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Pittsburgh, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Pittsburgh, PA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Hip Hop Alternative




"SIKES on The Life Eclectic Podcast"

“The new record is outstanding! I love it! If you like hip hop definitely give it a listen. He’s a very honest performer, a lot of good stories to be heard through his lyrics, and the music is great.” - The Life Eclectic Podcast

"SIKES on Sound Of Ideals Clashing"

“This is his first album with a full backing band. I think this is what makes the album stand apart from his counterparts.There’s so much he’s able to do with the combination of live instruments and electronic manipulation. There’s so many nuisances and sounds happening that keep it interesting. It’s refreshing to hear something that stands all on its own." - Sound Of Ideals Clashing Blog

"SIKES and The New Violence "I've Seen Better" Album Review"

“First track 'Low Expectations,' is a good example of his unique sound. His rapping delivery is immediately arresting, combining the dark humor of Eminem with the delivery style of The Beastie Boys. While most rappers like to brag about their prowess, Sikes says it like it is with brutal self-honesty. Overall, this is a refreshingly different album that breathes fresh life into hip hop’s stale formula of macho posturing.” - Sound Scene Express

"INTERVIEW: Alternative/Hip-Hop Artist Brian Howe AKA SIKES"

"Melding electronic beats, rap and an alternative sound with hard-hitting lyrics, Brian Howe AKA SIKES and The New Violence’s debut album, “I’ve Seen Better” shows a lot of promise. Think Gorillaz meets Linkin Park with a modern twist and edge." - SoCal Music Today


I've Seen Better Album

1. Low Expectations (04:57)

2. The Cold Shoulder (03:52)

3. Solitaire (03:55) 

4. Ravenous Plastic (04:38) 

5. Sick Sad World (04:55)

6. Always Last (03:02)

7. Just Swim (04:25)

8. On Being Myself (04:14)

9. Scam Artists (03:09)

10. Parasites (05:02) 

Self Portraits & Self Destruction Album

1. Barf Simpson // Ft. William James (03:51)

2. Americunts (04:56)

3. Bloody Knuckles (03:25)

4. Santa Claus. Bloody Mary. Elvis Presley. Jesus Christ. // Ft. Amuck (04:38)

5. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Not Giving A Fuck (03:22)

6. The Good Old Days (04:44)

7. Perfect Blue // Ft. Crystal Madae (04:16)

8. Royal Wedding // Ft. Basick Sickness (04:28)

9. Paper Football (Re: Old Letters) (04:16)

10. Let Me Sleep (04:34)

11. Scenekiller/Scenefucker // Ft. Kiltervision & Josh Escoto (Bonus Track) (03:08)



Brian Howe AKA SIKES is an Alternative/Hip-Hop Artist & Producer from Pittsburgh, PA who is known locally for his work in various musical projects and other artistic endeavors. His backing band, THE NEW VIOLENCE is a diverse group of talent curated by SIKES himself to help bring his electronic compositions and ideas to life through live instrumentations. Together, SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE have crafted a sound that is accessible yet indefinable by blending unique elements from a wide variety of genres and cultures. With a well respected reputation for his creativity, relentless live performances and D.I.Y. work ethic, SIKES continues to play by his owns rules, takes the road less traveled and never follows in the footsteps of anyone but himself. Some career highlights include commanding the hip-hop and rock scenes by opening for Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Doomtree, Asking Alexandria, Chon and O’Brother, taking 3rd place in the ‘Best Local Hip-Hop Performer to be the next Mac Miller’ category in the Pittsburgh City Paper Reader’s Poll, and a crowdfunding campaign through PledgeMusic for his 2015 album release, “I’ve Seen Better” where he reached over 100% of his goal. His latest album “I’ve Seen Better” is available now!