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Arlington, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Arlington, TX | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo R&B Jazz




"Shaddow is a well rounded Musician!"

Shaddow is a well rounded musician with the ability to play sax, flow, and rock vocals in his musical contributions to the world. He is currently working on his 2nd studio album called “THE NIGHTFALL SUITES” which will be exclusively available through his fan club: SHADDOWRYDERZ ARMY. - On Air With Sir


Arlington-Based Musician’s Innovative Music Style and Proven Talent Will Channel Louis Armstrong with a Generation-Y Twist
Arlington, Texas (March 5, 2013) — With his sights keenly set on shaking up the local music scene, Arlington-based jazz musician SHADDOW (birth name Devarian Rose) is announcing the release of his new EP “Prelude” today. An emerging saxophonist with an impressive social media following and fans called “SHADDOWRYDERZ,” his musical style encompasses jazz, funk, electronica and R&B with a distinct sound that is warm, powerful and soulful. A self-acclaimed creator of experiences that elicit positive emotions from his fans, SHADDOW believes this EP will take the listener on a journey of faith, hope, sexiness, and love. - Jazz Corner

"UTA Rock THE FALL interview"

UTA Radio: "good Music" - UTA Radio

"UTA Rock THE FALL interview"

UTA Radio: "good Music" - UTA Radio


Here are testimonials of what some people have to say about SHADDOW, his musicianship, and person:

“I had worked with Shaddow and his movement for a few years. He is a very talented Artist and has the drive and energy unlike anybody I have ever seen in a long time. He has been known worldwide for his wonderful music and talent. We have worked with him through AIN Music & Distribution/Blue Pie Records. We have watched Shaddow grow over the years to worldwide success. We are so honored to be a part of this wonderful artist and love watching him grow every day. We wish him the best in everything he does and love watching it turn into gold...” - Lisa Jett, Founder, L.M.D Music Enterprise a Management Company, Ohio


“Shaddow has always been an honest man to his life, his music, and to other musicians. You need to know him to love him. So I hope this new album is filled with his truth and it takes him to higher ground” - Taro Kijima / Dreamers Union Choir Director, Japan


“I met and invited SHADDOW to be a guest on the UTA Radio show. My staff and I were completely blown away by the creative nature of his music! We then invited him to be a part of our annual event called NEO SOUL, where he introduced his first hit single, "Don't Stop, Just Let It Ride". The audience was so blown away, that they chanted "SHADDOW! SHADDOW! SHADDOW!" until he performed the song a second time. Shaddow has grown to be one of my favorite Artists, not solely for the music, but because of his humble and gentle nature. I have enjoyed witnessing the birth of this unbelievable talent and I hope that he remembers us at UTA Radio during his international success. Thank you.” - Shaunta Wiltz (a.k.a. "Shea B"), Former Manager, UTA Radio (2007-2010).


“Playing drums for Shaddow was definitely worth it! He creates music from the soul. I think his fans would agree. I would definitely work with him again.” -John Finney DFW Drummer


"Working with Shaddow on this project has been a pleasure. It's been rewarding being able to witness his growth from the time we met up to the release of this EP. I'm excited to see what the future has in store for this talented musician." -Timothy "Twizz" Bailey, Bassist for Ariana Grande, Music Producer of "M" on Prelude Album - Various


ARLINGTON, Texas – Do music fans want similar lifestyles as their favorite celebrity or want to attend concerts and live events to their hearts’ desire and with people in their inner circle? When Dallas-born, Shaddow, who now lives and makes music to impact the world in neighboring Arlington thought about this; he decided that he needed to offer something that could take fans to a new dimension of enjoying and sharing his music. ShaddowRyderz Army (SRA) was the end result. Somewhat like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon, Shaddow’s new brainchild takes music sharing to a new level. As he explained it, he makes himself more reachable and provides members with a superior way to enjoy music, videos and other online entertainment. Fused with an excitingly accessible element, SRA can also enrich fans monetarily through a special peer-to-peer sharing initiative.... - Shaddowryderz


Dallas, Texas, May 30 – A new music video, titled “Just Keep It” was released on May 27 by Arlington, Texas based Shaddow. The video features the sexy and classy visual presence of Afrocentric Queen Ro as Shaddow’s co-star. The music video is a soundtrack selection on their newly-released film, which is one component of a campaign geared towards helping distressed African children. Shaddow has linked arms with; a company that engages in crowd-funding initiatives for healthcare and education in Africa. Anyone can go to the site or to the teaser video and make a donation. The monies received will sponsor initiatives that will have a major impact on the life outcomes for numerous children in Africa.... - Shaddowryderz


Arlington, Texas, United States, June 17, 2016 – SHADDOW, an Arlington based musician, is announcing his plans to engineer a unique fandom platform designed to give his followers the opportunity to gain content that only Shaddowryderz Army fans will be able to access. His production will consist of a magical Sci-Fi Cosmos Fantasy Musical Film and Comic Strip that will complement the upcoming album. Having prepared all music tracks for his forthcoming 23 track album, the musician is announcing the release of a set of 23 musical film episodes – one for each song. The general public will be able to obtain hard copies of the album at his professional concert shows during his world-wide touring act. As for the films, the storyline captures him (SHADDOW) as Shaddow the Jazz Djedi, and a black Special Agent named Agent S. As both characters he is a superhero who is able to harness night energy during his extended sojourn on earth. Ancient in years, Shaddow the Jazz Djedi came from a faraway galaxy with the purpose of defeating the evil I.N.O. and also to find the object of a deeper more mysterious desire. All works in this suite of offerings carry an interstellar space vibe.

The storyline of The Nightfall Suites spans from sometime in the early years of civilization (around 500,000 years ago), includes the present and extends about 500,000 years into the future. By the end of the series, mankind will have attained intergalactic peace and evolved into a new paradigm.... - Shaddowryderz

"Watch SHADDOW In Official Video For ‘Just Keep It’ HIP HOP, US, VIDEO Watch SHADDOW In Official Video For ‘Just Keep It’"

Arlington, Texas based artist Shaddow releases his official music video for the single ‘Just Keep It.’ The video includes the sexy and classy presence of Afrocentric Queen Ro as Shaddow’s leading lady. Queen Ro is a music artist, model, actress, seamstress, fashion designer and visual artist who runs a company called P.L.C.P.
The black and white music video is a soundtrack off their newly-released film, which also serves as a campaign geared towards helping distressed African children. Shaddow has linked arms with; a company that engages in crowd-funding initiatives for healthcare and education in Africa. Anyone can go to the site to make a donation. - All Unsigned


Don't Stop Just Let It Ride - single -

Worldwide Party - single -

Prelude - EP -



There’s no other way of getting to SHADDOW than for him to tell the story of his own life. As a Dallas, TX native, Shaddow got into music at a very young age. Listening to the old recordings his parents owned of Ronnie Laws, Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder, and many others, SHADDOW’s love and desire for music performance was born. The music these Artists created made a tremendous impact on his young life as it soothed and aided in helping him get through a troubled childhood. It was no surprise that he would later decide to make music his passion and career.

Described as being a modern day Louis Armstrong, SHADDOW carries several artistic abilities - playing saxophone, writing music and lyrics, singing, and performing. To his credit, SHADDOW’s activities and experience is quite impressive. He is a Veteran of the US Army, US Army Band. During a tour in Korea, SHADDOW recorded and toured with Korean Funk Band WINDY CITY and worked with popular Korean Radio personality DJ Dorothy of Arirang Radio. He’s Recorded and Performed with Japanese R&B group READY SOUL. He’s performed and recorded with various other artists such as the rock band ONE NITE STAND, Hip Hop/ Soul Group KUUL-LA & GROOVEVILLAGE and many others in the DFW area. He has also been featured twice on We Talk Radio. He has two officially released singles - Worldwide Party (2012) and Don’t Stop Just Let It Ride (2011) – and his recent, unofficially released Prelude EP (2013). Shaddow is currently working on his next major project – Night Falls Suite – due to hit the latter half of 2016.

Just as Red Chakra (first track of his Prelude Album) implies, Shaddow defines his music and personality as being –

 “…a new vibe & energetic style of music for the masses. I’m a Jazz Artist. I want to change the listener’s perception and experience of what Jazz is all about. My goal is to positively impact the music culture and the lives of people. I ultimately want to leave a global legacy and historic footprint in music for generations to come… one that people can be proud of… FOREVER. I want to create a movement that people of all ages, gender, and ethnicity can draw a positive energy from to live life in its fullest capacity” – SHADDOW

Establishing himself as an industry Musician/ Artist, SHADDOW ranks among some of the best in the industry of entertainment. With a blend of modern and classic pop, jazz, soul, and funk, SHADDOW has developed an eclectic style of danceable energetic jazz music. At first glance it may seem as if his appeal is toward a young generation, however, don’t be fooled. SHADDOW’s positive music and message is for a much larger audience, non-specific to race, gender, ethnicity, or social status. His platform of interest is mixing music, fashion, and import car culture into one type of lifestyle. It is from this platform that his energy and passion is created and driven.


“I am all about inspiring and empowering others through music, making a difference in the lives of people. Optimism, peace, creativity, uniqueness, and charity should be our passion. I intend to travel the world to perform music that will awaken people to realize their own infinite potential. My goal is to create experiences that draw out only the positive emotions of desire, faith, love, sexiness, enthusiasm, romance, and hope. My music celebrates the one and only Supreme Being that lives in all of us… the ONE who identifies and connects us all as being ONE Human Race” - SHADDOW

Here are testimonials of what some people have to say about SHADDOW, his musicianship, and person:








Music Education – Texas A&M Commerce

Music Performance – Univ. of Texas at Arlington

Recording & Producing – Berklee School of Music

Assoc. of Recording Technology – Cedar Valley College

Music Business & Production – Full Sail University


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