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Shore Acres Drive

Ithaca, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Ithaca, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Take a Dive into the Sounds of Shore Acres Drive"

Take a Dive into the Sounds of Shore Acres Drive

By Carly Wedding
Listening to Shore Acres Drive (link) is like revisiting the early 2000s without having to be subjected to the awful fashion and awkward vernacular of the era. The three-piece Ithaca, New York act’s debut EP Middle of Nowhere brings to mind the sounds of bands from the early millennium like Weatherbox, The Early November, and Say Anything, all the while appealing to fans of bands currently dominating the indie punk scene, such as Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms.
Originally a solo project of Charlie Fraioli, the singer/songwriter said that after playing acoustic for a while, he wanted the songs to be played with a full band. He enlisted in the help of drummer Jake Burchard and bassist James Manton to transform Shore Acres Drive from an acoustic project to a three-piece.
Shore Acres Drive
“I met James through his solo folk punk project, Participation Trophy, and I asked him to play bass for an upcoming show if I could find a drummer,” Fraioli explained. “I honestly didn’t expect to find someone on such short notice, but a few weeks before the show someone gave me Jake’s number. I basically called him up and asked him if he’d play the show with us, even though he had no idea who I was. But once we were all in a room together, everything just clicked.”
It’s safe to say that the young musicians have benefited from the local scene. Not only has it been crucial for Shore Acres Drive, but for other musicians, too. The band agreed that the city’s DIY music scene is supportive, making it easy for bands to promote their music by playing shows.
“There’s a non-profit here called Ithaca Underground that organizes 60+ all-ages shows a year, and it creates so many opportunities for local artists,” Fraioli said. “I mean, they let me play my first solo show even though I’d never played a single song outside of my bedroom. A month later, I played a show opening for Old Gray. These are the kinds of things that Ithaca Underground makes possible.”
But for a scene to be supportive, musicians have to exist in the first place. Ithaca has hosted a lot of talented, hardworking local and regional bands like Del Paxton, Yakbak, Krill, The Hotelier, Sorority Noise, Deerhoof, Man Man, and King Sized Pegasus. This scene adds another layer of inspiration to the members of Shore Acres Drive’s individual influences. Fraioli was originally inspired to start writing music because of bands like Tigers Jaw and Bayside, but the addition of Burchard and Manton has brought harder influences to the drawing board.
“I’m inspired by a lot of stuff musically, but the stuff most relevant to this project is 1990s emo and post-hardcore bands,” explained Burchard. “I listen to a lot of Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate, and it’s evident in the new songs.”
“Yeah, I’m from Syracuse,” Manton added, “which definitely explains my strong influences from hardcore and post-hardcore music.”
With Burchard hailing from Boston and Fraioli originating from Westchester, NY, crossing paths in Ithaca has put the members in an ideal scenario, allowing them to bring unique musical influences to the table. According to Burchard, this melting pot of influences can definitely be heard in the band’s newer songs, which he says have a “1990s emo vibe.”
“As opposed to the older songs I wrote, the new stuff we’ve been writing has been a collaborative effort,” Fraioli added. “The older songs were acoustic tracks I wrote that eventually evolved into full band songs, but everyone has equal input in these new songs. It’s a very different process from what I’m used to, which I think is a good thing.”
With the talent and effort the members possess, it’s only a matter of time before Shore Acres Drive is a name recognized outside of Ithaca. For more on the band, visit their Facebook (link) page.
Photos by Rachel Casano and Thunder Powell - Black on the Canvas

"Shore Acres Drive: Middle of Nowhere"

Shore Acres Drive is a punk band based in Ithaca, New York. The trio is comprised of Charlie Fraioli (guitar/vocals), James Manton (bass/vocals), and Jake Burchard (drums). They’re influenced by other genres including post-hardcore and indie, which surface in their own music. They draw from other contemporary artists such as Modern Baseball and Tigers Jaw.


Shore Acres Drive began as a solo act created by Fraioli in 2013. He released a few singles, gained attention from the local scene, and soon his solo act became a full band. They released their debut EP in early December of 2014. Middle of Nowhere features 5 distinct tracks. The record is a compilation of new material and old revamped acoustic songs. It was recorded with Charlie Fraioli on guitar/bass/vocals and Sam Fraioli on drums.

I found that the band’s emo influences really came to life on this record. The songwriting is showcased in every track and reminds me of other artists including Dashboard Confessional and The Front Bottoms. My favorites are the first and last tracks, “Dear Happiness” and “414.”

I particularly liked “Dear Happiness” because the lyrics tell a story. They’re proud and honest – not meaningless or muddy. The guitar and drums help to add great dynamics and energy to the song. The highlight of this well-rounded track is definitely the final line, “Happiness is the last thing I think of when I see your face.”

I think “I Owe You” has the best intro because of its ability to grab your attention. I really enjoyed the driving guitar riff and thought the instrumentals perfectly complemented the lyrics. My least favorite track from the EP is “The Next One.” I was less impressed with the vocals and more impressed with Sam Fraioli’s drum skills. I don’t dislike the track but I prefer the others over it.

“414” is arguably the best track of the Middle of Nowhere EP. The song, at only 1:58 in length, is a perfect concluding track to the album. I especially love the simplicity and humor in the lyrics. My favorite lines include “I have no clue where I want to be/At least when I get home I know I’ll be in good company.” Overall, I loved the candidness of Middle of Nowhere and I can’t wait to see what the band has planned for the new year. Check out the album below and head to their official Bandcamp for a name-your-price download. - Kryptonite Music

"Featured Track: “Dear Happiness” from Middle of Nowhere"

Originally the solo acoustic project of Charlie Fraioli, the singer/songwriter enlisted in the help of his little brother Sam to record the Middle of Nowhere EP in December 2014. Around the same time, Charlie met James Manton and Jake Burchard, who would eventually help transform Shore Acres Drive into a full band. The band is currently writing new material for an EP while playing shows in the Ithaca, New York area. To stay up to date with Shore Acres Drive, like them on Facebook. - HiFi Noise


Middle of Nowhere EP, 2014
Ithaca Underground Presents: Vol 1 Compilation, 2014
Cabin EP, 2015 (upcoming)



Based in Ithaca, New York, Shore Acres Drive is a punk band blending elements of emo, indie, and post-hardcore. The band started in 2013 as the solo project of Charlie Fraioli, debuting its emotive, raw sound with a series of four acoustic singles. In the summer of 2014, Fraioli started turning heads on the stage and gained a local following with his acoustic sets. Soon after he met James Manton (bass/vocals) and Jake Burchard (drums). With many songs demanding the energy and urgency of a full band, Shore Acres Drive evolved into a three-piece. The band’s debut EP Middle of Nowhere, released in December 2014, combines catchy indie rock with tinges of punk angst. They have embarked on two east coast tours and have shared the stage with regional and national touring acts, including Cloud Nothings, The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die, Perfect Pussy, Old Gray, Diet Cig, Jeff Rosenstock, Foxing, Math the Band, Guerrilla Toss, Del Paxton, Posture and the Grizzly, Brightside, and many others. 

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