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Sixgun Serenade

Amarillo, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Amarillo, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Metal Rock




"Interview with Sixgun Serenade"

Interview with Sixgun Serenade

Today we are presenting a written band interview with Sixgun Serenade.

1. How did your band get started? Share your story.

Originally we were a local alternative rock cover band who decided to go all original into the metal genre after losing some members. Our sound evolved slowly and has gotten heavier with time.

2. How did you come up with the name of your band?

Like any other band we were looking for a band name that was cool. We liked the name Sixgun Serenade because we thought it had a ring to it. It could be said that the word Sixgun pertains to the heavier, in your face, or screaming sections of our songs and the word Serenade points in the direction of the more melodic and prettier sounding chorus sections of our songs.

3. What are some bands that influence you?

As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, A Day to Remember, Oh Sleeper, Story of the Year, Protest the Hero, The Suit, and early Metallica (the first 4 records).

4. How have you gone about promoting your band and what’s working for you so far?

Obviously we promote via social media and playing shows around our regional area. Getting our merch sold and in the hands of the fans helps a lot too. We have also gotten some traction from the music video for our song Fortunate Vessels. People seem to really enjoy all of the matrix like special-effects and explosions in it, lol.

5. What are your future plans?

We just finished up recording our latest EP entitled “The Lost”. It is still in the mixing and mastering process but we plan to release it in the next couple of months. It will be available on all of the digital music platforms online and you can pick up physical CDs at our shows. After that we plan on touring regionally and hopefully shooting another music video, as the sequel to the Fortunate Vessels music video.

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"Sixgun Serenade Wins Battle of the Bands!"

Sixgun Serenade Wins Battle of the Bands!
By: Rooster
This last Friday J And B Productions hosted another battle of the bands in Jake’s Backroom. Sixgun Serenade took home the prize of being able to open up for Mychildren Mybride on December 2nd in the Backroom of Jake’s.

I was very impressed on how very tight the band was. When it comes to playing metal its all about having fun. And the guys definitely looked like they were having fun.

You can have another chance of checking out Sixgun Serenade as they play with Lubbock favorites Colossus Of Rhodes this Friday at Jakes. -

"Sixgun Serenade Releases New Music Video For "Fortunate Vessels""

Sixgun Serenade Releases New Music Video For "Fortunate Vessels"
posted May 29 2013 at 4:55 PM by xFiruath.

Texas-based metalcore outfit Sixgun Serenade has released a new music video for "Fortunate Vessels" off the band's recently released "Avenue of the Giants" full-length album. Check it out below, and the band comments:

"This high production value project shot on the Red Epic M by Emmy-Nominated Production and Visual Effects Team 3rd Identity is sure to turn the metal world upside down with its use of heavy artillery including machine guns, fighter jets, black hawk helicopters, explosions, stunts, visual effects, and a barely clad Maxim 'Hometown Hotties' finalist playing the lead villain. The band teamed up with award winning production team 3rd Identity based out of Dallas, Texas to create one of the most unique and movie-like projects every produced exclusively for the metal world." -

"Sixgun Serenade – Fortunate Vessels - by Brett Stevens"

Sixgun Serenade – Fortunate Vessels
by Brett Stevens

I think the best way to understand the new band from Texas called Sixgun Serenade is that they are a pop band that likes metal riffs. This song features chuggy riffs from speed metal, noodly lead riffs from tek-deth, but otherwise, is pure alternative-rock-tinged pop music which delivers a gratifying melodic hook in a song that knows how to pause and when to move. It combines really effective radio pop with some depth, and battering metalcore and metal riffs that keep the pop from swallowing up a realistic sense of how life is struggle.

If you remember the video for “Cemetery Gates” by Pantera, in which the vocalist had a similar hairstyle and tossed the hair in a similar way, and in which the verses were abrasive and the choruses sweetened by melody and soft vocals, the approach here may seem familiar. In fact, you might see it as a nod or tribute to that video, which kicked off the tendency of metal to accept alternative rock sounds and thus make melodic choruses to counterbalance the rage. Here, the battering metalcore/tek-deth aspects of the music are balanced by what would be a highly successful pop band in the chorus.

Obviously, this is not going to be for everyone. Some say metalcore is a contemporary version of glam metal or hard rock, but I think it’s more like a catch-all rock/metal hybrid not unlike Led Zeppelin or Tool. It aims for a rock audience, and hopes to wean them onto metal, or at least metal riffs, and from there to let nature take over. One thing that Sixgun Serenade do well is that they embrace technicality but, unlike many of the truly chaotic core/tek bands, use it wisely. That doesn’t mean selectively exactly, more than they tailor their techniques to the roles in which those techniques complement the song.

Another thing to like about Sixgun Serenade is that they do not indulge in pretense or hide their origins. This is pop music in the best tradition of the MTV era, where each song is designed to be compact, slightly repetitive, hooky and to have some form of song development that parallels what goes on in the video. The result combines silent theatre, language and music and creates a unified entertainment product. Unlike most pop music, however Sixgun Serenade wrap some guitar fireworks and abrupt riffing into their payload.

Sixgun Serenade released their most recent full length album, Avenue of the Giants, on March 26, 2013 via Dark Slate Records. Describing itself as “a passionate five piece American Metalcore band,” Sixgun Serenade comprises Cody Roye- vocals, Justin Werner- guitar, Stephen Loftin- guitar, Cody Blevins-bass guitar, and Justin Hendrix- drums. Currently the band is touring in support of Avenue of the Giants. - Death Metal Underground


In September 2011 Sixgun Serenade signed a two album deal with indie label "Dark Slate Records" (Columbus, OH) after recording a single at Universal Recording Company in Austin, TX. That single is known as "Fortunate Vessels" in which they also shot a full production music video for in the summer of 2013. They are currently writing/recording the 2nd album of the two. Sixgun is excited about new opportunities in the coming year!

-Released June 22, 2010

SGS track "Die Another Day" was included as the lead track on "The Next Big Thing In Metal" compilation CD

Their single "Gravity" is being played on 94.5 FMX in Lubbock, TX and 89.9 FM90 and 91.1"The ONE" in Amarillo, TX and ruKus independent internet radio.....other tracks from the EP include:

"Die Another Day"
"Save Yourself"

Their records are currently available for download on iTunes and Amazon MP3!



Genre: Metal/Metalcore
Origin: Amarillo, Texas
Facebook Link:

With the Flashing lights, gnarly screams, aggressive drums, melodic harmonies, and mind blowing riffs the energy rides heavy for Sixgun Serenade. SGS, conceived in Amarillo TX, is a passionate five piece metal/metalcore band embraced by Cody Roye- vocals, Justin Werner- guitar, Stephen Loftin- guitar, Cody Blevins- bass and Justin Hendrix- drums. SGS is driven by a desire to create quality music, passion, goals, and new musical ideas. “Our local scene is diminishing, we want people to know that there is a breath of fresh air out there.” Said, Loftin. SGS plans to bring new creations to not just their regional scene but all over.

Sixgun Serenade is now supporting their newest, heavy, hasty, in-your-face LP album, Avenue of the Giants, recorded in Eureka, CA and produced by Tim Kennon Jr. at White Light Audio. It’s an album full of speed, catchy riffs, and daring lyrics. It has everything, from its melodic zing to its powerful seize and songs that crush in a live setting. Every drop of sweat, every late night session and every sacrifice was dropped on this album. The LP is available on Amazon MP3, iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Zune, Spotify and various others sites along with recently being accepted to play on Pandora Radio, things are rolling now!

The debut EP "Of Darkness and Light", was produced by Alex Gerst, of Indian Trails Studio near Denton, TX. This record ultimately got them the attention needed to ink a deal with indie label Dark Slate Records based out of Columbus, OH.

Sixgun Serenade has been together for six years with the current members. A close family is what these guys are. Not a coincidence but something meant to be. They have preformed consistently in areas such as: Amarillo, Abilene, Dallas, Lubbock, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, and plan to be taking over many more cities to come! SGS has shared the stage with bands like, Memphis Mayfire, Of Mice and Men, We Came as Romans, The Word Alive, Attack Attack, Smile Empty Soul, Oh Sleeper, Bobaflex, Attila, Straight Line Stitch, Otep, Fear Factory, and For All Those Sleeping. If you ask what do these guys sound like? Anyone can come up with five different bands, and many different genres because opinions vary, but ultimately SGS has a sound of their own, “If you label yourselves you limit yourselves and you’re held to that” said, SGS. Just check out the music for yourself.

Between the intense lights, haunting screams, pounding beats and battling riffs, you’ll become a fan. If you're looking for a high energy, unforgettable, neck snapping performance get your ass to an Sixgun show! It’s anything but boring. It’s all about the performance... the time where the band captivates the crowd and creates a connection where the band and the audience become one.

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