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State of Clarity

Aiken, South Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Aiken, South Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Hip Hop Pop




"Upside Down Song Review (submit hub)"

Hey State of Clarity, the track is great! I love the vocal! It sounds unique, well done! The songwriting, production and mixing are on point. Wise choice of synth! This is sick! Thanks for sending it. - Max Vangeli

"Upside Down Song Review (submit hub)"

Good news! I'm interested in talking more about your music and ways that Zobe Records might be able to help you.

This song is amazing. The music production and song structure is nice. The lyrics, vocals, and delivery are on point. - Zobe Records

"Mellow Yellow Song Review (share pro)"

Hi, I really liked it. I actually have a producer working on a project that you may be a good fit. If interested in an interview for the podcast, contact me. - Blonde Intelligence

"Mellow Yellow Song Review (share pro)"

Lyric is pretty universal in scope so makes for ease in finding films and TV programs to which it could be presented for potential licensing. Being a clean version, it ups those chances. Vocals are simple and in the pocket throughout. Some of the backing vocals peppered in are interesting and enhance the track.

I like that while it's an accessible general theme, there's a good personal story there as well. The simplicity of delivery is ingratiating while it also speaks to life and living it as best you can. You've got a good song here, Just a few tweaks will brighten up the sound and give it the oomph it may need to take it over the top. Good job. - Gael MacGregor

"Mellow Yellow Song Review (share pro)"

Super vibey - with a nice hazey feel, perfect for summer sunsets. Submit you info to us here: - it would be great to have your details on hand so we can let you know when we will be resuming submissions for promotion in Uber & Lyft. This song would do great on our playlists! Thanks for sharing! - Steereo

"Mellow Yellow Song Review (share pro)"

Very smooth mellow hip hop. Here is some laid back hip hop that you can actually relax to. Excellent! - Allure Media Entertainment Group

"Mellow Yellow Song Review (share pro)"

Very well done! I’m quite surprised and happy to hear clean hip hop lyrics. Refreshing and something I’d use in indie films - I’d like to hear more - the video is a great tool to promote you on socials - Donna Britton Bukevicz of Molly Girl Music, LLC.

"Mellow Yellow Song Review (share pro)"

I really enjoyed the production on this record. The beat absolutely has that mellow vibe, and takes me to a really chill mindset. I really like the clean lyrics as well, definitely lacking in hip hop today. I thought the hook could possibly be reworked to be a little more catchy. Overall, enjoyed the song and would be interested in hearing more! - The Attic Management Firm

"Mellow Yellow Song Review (share pro)"

Nailed it ! Song for the summer. Great production, cool lyrics. You guys fit right in the genre. Nice work! - Eklektic Entertainment

"Mellow Yellow Song Review (share pro)"

Wow, I really enjoyed this. I don't know if I liked the song or video better, they were both amazing. The video visualized the song perfectly. I think this is something that a lot of people can enjoy. The lyrics were on point, you guys have confidence, and it was shot very well. The angles and effects brought the video to life. It's clear that you guys had fun with this record. It showed in the song and in the video. Great work guys! Keep it up, you have a lot of potential. If you would like this song or any other songs placed in a film or series let me know. Thanks! - Dennis Kelly III of Live Management

"Mellow Yellow Song Review (share pro)"

Thanks for your submission. This is a dope record. As a former A&R I can spot talent a mile away. You guys have something here as a record and as a group. The beat is memorable, mood setting, and works in many scenarios. I'm sincerely encouraging you guys to keep at this, you have what it takes. Write every day if you're not already, and produce every day no matter what. Get those reps in. In any case, I'm giving this a thumbs up. We're also going to give you a front page feature on our music blog and on our social media. Hopefully that will help give you guys more exposure and give you more fire to keep going. Keep it up! - Beatscore Music Blog

"Vibe Song Review (submit hub)"

Hey brother, thanks for your submission. I like the energy and rapping of this production, the style is strong and the beat combines with the rapping in a great way. - Sergio (Editor at RKJ Music)


  • Vibe (2021 single)
  • Upside Down (2020 single)
  • Mellow Yellow (2020 single)
  • State of Clarity (2019 self-titled EP)



State of Clarity is not merely a band but a brand. 

Using South Carolina beaches and the drive to innovate as inspiration for their unique blend of pop, EDM, and hip-hop, State of clarity is ready to take on the world one venue at a time. 

Composed and produced by two frontmen, Xenn and Xander, their desire is to inspire others with the music they create while also expressing an original sound regardless of influence.

Influences such as Jon Bellion and blackbear have played a crucial role in the inspiration for Xander’s writing. He has conducted his verses and hooks around styles that are similar to blackbear with thought-provoking messages like Jon Bellion.

Xenn draws influence from a much different background after growing up in the hardcore/ metalcore scene. His first productions before uniting with Xander were incredibly heavy, which leads to much needed contrast when composing for State of Clarity. 

They both find inspiration in the catchy choruses of Chainsmokers, the spacey emotive melodies of Illenium, and sincerity and raw passion of singers like Mod Sun.

Using their own fusions of light and dark, State of Clarity creates a dynamic and authentic sound to connect with their steadily growing fan base. 

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