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Arlington, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Arlington, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"ShowTym Music "i""

ShowTym released his long awaited ‘i’ EP in August 2017. If you are an Arlington “Aggtown” native, you may be familiar with ShowTym’s work. He was one of the “4our Bros” from Swang N Bang music that released in 2014 alongside with members: HellKell, MelShakur, and NormT. That album paid homage to the Texas greats UGK and was hosted by E.S.G. You may also know him from his 12 Videos he had on Vevo in regards to his Flavor Jack album as well as his features on the Aggtown EP.

Or you really may not know him at all…

Funny story about this EP.

Let’s start with what kind of artist we have here and what this EP signifies.

Showtym grew up in Arlington. Since he was young all he could think about was music and creating it. The dedication was evident in his own bedroom. Ladies…keep reading. His father built him his own booth in his room which took up about 60% of it. He really did not have a bed. His first studio was his bedroom. I’m sure you see people recording in their rooms all the time, but this guy had a booth.

He then started at a nearby studio, just to be around the music. ShowTym would literally be there just to be around the music and as soon as he had a chance, he would kill it everytime. That is where he met Supa Dave the mad scientist producer. Supa Dave ‘Dave’s Not Here!!!’ needs a story just for himself.

Unforseen circumstances happened and ShowTym and SupaDave had to move studios and needed to find one. Luckily, a guy named iLL was able to provide him and Dave a space where they could make music with each other. The studio was located in Dallas and ShowTym and Supa Dave found a second home away from home. This studio was a prime area for ShowTym and Dave to be inspired by various artists coming through such as Migos, Play N Skills, YFN Lucci, Loudiene, and Lil Yachty. In return, all iLL asked ShowTym to do was write and be patient. And if you’re wondering, yes, this is the studio in where Lil Yachty had to leave because there were too many people in the room to record. He actually had a pop up concert there in February 2016.

This is when the ‘i’ album was conceived. ShowTym was able to realize his innate artistry in this setting, with constant inspiration from the environment and mad scientist production from Supa Dave, ShowTym was able to touch on his versatility on his artistry. He explored genres from Pop to EDM and while doing so found his niche and groove which you can definitely hear in his latest release. With the help of DJ Swang and iLL, they were also able to capture his performing skills through his videos: Kehlani Story and Tour Bus which are also both on Vevo.

As soon as he was catching momentum, life happened. The studio had to be vacated and on top of that, Supa Dave’s lap top was stolen and has yet been found. The only remnants were a few tracks.

And that is ‘i’

‘i’ is an introduction to ShowTym’s character. It is an introduction and an answer as to why he had a booth in his room. He told a story about how he would try to hang out with his friend, and his friend told him, “All you ever talk about is music,” and he was and is right. ShowTym is not just one genre. He’s ShowTym. He’s as adaptive and versatile as they come and will bounce back with whatever life throws at him.

When you listen to “Come & Go” produced by Supa Dave, the melody in itself will stay in your head and you will find yourself whistling the melody, while on the other side, the visuals and slow drawl of the bass in “Tour Bus” ft Geoffrey Krookz will haunt you. “Aliens” produced by Supa Dave, then shifts gears and takes you on a trip to space and back home, leaving wanting more and asking how?

The EP can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and all streaming channels.

Twitter: @showtym1
IG: @showtymmusic @weloveshowtym
FB: Bronsha Showtym Brandon
Spotify: ShowTym Music - BLVCKMVRKET

"FlavorJack Project"

SwangNBang Music Group Presents The Flavor Jack Project by @Showtym1. A Double Disc inspirational Street Album Hosted By Definition Dj Dreal And Powered By Coast2Coast Dj SwangNBang. The package includes one disc with audio content and one disc with HQ Music Videos. Also be sure to follow him on twitter @Showtym1 for all updates! - Angela Thomas



Born and raised in Arlington, TX .... ShowTym lives and breathes music. Keep reading ladies...he had a recording booth in his bedroom.  He is not just one genre but like a brand new box or crayons on a daily basis. He is refreshing, provocative, yet deeply humble. 

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