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Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Alternative Indie




"Premiere: Sorry, Peach Shares New Single “Darling This Isn’t”"

Alt pop outfit Sorry, Peach debuted in 2019 with their full-length record, Don’t Ask If I’m Okay, before following the following year with a handful of singles. Later this year, the band are set to dip into bedroom pop with their first EP, You Were Never Mine. Inspired by breakups and heartbreak, the upcoming record details a relationship doomed from the start.

As the band describes, “This is a journey that will have listeners falling through a series of emotions that lead to understanding how to accept love and rejection in a healthy way. The experiences of love have an array of outcomes but at the core is a desire we all are longing for and many are infatuated with. Our goal with this project is to provide empathy in the form of a musical experience. Might need some tissue but we promise to make you smile when it’s all said and done.”

Last year, the band already shared the first single from the record “I’ve Been Feeling Lonely.” Today the band are back with their latest single “Darling This Isn’t,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Darling This Isn’t” is a work of sweet pastoral beauty, composed only of entrancing finger-picked guitar, soft thrums of piano, and lovely vocal harmonies. The placid instrumentation and warm folk harmonies cast a captivating spell on the listener, lulling you into the track’s ornate depths. Meanwhile, in contrast to their previous track, “Darling This Isn’t” traces the outline of the beginning of a romance, rather than the end: “You’re my first thought when I am waking / I hear what you’re saying / And I’m scared to / But I love you.”

Lead singer Tyerra explains of the track, “‘Darling This Isn’t’ was an accident. I never sought out to write a love song, it just fell into my lap. Jonathan (of Honest Creature) played me the guitar riff- it was easily a year old, something he had made and was really proud of but didn’t know what else to do with. The words came without thought, I wasn’t trying to pick the perfect word or make the melody the catchiest- I was having a conversation with my love. It’s about falling into love, taking that leap, letting yourself trust someone enough to put your heart into their hands. It’s recognizing someone else’s scars while also recognizing yours. This song is a promise, not in a cheesy, I’ll-love-you-forever kind of way, but an, I’m-going-to-try-my-best-because-you’re-worth-it way.”

Check out the song below. You Were Never Mine is due out later this year. - Caleb/Under The Radar

"Sorry, Peach – “Darling This Isn’t” ft. Honest Creature"

Indie-pop group Sorry, Peach released a new single, “Darling This Isn’t,” earlier this month, collaborating with fellow Spartanburg, SC act Honest Creature.

“Darling This Isn’t” is a dreamy, pared-down track. The instrumental focus rests mainly on an acoustic guitar. That’s not to say the song feels simple, however. It’s sonically expansive, with deep, reverberating vocals and the well-placed echo here and there.

As is expected for a love song, the lyrics delve into the realm of relationships. “Darling this isn’t some joke that I’m playing / You’re my first thought when I’m waking” and “I’ll say it again / This will be different,” are some standout lines.

“It’s about falling into love, taking that leap, letting yourself trust someone enough to put your heart in their hands. It’s recognizing someone else’s scars while also recognizing yours,” frontwoman Tyerra Clayborne said of what inspired the track.

Stream “Darling This Isn’t” by Sorry, Peach below. - Kate Bryan/Extra Chill

"Sorry, Peach – ‘Darling This Isn’t’"

Sorry, Peach has written a love song, and what a love song it is. ‘Darling This Isn’t’ is stunningly sweet, and I’m left swooning every time I play it. This is only the second track I’ve heard from the indie-pop band, but I can safely say I’m officially a fan for life. They know how to give us great music.

Enjoy it below ❤️ - Darcel/Music Is My Life



The All-Female based band was originally conceptualized from a College Music project that turned into a musical sensation with an undoubted sound and experience. Hailing from Spartanburg, SC, the ladies of Sorry, Peach met at Converse College where they were set on an assignment to form a musical band/experience. This began what we know as Sorry, Peach today! After forming the band the group produced a short EP and created a hit single called "Solitude". With over a million streams and 10k views on their video, Sorry, Peach began their music journey as an official band.