara Onatenda performs at The Mint – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia
Sara Sets Her Sites

Sara is a quiet talent, keeping her bright light on focus and setting her sights on the future. She has two records out, Marte Y Jupiter and her latest Entre Espacios Y Colores. Both can be purchased through her website, Sara Ontaneda Music.

Sara’s voice has the sensual sound of samba and Sergio Mendes’ Brazil 66; her sound is a cross between that of the Mendes 1960s hit “Mas Que Nada” and today’s light alternative. She said she’s grateful for her musical gift.

Sara Ontaneda – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia
The Fans

At The Mint is was apparent that she drew the fans, many of whom came to see her after randomly hearing her music.

“I love her voice and she’s a true badass,” said Vic, who came from Pasadena to watch her perform. “I’ve never been here before but I came to see Sara.”

Sara did not disappoint and gave the fans their money’s worth, playing for an audience that appreciates her music.

Opener The Michael Mills Band gave the fans a treat with some top-notch original blues. More to come. - California Rocker

"International Artist Sara Ontaneda releases New Album"

Sara Ontaneda has managed to bridge the gap between to continents with her music. Hailing from the scenic land of Ecuador she first planted her musical flag in her own backyard. There she solidified herself as a sort after artist. For her first release (“Pero Hoy”) she focused her efforts in her native land before looking to take over the States. But she did realize that establishing a strong fan-base in America is far more challenging than in Ecuador.

“I do think that creating a fan-base in the States is a bit more challenging because it’s a bigger country, there is so much music being produced here and as a listener you have a lot to choose from. At the same time, I think that exposing your music may be easier in the States because there are more venues and festivals than in Ecuador.”

In the time that she has been in New York, Sara has made some impressive strides with every show she performs in. Recently, she played at the famous Bitter End promoting her new album “Entre Espacios y Colores” an album packed with strong lyrics with passionate melodies that grab you from the first track.
The album is her first attempt at a bilingual release which is part in Spanish and English.

“Writing the album in both languages wasn’t really a challenge because I have lived in the US for more than half of my life and have been lucky to be able to practice both languages all these years. However, I did have to think about how my audience was going to react to my bilingual work, since it’s not very common. It was very interesting to get messages on Facebook from Latin people telling me that their favorite songs were “My City” (which is very folk influenced) and “Darling”. And vice-versa, people that don’t really speak Spanish, telling me their favorite track is “Huecos”.”

Sara has been drawn to music ever since she was seven years old when she studied the piano. But she realized her true calling when she ventured back to Ecuador at thirteen years old where she studied classical music. While learning more about various genres she joined jazz and bossa nova bands which only broadened her music canvas. When she was well into her teens Sara began her journey into songwriting and began producing tracks with one of her many mentors.

This only garnered her entry into the Berklee College of Music; there she studied Contemporary Writing and Production. Her exceptional work afforded her many scholarship awards which would benefit her in the long run. After releasing her first single “Pero Hoy” in 2014 she came back a year later with “Marte y Júpiter” an EP where she took on several roles to complete (writer, recording engineer and producer).

Sara performed at many venues in Boston, Miami, Austin, and some cities in Ecuador. But one of her most memorable shows was an artist showcase at SXSW in 2016 (South by Southwest Festival) in Austin, Texas at the venue Departure Lounge. Another earlier memory that stood out for her was when she was able to perform with a renowned musician and songwriter from Ecuador, Alex Alvear.

Her recent bilingual album “Entre Espacios y Colores” has been well received by both American and Latin audiences. This is a different type of project compared to her earlier release “Marte y Jupiter” which was a home-studio production.

Besides her show at the Bitter End she also rocked the New Jersey Folk Festival at Rutgers University on April 29 and then was off to Los Angeles to play a show at The Mint on May 8th.

Sara was influenced by many Latin artists on her musical journey like Natalia Lafourcade Monsieur Perine and Carla Morrison. But she has an eclectic playlist listening to artists like Hiatus Kaiyote to Laura Marling among others. Like the artists she enjoys she utilizes similar techniques like fusing her heritage with various genres. Sara is a unique artist is keep growing with every production and artist worthy of following. - The Lifestyle Republic

"Sara Ontaneda Fills the ‘Spaces’ Beautifully with New Album, ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’"

Sara Ontaneda has released an album entitled Entre Espacios y Colores and it’s clear she could be the next hot crossover artist.

Entre Espacios y Colores is comprised of Her beautiful songs are in English as well as Spanish and they communicate on an ethereal level. Sara’s voice is incredible and her songs tug at your heart and don’t let go. If you’re into alternative music with a hint of retro and South American flavor, Entre Espacios y Colores is for you.

Sara Ontaneda: Beautiful voice and music – Photo courtesy of Sara Ontaneda
There’s a haunting feeling about Sara’s work, her music is a mix of Brazil 66 with the attitude of Feist and very special on many levels. We are taken aback by the voice, the music and the production quality of this album.

Check out the Sara Ontaneda website.

So is the artist herself. Sara recently hosted a CD release show at The Bitter End on Bleeker. To take that legendary NYC stage, you know she knows she’s got what it takes.

Sara’s no stranger to the music scene, having appeared at SXSW 2016, South Florida Folk Festival, and her Marte y Jupiter EP Ecuador Tour where she played in 4 cities: Guayaquil, Piñas, Quito, and Cuenca.

Check out Sara on Bandcamp.

In addition to performing the vocals on this new album, Sara writes the music and lyrics and plays synth. Her band is comprised of Alejandro Zorrilla on bass, Fabio Rojas on drums, David Manuhutu and Santiago Bosch on keys, Yoo Sun Nam on alto sax, Samuel Batista on Tenor Sax, Dustin Beardsley on trumpet and Kiho Yutaka on violin.

The music was recorded by Daniel Pasquel, Daniel Alba, Sebastian Ontaneda, Sara at Converse Rubbertracks Brooklyn and mixed and mastered by Sebastian Ontaneda.

This is truly an album for the collection.

Check out Sara’s Facebook page.


1. Chico Bien
2. Aprovechar
3. My City
4. A Pensar
5. Darling
6. Huecos
7. Waiting Outside
8. Park Drive
9. Guíame - East Coast Rocker

"Review for Sara Ontaneda’s album ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’"

Ecuadorian-American singer Sara Ontaneda is a unique artist who blends folk, R&B and South-American tunes into an infused genre-bending sound. Currently residing in New York City, Ontaneda discovered that she harnessed a love for music at a young age. She started piano lessons at age 7 and by age 9, she had joined her school’s choir in Miami, Florida. She moved to Guayaquil, Ecuador ,at age 13 and began seriously studying classical music in the conservatories in Guayquil, while also maintaining her love for mainstream music by joining jazz and bossa nova bands.

Ontaneda continued her musical education by studying at Berklee College of Music, where she majored in Contemporary Writing and Production. Meanwhile, Ontaneda graduated with honors and was awarded with scholarships for her efforts.

On Ontaneda’s debut full-length album endeavor, entitled Entre Espacios y Colores, the record is a reflection of Ontaneda’s diverse world-view that spans from New York City to Ecuador. It is a multi-fold study between the fluid forays of South American music and an introduction of jazzy and folk fusions with an indie rock/pop twist.

The first track, “Chico Bien,” is a snappy track filled with jazzy flavors. It has an invigorating sound, filled with light-hearted, bright and colorful tones. Ontaneda’s crystalline singing and clear vocal abilities encases this rich sound that soars with a mellow quality that gets heavy backing by the keyboards.

“Aprovechar” is equally delightful as the previous track though with a darker ambiance. The ominous sound carries through with a more pressing and urgent undertone. The soaring harmonies and seamless blend of instrumentals pave the way for a relax feel to the song. This charming ballad with its mixture of indie pop/rock and Latin fusion resounds with layers of trumpets that harken the end of the track.

“My City” starts off with the mellow singer-songwriter’s soothing vocals adding a calm quality to the R&B track. Steady rhythms coming from the beat of the drums in the background keeps time to the tenacious song. Filled with a hazy sound, the strong backbeat interlaced with the sounds of the violin adds a fray of delicacy to the sound. The sense of fragile sensibility and the undertones of frailty, which deliberately highlights the fluty vocals is accompanied by the steady strumming from the guitar.

“A Pensar” is a synth-filled track, filtered with the effect of reverb. There is a lulling sort of outcome as Ontaneda leads you through this fleeting song. Lasting only 3:16 min., the track strolls along the alternative route through jazzy and folk territories. The backbone has to be the singer’s vocal abilities, though carrying, really adds to the sparse nature of these tracks, giving them a momentous embellishment.

On “Darling”, the song has a winding Contemporary Radio feel to it as Ontaneda sings with a pop lilt similar to such tastemakers like Sara Bareilles.

The album slows down in the song “Huecos” for a more ballad-y feel. As Ontaneda unwinds by plucking on the strings on her guitar over this slow number, the slight, dramatic curve of the track makes for a catalytic effect to the song as towards the end, the ebb and flow of the track will make listeners bob their heads along with this mellow vibe.

Ontaneda really showcases her feel for authenticity by infusing her diversified background into these intently jazzy melodious furnished tracks. Toward “Waiting Outside” we see a quirky beat manifest into a retro Motown vibe with an intricate balance between drums, keys, bass, and violin. The bright, positive energy carries through in such tracks like “Park Drive” and “Guiame”, whose blend of synths and keys prove to be an enjoyable listening experience.

The charming universe that Sara Ontaneda shares with us in Entre Espacios y Colores is an ascent into Ontaneda’s first EP Marte y Jupiter, which received critical acclaim from news outlets from Latin America and Spain. The success from the EP led Ontaneda to embark on her “Marte y Jupiter EP Tour” in Ecuador, where she performed in Pinas, Cueca, Quito and Guayaquil.

The fused layers of Sara Ontaneda’s debut full-length album is a generous foray into a multi-genre sound. Entre Espacios y Colores is a bilingual album with tracks in English and others in Spanish, symbolic of Ontaneda’s multi-cultural life in New York City. Timeless and rendered through patient casting, this makes Sara Ontaneda an ever-lasting artist. - The Celebrity Cafe

"Sara Ontaneda Releases Smooth, Bi-Lingual Album Entre Espacios y Colores"

Ecuadorian-American singer/songwriter Sara Ontaneda has delivered a smooth, infectious, beautifully crafted collection of bilingual songs on her newest album Entre Espacios y Colores.

Having been a lover and student of music since the tender age of 7, Sara’s influences maintain a balance between her Latin and Ecuadorian roots and her experiences living and working as a musician in New York City.

Sara’s polished and soulful voice carries us through an engaging, enchanting and soothing arrangement of frequencies blending elements of Latin Alternative, Nu Latin, Pop, Folk and R&B/Soul.

Entre Espacios y Colores is a finely crafted, refreshing record worthy of being added to your music collection. Every song on the album stands strong alone but together they create a sonic journey through soulful, jazzy, pop-folk sound beds guaranteed to hold your attention for the entire duration. - Middle Tennessee Music

"Sara Ontaneda – ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’"

With a light and airy sound, Sara Ontaneda’s “Entre Espacios y Colores” is a timeless tasteful piece of pop. Effortlessly blending catchy melodies with a nimble jazzy quality, the pieces are arranged with the greatest of grace. The album works best when taken in together, for every song builds off the last. A narrative starts to form over the course of the album, one nicely buttressed by the delicate rhythms and glorious riffs. By far the highlight of the album are Sara Ontaneda’s vocals which adorn the album.

Things start off just right with the leisurely groove of “Chico Bien”. Summery in style, the song unfurls slowly revealing its attention to detail. Even slower and more contemplative in attitude is “Aprovechar”. Nearly folk-like with its approach is the down to earth mood of “My City”. Dreamy as if lost in a haze is the glorious “A Pensar” where the percussion is extremely gentle, as the song explores glorious atmospheres. Low-key in temperament is the mellowed “Darling”. Opting for a quiet buildup is the lovely work of “Huecos” where the guitar work is quite magnificent. One of the catchiest pieces on the album is the spirited “Waiting Outside”. “Park Drive” delves into a classic 70s jazz-pop groove. Ending the album off on a high note is the passionate performance of “Guiame” which brings things to a blissful conclusion.

Lingering in the mind long after it is over, Sara Ontaneda’s “Entre Espacios y Colores” is poetic and powerful. - Skope Magazine

"Sara Ontaneda – ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’"

Ecuadorian-American singer songwriter Sara Ontaneda is based in New York City, and her music is a mix of folk and R&B, as well as South American rhythms. Her debut full-length album, ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’ (Between Spaces And Colours) was released on March 20.

Sara Ontaneda started piano lessons at the age of 7, and joined her school’s choir at 9, living in Miami Florida. She moved with her family to Guayaquil, Ecuador, at 13, where she realised her true passion for music, and studied at the conservatory while also enjoying contemporary music. From there she performed with jazz and bossa nova bands, leading her to perform at top Ecuadorian venues such as Diva Nicotina, Teatro Centro de Arte, and Teatro Sanchez Aguilar. During her teens she also began writing and recording, producing her songs at Susy Nickel Productions, the home studio of her mentor.

Sara won a place at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where she majored in Contemporary Writing and Production, graduating with honours and winning several scholarships. She released her single, ‘Pero Hoy’, in August 2014, following this with her first EP, ‘Marte y Júpiter’, for which she assumed the roles of writer, recording engineer, and producer. The EP received critical praise from music publications in Latin America and Spain, leading to her tour across Ecuador, where she performed in Piñas, Cuenca, Quito, and Guayaquil. Since then she has also performed in the US at festivals such as SXSW, in Austin, Texas, and Out Of The Box, in Boston, both last year.

‘Entre Espacios y Colores’ is Sara’s debut album, and is bilingual with some tracks in English and others in Spanish.

Sara’s album will be officially launched this coming Sunday, 9 April, at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street, New York City, commencing at 8.30pm. Tickets are $5 at the door. For further details visit Sara’s website. You can also find Sara online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’ is available from Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. - Essentially Pop

"7 Stellar Singer Songwriters"

"Sara Ontaneda is a NYC-based songwriter, but the Ecuadorian-American artist mixes R&B and folk with a little South-American flare in shaping her own unique, and richly layered, sound. “Aprovechar (Sencillo)” is the first single from Ontaneda’s forthcoming LP, 'Entre Espacios y Colores'. The single creates a dreamy atmosphere enhanced by Ontaneda’s airy vocals. You don’t even need to understand the words to understand the feel of this song." - Yab Yum Music and Arts

"Descubrí a Sara Ontaneda con su canción “Pero Hoy”"

Desde Ecuador nos llega una sirena de nombre Sara Ontaneda que con su canción “Pero Hoy” nos adelanta lo que será un futuro EP, aun sin nombre, que tendrá parte de su esencia sin dudas. Esta señorita mitad norteamericana puede ubicarse entre los nuevos talentos sudamericanos que exploran la voz a través de canciones como jazz, la bossanova y el folk íntimo como el dúo peruano Alejandro y Maria Laura, la también peruana Pamela Rodríguez o el venezolano Ulises Hadjis. Influenciada por la mexicana Natalia Lafourcade seguramente nos sorprenderá cuando lance la esperada mini-placa en la que se encuentra trabajando.

Sara nació en Miami en 1990. Ella descubrió su pasión por la música a muy temprana edad, a los 7 años empezó clases de piano y a los 9 años se unió al coro de su escuela. Fue a los 13 años que se mudó a Guayaquil, Ecuador, donde se dio cuenta que la música era a lo que quería dedicarse el resto de su vida. Estudió música clásica en conservatorios y comenzó a componer y grabar sus propias canciones durante la adolescencia. Al mismo tiempo descubrió otros géneros más contemporáneos de la música, lo que la llevó a cantar en grupos de jazz y bossa nova, con los que ha tenido presentaciones en escenarios como el Teatro Centro de Arte, Teatro Sanchez Aguilar y Diva Nicotina.

Su compromiso con la música la motivó a irse a estudiar a Boston (Estados Unidos) donde se especializó en composición y producción en el Berklee College of Music. Suele realizar canciones instrumentales para videojuegos, audiolibros o cortometrajes, en los que despliega una faceta más natural en contrapartida de su carrera como nueva figura del indie emergente del Ecuador, mostrada al mundo gracias al netlabel Cura Ludorum. - Indie Hoy

"Sara Ontaneda es parte del cartel del festival internacional SXSW"

Justamente, hace días hablábamos acerca de cómo el 2016 nos va presentando buenas noticias con respecto a la escena nacional. Hoy -con mucho orgullo- les contamos que la intérprete estadounidense-ecuatoriana participará en el festival South By Southwest Music and Media Conference (SXSW, por sus siglas en inglés) en Austin, Texas – Estados Unidos; SXSW celebra su edición no. 30 y, a lo largo de estos años, ha logrado reclutar alrededor de 30.000 asistentes.

En este festival, Sara tendrá la oportunidad de compartir con artistas de todas partes del mundo; tocará temas en inglés y en español que, por supuesto, formarán parte de su primer álbum. - Datainfox

"Thursday Night SXSW Showcases"

Thursday Night SXSW Showcases

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8pm, Departure Lounge
An ongoing Festival effort to connect the U.S. Latin community with the Latin American interactive, film, and music industries offers many such events throughout all 10 days of SXSW. Sara Ontaneda, an Ecuadorian-American singer and songwriter based in NYC, holds a strong connection to the Central American homeland of her ancestors, where she's toured and received radio play. Stage name for Natalia Suazo, Natisú lays claim to an adventurous brand of pop that draws from the same muse as Björk and PJ Harvey. A recent series of conceptual EPs places the Chilean performer at the center of the Latin American indie rock scene. A solo synth-pop act from Panama, Marlys mixes beats and styles from the Nineties with a daring visual presentation. Monterrey, Mexico, folk-pop duo Las Delailas make their U.S. debut on the heels of their first, self-titled LP, garnering encouraging reviews. - Austin Chronicle

"Sara Ontaneda comparte su música sin fronteras"

Escuchar a Sara Ontaneda es fácil, como respirar o mantener una alegre conversación con ella. Esta cantautora mitad ecuatoriana mitad norteamericana se encuentra cautivando de a poco al público con su música. Una prueba de esto es su primer sencillo, ‘Pero Hoy’.
Aún así, ella no se planteaba la posibilidad de tomar en serio su carrera como cantante y es interesante cuando las cosas salen sin que lo esperes. Su recorrido empezó cuando inició sus conversaciones con el netlabel Cura Ludorum, lo que la incentivó a seguir componiendo. Al momento posee 6 canciones que podrán ser escuchadas en su EP, ‘Marte y Júpiter ‘, que será netamente en español, idioma en el que se siente muy cómoda.

Cabe destacar que Sara Ontaneda toca piano y guitarra, pero compone junto a su guitarra, la cual le acompaña al escribir sobre las experiencias de la gente que la rodea. Al conversar con ella, menciona que aún le sorprende el recibimiento que ha tenido su primer sencillo, pese a que la promoción se inició en redes sociales y, de a poco, ha llegado a los medios tradicionales.

Sobre la promoción de su música, Sara Ontaneda visitará Ecuador en diciembre, mes en el que espera haber terminado sus temas y poder presentárselos al público en vivo en un evento que contará también con la participación de Vinu, vocalista de Cadáver Exquisito. - Datainfox

"Marte y Júpiter"

Qué: EP (independiente)
Últimamente son muchas las mujeres que han optado por un camino de autogestión y de apropiación de lo suave, íntimo y acústico-electrónico como propuesta artística. Si ya conocemos, entre muchas otras, a Carla Morrison, Natalia Lafourcade o Javiera Mena, ahora podemos sumar a la lista a Sara Ontaneda, graduada de la escuela de Berklee en 2013 y que vivió en Guayaquil y en distintas ciudades de Estados Unidos. Ella llega con su guitarra, su laptop y altas dosis de talento para presentar Marte y Júpiter, un bello EP con sonido acústico en el que encontramos una voz relajada que combina sutilmente la guitarra con melodías o capas electrónicas que no interfieren en la naturaleza de las canciones. Las cinco piezas de este trabajo dan muestra de un aprecio por la elaboración de lo simple –aunque no sencillo–, en las que aparecen claras referencias a la bossa nova. Así en Tres cuartos, Sara nos habla de la individualidad y la entrega a la vocación propia, y en el tema que da nombre al disco está presente el eterno tema del amor. Ahora queda esperar –con ganas– sus nuevas canciones. - Zona de Obras (Spain)

"Sara Ontaneda hizo sentir su cálida música en Festival SXSW de Texas"

Sara Ontaneda tuvo su presentación en el Festival Musical Internacional SXSW (South by Southwest) en Texas, donde dio un concierto de más de 40 minutos, acompañada del músico venezolano Fabio Rojas en la batería y melódicas.

La noche del jueves fue muy especial para la ecuatoriana, pues fue quien aperturó el SXamericas Zona Indie, Showcase para músicos latinos. También cantaron esa noche artistas como: Natisú (Chile); Las Delailas (México); y Marlys (Panamá).
Temas de su EP Marte y Júpiter como: “Marte y Júpiter, “Cerezos”, “Como Quisiera” fueron seguidos por el público, que aprovechó para registrarlo en su celular pues se veían bastate estusiasmados con la música. Sara Ontaneda además cantó temas en inglés que serán incluidos en el disco que está produciendo en Nueva York, donde está radicada. Canciones como “Darling”, “My City” y “Park Drive” dieron gran impresión al público.

A ella le encantó que fuera un público diverso de latinos y de gente que no hablaba español porque así la conoce más gente. (...) - Coalición Granadilla

"La cantante Sara Ontaneda presenta nuevo video clip “Aprovechar”"

Sara Ontaneda presents her new music video, "Aprovechar"

Spanish: La cantante ecuatoriana Sara Ontaneda, radicada en la ciudad de New York (Estados Unidos) presenta su nuevo sencillo y video clip titulado: “Aprovechar”.

El mismo que formará parte de su primer disco de nueve canciones cuatro en inglés y cinco en español que tendrá como nombre: “Entre espacios y colores” y será lanzado oficialmente en marzo del 2017.

Su canción “Aprovechar”, tiene un mensaje de unidad para la humanidad la cual en este momento se encuentra tan dividida por la política, religión y dinero. Haciéndonos olvidar lo hermoso que es nuestro planeta y debemos cuidarlo”, enfatiza la artista quien vendrá a Ecuador en enero próximo para ofrecer una serie de conciertos en Guayaquil y Cuenca.

El video fue dirigido por la artista y contó con la ayuda de su hermano Sebastián Ontaneda y su hermana melliza, Claudia Ontaneda, bailarina profesional quien en el video representa el espíritu de la naturaleza. (E) - El Mercurio (Cuenca, EC)

"La cantante Sara Ontaneda presenta nuevo video clip “Aprovechar”"

La cantante ecuatoriana Sara Ontaneda, radicada en la ciudad de New York (Estados Unidos) presenta su nuevo sencillo y video clip titulado: “Aprovechar”.

El mismo que formará parte de su primer disco de nueve canciones cuatro en inglés y cinco en español que tendrá como nombre: “Entre espacios y colores” y será lanzado oficialmente en marzo del 2017.

Su canción “Aprovechar”, tiene un mensaje de unidad para la humanidad la cual en este momento se encuentra tan dividida por la política, religión y dinero. Haciéndonos olvidar lo hermoso que es nuestro planeta y debemos cuidarlo”, enfatiza la artista quien vendrá a Ecuador en enero próximo para ofrecer una serie de conciertos en Guayaquil y Cuenca.

El video fue dirigido por la artista y contó con la ayuda de su hermano Sebastián Ontaneda y su hermana melliza, Claudia Ontaneda, bailarina profesional quien en el video representa el espíritu de la naturaleza. (E) - El Mercurio

"12 bandas ecuatorianas que debes escuchar"

Sara is a singer-songwriter that with her acoustic guitar, invades you with nostalgia and other sensations that affect the soul. She is a musician that, even though performs by herself, sounds like a band. She distinguishes herself with philosophical lyrics in songs that are generally mellow. She is the best to close this list of Ecuadorian bands that you should listen to.

Original Text:
Sara es una cantautora que cuando agarra su guitarra acústica, te invade la nostalgia y otras sensaciones que alteran el alma. Es una música que aunque cante en solitario parece una banda. Logra distinguirse al sincerarse con letras filosas en canciones, por lo general suaves. Ella es la mejora para cerrar estas bandas ecuatorianas que debes escuchar. - Makia

"Recently released: Sara Ontaneda - Entre Espacios y Colores (Independent, March 20 2017)"

The melodies and harmonies defy easy categorization. Sara has developed an imaginative sound that showcases her clear, expressive voice in a series of lush arrangements. Darling has a laid back swing.

Her voice trips lightly around the lines and rhythms. She's an accomplished singer, but the technique never feels indulgent or embellished for its own sake. It adds a layer of expression with an effortless kind of sound.

Waiting Outside is another upbeat, straight-up jazz track with an insistent syncopation. Sara's first album is bilingual with tracks in English and others in Spanish, reflecting Sara's multi-cultural life in New York City. - Art & Culture Maven

"Sara Ontaneda "I live between two worlds""

Ecuadorian singer-songwriter Sara Ontaneda is always traveling between New York and Guayaquil. Her hometown remains a core element of her career, while the Capital of the World is her ticket to internationalization. In bars and artistic centers of that city, Sara sings her songs in English and Spanish from her album ‘Entre espacios y colores.’

This is his first long-play, with nine themes that speak of her migratory experience, love relationships and distance. “Aprovechar is the first single from this album. For me, it is a message of unity for the world, because there is always news of attacks or the non-acceptance of Latinos, and it´s so sad that we are all so divided. It’s a hopeful theme to take advantage of what we have,” explained the 26-year-old artist.

“I live in two worlds. I have friends who tell me that I am very American or vice versa. I feel that I always fit 50% on both sides. What like on the American side is punctuality.”

The album marks a more mature stage for the artist, who moves away from the folk of her first work and fuses pop, R & B, and Latin melodies. The electric guitar guides the rhythm of this album. (I) - Ecuador Times


Sara actuó en muchos lugares en Boston, Miami, Austin y algunas ciudades de Ecuador. Pero uno de sus shows más memorables fue un escaparate de artistas en SXSW en 2016 (South by Southwest Festival) en Austin, Texas, en el lugar Departure Lounge. Otro recuerdo anterior que se destacó para ella fue cuando pudo tocar con un renombrado músico y compositor de Ecuador, Alex Alvear. - El Especial

"Música con sello personal"

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ZONA ROSA 5 110Música con sello personal

Inicios. El interés por la música le llegó a muy temprana edad a Ontaneda cuando empezó a tomar clases de piano a los 7 años. Foto: Cortesía
Publicado en: September 18, 2017Actualizado en: September 18, 2017 at 07:20 PM
Por Juan Carlos Chávez


TAMPA-- Sara Ontaneda sintió interés por la música y la composición a muy temprana edad cuando empezó a tomar clases de piano a los 7 años, en Miami.

El paso definitivo se dio cuando su familia decidió hacer maletas para mudarse a la ciudad ecuatoriana de Guayaquil. Allí Ontaneda, con 13 años, se dio cuenta de que la música era lo que realmente quería hacer por el resto de su vida.

La decisión de continuar por el camino musical, lejos de atemorizarla debido a la competencia existente y a los baches de la industria discográfica, la alentaron para estudiar y prepararse de la mejor forma. Siempre en aras de la excelencia y la calidad artística.

Así, Ontaneda tomó clases en conservatorios para seguir estudios en música clásica. Su afán y perseverancia empezó a dar frutos a los 16 años cuando empezó a escribir canciones inéditas, según su hoja de vida. Fue en ese momento que también comenzó a cantar en grupos de jazz y bossa nova, y a realizar presentaciones locales en Guayaquil, incluyendo el famoso teatro Centro de Arte, el Sanchez Aguilar y el Diva Nicotina junto con varias agrupaciones de moda. Con más puertas abiertas y seguidores multiplicándose, Ontaneda se mudó a Boston para seguir estudios en el reconocido Berklee College of Music. Allí se graduó con honores y recibió premios de becas por su esfuerzo académico.

En julio del 2015 Ontaneda lanzó su primer trabajo de estudio, titulado ‘Marte y Júpiter’. La entrega recibió varios elogios en publicaciones de Latinoamérica y España. La gira de ‘Marte y Júpiter’ se realizó en varias ciudades de Ecuador. Posteriormente en el 2016 Ontaneda llevó su material a festivales y conciertos importantes, como el ‘South by Southwest’ de Texas, ‘Outside The Box’, en Boston, ‘South Florida Folk Festival’, de Fort Lauderdale y el ‘MusikFest’, en Pensilvania.

En el primer trimestre del 2017, de acuerdo con su reseña personal, Ontaneda lanzó su primer disco de larga duración, titulado ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’. El concierto de lanzamiento fue en el célebre ‘The Bitter End’, recinto neoyorquino que llenó en su total capacidad.

‘Entre Espacios y Colores’ no solo recibió un buen espaldarazo de sus seguidores sino varias reseñas positivas en publicaciones latinas y estadounidenses de importante circulación. Con disco en mano, Ontaneda se presentó también en el famoso ‘New Jersey Folk Festival’ en el cual quedó como una de las ganadoras del concurso de cantautores. Actualmente, continúa haciendo presentaciones en Estados Unidos y otras ciudades a escala internacional.

CENTRO Tampa conversó telefónicamente con Ontaneda, desde Miami, para conocer más sobre sus raíces musicales y el futuro inmediato de su carrera artística.

CENTRO Tampa (CT): ¿Cuál fue tu idea inicial al abordar este disco, ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’?

Sara Ontaneda (SO): Mi disco quería hacerlo de manera que reflejase mi vida personal, porque he vivido la mitad en Ecuador y la otra mitad en Estados Unidos. Todo por intervalos, por decirlo así. La portada es un reflejo de esas vivencias: en el lado derecho tenemos los edificios de Nueva York y en el izquierdo a Guayaquil. El disco es como vivir el mundo latino y el mundo americano (estadounidense). Ese fue mi concepto y creo que va de la mano con mi perfil multicultural porque tengo géneros como folclóricos latinos y ciertamente también ritmos que son más anglos, como pop y R&B. Son géneros que me han influenciado mucho y que me gustan. Así que me pareció súper chévere poder incluirlos en este álbum.

CT: ¿De qué forma se desarrolló el proceso creativo y de producción?

SO: Quería hacer algo muy propio y a la vez algo bonito. Hay un trabajo de mucha concentración porque también quería aprovechar, por ejemplo, las cosas que se viven y que vemos, como los crímenes de odio hacia las minorías y todo este clima político que me hace sentir triste porque la gente parece estar muy dividida. Quise enviar un mensaje de tolerancia y de paz para darle forma a este disco. ‘Huecos’, por ejemplo, es una canción que se inspira mucho en el tema de la inmigración y en un año que muchos viven inmersos en las redes sociales. Me encanta que mi arte pueda reflejar todo eso.

CT: ¿Como te sientes con los cambios en la industria musical? Lo digo porque más de un artista tiene la sensación de que ahora pesa igual o más lo que uno pueda conseguir en las redes.

SO: Creo que la era del Internet nos aventaja porque uno puede avanzar en muchos sentidos, siempre y cuando tengas en las manos las herramientas necesarias.

CT: Estudiar en la academia de música de Berklee no es una experiencia cualquiera. ¿Cómo te marcó ese período de aprendizaje?

SO: La verdad es que fue una experiencia súper increíble porque los profesores y los alumnos son de un nivel muy alto. Creo que son estudios que requieren mucha concentración y enfoque porque uno tiene que encontrar su partecita para salir (hacer la diferencia). Tomé clases de jazz latino y canto (entre otras iniciativas) para fortalecer la composición y el área de producción. Eso me ayudó para hacer los arreglos de ocho de los nueve temas de mi disco. Berklee prepara a la gente, a sus estudiantes, para la vida real.

CT: ¿Qué tal fue vivir en Ecuador?

SO: Fue realmente inspirador porque siento que, además de todo lo caracteriza, es un país que vive con mucha calma. Su naturaleza está rodeada de montañas y paisajes hermosos. Es un lugar de paz que ayuda a pensar y creo que eso me sirve mucho a la hora de hacer música.

CT: ¿Cómo se plantea la agenda de trabajo para las semanas que vienen y lo que resta de un año que, en tu caso, ha sido muy productivo y ventajoso en lo artístico?

SO: Tengo una presentación la próxima semana en Miami. Vamos a ver cómo sale eso y después voy a seguir con la promoción del disco en Nueva York.

Para conocer más sobre la artista visite - Centro TAMPA

"NAMM 2018: Sara Ontaneda to Perform for the First Time at the “NAMM Show”"

Singer-Songwriter Sara Ontaneda kicks off 2018 in high gear. The artist has been chosen by the National Association of Music Merchants to perform at the The NAMM Show, which takes place between January 25-28, 2018 in Anaheim, California. Sara Ontaneda will take the stage on Thursday January 25, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the NAMM Hilton Stage. The NAMM Show is the global crossroads of the music, sound and event technology products industries with more than 100,000 registrants from 139 countries and regions.

2017 was an important year for Ontaneda, who released her critically acclaimed debut album “Entre Espacios y Colores.” Sara Ontaneda tells her story in nine beautiful singles, five in Spanish and Four in English. The first single is titled “Aprovechar.” All of the songs were penned by Ontaneda, whose music blends folk, indie pop and South American rhythms to create an alternative pop sound, that complement beautifully the singer’s melodic voice. The release was followed by the tour in Latin America and the United States.

The Ecuadorian-American Singer will release the new single “Huecos” in January 2018. - Guitar Girl Magazine

"Meet Sara Ontaneda"

Ecuadorian-American singer-songwriter Sara Ontaneda is here to help us start the week off right. The artist's steady rhythm, and illustrative lyrics, coupled with their warm tones perfectly encapsulate my early morning summer feelings. - The Family Reviews


The most striking thing about “Separated by the Sea”, the latest single from singer/songwriter/musician Sara Ontaneda, has got to be her voice. At times powerful, pure, crystalline, and plaintive, it tells you right away she appears to have a legitimate career in music in the making—or perhaps has had one for a couple years now. - Breaking & Entering

"Sara Ontaneda Drops new Album"

Friday August 6. 2021: Ecuadorian-American, indie-pop artist Sara Ontaneda, drops her album “Experimento.,” which includes 7 songs in both Spanish and English. The new album is available on all digital and streaming platforms.

With a vintage 80’s sound, the use of synthesizers fused with indie-pop influences characterizes singles like “Inútil” and “Experimento”, as the songwriter explores a different sound from her acoustic beginnings. Watch the title track, “Experimento,” music video HERE. - Guitar Girl Magazine

"Make Music Champions: Sara Ontaneda transitioned from instrumental music to songwriting, and now is thriving with new original songs!"

Sara Ontaneda is an Ecuadorian-American singer-songwriter from NYC. She started making music as a kid playing the piano and pursued a musical career in college. She has released a handful of albums and original songs, and her two recent singles “Hey Maria” and “Inútil” are part of a bilingual album she developed as a part of her new musical era. Last January, she released the single “Tu Recuerdo”, also an original composition. - Make Music Day


Marte y Júpiter EP - 2015
1. Marte y Júpiter
2. Como Quisiera
3. Pero Hoy
4. Tres Cuartos
5. Cerezos

Entre Espacios y Colores (FULL LENGTH ALBUM) 2017

1. Chico Bien

2. Aprovechar

3. My City

4. A pensar

5. Darling

6. Huecos

7. Waiting Outside

8. Park Drive

9. Guiame


1. HEY MARIA (released) 

2. Inutil (released)



Sara Ontaneda is an award-winning, Ecuadorian-American singer-songwriter based in New York City. Her music mixes Folk, R&B, and South-American rhythms. 

Sara discovered her passion for music at a young age. At age 7 she started piano lessons and at age 9 she joined her school's choir in Miami, Florida. At age 13, she moved to Guayaquil, Ecuador where she learned that she was serious about music. She studied classical music in the conservatories in Guayaquil and at the same time discovered she enjoyed contemporary music as well. Sara joined jazz and bossa nova bands which led her to perform in important Ecuadorian venues like Diva Nicotina, Teatro Centro de Arte, and Teatro Sanchez Aguilar. It was during her teens that she began her singer-songwriter phase, and recorded/produced her songs at a mentor's home studio, Susy Nickel Productions. 

The love for music placed her in Berklee College of Music where she majored in Contemporary Writing and Production. She graduated with honors and received scholarship awards for her efforts. 

After a year of hard work, Sara finished her first EP, "Marte y Jupiter" where she took the roles of writer, recording engineer, and producer. The EP was released on July 14th, 2015 and is available in Itunes and Spotify as well as other platforms. It received numerous positive reviews from journals in Latin America and Spain. This led Sara to tour in many different cities of the US and Ecuador. These performances have included festivals like SXSW 2016 in Austin, TX, Outside of the Box 2016 (Boston), among others. 

"Entre Espacios y Colores", Sara's debut full-length album was released on March 20th, 2017 and is available in streaming sites and bandcamp. The album is bilingual, featuring a powerful sound with horns, acoustic and electric instrumentation and lyrics on migration, dreams, and relationships. Sara toured internationally with this album with notable performances at LIFA Music Festival (Mexico City), the NAMM Show, and SXSW. 

In 2019, Sara won the "Best World Music" award at Richmond Film and Music Festival. She is also the winner of the "Artist Revelation of the Year" award at Premios Unidad (Ecuadorian Music Awards in NY). 

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