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Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | AFTRA

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie





Their name is a bit deceiving, as there is nothing "slow" about Slow Caves right now. The band has evolved into a new sound, lineup and presence and is quickly gaining fans and well-deserved accolade. This is a band to watch and here are a few of the reasons why.

1. The band is comprised now of five members and they have shifted from driving beats, occasional fast riffs of rhythm and guitar and Jakob Mueller's smooth yet heavy-hitting vocals - into a new sound that falls under the "Indie-Synth-Punk" genre. Genres are tricky and also a bit subjective, but one thing is for certain: Slow Caves's sound derives from years of appreciation around classic punk bands as well as some of today's leading musical forces. The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Julian Casablancas/The Voidz and Father John Misty are just a few of the influences inspiring the songwriting and performances of Slow Caves at present.

2. Jakob and Oliver Mueller. These two brothers, just a few years apart, bring distinctively different sounds and talents to the Slow Caves table. Jakob is a highly trained and celebrated vocalist and prolific songwriter, penning songs since childhood, and growing into a poetic, cutting edge lyricist and signer fronting a band that is quickly creating a new category of music in the Colorado scene. Oliver, recently returning from living in Los Angeles, brings strong synth and modernism to the melodies of Slow Caves, along with a trained ear and sharp skills in engineering, while improving the sound output of recordings and live shows for the band. With the rest of the members, David Dugan on guitar, Jake Lyon on Bass and Jackson Lamperes on drums, Slow Caves' sound is of the moment, hip and just cool. They don't really sound like anybody else and that's a really good thing.

3. Unabashed songwriting. This is a band that crack out songs constantly. Their new EP, which includes four tracks, was released last month to a fan-filled crowd at Hodi's Half Note. Slow Caves is a band unafraid of experimentation and doing things just a little differently, even oddly perhaps, by comparison to their music peers. They know what they like, gather inspiration and do their own thing when it comes to putting together a unique set of songs that are sometimes extremely fast-moving, reminiscent of driving punk rhythms and rattling percussion like bits of The Dead Kennedys and early Violent Femmes, with a little Bauhaus thrown in for good measure. Along with their modern influences, Slow Caves continues to create an intoxicating mix of melodies both fast and catchy to temperate and melodic.

4. Likability. Can you rate a band based on personality? Probably not. However, when you meet these guys you not only like their music, you just like them as people. These are trained and committed musicians who are totally dedicated to what they do and they're poised for the hard work and often tumultuous ride that the music industry offers. They're smart and they are focused. When it comes down to it, we all just like what we like and for our very own reasons. But Slow Caves seem to have an immediately positive effect on most of their listeners. They gain and sustain fans, and in a recent review, one of Reverb's reporters called them "Fort Collins' most buzz-worthy band." If Slow Caves continues the fast pace and aggressive development we're seeing right now, we couldn't agree more. - Scene Magazine


After releasing their debut EP last June, the local band Slow Caves, is already making a strong impression on the Colorado music scene.

Slow Caves stands out from other bands because they have taken their work into a whole new direction, with a style known as “synth-punk”. Incorporating synthesizers with guitars and drums, their music is the perfect mix of modern and classic sounds. The band would tell you that their debut EP is the “soundtrack to the greatest movie you’ve never seen”. Here is what else lead singer, guitarist and CSU student, Jakob Mueller told me about the band:

All of the members of the band have been playing for a long time. How did Slow Caves end up forming?
We started out as a band called Bladeyarder. But in that band we never had a clear musical direction; we were always jumping around and playing whatever music we were into at the time. We thought we’d try to create a more focused project. We had two new members, a new bass player and my brother who moved back from California. And that’s when the band started to surface around January of last year.

How did your music evolve into synth-punk?
We were trying to think of a brand for ourselves. We noticed other bands coming up with phrases and making their own funny genres. What synth-punk means is that the music is synth based pop and also punk in the sense that we do everything ourselves. We record our own music, we write, we make our own merchandise. We also have a lot of punk rock influences of course.

Your band description says that Slow Caves is “inspired by late nights in Hollywood, car chases, red eye flights and vintage skateboard videos”. Can you explain this, and more importantly, have you been in any car chases?
What that’s referring to is the movie, Drive, with Ryan Gosling. We have a song that’s inspired by that as well, called RYGOS (Drive). The whole red eye flights and late nights in Hollywood is because the original 11 song album that our band was supposed to put out was recorded in Hollywood, where my brother lived. There were a lot of late nights. We’re really into Drive, and Ryan Gosling.

Slow Caves recently released a Halloween single, called Amelia. Where did you draw inspiration for this song from?
For our newest single, Amelia, I imagine Dracula or the phantom of the opera was trying to make a song that sounded like The Strokes. My approach to the actual song writing was to try to make a song that flowed like a classical piece; like a requiem from Mozart. And I cut it up and arranged it like a pop song. Then I added drums and other parts. And then Oliver and David wrote the lyrics to it.
Since we are a fashion magazine, what is the most interesting thing that you like to wear, or have worn on stage?
This summer for all of our shows I was wearing white pants and a white tank top. I was going for a Freddy Mercury look. And then at our Halloween show, I was dressed as Mozart.

What does the band have coming up that you are most excited about?
We’re working on new recordings, new songs, new vibes, and a new set-up for the band that will all be put into either an EP of full length record for next year.

Where can people listen to your EP that was released last June?
Buy it on iTunes, or stream it from Spotify, Rhapsody, or go on SoundCloud or Bandcamp. You can listen to our new single, Amelia at all of these places. Another easy way of finding our music is by going to

It is hard to miss out on seeing these guys shred as they perform in both Fort Collins and Denver frequently. If you are interested in catching one of their shows then check out either their Facebook page or website, - The Fashion Report

"EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Slow Caves New Single “Amelia”"

It’s time for Vincent Price and “Monster Mash” to throw in their towels, there is a new soundtrack for Halloween this year and it goes by the name “Amelia.”

“Amelia” is the latest single from Colorado synth-punk band Slow Caves. These five young dudes have been generating lots of buzz in the Northern Colorado music scene since their re-branding earlier this year and are slowly spreading synth-punk awareness far and wide. And it is working.

This new track was not on the EP released earlier this year (which featured single “Saturns”) but it fits right in. The synth heavy track starts with the traditional Halloween dirge organs but quickly moves into shredding guitar licks, paving the way for singer Jakob Mueller’s low vocals to march effortlessly through the song. The continuation of the organs throughout is a subtle reminder that the girl in question may not be what she seems. But are the girls in question really ever what they seem?

Written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by the band themselves in their basement/studio, the track was written with a more classical approach and then chopped and structured like a pop song. With inspiration stemming from JC and The Voidz, Mozart and Edward and Bella‘s half-Vampire girl child the single is a perfect mixture of pop and rock dripping in the synthy goodness the band is known for but with the edge of the punk masters before them. Similar to if SKATERS and The Voidz had a half-Vampire sk8r-boi. Trust when we say you’ll love it. It’s too infectious not to.

In the musical world of reduce, reuse, recycle it seems like the 80s are coming back in full force. With Casablancas’ take on decade with his solo release with the Voidz, Taylor Swift’s departure from country to embrace drum machines and even Jukebox the Ghost throwing some into their indie-rock mix, there is no question as to why Slow Caves are finding so much local success with their sound. However that isn’t to say that their EP sounds like all the aforementioned big names. With their DIY approach and long history of playing music together, these guys have created a sound that is unrivaled among emerging artists right now.

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Amelia” below, and download it now on their bandcamp. For those lucky enough to dwell on the left coast, Slow Caves are planning on heading your way in the new year. - Surviving College

"Fort Collins Friday - Slow Caves"

Kicking off the Library Park Stage tonight as part of our Fort Collins Friday lineup is Slow Caves. Critics across the state agree that this is one of the most promising bands in Fort Collins right now. Their sound is fresh and new. It has elements of indie, punk, pop, and even an electronic synth reminiscent of the 80s up in the mix. The lyrics are strong and the musicianship is far beyond its years. Songs are masterfully crafted with catchy riffs and hooks. You can't help but find yourself moving along to their playful beat. Remember the showcase, reveal, and share that Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest is all about? Slow Caves are a band that fit this perfectly. Make sure you get to Library Park early as they hit the stage at 5 PM. - Bohemian Nights Blog

"Slow Caves - SLOW CAVES"

Indie synth-punk band, Slow Caves, has dropped their first EP under their new name, a self-titled collection of four cutting-edge tracks. The first release, Saturns, provides a driving, catchy synth beat that is infectious. As Mueller's honed vocals soar over quick bouncing rythms, the song draws in the listener and holds attention. Next up is the best song on the EP: "Dandelion Girl." Here is where the punk park kicks in; it's mosh pit-worthy, with its girtty guitar riffs, grinding propulsion and a steady clip of percussion which pushes this track forward to give the edge of Slow Caves' new sound. From here, we're lead to the song "RYGOS (Drive)," turning down a more gentle and melodic channel before ending back on the synthesized and compelling final track, "One." Overall, the EP feels like driving fast on a coastal highway, tightly hugging the turns at top speeds and periodically leveling out in order to enjoy the cool scenery. - Scene Magazine


We're digging Slow Caves a lot and you should too.

Dig into their video for "Saturns" here: - Smack Guide

"Slow Caves release self titled DEBUT EP"

“Slow Caves is a Synth-Punk band from Northern Colorado, inspired by late nights in Hollywood, car chases, red eye flights and vintage skateboard videos. The band came together to make quality music that lasts in your mind forever. Their self-titled debut EP, SLOW CAVES, was released on June 14th of 2014, and includes songs designed to soundtrack the greatest movie you’ve never seen.”

With a poppy, indie feeling, Slow Caves manages to combine multiple styles into only 4 songs. There’s slow songs, fast songs, wavy songs, poppy songs, punkish songs, and that’s quite the feat considering there’s only 4 songs on the EP. Download it for $4 on band camp, and take a listen to their most aggressive track, Dandelion Girl, here: - Bluestribute Entertainment

"Slow Caves"

Slow Caves put out their self-titled EP June 14, and the music is a very current representation of the state of modern rock. Dubbing themselves “synth-punk,” the band incorporates harmonic, full-sounding vocals over top of synth-driven alt rock, creating a sound that incorporates many of the styles heard on modern rock stations around the country.

“Dandelion Girl” is the strongest track the band offers- demonstrating a punk rock flair and very moshable. The song is more straight-forward than others on the record. “RYGOS (Drive)” has the feel of classic The Cure, also a very enjoyable track. Overall, the band is very well put together for such a young outfit- look for big things from them if they can get their music into the right hands. - Colorado Music Buzz

"Slow Caves - "Saturns" [Free Song Download]"

The Skinny: Synth-punk purveyors Slow Caves are happy to provide you with our latest free download for their track "Saturns." Inspired by late nights in Hollywood, high speed car chases, red eye flights and vintage skateboard videos, Slow Caves pack quite a powerful punch. Their sound is a combination of adrenaline, sonic vibration, blistering guitars and throbbing bass lines that blend and mold together to create something original and let's face it, pretty badass. Their self-titled debut EP was released in June with songs that are designed to soundtrack the greatest movie you've ever seen.

Originally from Northern Colorado, Slow Caves came together as a bunch of like-minded guys who were seeking to create quality music that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The sound is a combination of experimentation with synthesizers and the "who gives a damn" attitude of punk rock with a fast, loud and in your face delivery. Their music may leave you wanting to dance on tables or speed down the Santa Monica freeway in reverse. Or both. Need I really say anymore to convince you to download this song? I thought not... - Pure Grain Audio

"Review: Slow Caves and Bluestocking Burly-Q"

Next up, starting at around 11 p.m, was the Slow Caves, a local synth-punk band. I highly suggest checking them out at NewWestFest on Friday, August 15 at the Library Park Stage from 5 p.m. to 5:40 p.m. This group recently released their self-titled debut EP, which you can download here. The band consists of Jakob Mueller on vocals, guitar and synthesizer, David Dugan on guitar, Oliver Mueller on guitar, synthesizer and vocals, Jake Lyon on bass and Jackson Lamperes on drums.

Considering this group was only formed in January (according to Facebook), these 20-some year old artists are doing pretty well for themselves. The instrumentation on their original songs flow well together, which I think can be hard to do sometimes when using a synthesizer. In my experience with new bands using a synthesizer, it sometimes gets a little messy and sloppy. After hearing the Slow Caves live for the first

Slow Caves members Jakob and Oliver Mueller (left to right).
Slow Caves members Jakob and Oliver Mueller (left to right).
time, it’s clear to me that the Mueller men have that synthesizer skill on lock. Both of them also have great singing voices for this type of music style.

The band played their new song “Late” live for the first time Friday night, which was enjoyable and on par with the material from their EP. While the group’s original songs were fun, easy to listen to and melodically appealing, I think the group’s stage presence could use some work. It could be because Hodi’s stage is fairly small, but the group didn't move around at all. I think I’m speaking for most audience members when I say that I like it when the musicians, especially those not using a microphone, move around, swing their guitars around, and dance about stage. I loved listening to the Slow Caves perform, but visual appeal and energy were lacking from the performance. It is the band’s job to make the crowd feel energetic, and if the band isn’t moving around and radiating energy, neither will the audience. Considering how new and fresh this band is, I think this is something that can easily be learned over time. I can easily give this band’s music the seal of approval, and with the proper stage presence I can see them going far. - Entertaining Fort Collins

"SoundCheck: Slow Caves brings synth flare to Colorado music scene"

For Colorado band Slow Caves, #synthpunx4lyfe is not just a hashtag — it’s a lifestyle that allows this band of brothers and friends to create an electric, “James Dean-esque revelry.”

Meet the Members:
Jakob Mueller: Vocals, guitar, keys – Rising freshman at CSU
Oliver Mueller: Vocals, guitar, keys – 2012 Musicians Institute graduate
Jake Lyon: Bass – Attending Front Range Community College part time in the fall
Jackson Lamperes: Drums – Rising freshman at CSU
David Dugan: Guitar – 2014 CSU graduate

“#Synthpunx4lyfe is establishing both the style of music we play and also our attitude,” says Oliver. “We just want to do it our way. If we want to play punk rock, we can. If we want to play synth pop, we can.”

Slow Caves’ synth-punk sound is heavily inspired by “late nights in Hollywood, car chases, red eye flights and vintage skateboard videos,” according to the band’s Facebook.

And, just in case you’re not quite sure what that sounds like, the quintet draws inspiration from both The Strokes and SKATERS.

Establishing the identity of Slow Caves took many years, despite most of the guys knowing each other forever (yes, literally forever — Jakob and Oliver are brothers).

“The four of us [Jakob, Oliver, Jackson & David] have been playing music together for the past 10 years. We’ve all played in bands separately and together, and this is just everyone in one group. It’s our own super group,” says Jakob. “Jake just joined the band last summer, but it feels like he’s been around forever.”

And, after 10 years of musical experimentation, Slow Caves was officially established in January.

“[The name] didn’t really start out with any meaning, but the one that I like is that we’ve all been playing together for a long time and it slowly developed into this,” explains Oliver. “It’s like how caves and rock formations form really slowly but they turn into something really beautiful and cool. So, we’re the Slow Caves.”

The name was just the beginning of the band’s creativity — the band also embraces a DIY ethic, designing their own t-shirts, doing their own recordings and making their own music videos.

Guitarist Dugan credits what he learned at Colorado State University for his ability to produce the group’s music videos.

“I took business classes and a lot of video editing classes, so I was able to apply professional business skills and video editing skills [to what we do with Slow Caves,]” says Dugan. “We made that ‘Saturns’ video ourselves, so just being able to translate [what I've learned] to what we do with the band helps a lot.”

Jakob and Lamperes both agree that school has had an influence on their music, having participated in jazz band and choir in high school, respectively.

The Caves — who all reside in Fort Collins, Colo. –have not yet taken their sick synth sound past their hometown.

“For a while we were just trying to establish a new brand so we were avoiding playing shows until FoCoMX,” says Jakob. “We didn’t want to dilute the scene.”

FoCoMX, short for Fort Collins Music eXperiment, is an annual music festival presented by the Fort Collins Musicians Association, designed to celebrate Northern Colorado’s music scene across 20 venues. Slow Caves played at this year’s FoCoMX in April.

So if the guys aren’t spending their time touring — or, if they’re taking time off from recording, shooting video and promoting — what do they do?

“We go see a lot of bands together,” says Jakob. “A couple of weeks ago, we saw Haim. We got some band love from them.”

No kidding…

And of course, Slow Caves takes time to promote their music on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtags #synthpunk4lyfe and #sickhuh.

“#Sickhuh is a sort of a personal motto, trying to see the positive thing in everything. So it’s just like, ‘hey that’s sick, huh?’,” explains Oliver.

The guys hope that the release of their EP this summer — and all promotional efforts through social media — will be the start to getting their name out of Fort Collins.

“We’re going to keep putting out short EPs because people like to hear music [consistently,] and then [by doing that] we feel like we’re moving forwards so we can just get more and more exposure,” says Jakob.

“And we want to get radio play and tour this fall hopefully,” adds Dugan. “So [the plan is] to play a lot of shows and get out new music. Just get the music heard.”

Sounds pretty #sickhuh?

Slow Caves’ self-titled EP will be released on June 14. In the mean time, download their single ‘Saturns,’ from Bandcamp now. - USA Today

"Steal This Track from Slow Caves"

Slow Caves is emerging as Fort Collins most buzzworthy band. Download “Saturns,” its first single, and see why.

Back in the ’80s, MTV, when it featured music, did something extraordinary: it created a word. The “music television” network took “buzz,” meaning a general sense of excitement and interest, and added the suffix “-worthy,” creating “buzzworthy.” It then applied it to new bands with great promise.

Today, in Fort Collins, the hamlet to the North with an outsized music scene, some might call such a band “spokesbuzzworthy,” referencing Spokesbuzz, the town’s innovative non-profit charged with raising the profile of local musicians and building the scene. If this word is actually trafficked, Slow Caves is deserving of the title.

Fronted by vocalist and multi-intrumentalist Jakob Mueller, who is still in high school, Slow Caves is the retooling of Bladeyarder, an indie-rock outfit that won a battle of the bands and garnered positive press. A few weeks back at FoCoMX, Fort Collins’ local answer to SXSW, Slow Caves were widely regarded as the breakout band, the “it” band worthy of buzz. And the band’s only release thus far, the single “Saturns,” available for download below, offers clues as to why.

Whereas Bladeyarder was an inspired indie rock band with a punk ethos, Slow Caves brings on the synth. “Saturns” features both live and synth drums clipping with metronomic speed, while Mueller croons with a melodic, Julian Casablancas-esque swagger that gives the track its human element. It’s a recording that shows a band with a lot of promise, but one single does not a buzz make.

Like any great band, the buzz is built from the live show. On stage, Slow Caves create a unified wall of sound built on beats that shoot a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart of the audience. Building a wall and raising heartbeats so dramatically can create a distance between band and audience, but Mueller’s lulling vocals and sashaying melodies remind listeners that this is a welcoming affair.

Slow Caves will be releasing an album this summer, and currently only has two dates on its calendar. But if the band answers the mounting momentum with a hard push, they could make end-of-the-year Best of lists. - Reverb

"Slow Caves: The story of a student"

David Dugan, senior Journalism and Technical Communication student, first found his interest in the guitar when he was in elementary school.
“Oliver, my best friend, started playing guitar one-and-a-half to two years before me,” he said. “I watched him play at an elementary school rehearsal and wanted to learn it, too. It was that, and a lot of School of Rock that inspired us to start a band.”
It was Oliver and David, who’s been in a band since he was 12, who first started The Rewards during junior high. Several shows and nearly a decade later, David and Oliver, along with three other bandmates – Jackson, Jake, and Jakob – will be entertaining fans with their synth-punk sound at the Aggie Friday night as Slow Caves.
“FoCoMX brings together just so many local musicians. You get to experience what they’re all about and see them doing what they love,” said David.
But it isn’t all rock and roll. David’s also in tune with the Colorado Eagles and the CSU Rams, where his interest in video production allows him to shoot sports footage for the two sports teams.
Post-graduation, he plans to continue his role as the artist relations assistant for Bohemian Nights at New West Fest here in Fort Collins. “I’d like to eventually do video production in sports or the music industry – could be doing live productions or music videos,” he said, combining his two loves. - Today @ Colorado State

"Local bands Bladeyarder, Constitution change names to fit new identities"

After several years, a lineup change or two, and a sound overhaul, Jakob Mueller knew it was time for a change.

This week, the Bladeyarder lead vocalist will become the frontman for Slow Caves. New band? Nope. Just a new name.

It can be a scary proposition when a band decides to change its name. But sometimes it’s necessary to keep up with the group’s momentum.

Just as businesses sometimes change their names or brands to fit new markets and new trends, bands sometimes need to evolve, said publicist Dawn Duncan.

“They have to change when it makes sense and when their marketplace is ripe for receiving the new brand,” said Duncan, who represents Slow Caves.

It’s also best for a band to change their name when they have a significant amount of change — a new direction in terms of sound or artistic vision, new members in the band or new material, Duncan added.

For Mueller, an addition to the group’s lineup and a change to a more synth-heavy sound made it a perfect time to reinvent themselves.

When he started the band in 2012, Mueller said it was just for one show as part of the Fort Collins Music eXperiment festival. Not knowing it would turn into anything long-term, he didn’t think too much about the name, which was inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The new name was a whole band effort that took more than two weeks and a slew of texts back and forth between band members discussing the pros and cons of different names.

For local artist Matt Mahern, recently changing the name of his band from ‘Constitution’ to ‘Matt Mahern and Constitution’ was a matter of necessity.

With a variety of other projects in motion for the other band members, Mahern said he needed to create a “new vibe” that featured the original members or other musicians when called for.

“It was basically a necessity for me to keep things moving,” said Mahern, who had some concerns when he began promoting the new band name.

“Mostly, that people would think I have a huge ego because I put my name in front of the band, but ... the band name change was really so I could move forward at the pace I wanted to, and I didn’t have to rely on everyone else to be on the same page at all times,” he said.

By keeping “Constitution” in the name, Mahern said he also won’t lose the name recognition that the band has built over the years and can also still use all of the merchandise and social media connections. It also gives him more flexibility when booking shows.

“I can tailor-make what I will do based on the gig,” Mahern said. “Like, if it is a smaller gig, it might just be me and a bass player, or me solo. And sometime it will be a six-piece band. It’s fun to have different versions of your music to play for people; it keeps it fresh.”

Sometimes a name just outlives its usefulness. For rock band Wiredogs, their old name, The Hate, was holding them back.

“We had the name The Hate for quite some time, and we were finding that it just didn’t resonate with our fans, and it didn’t really reflect our music,” said drummer Stefan Runstrom. “Also, try searching Google for ‘The Hate’ and you get 100,000 things that have nothing to do with us.”

Getting fans on board with the new name took some work, though.

“It was difficult at first, as band name changes tend to be,” Runstrom said. “We plastered all over the Internet ‘Wiredogs (Formerly The Hate).’ People eventually got the point.”

Inspired by the name for power linesmen in the military, the new name came at a time when the band was in transition. Runstrom, formerly with the Fort Collins band Tickle Me Pink, had just joined the group and a new EP was in the works.

“It sort of marked a new chapter for the band,” he said. “Looking back, it may have actually helped propel the whole project.”

As Slow Caves prepares to reintroduce itself to audiences and release its new upcoming recording, “Slow Caves,” there is some apprehension, but Mueller said he believes fans will come with them into this new venture.

“The name is different, but we’re still the same people and I think these changes (to our name and sound) make us more polished and more accessible.” - The Coloradoan

"Get to know a Colorado band: Slow Caves"

Slow Caves describe themselves on their Facebook page as, “Inspired by late nights in Hollywood, high speed car chases, red eye flights and vintage skateboard videos, the synth-punk musings of Slow Caves bleed a James Dean-esque revelry that explodes into a rich baritone croon.” Next month, the Fort Collins-based indie rock quartet joins over 100 other Centennial State bands at OpenAir’s Colorado Music Party in Austin, Texas during SXSW. Before hitting the stage at Austin’s The 512 on Sixth Street, Slow Caves along with Shatterproof, Wiredogs, and Leash of Foxes will perform live at the Aggie Theatre on Friday, March 13. The group chatted with AXS about Slow Caves’ blossoming career in this exclusive interview.

AXS: Are you Colorado natives? If not, where is everyone originally from?
Slow Caves: Sort of. We have all grown up in Fort Collins. Jackson Lamperes (drums) and Dave Dugan (guitar) were both born in Colorado, and Oliver Mueller (guitar, synth, vocals) and Jakob Mueller (vocals, guitar, synth) were born in Denmark. They moved here in 2001.

AXS: What brought Slow Caves together?
Slow Caves: We've all been close friends growing up and have always played in bands separately, and finally decided to start a fresh project and finally play as seriously as we have always wanted to.

AXS: How long has Slow Caves been together? What have you learned during that time?
Slow Caves: We started the band a little over a year ago and during that time we learned a lot about what it really takes to play in a serious band. If you actually put in the work to make contacts and friends, a lot can happen. All you have to do is ask. As a band, we've found out how important it is to be self sufficient. We record everything ourselves, make our own merch, and book many of the shows we play.

AXS: Where was your first show in Colorado, and what was the experience like? Who else did you play with at the show?
Slow Caves: Our first show was last March at the Swing Station in Laporte, Colorado. We opened for our good friends Mama Lenny and the Remedy. It was a bit of a different, yet positive experience because we were in a transition period from other bands and we were playing at a country-ish venue with an R&B band, but there was a good turnout and was a great way to start off the band.

AXS: Have any Colorado musicians inspired Slow Caves?
Slow Caves: There are a lot of bands that have been a big part of our lives musically. We're close with the guys in Wiredogs, You Me & Apollo, Post Paradise, and Panther Martin, and they have all helped us out in different ways. Some other bands we love are Wire Faces, Shatterproof, Marti and The Dads, Inner Oceans, Shady Elders, In The Whale, and Mama Lenny and the Remedy.

AXS: What projects are Slow Caves currently working on?
Slow Caves: We're in the process of recording some songs to put out for this spring. We're especially excited about these new tracks because they're pretty different from the EP we put out last summer. While staying true to our synth roots, the new recordings are a bit more rocking with more apparent guitars and bigger drums. We are also working on putting together a small summer tour.

AXS: What else is Slow Caves involved in locally, either as individuals or as a group?
Slow Caves: Everyone stays pretty busy outside of the band. Jackson is a bike mechanic who volunteers his services to homeless people. He also is a ski tech at a local ski shop. Oliver spends his time producing music in his home studio for Slow Caves, his solo efforts under the name Vincent van Glow, and other Colorado artists with a low budget. David works doing video production at the Budweiser Event Center and is on the promotional team for the Colorado Avalanche and Mammoth. Jakob is a full-time student at CSU studying Insects and Music. He's also a member of the University Chorus at CSU.

AXS: Does Slow Caves have a goal in mind for the sound the band produces? Are there certain influences or themes the band tries to inject into its own music?
Slow Caves: We make music that sounds like '70/'80s glam, punk, and arena rock mixed with '90s/'00s lo-fi and alternative. We're super influenced by The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, and Iggy Pop.

AXS: For someone who has never seen or heard Slow Caves, what would you tell them to entice them to watch your set?
Slow Caves: If James Dean was born in 1992, his favorite band would be Slow Caves.

AXS: What would your ideal live show look like? Where would it take place? Any particular time of year? Would a specific band/musician share the bill with or open for Slow Caves?
Slow Caves: We would obviously play a show with The Strokes at the Mercury Lounge in New York City. The year would be 2001 and we would be rising in success together. The lineup would be Tickle Me Pink, followed the Arctic Monkeys, then Slow Caves, and finally The Strokes. The stage would have a pool in front of it that you could jump in, everyone would be on roller-skates, the show would be catered by Fazoli's and there would be a separate room filled with dogs and cats that everyone could pet. The guest list would include Emma Watson, Bill Murray, Danielle Haim, Ashton Kutcher, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Tim Tebow.

AXS: What shows are you looking forward to over the next few months?
Slow Caves: We're incredibly excited for our set in Austin at the Colorado Music Party. We have a couple of other shows in Texas that will be a pleasure. Our next show, March 13th at the Aggie in Fort Collins with Shatterproof, Wiredogs, and Leash of Foxes is also gonna be a blast. We're stoked to go see Father John Misty, Royal Blood with Mini Mansions, and Tennis later this year.

AXS: What do you enjoy most about Colorado’s music scene, and why?
Slow Caves: The best part about the Colorado music scene is that there is a ton of diversity and camaraderie. Everyone plays their own cool music, and everyone's is very willing to help each other out. Rather than there being a sense of competitiveness, there is a sense of togetherness. - AXS

"Fort Collins band breaks stage at UMS"

Local band Slow Caves brought down the house — and the stage — during a spirited performance at the Underground Music Showcase in Denver this weekend.

During a SpokesBUZZ day party Saturday at the Irish Rover Pub, one side of the event’s makeshift stage collapsed under the Fort Collins band’s weight (and jumping) during its first-ever appearance at the annual music festival.

David Dugan, who plays guitar in the synth-punk Slow Caves, said the band got to UMS two days before their Saturday show. There, they saw a wild electricity and got inspired.

“We wanted to do something special and play with as much energy as we possibly could,” he said.

Mission accomplished.

They played with so much that the stage called it quits during the third song of an 11-song set.

Dugan said when the stage collapsed, he and Jakob Mueller (guitar/vocals) slid off of it and Dugan’s amp flew up and landed on its side. After finishing the song, a member of Denver band Red fox Run threw an amp case under the platform so they could keep going, he added.

Slow Caves played a second show on that same stage later that night, though it had been reinforced by then.

“We were trying pretty hard to break it again, but that didn’t work,” Dugan said with a laugh. “I just jumped into the drum set instead.”

Slow Caves is made up of Dugan, brothers Jakob and Oliver Mueller and Jackson Lamperes. They’re next show will be at Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest Aug 15, where they’ll play the same main stage as Air Dubai and Friday headliner Flobots. - The Coloradoan


Still working on that hot first release.



Inspired by late nights in Hollywood, high speed car chases, red eye flights and vintage  skateboard videos, the synth-punk musings of SLOW CAVES bleed a James Dean-esque revelry that explodes into a rich baritone croon.

There's adrenaline, there's sonic vibration, there's blistering guitars and throbbing bass lines. It blends and molds together to create something visceral yet refined. It's badass. And like any crash, you just can't turn away.

Experimenting with synthesizers and backed by the “who gives a damn” ethos of punk rock, the delivery is fast, loud and in your face.  Jakob Mueller’s dulcet tones lure you in to a false sense of security, only to be spat out the other end in a high-powered and fuzz-laden declamation. Jackson Lamperes sets the beat from the back, smashing the skins, combined with Dave Dugan and Oliver Mueller’s energetic guitars and driving bass carry you deliriously along a perilous line.

It's a line that leads you through the night towards its hedonistic possibilities, leaving you wondering whether you should be dancing on tables or speeding down Santa Monica freeway in reverse.

So heed this advice and don’t be fooled by the name: SLOW CAVES will keep you moving and have you exiting their dark crevice exhausted, confused, yet totally satisfied. Make sure you get in on the mayhem.

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