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Salt Lake City, UT | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

Salt Lake City, UT | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"100 Shotz Music Video (Yeeemix of Drake's "10 Bands")"

April 4, 2016 - Shaadie's new video "100 Shotz" which is a yeeemix of Drake’s “10 Bands” inspired by the police death events of Mario Romero in Vallejo, CA & Sandra Bland in Texas. - Bay Area Compass

"100 Shotz Music Video (Yeeemix of Drake's "10 Bands")"

April 10, 2016 - Shaadie's new video "100 Shotz" which is a yeeemix of Drake’s “10 Bands” inspired by the police death events of Mario Romero in Vallejo, CA & Sandra Bland in Texas. - Dope Era Magazine

"Shaadie on DaMaddHouze Radio Show"

Feb. 6, 2015 - Dope MC Shaadie stops by to chop it up with DA Madd Houze - DaMaddHouze Radio Show

"College Friends Weigh In On Marshawn Lynch's Media Tactics"

Feb. 1, 2015 - "He didn't take his helmet off on the sidelines in college because he didn't want the recognition," said Rashaad Nunnally, a Cal track star who lived with Lynch in Berkeley. "He didn't want to talk to people then."

Coming from nearby Vallejo, Nunnally first met Lynch on campus in the summer of 2004. Lynch already had a crew, Fam First - now the name of his foundation - with two of his cousins, including fellow Cal Golden Bears football player Robert Jordan. Nunnally soon became part of the family. Rap, as much a form of media in the Bay Area as newspapers or radio, was part of their everyday life.

"It was a family thing on and off the field of all of us," Nunnally, whose stage name is Shaadie, said. "We played for Cal but we went to UC Berkeley. We can't help that we got looked at as 'just black athletes on scholarship' and people thinking that's the only reason we are here. So, it was like, we might as well be ourselves: we got dreads, we got tattoos, we got gold teeth.

"We set up our home studio with our scholarship checks," he continued. "We go to a party on Saturday, I am talking about it Monday on a song, next Saturday we're playing it at the next party." - Slav Kandyba

"Step Ya Game Up Radio Interview w/ Shaadie"

2015 – Shaadie was interviewed on Step Ya Game Up Radio in San Francisco, Ca which can be heard at starting at 1 hour & 10 minutes in to the show. - Phillip LeBlanc

"Shaadie - Take It Slow Official - IndieNation Blog"

Oct 13, 2014 - Download Shaadie on iTunes now at & remember it's “Shaadie like Rashaad, not Shady like Shade" - IndieNation Blog

"shaadie | IndieNation Blog"

Download Shaadie on iTunes now at & remember it's “Shaadie like Rashaad, not Shady like Shade” - IndieNation Blog

"DOITour Profile: Shaadie -"

Jul 8, 2014 - Shaadie will be performing on the #DOITour in Sacramento, CA on July 11, 2014 -

"Shaadie [#DOITour | San Jose, CA | Contenstant #1] - First Dirt"

Jul 5, 2014 - Shaadie. Bio: Rashaad “Shaadie” Nunnally is a 27 year-old entertainer from the Crestside streets of North Vallejo born on July 1, 1986 - First Dirt

"Shaadie interview on UVU Radio"

Apr. 5, 2014 - Listen to Shaadie interview with Jordan Makin on Utah Valley University radio. - Jordan Makin

"Home Turf 1.3.14. Show & Playlist | Home Turf on KMEL-FM"


"Blast Da Nation Magazine Grammy Edition"

Jan. 2014 - Shaadie is in the January 2014 Grammy Edition of the "Bible of Music, fashion & lifestyle" Blast Da Nation Magazine that can be purchased at w/ Jay-Z on the cover. - Blast Da Nation Magazine

"Shaadie Wins Best Underground Hip Hop Song Of 2013"

Oct 21, 2013 - Congragulations to Shaadie for winning the Best Underground Hip Hop Song of 2013 contest presented by -

"Shaadie on The Hype Magazine"

05/19/13 - Interview w/ Shaadie - The Hype Magazine

"Radio Interview w/ Shaadie"

2013 - C/o Shaadie's interview w/ Gary Archer, GreenClouds420 & Burnz Music on Wednesday Night Live Hip-Hop show. From the beginning to the end Shaadie music is played & talked to the entire show - Gary Archer, Burnz Music & GreenClouds420

"TV Special w/ Shaadie"

2012 - C/o Shaadie’s interview on the Urban Network Connection about his history, the state of Hip Hop & his upcoming projects online at: - Karwanna Dyson of Urban Network Connection


Dec 18, 2011 - Tell the world ya name and where you from? The gov't name is Rashaad & I've been called Shaadie since a kid. And it's not pronounced Shaadie like Rashaad, not Shady like Shade. - iRapWorld

"Interview w/ Shaadie on Atlanta Too Live Radio"

2011 - C/o Shaadie's interview w/ AtlantaTooLive - Kazual of AtlantaTooLive

"Shaadie - Ova Der [DOWNLOAD MP3] - WWSMAG.COM"

Nov 8, 2010 - New song from Shaadie – Ova Der .... supporters & followers of Shaadie and the entire Fam1ly F1rst camp of business, sports & entertainment. -

"Shaadie - Beyond Tha Hype"

Shaadie's Page on Beyond Tha Hype - Hip Hop & Urban Media / Mixtapes, Music Videos. - Beyond Tha Hype

"Morning Becomes Epileptic w/Shaadie - YourPR"

Jun 15, 2009 - Morning Becomes Epileptic with Shaadie. Listen to Shaadie share with Ned Hardcore about what it might be like to be the last man on earth, ... - Ned Hardcore


Rashaad "Shaadie" Nunnally is a 25 year-old black male from the Crestside streets of North Vallejo. He is a father, athlete, musician, comedian, entertainer... - Spit Fire Ent


Shaadie Music Available Worldwide

Akademic ProBaytion (Album - 1/5/16)

How It Started (Album - 9/25/15)

Turn Up: Tha EP ( Ep - 9/4/15)

A Shaadie Sample (Ep - 10/30/15)

Mac Life (Ep - 8/14/15)

Resurrection of Music (Mixtape - 2013)

Tha Connection Vol 1. (Mixtape - 2008)

Yeee wit Tha Fam: Tha FAMilation (Comp. - 2006)

Hear Yeee, Hear Yeee: Tha Mixtape (2005)



Throughout the course of his musical career, Shaadie has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, all the while recording new music, Shaadie has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both an inspiration and role model. Rashaad "Shaadie" Nunnally is an entertainer from the Crestside streets of North Vallejo born on July 1st. Shaadie is a father, athlete, musician, comedian, entertainer, songwriter, performer and all around fun character to know and be around. His name Rashaad Dominic, was given by Yahweh through a dream his father had when he was 16 years-old. Shaadie was raised as the only child by his mother with help from his grandparents after the divorce of his parents. At the age of two after an incident of almost being shot along with his father while in his arms during an altercation in a hotel, his mother left the County of Kings in the City of Lemoore. Shaadie and his mother were homeless with only the clothes on their back and had to move in with his grandparents on the 12 hundred block of Griffin Drive in the North Vallejo neighborhood of the Country Club Crest. While growing up in The Crest, he also spent a lot of time in Georgia and North Carolina which is the hub of both sides of his family by way of Trinidad-Tobago and Kingston, Jamaica. Due to his wide range of traveling to visit family he has seen and been apart of many different types of struggles. After living in Vallejo since the age of two, and traveling back and forth between California, Georgia and North Carolina he then moved to Sacramento due to his mothers job change in efforts of gettin Shaadie in a better environement as well as a better acadmic and athletic school. After moving from Vallejo to Sacramento in 2002, and graduating in 2004, he would be the first in over 40 years to be offered and sign a full track and field scholarship UC Berkeley (Cal). While at UC Berkeley, he ran in to old child hood friends from the Pop Warner football days; Marshawn Lynch, Robert Jordan and Virdell Larkins and soon learned that by distant relatives they were all in fact cousins. He then found out that many others in their huge family were all collegiate athletes throughout the country as well. Once the cousins linked up, they all collectively made the patented "Twist-n-Hook" hand signal to represent the Fam 1st Family movement that they all created, believed in and lived. Shaadie would attend UC Berkeley on scholarship until 2007 where he withdrew from the school to grow on his own accord and focus on his music and family full time. Since then, Shaadie been apart of the co-op mFm; Music Family Money which consist of 5 of the Fam 1st Family members who are all relatives, ex-collegiate athletes and music artist who came together to showcase their individual and combined musical talents on stage and in recordings. He also co-founded and runs his own non-profit organization and record label along with his brother Brandon "KB" Henry called Mac Life which is an acronym for Mind's Achieving Change Living In Forgotten Environments. In 2016 Shaadie moved him and his family to the State of Utah in efforts to have a better living and growth situatuion for his wife and kids outside of the financial and environemntal struggles they faced while being in the Valley and Bay Area of Northern California. By 2017 Shaadie connected with Carey "CJ" Drisdom of the Changing Lanes Experience Band. Since their joining of forces CJ Drisdom has not only become his perosanl music manager, but also hired Shaadie as a lead vocalist and MC in his Changing Lanes Entertainment Group as amember of The Lane Changers Band. He also signed Shaadie as the first artist out of the Lakehouse Studios facility in Downtown Salt Lake City. 

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